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Vivace! Issue #026 Special Announcement - Choir Training Essentials!
January 29, 2006

Vivace! lets you in on the secrets of top Choirtrainers, gives you the inside track on getting the most out of working with your Choir ... and keeps you in touch with all that's new on

Special Announcement - Choir Training Essentials!

Issue No.26, January 2006

"Why is Vivace! arriving in my inbox now?" I can hear you asking yourself. "Surely it can't be that time already?"

No, you're right - it's not! This is a special, one-off Vivace! to make an exciting announcement for you - our privileged and valued subscribers.

Choir Training Essentials is now available on your favourite Choir Training site!

Do you sometimes feel alone in your work? How often have you wished you could have a word of advice from a master? If only someone who really understood choir training could come up with some answers.

All those questions buzzing around your head .. what should my Choir sing? .. how can I improve my Choir's diction? .. how should I structure a Choir Practice? .. how can I get new members? .. and what on earth can I do to stop the sopranos screeching on their high notes?

Ask no more!

Many of the most frequently-asked questions we get at - and a lot of less likely problems - will be answered for you in detail in Choir Training Essentials ready for you to download right now.

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This is a superb book, full of practical suggestions for all choirmasters and organists. I only wish it had been available when I began my work as a choirmaster - it would have been invaluable. It's top-rate advice from an internationally-rated choirmaster and composer. Andrew Wright, Master of Music at Brentwood Cathedral, England

I bless Vivace! Thank you very much and more power...M.A. Hong Kong

Thanks for an awesome website! As a Music Ministries Director, I am always looking for new ideas, and for motivational tidbits to keep our ministry alive. I am greatly looking forward to Vivace! A.S. United States

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful, helpful newsletters. I had written with a question and Vivace! really provided the answers - and in a totally understandable way! Thanks! L.H. United States


All the articles are written by Colin Mawby, whose experience with choir music extends from a Children's Choir in a small rural parish to the majestic Westminster Cathedral Choir in London, from large amateur choral societies to professional Radio choirs ... and anything else you could imagine in between!

What Colin Mawby doesn't know about choir training isn't worth worrying about.

And Colin's dearest wish is that you should succeed with your choir, and bring everyone the joy of good music well performed. So he's made many of his secrets available to you in the form of two e-books. They include some articles originally available only to you subscribers of Vivace!, and many more entirely new ones, some of them written in response to specific requests from you.


Absolutely nothing is lacking in your site. I love it! In fact, it's a big help to me as a choir director. S.Y. Canada

I am more than glad to have seen such a thing on the net. It's good and I want you to do more of it to help the inexperienced choir around town. A.K. Ghana

Thank you for another excellent edition of Vivace! I really enjoy reading each issue. C.E. England


As well as choir training articles, there are also six invaluable Performance Notes - how to go about rehearsing and performing some of our most-loved pieces of music, with step-by-step instructions on the tricky bits.

All in all, you have here a collection of down-to-earth guides of immense value to the choirmaster at the coalface - or as one happy subscriber put it, much more eloquently, "Thanks for a great service to all of us out here struggling in the vineyards."

On top of all this, if you choose to invest in both Volumes of Choir Training Essentials, you will receive - absolutely free - a further e-book with three new Bonus articles specially geared not only to those setting up a new choir, but also for anyone simply trying to organise an existing one.

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Colin Mawby is one of the world's leading choir directors. His experience as a conductor covers all fields, these include: professional radio choirs, the superb music of Westminster Catrhedral, a deprived parish in inner London and a small country parish in rural Ireland. Any book from a musician of this stature must be essential reading for all choir masters. Nigel Kerry, Choirmaster of the Church of Our Lady and the English Martyrs, Cambridge, England

What I can say is Vivace! Choir Training Tips are a big help for me in our music ministry. I hope that you will always send me more Tips for the benefit of my choir members. Thank you very much. D.V. Philippines

Thank you for the wonderful tips as to how to have an effective and result-oriented choir practice. And thank you for your very educating writeups as to how to go about getting the best out of the choir whilst making them enjoy what they're doing. This is highly commendable. I therefore encourage you to continue with the good work. E.A. Nigeria

Thanks for a great service to all of us out here struggling in the vineyards. T.S. United States


Choir Training Essentials Volume I

So What does a Conductor do?
Working in a Positive Atmosphere
Know the Enemy!
Choir Performance
Is your Choir growing healthily?
That ol' rustling sound
Are you a Choirtrainer or a Choral Conductor?
How to sing Colin Mawby's music
Choir Adventures
... Crescendo!
Performance Note 1: Ave verum - Mawby
Performance Note 2: Preparing a Hymn for Performance
Performance Note 3: Ave Verum - Elgar

Choir Training Essentials Volume II

What shall we sing?
Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks
A Choir of Many Colours
The Queen of the Night's last agony??
The Rhythm Method
Listen ...!
I can't get that tune out of my head ..
Hitting the Loud Pedal
Auditioning the Choir
Diction revisited
Choir Competitions and Festivals
Preparing a Rehearsal
Performance Note 4: Psalm 150 - Colin Mawby
Performance Note 5: Latin Gregorian Chant
Performance Note 6: How Lovely are Thy Dwellings - Brahms

Choir Training Essentials Bonus **FREE!**

What should my Choir wear?
Where should my Choir sing from?
How can I organise my Choir's music?


Go now to Choir Training Essentials and place your order straightaway through our secure server, and make sure you tick the box for the FREE Bonus Essentials when you order both Volume I and II.

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You have a very interesting site for Gregorian music. These are very, very interesting interpretations for singers and conductors. A.F. Norway

I have just discovered this excellent website. I will now use it regularly. J.W. United Kingdom

I'm really thankful that I became one of your subscribers to Vivace! It helps me a lot with regards to the status and training in my choir here in the city and hope you will continue to support me with choir training. Thank you and God bless you. A.L. Malaysia

Your Vivace! articles are always helpful. T.N. United States


And for the best use of your e-books, we recommend that you copy them onto a cd or a memory pen, and trot down to your local printshop. Here you can have the e-books printed and bound as real books - so much easier to handle and read. It's well worth taking this extra step, as you'll get so much more use out of your copy of Choir Training Essentials.

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Best wishes from
Colin Mawby
and all of us here at - your No.1 Church Music website!

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