How To Chant Switchword

What are ‘switch words’ and how to use them

Let us take a trip back in time to an 18th-century collection of Middle Eastern folktales and legends. You may recall The Thousand and One Nights and the legends of ‘Aladdin,’ ‘Sinbad the Sailor,’ and ‘Ali Baba,’ among other things, from your childhood. After discreetly watching 40 robbers conceal their loot in a cave, Ali Baba the impoverished woodcutter discovered that the tunnel only opened when the word “Open, Sesame!” was spoken. The moment he had the bravery to say those words himself, the doors to vast riches, prosperity, and affluence mysteriously opened and he and his family lived happily ever after.

“Open Sesame” became a catchphrase for youngsters all around the world as a way to gain access to something obviously precious and essential.

In fact, Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto has conducted some intriguing studies on the influence of words on water crystals, which are worth reading about.

Mangan wrote in the early 1900s on how language and words may bridge the “apartness” that exists between our conscious and subconscious minds, allowing us to realize our desires and objectives.

  1. And we are completely unaware that our conscious and subconscious thoughts are aiming for two very different things.
  2. These aren’t your typical dictionary definitions.
  3. At a fundamental level, they change your thoughts and behaviors, allowing you to connect with your objectives and, eventually, attract what you actually desire in life.
  4. What’s the big deal?
  5. What is the proper way to utilize switch words?
  6. To begin, you’d need a list of switch words from which you could choose the ones you wanted to practice.
  7. Alternatively, you may just utilize them as necessary.

Most crucial, give permission for the switch to be activated.

It was with the switch word REACH that I had my first success story, and I find myself repeating the word ‘REACH’ over and over when seeking for a missing object or even a parking place.

The word ALERT can be shouted frequently to concentrate your attention and raise your awareness.

Next is your go-to term when you’re working on anything that requires precise attention to detail and repetitiveness.

DIVINE BONUS: To attract unanticipated gifts or an abundance of resources.

TOGETHER: This is a command switch word.

To attract financial plenty, make use of the TOGETHER-DIVINE-COUNT technique.

Try using the switch word BLUSH to infuse some warmth into the conversation.

The switch word OWL causes the energy to change so that you may see what the owl sees.

We all enter somewhere with hefty, and sometimes bad, energy on our shoulders.

The PURGE-CANCEL command can be used to clear the mind of unpleasant ideas and phrases when they appear.

Whenever something nice happens, or even when something bad happens (asking the Universe to teach you how life can be better than this), use the affirmation to see what happens.

Real life may become monotonous, depressing, and routine, and sometimes the best way to deal with reality is to incorporate a dash of fantasy. You never know – it could just work in this case! [email protected]

Switchwords By Kismet Connection

When you say switchwords, your energy is instantly transferred from one dimension to the other, allowing you to go faster. It indicates that your energy may be changed by the words you speak. All words have the potential to become Switchwords. All words have the potential to be transformed into Switchwords. With Switchwords, the frequency of one’s thoughts varies. If you follow Hinduism or Buddhism, you may have heard of the mantra OM NAMAH SHIVAY! In the same way, switchwords are mantras in the English language.

  • It is believed that James T Mangan was the first to find and use the term “Switchwords” in 1960, as a means of living a perfect existence.
  • When it comes to switchwords, numbers, and frequencies, Naran Balakumar, or Naran Sir as he is affectionately called in India, has done considerable research on bach flower treatments.
  • What is the proper way to utilize Switchwords?
  • Once we get into the PRACTICE of utilizing Switchwords, we generally remember the majority of them and can repeat them at the drop of a hat.
  • I’ll post them here so that you may download them to your phone or computer as needed.
  • We must CALM our minds a little and BE in a good zone in order to allow it to work FOR US.
  • It simply indicates that we are optimistic about our ability to use Switchwords to CHANGE our current condition.

Different than chanting, there are a few other methods to employ Switchwords than simply saying them out.

You may make this a daily exercise and set a goal for yourself to write it a certain number of times.

Chant it, sing it, or even pronounce it aloud as if it were a prayer.

This is the most efficient method of manifesting using Switchwords.

While chanting, keep your attention on the cause for your chant rather than on the time or the number of repetitions.

If it is a health-related issue, it might be inscribed on a specific region of the body.

However, this is not required, and you can write it anyplace on your body if you like.

They are strong rings that are built to collect healing energies such as switch words and other switch words and convey them to a specific individual.

Alternatively, each Switchword might be presented as a one-word affirmation or as a creative statement.

You must pay attention and acknowledge the outcomes, no matter how insignificant they appear at first.

The more you believe and recognize, the greater the amount of attention you will receive.

This identical water bottle may be recharged with a variety of different ECs as well.

Method with three fingers: In order to get energy from EC, place three middle fingers of the left hand on the laminated color print of EC or on a smartphone screen, tablet screen, or laptop screen that is showing the EC for 15-20 seconds.

As a result, the EC is located within your body’s energy field.

They claim that if we HOLD a good thought for just 17 seconds, the law of attraction kicks in, moving the notion closer to manifestation and bringing it into reality.

Also, create goals and apply the tools for a total of 21 days to establish a pattern of behavior.

The number 28 is a nice one (also a Switchword).

But, simply let it to FLOW. In reality, I don’t really COUNT any longer. It may be nine, twenty-eight, or one hundred and eight repeats. The main emphasis should be on believing, intending, and letting go of the past. What are the advantages of using switchwords?

  1. Switchwords are WORDS that have the ability to rapidly alter your energy from one dimension to another. It suggests that your energy may be changed by the words you use. In theory, every word may turn out to be a Switchword. The ability to transform intoSwitchwords exists in each and every word. Switchwords cause a shift in the frequency of the mind. OM NAMAH SHIVAY! is a Mantra that is used in Hinduism or Buddhism. Switchwords are utilized in the same way as they are in Spanish and Portuguese. SWITCHWORDS HAVE A LONG HISTORY: As a means of creating a perfect existence, James T Mangan is credited with inventing and using Switchwords in the year 1960. To actualize their inner wants and aspirations, he advised readers in his book, ‘The Secret of Perfect Living,’ to assist their subconscious mind focus on’mantra-like affirmations’ known as Switchwords, which are similar to mantras. When it comes to switchwords, numerals, and frequencies, Naran Balakumar, or Naran Sir as he is affectionately called in India, has done substantial research. All of these individuals are well-known figures in the field of Switchwords, having carried out considerable study and developed Switchwords that have positively impacted thousands of lives across the world. The way Switchwords are used is as follows: In order to begin, a list must be compiled. The majority of switchwords can be remembered once we get into the PRACTICE of utilizing them and can be repeated at the tip of our fingers. REMAIN CONNECTED TO YOUR LIST. If you want to save them to your phone or computer, I’ll post them here. Permit the switch to be activated in the second step We must CALM our minds and BE in a good state in order to allow it to work FOR US. Nevertheless, when we are unhappy or dissatisfied about something, Switchwords are frequently employed. It simply indicates that we are optimistic about our ability to CHANGE our current circumstance. Using switchwords is as simple as saying them aloud, and you will notice the results in your daily life very quickly. Different than chanting, there are a few other methods to employ Switchwords than simply saying them out loud. Writing You can write it down on a piece of paper and put it somewhere safe at your house or in your office. Consider making this a daily practice and setting a goal of writing it X number of times per week. You can chant them if you want to. Sing it out loud or utter it aloud as though it were a prayer to the Almighty. Intense connection with the chant will result as your practice increases. This is the most efficient method of manifesting using Switchwords. Chant for 10 minutes at least three times a day, for a total of 30 minutes. Focus on the cause you are chanting rather than time or count while you are shouting. Making a mark on one’s body Switchwords may even be written on your flesh!! Depending on the situation, it may be inscribed on a specific body area. For example, you may use it on your stomach to lose belly fat. Although it is not required, writing it anyplace on your body is permissible. Intuitive Circumferences of Energy Remote healing energy, switch words, and other techniques are made possible via the use of Energy Circles. Essentially, these are strong circles that are built in order to collect healing energies such as switch words and convey them to a specific individual. Take note: Even one Switchword may be configured to function the way we choose. Each Switchword is conveyed as a one-word affirmation or as a creative proclamation, depending on the situation. Your belief in Switchwords is the most significant component in its success. Regardless of how minor the outcomes appear at first, you must pay attention and acknowledge them. Whenever you express thanks for anything you have received, it will increase and manifest into greater things for you. As you believe and acknowledge, the more people will come to your side to help you. Using Water as a Charger For 15-20 seconds, place a clear water bottle over the laminated color print of EC / smartphone screen / Tab screen / Laptop screen showing EC and hold it in place with one hand. Numerous more ECs may be charged into this same water bottle. Throughout the day, drink on this water in little sips. the procedure of three fingers 3 middle fingers of the left hand should be placed for 15-20 seconds on a laminated color print of the electric current or on an electronic device (such as an electronic cell phone, an electronic tablet, or an electronic laptop) that is showing the electric current. Method of using a pillow Keep the EC color print underneath your pillow or bed mattress where you sleep at night.. Consequently, your energy field contains the EC. It is possible to keep the EC in place indefinitely. If we HOLD on to a good idea for just 17 seconds, according to some, the law of attraction will kick in, moving it closer to reality. Strangely enough, reciting the same Switchword 28 times takes around 17 seconds as well! Also, create objectives and apply the tools for a total of 21 days to establish a pattern of good behavior. From there, if we CONTINUE for another 90 days, it becomes ingrained in our lives as a way of life The number 28 is a favorable one (also a Switchword). When we chant, a large percentage of us keep that figure in mind. Simply let things to ‘flow,’ as they say. COUNTING isn’t something I do any longer. Depending on the number of repeats, it might be 9, 28, or 108. The main emphasis should be on believing, intending, and letting go of one’s fears.. In what ways do switchwords help you to achieve your objectives?
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How to Identify and Recognize the Most Effective and Powerful Switchwords for You It is really simple to locate Switchwords that best fit your needs. Here are a few steps to follow: –

  1. Know what you want in life
  2. Choose the item that is most important to you from your wish list
  3. Make a decision on what you want to alter in your life. Now go into your history and try to remember a time when you were in a pleasant and positive energy system. Gather all of your memories, but just the pleasant ones
  4. It might be a comparable incident or any other event from your history that you remember fondly
  5. Find the word that, in the past, had the ability to completely transform your energy system. As an illustration:
  • HONEY is your Switchword if, in the past, your husband called you “Honey” and you blushed a lot
  • If this happened to you, HONEY is your Switchword to attract more and similar events in your life. Perhaps your mother addressed you by your Nickname “Angel” and you responded with a smile, resulting in your nickname ANGEL being your Switchword for receiving Divine Blessings
  • In case your father inspired you by addressing you as “My Einstein,” then EINSTEIN will serve as your go-to term for completing any work with ease in the future. Consider a moment when your grandfather handed you a dollar or a coin and you felt like you were a millionaire
  • If this occurred to you in the past, the name “Grandfather” is your Switchword to attract more money NOW
  • Perhaps having a wonderful time with your buddies at school or college caused you to guffaw and laugh. So if you’re feeling down, you may use the term GIGGLE as a switch word. You may have found comfort in eating chocolate, and now that you are no longer depressed, CHOCOLATE is your go-to word when you are feeling down. Perhaps your child has had consistently good results in the past, and he came home excitedly yelling at the top of his lungs to tell you about his findings. Now that you have experienced those feelings, you may channel your energy towards re-creating his bright future in life when he achieves financial success
  • Perhaps you have seen a movie that is connected to your fantasies. Watching the movie again might help you switch your energy levels today as well. Motivational music and films can also help you shift your focus from your problems to your goals.

If you are still unable to locate a suitable Switchword for yourself, consult a Switchword master who will either provide you with some Universal Powerful Switchwords that are most suitable for the majority of individuals or assist you in locating your own Switchwords. Your own Switchwords have the ability to swiftly alter your energy system and inwardly push you to do your task more quickly. Your own personal Switchwords can also assist you in recalling happy memories and experiences. Using this remembering approach, your energy may flip so rapidly that you can become a master of the art of discovering your own Switchword with the aid of the techniques described above.

  1. You can have the same sensation at any moment in your life as well.
  2. Anyone have any recommendations for Switchwords that might assist uncover and reduce this anxiety?” A: TryTOGETHER-BLUFF-DIVINE-LOVE as your first step.
  3. BLUFF assists in dealing with fear, while DIVINE-LOVE assists in dealing with love for oneself (i.e.
  4. QUESTION: I am the owner of a clinic, and I want to grow it successfully while still providing clients with decent and satisfied results.
  5. Q: How long does it take for Switchwords to start working?
  6. Please, someone assist me!
  7. Continue to be calm, take a deep breath, and chant, then let go of your wish and have faith that things will better.

Q: I am a working mother of a young child.

This change will have a negative impact on my life, and it will be difficult to find another job in the same profession with the same compensation if I move to the new place.

Please, someone assist me.

A: I’m afraid Switchwords cannot answer every situation.

Q: I work in an office, and my job is slowed down by the fact that I am constantly assigned complicated assignments.

A: First and foremost, start by expressing efficiency through chanting.

Chant: COUNT-TOGETHER-SHINE-TOGETHER when you are satisfied with how you are handling your work and are ready for advancement and accolades.

This aids in the collection of funds as well as the attraction of particular attention. Q: I lent a large sum of money to a person who has not returned the money to my account. What are the Switchwords to use in order to reclaim it?

To get the debt paid quickly/paid on time:

Halfway through anything makes it less hard or time-consuming, and COUNT is one of the Switchwords for money for a quantifiable quantity, and HALFWAY is one of the Switchwords for money for a measurable amount. DONE is a word that refers to fulfilling a deadline — in this case, meeting your payment due date! You could want to include the amount of money you owe, such as COUNT-£800-HALFWAY-DONE in the description. You could also want to chant this while you send out invoices or payment requests to ensure that you are paid on time and don’t have to chase payments!

To remove blocks to payment:

TRANSFORMATION SWITCHWORDS BRING-COUNT-ON: BRING is the Switchword for manifestation or delivering, COUNT is one of the Switchwords for money for a quantifiable quantity (the debt), and ON is the Switchword for creating or producing. You can attempt once again to enter the amount of money you are owing by entering: BRING-COUNT-£800-ONIf you are apprehensive about asking for the money you are due, you can do it in the following ways: Adjust, Magnanimity, and Bring: ADJUST is the Switchword that assists in dealing with unpleasantness efficiently, MAGNANIMITY is one of the Switchwords for money that helps to keep it flowing and inspires generosity, and BRING is the Switchword that assists in manifesting or delivering.

  1. If you are in a financial disagreement with your debtor, you should: TOGETHER-SHUT– this will put a stop to the financial conflict.
  2. You can get in touch with us if you require a specific Switchword or energy code.
  3. The cost in Rupees 99/ is for one issue and one switchword, and there have been no votes yet.
  4. Voting is now blocked due to data maintenance being carried out on the system.
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Can saying a word change your world?

When Jolene Pole looked down the list of contracts for her new firm, she groaned. She had just set up the company, after all. If she doesn’t bring some new business in as soon as possible, she will run out of work to keep her employees occupied. Furthermore, a lack of employment translated into a lack of funds, which might be bad for the company’s long-term viability. However, instead of panicking, the 33-year-old director of a cleaning company understood precisely what she needed to do to get things back on track.

  1. In her seat, she repeated the word ‘Give’ ten times aloud, with emphasis on the last syllable.
  2. In order to sell something, demonstrate charity, or do business, the verb “give” was appropriate.
  3. So I said it out, then repeated it over and over in my thoughts until it became second nature.
  4. The next day, Jolene was awarded a new contract that was far larger than any she’d previously had, and months later, she’s been overwhelmed with work to the point that she’s seeking for a new member of staff.
  5. ‘I’m always employing switchwords now.’ Jolene isn’t the only one who feels this way.
  6. They are utilized by everyone from CEOs to business gurus to staff.
  7. It is as if they flip a switch in your thoughts and behavior at a fundamental level, allowing you to connect with your objectives and attract what you desire in life.
  8. So, how does it function?
  9. However, it was an American advertising executive, James T Mangan, who devised a list of 60 switchwords to assist individuals improve their life in his 1963 book, The Secret of Perfect Living, which was published in the United Kingdom in 1964.
  10. Because these powerful phrases communicate directly to our subconscious minds, they may assist us in removing roadblocks to achievement and activating our potential to generate financial wealth, creative expression, self-healing, and professional success.
  11. While we may publicly say that we aspire to be the next Steve Jobs or Sheryl Sandberg, how can we know whether we’re still the same person who suffered in school, was never selected for the team, or was told by friends, family, coworkers, or prior bosses that they weren’t good enough?

According to Liz, “we’re frequently perplexed by our inability to accomplish a task or make a significant change in our lives.” The phrase “when our subconscious mind appears to reject or even undermine our conscious intention through action or inactivity” means that “it is practically impossible to establish and maintain the new reality we wish.” For the most part, our own self-doubts and subconscious self-sabotage are the primary obstacles to obtaining success and earning money.

  • Switchwords function by cleansing our minds of negative ideas and instilling the belief in our subconscious minds that we are capable of achieving our goals.
  • However, because switchwords aren’t literal, they have the ability to pass through without disclosing their true meaning.
  • Negative ideas that restrict our potential are cleared away with the use of switchwords, and they are replaced with good energy.
  • The question was, ‘How would you envision signing contracts, knowing that the final one she signed would be for a significant sum of money?’ Liz explains.
  • She is now working on completing this task and replacing the negative switchwords with positive switchwords.
  • ’ Which terms are most appropriate for me?
  • Liz suggests that you just perform a muscle test with your fingers.

Then, using the thumb and index finger of one hand, draw a circle on the table, either on the right or left side, explains Liz.

The circle is still in place.

Repeat the process, this time using the term ‘weak’.

Continue to do this, paying attention to the differences between your strong and weak positions.’ Then, when you put your fingers into the circle, you can pronounce your selected switchword.

Only pronounce the word once to ensure that it works on your subconscious rather than your conscious mind.

To believe or not to believe?

They could be looking away right now, wondering how they’ll manage it all while juggling workers and seeking new business – or they might be looking away simply because they don’t want to appear weak or ridiculous.

Neither was a believer in the power of words, but the next day they both called me to tell me that they had both gotten money out of nowhere for the same amount, £12.

Just have an open mind and you’ll be OK.’ You can start with a single switchword and chant it ten, twenty-eight, or a hundred times, and then layer on other switchwords to form powerful phrases.

The majority of individuals say theirs while taking a stroll, but a lot of others say them while showering so that they are completed first thing in the morning.

In spite of the fact that there hasn’t been any scientific research done on the topic yet, Liz believes that these words are effective and that they’re frequently employed in marketing and advertising campaigns.

If they are then presented with a sweet offer that is expected to enhance sales by up to 300 percent, because the term “sweet” is synonymous with being accommodating and beautiful to everyone, it is a tempting offer that is difficult to refuse.

Jolene, who lives in the UK town of Loughborough, is sure that switchwords have changed her professional life. According to her, the use of switchwords is the reason for the success of her company. I have no doubt that they are effective.’

Methods of Switch Word Healing

Intentional mending through the use of switch words Switch Words may be used to do INTENTION HEALING in the same way that Reiki is. Prepare yourself by setting an intention (expressing your objective and aspirations) and then chanting the Switch Words. Others’ Well-Being To heal someone else, write their name on a sheet of paper and hold it in your left hand while chanting the Switch Words for them. Ideally, chanting should take place at the start of the day and then again before retiring to sleep.

  • Until you obtain what you desire.
  • Simply repeat the switch word, for example, ‘DIVINE ORDER,’ as many times as you can, whenever feasible, until it becomes automatic.
  • Making a note of the combination in a notepad You can write in a notebook (in multiples of) 21 times every day for (in multiples of) 21 days (in multiples of) 21 days.
  • Crab apple is a Bach Flower medicine, and Change and Divine Order are two terms that are interchangeable.
  • Water that is infused with Switch words is energizing.
  • Yes, it is possible.
  • Water has a stronger ability to absorb the energies of Switch Words.

All Switch Words are effective when used with water.

Do 108 repetitions of the Switch Words or chant them for a length of 5 to 10 minutes to get the desired effect.

The Switch Words should be written on the water bottle.

In addition to it, chanting should be performed.

On a piece of paper, write down the name of the person(s) or the circumstance that needs to be healed.

Create a circle around the person’s name or the scenario.

Add another concentric circle to your drawing.

In between each gap between the circles, write one switch word in the space between the circles.

Keep the piece of paper with you at all times.

Check it out in the morning and at night.

In order to include RELEASE RESISTANCE in the Switch Words, how long should one chant before we put RELEASE RESISTANCE in the Switch Words?

What do you think is the best way to chant: loud or silent?

Release resistance should be added before the string of switch words if they are unable to achieve the desired result with the use of switch words.

Finding harmony with a person with whom you are at odds is difficult.

We can solve all of our other problems with just one technique, which is described below.

Visualize A is located on the left hand, and you are located on the right.


Finally, both hands should come together (which should not occur until you have completed the chanting).

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When the hands get closer to each other, and if you find it difficult to merge both hands at the same time, chant CENTRE many times until it finally comes together.) Creating harmony between two people is difficult.

Keep A on the left hand and B on the right hand if B’s mother or another person who is concerned about the harmony between A and B does so.

An Approach to Problem-Solving Keep the problem on your left hand and chant CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE FIND DIVINE LOVE for any other issues you may be having (visualize).

Identifying and resolving physical problems For physical problems, (visualize) keeping the problem and the person’s name on the left hand, and chanting CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE CANCEL DIVINE BE NOW DONE will help to relieve the symptoms. BE is used for physical activity.

Supercharge your Affirmations with Switchwords

What exactly are Switchwords? Is that tiny negative voice in your brain preventing you from achieving your goals? I wanted to reach out to you today, in my latestLiving Your Best Life Blogpost, to provide you with a more straightforward method of manifesting your wishes. It is likely that you have come across the term “affirmations” while on your quest of self-discovery and progress. For example, if you look in the mirror and declare a good manifestation for your life… Alternatively, “The Secret” might be used.

  • Perhaps you were unable to determine why it did not function.
  • Affirmations must be done in the correct environment…
  • However, many of our affirmations are tinged with desire and a sense of emptiness since we do not have this in our life.
  • Affirmations are rendered ineffective as a result of all of this.
  • There is an other route!

Introducing Switchwords!

Turning words into switchwords allows you to communicate directly with your subconscious, bypassing that nasty little Negative Nellie in your mind. You reciteSwitchwords over and over in your head. The words can be spoken or written on your body or in your water (in capital letters with hyphens, as seen below), or they can be infused into a glass of water using a piece of paper as a vessel. As a meditation technique, you might recite these 108 times with mala beads (post on that here). You can use E.F.T.

  1. When used with E.F.T.
  2. When you useSwitchwords, you should be aware of what may come up for you, whether it is an idea or an image in your mind.
  3. For example, you may desire to earn more money, but the reality is that you desire to be financially comfortable and protected.
  4. You should also be in a good frame of mind when you begin reciting mantras, but it is much simpler to sustain this state than it is with affirmations.
  5. The combination of switchwords with singing or rhythm for optimum effectiveness is something I truly enjoy.
  6. Here are some samples of someSwitchwords that you may recite, chant, or sing loudly to invoke the power of the witch.
  7. You may sing it on its own as well.
  8. TOGETHER-CHANGE: incredibly strong switchwords that help you align with your aim, remove resistance, and resolve internal conflict.
  9. Chant the word STOP over and over again to keep your mind from whirling or falling down a negative rabbit hole of thoughts.
  10. Together, we may find a Divine Account in order to attract greater riches.
  11. BOW-LOVE-RESTORE: This spell relieves embarrassment.

BOW helps to alleviate feelings of shame, LOVE encourages self-love, and RESTORE helps to restore confidence. RESTORE-ME: This command allows you to forgive yourself for previous acts. This is particularly useful when your memory recalls a humiliating incident. SUNLIGHT:Improves one’s disposition.

I really enjoy doing research onSwitchwords! Here are a few resources to get you started: Facebook Page with the phrase “switchword” My favorite Switchwordbook, which you really must read: Liz Dean’s Switchwords: How to Get What You Want with Just One Word is available on Amazon. All forms of meditationchants, soundhealing, and fundamental Switchword Chants may be found on my SoundCloud page, which is as follows: Experts in the Use of Switchwords Prescriptions for Switchwords – more from Liz Dean.

How often should I chant my Switchwords?

In my book, Switchwords: Use One Word to Get What You Want, I discuss the benefits of chanting Switchwords in groups of 10, 28, or 108 (the traditional mantra counts) – or as many times as feels appropriate for you. 108 is the conventional mantra count. One of my friends recently stated that if I repeat my Switchwords fifty times a day, I will have a better chance of succeeding in my endeavor. I stated that uttering Switchwords is not the same as playing the lottery, and that manifesting with these power-words is not a game of chance like other manifestation methods.

  1. Chanting incessantly might be an indication that you’re not confident in the effectiveness of your Switchwords.
  2. When your mind is occupied by thoughts of what you don’t have, there is little place for receiving what you do have.
  3. Bring to mind a place you adore and see it in your mind’s eye: a seashore bar, a beautiful garden, or a snug fireplace.
  4. The words will come to you as they arrive, and you will welcome them into your sacred space, recite them, and then let them float away when you are through.
  5. Interested in receiving one-on-one tutoring with your Switchword practice over Skype?

SwitchWords & Frequency Numbers

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could find a single Magic phrase that would make your life perfect? TOGETHER was the one word that fell into the lap of James T Mangan, the inventor of Switchwords, without any effort on his own. Upon realizing that this phrase provided him with such calm and satisfaction, he began exploring for further words, which he labeled as Switchwords after the inventor of the word. A switch is a button that turns on or off the linked item on its own own. Similarly, these phrases instantly turn off bad conditions or turn on pleasant vibrations, depending on the context.

  • Declaring a switchword is analogous to flicking a switch in order to get the desired result.
  • Shunam Nirav has developed a technique for linking words together to form sentences in order to get better outcomes.
  • Depending on your requirements, you may either turn on one fan or, if it’s really hot, two fans; if the heat becomes unbearable, you can also turn on the air conditioning.
  • We have an endless number of Numeric Codes for all of our requirements.
  • Students will learn how to put these numbers to practical use in the class.
  • Using names as switchwords is a common practice.

What is the use of learning when everything is available on the internet? NET – to ensure that you do not rely on any other source in the event of an emergency. Learn how to make better use of available information and, most importantly, gain a thorough grasp of the system from the ground up.


“Monkeys have been visiting our patio every day for the past five years, causing damage to our water tanks, plants, and other property. Recently, one of the monkeys flung a large stone at our car, causing significant damage. When I got home, I decided to chant Switchwords and put an Energy Circle with the words in it on the wall. Since then, they’ve only come to see around twice a year.” In the village of Radha, Kirti Nagar “Nearly six months ago, I was diagnosed with Urticaria (large red eruptions on the body accompanied by severe itching).

I tried everything, including allopathy, homeopathic, and even ayurvedic medication, but nothing worked.

Initially, nothing improved, but after 3-4 days, we tried a different combination of medications.

During the first 7-8 days, it decreased to 20 percent and eventually went totally, according to com “”Letely” means “without apprehension.” Sneha is an Indian actress.

Beenhu Grover’s biography I came into being on the 10th of August, 1974, in this physical body, but as a soul, I have no recollection of how many incarnations I have gone through to get to this point.

In spite of putting in years of effort, I was dissatisfied with the results.

I ended up studying Reiki as a result of these experiences.

It felt as though the mystic realm had been reaching out for me for a long time.

Not only did I study all levels of Reiki from him, but I also had several healing treatments from him at the same time, which absolutely transformed my life.

Jagmohan Sachdeva, who introduced me to the magical world of Tarot card readings, AcupressureMagnet treatment, and other healing therapies.

Today, my goal is to help as many people as I possibly can.

I am in the habit of giving, giving, and more giving as a healing channel.

Saturday, May 18th is the date for this event.

until 1:30 p.m. Punjabi Bagh West is the location for this event. The cost is $2,640 per person (Prior Registration Mandatory) For additional information or to make a reservation, please contact Annu at +91 8595155420 or Mohit at +91 9910185042, or send an email to [email protected]

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