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Chant imp�rial russe. Hymne Paroles fran�aises et russes de Lwoff by Lvov, Alexei Fyodorovich]: Sheet Music

It’s only one victory away from being the Dallas Cowboys’ best start since the 2016 NFL season, as the club has won three straight games and is 3–1. That particular year comes to mind. That serves as a handy yardstick in coping with the Cowboys’ unexpectedly high expectations. It’s true folks, you’re reading one of those stories that is on the verge of announcing the re-emergence of America’s National Team. We’re jumping on the bandwagon after just four games, because this generation of football fans—the ones who associate the Cowboys with mediocrity and false hope—has a lot of catching up to do with the team’s recent history and success.

After going 13–3 that year, the Cowboys went on a winning streak of eleven straight games, owing in large part to the play of a pair of standout rookies, quarterback Dak Prescott and running back Ezekiel Elliott.

Prescott and Elliott were instrumental in reviving the spirit of optimism.

As a result, there is hope.

  • In his first season back after suffering a horrific ankle injury five games into the previous season, Prescott is completing 75% of his pass attempts, tossing 10 touchdown passes and only two interceptions.
  • Prescott fired three touchdown passes during a frenetic nine-minute span in the third quarter of Sunday’s 36–28 victory over the Carolina Panthers, which turned the game in Dallas’ favor late in the fourth quarter.
  • According to owner Jerry Jones, “He simply seems to grow better and better every time he comes out.” In comparison to last season’s pass protection, which was decimated by injuries, one thing that has helped Prescott’s success is a healthy offensive line.
  • That provided the Cowboys quarterback with additional time to study and exploit the Carolina defense’s weaknesses.
  • In total, the Cowboys scored five touchdowns against a Carolina defense that had allowed a total of four touchdowns in its first three games of this season.
  • This was made possible in part by Carolina’s usage of a soft zone defense, which challenged Dallas to run the ball.
  • Despite the fact that it was Elliott’s first 20-carry game of the season, it was also his first 100-yard game.

There is no one method to defend Dallas, given the presence of Elliott and Prescott, as well as a stout offensive line and a diverse group of quality receivers.

“Anything doesn’t matter what you’re going to offer us; we can beat you with it.” “We’re going to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves.

And what could possibly be disliked?

To finish the season, the squad must travel to face the Kansas City Chiefs, the New England Patriots, and the New Orleans Saints.

However, while the Cowboys look to be head and shoulders above the rest of the NFC East division, the top of the conference is congested.

Prescott and his teammates have taken a giant step forward by even being included among these teams following their 6–10 season last year, according to the NFL.

A year after being selected as the Cowboys’ twelfth overall choice in the 2021 NFL Draft, Parsons has exceeded expectations.

The Cowboys sacked Panthers quarterback Cam Newton five times in their win against the Panthers.

With five interceptions through four games, he has joined linebacker Chuck Howley as the only Dallas player to accomplish the feat, which Howley accomplished in 1968.

The opponent, Prescott explained, “has been someone I’ve been up against since the spring.” “I’m aware of the high standards he sets for himself, and I know he’ll keep improving.” The same way Parsons does, Diggs exudes a level of confidence that encourages his teammates to do the same.

Ultimately, the Cowboys’ season will be decided by a stroke of good fortune—that is, if they can keep their core players, namely Prescott, healthy and if they can keep their quarterback, Ezekiel Elliott, from overexerting themselves.

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But hold off on putting the champagne on ice just yet!

In a divisional playoff game, their hopes were dashed, as Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers had one of his best moments, guiding Green Bay down field with 35 seconds remaining and then seeing teammate Mason Crosby attempt a game-winning field goal with the clock running down on the clock.

The Packers were led by Mike McCarthy on that particular day.

Dallas sports radio has made his troubles with poor time management and baffling game-day decisions into a major talking point.

“No other coach in recent memory has amassed as many dubious judgments as McCarthy,” wrote Kevin Sherrington, a journalist for the Dallas Morning News.

Something the squad hadn’t done since 2008, and it might signal a more businesslike attitude as well as a greater degree of grit and toughness among the players, which hasn’t always been the case in the past.

In other words, their squad is performing in the manner in which championship-level teams are anticipated to perform.

Yet, it is yet too soon to tell.

The organization has experienced numerous other successful runs over the previous 26 years; yet, they have not been able to keep things together long enough to win the franchise’s sixth Super Bowl triumph in as many years.

Now in their sixth season under Prescott’s leadership, the Cowboys have a chance to climb over the hump and possibly even achieve a championship.

After so many disappointments, it’s hard to blame Dallas’s fans for simply refusing to trust that their team’s recent success would continue.

All OK, that’s perfectly acceptable. The most enjoyable part of the season is simply watching it unfold, and the Cowboys’ season of 2021 is already shaping up to be the most intriguing in recent memory. Subscribe to our weekly e-mailing list.

Chant impérial russe. Hymne Paroles françaises et russes de Lwoff by Alexei Fyodorovich] [Lvov – n.d. – from Bolerium Books Inc., ABAA/ILAB (SKU: 205564)

Four-panel sheet music with lyrics in French and transliterated Russian, and a cover artwork portraying two sailors (a French and a Russian) with crossed flags blooming. Paris: L. Labbé, n.d. The rear panel has a mild dirty appearance. The horizontal wrinkle is not visible from the front. The OCLC indicates a holding as having been acquired in 1891, however this exemplar does not have a date.


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Chorale: « Chantons en russe » maisonrusseparis8892020-12-17T10:29:15+01:00 Svetlana ALTOUKHOVA, professor of voice and piano at the Scriabine Conservatory, is in charge of these courses. Participation in the Courses is first and foremost a personal decision motivated by a desire to learn the Russian language and listen to Russian music. However, for the vast majority of students, it is also an opportunity to participate in a stimulating group experience! Since 2009, the annual curriculum of the Cours de russe has included the specialized course “Chantons en russe,” which is taught in Russian.

  • A monthly “general repetition” allows the different vocal groups, such as sopranos, altos, tenors, and barytons, to be more harmoniously blended.
  • They learn the rules of proper pronunciation, accentuation, and a little bit of solfège in a methodical manner.
  • Chaque année, la chorale « Glinka » works on a new repertoire, drawn from a variety of sources that the group strives to keep balanced: chorales from classic operas, romances, popular and patriotic songs, Christmas and New Year’s carols; more recently, we have explored the world of cosaques.
  • Svetlana Altoukhova is the professor.
  • On Wednesday, 12h30–14h00.

The levels of instruction are determined by the level of proficiency of the students. The courses are open to anybody with a basic knowledge (both written and oral) of the Russian language.

Dans le répertoire de la chorale « Glinka »

  • • M.GLINKA composed the songs « A » (Chanson de voyage), « » (Nuit vénitienne), and «,… » (Chanson de voyage, Night venitienne). (This is not the wind, it is the descent of the heights) – N.RIMSKY-KORSAKOV
  • « » (Chur des ondines) – A.DARGOMYSKY
  • « » (Perce-neige) – P.TCHAIKOVSKY
  • « » (Le soir tombe) – R.GLIER
  • « » (Marche des joyeux compagnons) – I.DUNAEVSKI’s “There are so many beautiful and good girls”
  • “I love you, to the end of my life”
  • “I love you, to the end of my life”)
  • “I – Ancienne chanson cosaque
  • « » (When we all went to war) – V.STOLIAROV
  • «, » (Ah, mes frères, everything is fine) – V.STOLIAROV
  • «, » (Ah, mes frères, everything is fine) – V.STOLIAROV • « » (The Founs) – Groupe LIOUBE
  • « » (Appelle-moi) – Groupe LIOUBE
  • « » (Il coule, il coule le ruisseau) –.KOSTIOUK
  • « « » (O huge fleuve) – Groupe LIOUBE
  • « » (Il coule, il coule le ruisseau) –
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2. CHANT RUSSE (monastère de St Jean de Shangaï et de San Francisco)

Monastery Music is a type of instrumental music composed by monks. At the Monastery of Saint Jean de San Francisco, our daily activities revolve around the use of offices. When we first started our fraternity, we had only enough voices in the choir to perform a single melody. Things have improved since then. It took some time, but eventually we were able to include some harmony into the song, and it is now possible to sing with four voices. In the spirit of monastic simplicity, we tend to divide our time between two or three gatherings on most occasions.

Despite the fact that we have inherited the Russian tradition at the monastery, we have attempted to depart from the harmonic progression of the ecclesiastical music of the Imperial Court of the nineteenth century in order to enter a repertoire more in line with the psaltic, on the basis of the Church’s ancient traditions.

In addition, we have published a number of unique pieces written just for the English language.

Work with foreign-influenced melodies (for example, Greek or slave) and translated texts can present a slew of difficulties, with the result that the text suffers from elocution in violation of nature on a consistent basis.

NOTE: The vast majority of the arrangements were created specifically for our four-man choir, and this can be seen in the arrangement and vocal distribution.

Music for DivineLiturgy
Great Litany.Arrangement based on Archimandrite Matthew’s 4-partLitany translated from the Slavonic For Trio (Bass, Tenor Soprano) For Trio in the same octave (3 women’s voices or 3men’s voices)
Typical Antiphons:Psalm 102Psalm 145Beatitudes Znamenny 2-part Znamenny 2-part Znamenny 2-part
Only-Begotten Son Putevoi Chant 2-part
O Come Let us Worship (Hymn during Little Entrance) Znamenny Chant, Tone 2 (two-part)
Common TropariaKontakia used at our monastery Steadfast Protectress (Kievan Tone 6; 2 or 3-part)
Trisagion Kievan(3-part)
As Many as have been baptized For use in Hierarchical LiturgyA combination of the traditional4-part Russian version with Byzantine sung by small group or trio done withthe repetitions required for serving with a bishop.
Prokeimena Daily Prokeimena (Znamenny; 2-part) Sunday Liturgy Prokeimena (Znamenny; 2-part)
Alleluia Znamenny in the 8 tones (2-part)
Cherubika Sophronskaya (2-part)Georgian Melody “Thou art the vine”(3-part) Monk Martin (3-part) Russian Athonite (3-Part) Russian Athonite (4-Part) St. John Koukouzelis (melody + ison)
Itis Truly Meet,All of Creation Rejoicesand others[whatthe Greeks callAnti-Axion(estin)and the SlavsZadostojnik: done in place ofItis Truly Meeton feasts. It is Truly Meet (Tonus AmericanusSetting by Monk Martin;3-part)All of Creation-Carpatho Russian (4-part)
Anaphora Byzantine Plagal Tone 1 (melody + ison) Christmas Anaphora(to the special melody:Proceed Angelic Powers; 4-part) TrubochevAdapted from the Slavonic(2-part) Anaphora (3-part) TTBMonk Martin Anaphora (4-part) SATBMonk Martin
Lord’s Prayer Setting by Monk Martin (3-part)
Koinonika (CommunionHymns) Collection of the daily Koinonika (23-part,mixed sources) The eyes of all look to Thee(An ancient communion hymn for anyoccasion; set to music by Monk Martin) Receive Me Today(Byzantine melody +ison)
Various Litanies Litany for CatechumensFaithful (3-part)Based on Kievan Chant, the litany for the faithful is elongated to besung when a priest is serving alone w/o a deacon.
Liturgy Ending 3 part trio for men or womenMonk Martin 4 part SATBby Monk Martin
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Prokeimena SundayMatins Prokeimena (Znamenny)
From My Youth(Antiphon inTone 4 for Great Feasts) ValaamChant (monophonic) SolovkiChant
Let Every Breath Praise the Lord Znamenny Chant, all 8 tones (2-part)
Psalm 50 Valaam Chant Tone 1
Irmoi from the Supplicatory Canon to the Theotokos Kievan(3-part)
Magnificat Znammenymelody, 3-part harmony
Daily Exapostilaria Monday-theangels
Holy is the Lord Znamenny Chant, all 8 tones (2-part)
Most Blessed art Thou, Tone 2 KievanChant (3-part)
Great Doxology ValaamChant (2-part)
Resurrectional Troparia done at end of Sunday Matins Znamenny Chant (2-part)
Psalm 103 (ProemialPsalm) ValaamChant and “ison”
Blessed is the Man ValaamChant and “ison”
Lord ICall Using the OCA translation, with two-partharmony as we sing them at the monastery Kievan (all 8 tones) ValaamTone 1 Valaam Tone 2 Valaam Tone 3 Valaam Tone 4 ValaamTone 5 ValaamTone 6 ValaamTone 7 ValaamTone 8
Final10 verses onLord I Callset to Kievan ChantThe canonarch introduces the pitch and choir singsthe last half of verse to segue into the melody of the stichera to follow. (All are two-part) Tone 1 Tone 2 Tone 3 Tone 4 Tone 5 Tone 6 Tone 7Tone 8
Resurrectional Dogmatika in the 8 Tones ValaamTone 1 ValaamTone 2 ValaamTone 3 ZnamennyTone 4 Valaam Tone 5Valaam Tone 6Valaam Tone 7ValaamTone 8
OGladsome Light O Joyous Light Valaam Chant with “ison” Setting by Monk Martin (TTB)
Song of Simeon”Now lettest Thou Thy Servant.” Setting by Monk Martin (SATB) Same for 3 parts (TTB)
Rejoice O Virgin Znamenny Melody, 3-4 parts(TTBB)
Canon RefrainsUsed in Pannikhidas and funerals 3-PartArrangement
Funereal Evlogitaria RussianMelody 3-Part
Funereal Trisagion (HolyGod) Traditional (3-part) Setting by Monk Martin Men’s Trio Setting by Monk Martin SATB
Give Rest with the Just KievanChant; 3-Part
ICalled to Mind the Prophet:The Hymn of St. John of Damascus in Tone 5(Also sung at the aposticha for daily vespers on Fridayof Tone 5 week) Carpatho-Russian Arrangement by Archbishop Job;3-Part
Memory Eternal Traditional, arranged for men’s quartet
Open tome the Doors of Repentence ValaamChant with “ison”
LentenLord’s Prayer for Weekdays Carpatho Russian? (4-part from St. Nicholas in SanAnselmo) Znamenny (2-part)
TheFather’s Embrace (Sessional Hymn for theProdigalSonand also used at thetonsure of a monk or nun) ValaamChant with “ison”
O Lord ofHosts (Great Compline) Valaam Chant unison with partial “ison”
Lenten Litanies (All Znamenny) Great and Small Litany Augmented Litany Litany of Fervent Supplication
Alleluias with Triadicain 8 tones (Daily Matins) Znamenny Tone 1 Znamenny Tone 2Znamenny Tone 3Znamenny Tone 4Znamenny Tone 5Znamenny Tone 6Znamenny Tone 7Znamenny Tone 8
Photagogicain the 8 tones (Daily Matins) Znamenny Tone 1 Znamenny Tone 2Znamenny Tone 3Znamenny Tone 4Znamenny Tone 5Znamenny Tone 6Znamenny Tone 7Znamenny Tone 8
Daily Vespers:Rejoice O Virgin TraditionalRussian Chant (3-part)
O MyMost Blessed Queen(prayer from the SupplicatoryCanon, which we sing at Compline)

Music orthodoxe francophone of tradition russe, performed in French.

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