In Fate Stay Night What Is Shirous Chant To Use The Rea0lity Marble

Unlimited Blade Works

Note from the editor: This item contains spoilers for the film Fate/stay night.


A reference to the noble phantasm of the characters Archer and Shirou Emiya from the Type-Moon Fate series. Since its debut in 2004, the ability has gained widespread popularity among fans, inspiring parodies and a copypasta based on the noble phantasm’s incantation to appear.


Unlimited Blade Works was initially presented in the 2004 visual novelFate/stay night, notably in one of the game’s plot pathways with the same name as the noble phantasm. It was then included to the game’s main menu. The noble phantasm is a reality marble that serves as a magical factory for the creation of replicas of different weapons, including other noble phantasms, in the form of reality marbles. Archer must employ an incantation in order to summon the reality marble, which will make the summoning process more efficient.

  1. Death has no idea what I’ve done with over a thousand blades since I’ve kept them hidden from him.
  2. As a result, as I Pray-Unlimited Blade Operations” To summon the reality marble, Shirou Emiya employs a variant version of the incantation, which he learned from his father.
  3. My body is made of steel, and my blood is made of fire.
  4. I endured pain in order to manufacture weapons, and I have no regrets as I await the arrival of one.
  5. My entire existence has revolved on Unlimited Blade Works.”


As early as 2006, articles on Unlimited Blade Works appeared on a variety of websites, including reddit, Tumblr, 4chan, Gamefaqs, TVTropes, and Zetaboards, and were subsequently deleted. Urban Dictionary user Arblast contributed an item on the noble phantasm on December 8th, 2008, according to the Urban Dictionary (shown below). THE HIGHEST DEFINITION Work with an Infinite Number of Blades Archer (Fate/Stay Night) has invented a Reality Marble that allows him to control a vast number of weapons at the same time.

Life is unaware of this, and death is unaware of it.

Those hands, on the other hand, will never grip anything.

courtesy of Arblast The 8th of December, 2008 Font Screenshot” id=”photo 2011766″ title=”Urban Dictionary” data-src=”photo 2011766″ id=”photo 2011766″ title=”Urban Dictionary” data-src=” An exiaFr made a video on YouTube on July 31st, 2013, in which she demonstrated Archer’s usage of Unlimited Blade Works, which was taken from the 2010 film adaptation of Fate/Stay Night (shown below, left).

On May 10th, 2015, YouTube user TheSzadow uploaded a video comparing Archer’s Unlimited Blade Works ability between the 2006 and 2014 anime adaptations of Fate/stay Night.

The video may be seen below (shown below, right). In less than a year, the film had received more than 199,000 views. Both videos were finally removed off the internet.

Unlimited Essay Works

The term “Unlimited Essay Works” alludes to a notorious4chanpost that was uploaded by a member known only as “Mike. The article contains an example of an essay that was written in the same fashion as the copypasta, and as a result, the user received a D+ and ultimately failed his semester as a result. The original topic was posted on 4chan’s/a/board on August 2nd, 2006, and has since been deleted. A copypasta of the Unlimited Blade Works copypasta (seen below) was posted in the discussion to fulfill a commitment the original poster made in a previous subject to turn in his final test.

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  • So, as far as my band is concerned, >> O Anonymous 080206(Wed)23:00 No.789539 080206(Wed)23:00 ESSAY WORKS WITHOUT LIMITS A new internet connection has recently been acquired.
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  • After gaining popularity among users, the thread “Fate/stay night text font” data-src=” was promoted to the top of the forum by a mod.
  • In addition, the discussion sparked a lot of revisions that made light of the situation (shown below).


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  • Over a thousand gates have been made by me.
  • A lot of riddles required me to put up with suffering.
  • Consequently, as I pray…
  • My sword is a representation of myself.
  • Internetpranks number in the thousands for me.
  • It is because of this that numerous 80s hits have been produced.
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While playing throughFate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, the battle between Archer and Shirou approaches its pinnacle on both an ideological and a physical level, putting the game’s protagonist’s character arc on the verge of completion. The episode progresses from strength to strength as we witness Shirou reel not just from Archer’s relentless pounding but also from the harsh, brutal realities that Archer reveals. In addition to a brilliant soundtrack and some amazing storytelling, Shirou’s response—a completely plausible blend of acceptance and defiance—is portrayed well by the film.

Although it appears that the external conflicts should be more important – after all, it doesn’t matter if Shirou comes to terms with himself if he ends up having his head chopped off – intuitively speaking, the episode appears to make it very clear that it is Shirou’s internal struggle that is the more important of the two conflicts.

  1. Things are still happening in the background, as Lancer continues to rise to the occasion and exemplifies the type of heroics that you’d expect from a Servant of Lancer’s status and renown.
  2. Watch the episode for more details.
  3. Instead of lectures explaining Archer’s reasons and how Shirou’s idealism turned into Archer’s cynicism like in the previous weeks’ episodes, this week’s episode is more of a dispute between the two of them.
  4. But by the episode’s conclusion, Shirou has reached an important conclusion and has reaffirmed his faith in his ideals.
  5. It is crucial to grasp the essence of Archer’s argument at this point, not only because doing so will help us better comprehend him, but also because doing so will help us place Shirou’s response next week in its appropriate context.
  6. Briefly stated, Archer appears to be implying that Shirou has no other motivation for saving anyone other than the fact that Kiritsugu desired the same thing.
  7. These charges are not new nor unwarranted — Rin has brought up this subject on two previous occasions, and on both occasions, it appears that Shirou has avoided answering the matter directly.

This episode makes it clear that Shirou’s pursuit of his dream was not motivated solely by his admiration for Kiritsugu and his desire to fulfill his father’s wishes, as Archer assumed, but rather by his belief in the inherent ‘goodness’ of the act of salvation, which he believed was inherent in the act of salvation.

  1. Shirou has been fully aware of this truth from the outset.
  2. This is enormous; in fact, it is precisely what will prevent him from becoming Archer in the future.
  3. He was hesitant to embrace the hard reality that sometimes your dreams cannot be reconciled with the realities of life, or, to put it another way, he was unwilling to accept loss, as he expresses it himself in this passage.
  4. This episode introduced the concept that each of Shirou’s attempts to save someone will result in a ‘hell’, which was later debunked.
  5. The last “hell,” the scene from the fire, is a different story.
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Despite the fact that Shirou is about to enter hell, that scene was an incredibly powerful and compelling way of describing the difference between the two characters – Archer would have seen each scene of failure and felt grief at being unable to accomplish anything, whereas Shirou, despite the vision of Archer telling him that is about enter hell, continues despite this because he wants to at least try.

For the same reason (although it’s probable Shirou himself was unaware of this), he is prepared to cure other people’s problems without expecting to be compensated, and why he goes to such great lengths to assist others.

We don’t know all about Saber’s backstory, but the episode accorded her an unusual amount of attention for a character that was little more than a bystander throughout the battle.

” Even though the previous episode raised the question of the parallels between Saber and Shirou, and while the theory that those parallels led to her summoning (as opposed to another hero) was disproved in this episode, the parallels continued, particularly with Shirou pulling a sword out of a stone while declaring his willingness to accept the consequences of whatever follows, the parallels continued.

Shirou didn’t just survive the fire because he was lucky; Kiritsugu, who had the scabbard, implanted it in Shirou in order to help him survive the fire, and it is this implant that has been helping Shirou survive the numerous mortal wounds he has received throughout this episode, though the episode doesn’t explicitly state this.

  1. He may have served as Saber’s Master during the previous war or he may have stolen it; my instinct tells me it is the former (it is simply cleaner and allows for an interesting comparison between father and son).
  2. Of course, Shirou possessing the scabbard would provide an explanation for why Saber was summoned, since the scabbard might easily serve as the trigger for the summoning.
  3. Despite the fact that we know almost little about him because of other characters who have met him, he is the individual who brought Archer, Saber, and Shirou together, which makes him a significant player in the story.
  4. Contrary to this, it’s noteworthy to note that Shirou’s mentality is similar, but with the addition of the caveat that, despite the fact that not everyone can be cured, there is still some benefit in trying.
  5. Obviously, after witnessing Berserker almost murder Gilgamesh ‘posthumously,’ we should have known better, but if the corpse hasn’t dissolved, the Servant is still alive and well.
  6. Although it was rewarding, given how certain I was that Kirei would be the last enemy of the tale, it was also a bit perplexing to discover she was not.
  7. One of the most perplexing aspects of Kirei’s death is not that he has died, but rather that he had a plan in regards to The Holy Grail, which has been simmering for quite some time.

Yes, it is plausible, perhaps likely, that Gilgamesh is driving things ahead – it would explain his absence, even while the Master (who continues to be revolting) is in severe danger – but it would be difficult to believe.

Who knows what he was thinking when he decided to include Shinji in all of this.

There is a strong likelihood that, if we are to receive any answers at all, they will come directly from Gilgamesh himself.

Finally, a few more words on the music in this episode: it was simply incredible.

Watching Shirou come to a conclusion and maintain his resolution despite the hammering he had taken established a level of respect in his character that I had not previously felt for him in the first half of the tale.

Even though Shirou’s response to Archer will clearly be featured in the next episode, “Answer,” I spent an abnormal amount of time pondering exactly what Shirou’s response would be and distilling the entire hour-long debate down to its essential components.

It’s possible that re-watching the series will make it less difficult, simply because it will remind me of the sort of man Shirou was before and allow me to compare him to the character he is today.

Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works 24 – 「武器の貯蔵は充分か」

My sword’s bone is ä12″£o„, and I am the bone of my sword. -Steel is my body, and fire is my blood- è€12® è€12® è€12® è€12® è€12® è€12® è€12® è€12® è€12® è€12® è€12® è€12® è€12® è€12® è€12® è€12® è •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• €-Unaware of the Loss- •••••••••••••••••••••••••••• – an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an a The pain of creating weapons was worth it, and the anticipation of one’s coming was worth it, too.

  • é é é é é é é é é é é é é é é é é é é é é é é é é -I feel no remorse about anything.
  • The UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS motto has guided me throughout my life.
  • ¡é™ã®å‰£ã§å‡ºæ¥ã¦ã„た。 We’ve arrived at the “final” episode of Unlimited Blade Works, and with it, the true war begins for the characters.
  • Whether or not it was able to meet my needs as a reader of the original graphic novel is debatable.
  • Do you have a sufficient number of firearms on hand?
  • It’s not precisely like the visual novel, but it’s similar to it in several ways.
  • This is especially true when contrasted to DEEN’s prior rendition of UBW.
  • Is it possible that Gilgamesh is truly using his Gate of Babylon?

(Seriously, DEEN, what the heck are you talking about?) And to top it all off, a sick remix of EMIYA is being played just like it should be: It has come to my attention that many secondaries, Zerotards, and others have neglected to pay attention to prior episodes and have called Shirou’s triumph against Gilgamesh “bullshit” since the episode’s broadcast.

EMIYA’s Unlimited Blade Works is a collection of all the weapons (mostly swords) that he has ever seen in his whole life, according to him.

2) Emiya Shirou, the younger incarnation of this Heroic Spirit, gained battle expertise from EMIYA (also known as Servant Archer) during their conflict of ideologies at Illya’s castle and used it to her advantage.

Shirou’s combat growth in theUnlimited Blade Worksroute is essentially a case study in “what happens when you touch oneself too much”…er, I mean “what happens when you discover too much about your future.” 4)Gilgamesh is a conceited jerk who picks and chooses whoever he wields his most powerful weapons against.

He has used Ea on Enkidu (according to the epic, at least), Alexander the fucking Great, and the Holy Grail itself, to name a few examples.

For this reason, he doesn’t even bother to put on his armor, which is understandable given his attitude – after all, why would one require protection while swatting an insect?

5)Gilgamesh of the Nasuverse is only a ruler, not a genuine warrior, according to the legend.

Who do you believe has the edge in a close-quarters melee battle against Shirou, who has comparable talents and is a faker who not only possesses an endless quantity of weapons, but is also able to trace their history and fighting style as well as having expertise in close-quarters melee combat?

  • Shirou, a.k.a.
  • The Nasuverse is not some sort of massive power level scale on which A is larger than B, C is greater than D, and so on and so forth.
  • Because Caster is a squishy mage, Tohsaka comes close to striking her through the wall.
  • It’s unfortunate that so many people want this knowledge to be spoon-fed to them, especially when Ufotable does an excellent job of making the facts evident through the use of visual clues in place of the visual novel’s narrative prose.
  • In fact, it’s possible that Gilgamesh was correct.
  • Observation on ambiguity: If this is the case, it is either the same as what Nasu says happened in the VN (Archer being the one to project Rho Aias while Shirou is deploying Unlimited Blade Works), or Shirou was able to “see” Rho Aia in Archer’s Unlimited Blade Works and/or memories.
  • It’s true that I turned into the bone of my sword when he used it in his sword-tossing match with Gilgamesh.

Is this intended to be a new Avenger or anything along those lines?

Given Nasu’s apparent obsession with FromSoftware games, I wouldn’t be shocked if this inclusion was the result of his own brainchild.

It’s time to put more hands together, ugh.

Shirou is already a persistent little mommy, so imagine what will happen when he gains Archer class abilities.

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According to reports, the King of Heroes has poor aim.

(A violin phrase from “Sword of Promised Victory” is played.) I walked in wearing only my underwear at that point.

(the main chorus begins)EXCALIBUR ç’„’ ®£!

I mention this because, if you collect enough Saber flags, she will encounter Archer/Shirou (“the red knight who initially struck a contract with her, returning to complete his job” in the visual novel)….

As I said in my assessment of the visual novel, it feels a little forced, and you are denied the opportunity to gain more closure for Archer (his afterword in the epilogue).

Although she stayed for the GARcher (or Rin’s anus), she did so for the sake of the GARcher.

Shirou’s Reality Marble should have broken the instant Saber smashes the Holy Grail (again), but it did not (the magic crest disappearing).

DEEN, you’re a jerk.

Despite the fact that Angra Mainyu is urgently attempting to transform Gilgamesh into its core (note: it will fail, but it is desperate), he will not be bringing Shirou along.

It’s hardly surprising, considering that even being drenched in All The World’s Evils at the conclusion of Fate/Zero didn’t have a significant impact on his demeanor, as it would have had on other Servants.

Shirou is killed and stolen by Shirou.

Aniplex subtitles were able to maintain their shaky quality till the very end.

The fact that she is not as decisive as she appears and that she cannot come up with the appropriate responses for the people she loves about when the situation demands it is a feature of her character.

It should read “No matter how much time passes, you will never be…

I realize I’m probably being a complete jerk about this, but offering shitsubs like this causes the spectator to miss out on important character traits and analogies, no matter how little they may be in the original.

However, for the majority of the episode, Aniplex only used the English “I am the bone of my sword” version for both Archer and Shirou, even when it was supposed to be the Japanese version.

This was the moment I had been looking forward to!

Everyone was taken aback by his slicked-back hair, which contrasted with his tan and whitened hair from magecraft.

Unlike DEEN, who just took a young Shirou and changed his palette, Ufotable genuinely makes Archer appear like an older Shirou in this scene.

Due to the fact that his eyes were closed during the VN, we are unable to determine whether or not the kid-eyes were real.

That impersonation, combined with the reappearance of Shirou’s earlier speech patterns, helped to solidify the idea that Archer speaks in a Batman voice the majority of the time, as previously stated.

My opinions on the plot and the characters themselves have remained mostly the same as my feelings on the game over the whole series, so there’s not much more to say about it for me than that.

In terms of animation, Ufotable was fantastic throughout the most of the film, but towards the second half, it was evident that they weren’t beyond finding a method and using shortcuts to get their message across.

Regardless, the fact that they exist is something I admire.

When I saw Gilgamesh loose his shit in true animated form, I felt chills.

Another surprise was that New Dawn was played during Archer’s farewell, however it’s a bad they didn’t get it into the main chorus.

In my opinion, Fukasawa Hideyuki is a fantastic composer who has worked on many classics such as Mahoutsukai no Yoru.

It’s especially disheartening when you listen to his remixes of the video game soundtrack and wish that they had been featured in the anime’s prior installments.

We’re on our way to London.

Fate: Archer Vs. Gilgamesh – Who Would Win?

While there are a variety of unique and imaginative heroic spirits in theFate series, two of the mega franchise’s most popular heroes are both drawn from the original 2004 visual novel. Two heroes stand out in particular. The first is the elusive and enigmatic Wrought Iron Hero, known simply as Archer, and the second is Gilgamesh, the King of Heroes himself. Because both of these heroic spirits possess qualities that are comparable to one another, they are frequently likened to one another. However, as the title implies, a combat between Archer and Gilgamesh does not considered among the countless epic battles that have taken place in Fate/stay night.

Please note that we will only be discussing Archer and Gilgamesh as they appear in the originalFate/stay nightvisual novel, as well as its anime adaptations, for the purpose of clarity.

10Gilgamesh: No Master

The original 2004 visual novel had a diverse and imaginative cast of heroic spirits, and two of the most popular of them are drawn from the series’ canon. Two heroes stand out in particular. The first is the elusive and enigmatic Wrought Iron Hero, known simply as Archer, and the second is Gilgamesh, the King of Heroes. Both of these heroic spirits possess skills that are comparable to one another, leading to frequent comparisons between the two. However, as the title implies, a combat between Archer and Gilgamesh does not qualify as one of the numerous epic battles that have taken place in Fate/stay night.

Only Archer and Gilgamesh’s appearances in the originalFate/stay nightvisual novel, as well as its anime adaptations, will be discussed for the sake of simplicity.

9Archer: The Law Of Transitive Property

The actual name of the Wrought Iron Hero is EMIYA, which means “heroic spirit.” In other words, he is a more advanced version of the main character Shirou Emiya. This is crucial to understand since it helps to put Archer’s powers into context, as he is essentially a more developed version of Shirou with greater potential. It’s also essential because, while Fate/stay night lacks a true combat between Archer and Gilgamesh, Shirou and Gilgamesh do so in Shirou’s version of the game. And Shirou emerges triumphant from this encounter.

8Gilgamesh: The Law Of Transitive Property

The law of transitive property, on the other hand, is subject to change. For example, when Shirou is facing Gilgamesh, he remarks that he would most likely lose against practically any other heroic spirit, even if he had Unlimited Blade Works at his disposal. A duel is a struggle of talent rather than one of sheer might. So the law of transitive property cannot be applied in this situation. Archer and Shirou are both the same person, yet they are not the same person.

Furthermore, just because Shirou has defeated Gilgamesh once does not imply that he will do so on a consistent basis. Putting the emphasis on the powers of both Archer and Gilgamesh rather than on the battle itself increases Gilgame’s odds of victory by a significant margin.

7Archer: Gilgamesh’s Fear

It should also be highlighted that Gilgamesh is truly afraid of Archer, despite his best efforts to keep this from being known. Obviously, he never explicitly states this, but his behaviors toward him throughout theUnlimited Blade Worksroute make it plain that he feels this way. He is abnormally irritated by his sheer existence, and he refers to him as a “faker” on a regular basis. This is due to the fact that Gilgamesh understands that Archer’s Unlimited Blade Works is the ideal answer to Gate of Babylon’s abilities.

6Gilgamesh: Gilgamesh’s Respect

While Gilgamesh is afraid of Archer, on the other hand, this indicates that he views Archer in a high respect in comparison. He is aware of Archer’s combat abilities, at least internally, and so perceives him as a potential threat. Shinji may not take Archer’s warnings seriously, but Gilgamesh, on the other hand, does. This might potentially backfire on Archer, since Gilgamesh’s admiration and regard for him could lead to his going all-out in a fight with him. The last opponent against whom Gilgamesh went all-out, Fate/Rider, Zero’s paid the ultimate price for winning the respect of the King of Heroes: he died in the process.

5Archer: Enkidu, Chains Of Heaven

Enkidu, the Chains of Heaven, is one of the most magnificent noble phantasms kept within Gilgamesh’s Gate of Babylon, and it is named for Gilgamesh’s one true buddy. It is a binding link that becomes more hazardous in direct proportion to the divinity of the person who is being bound by it. However, here is where the difficulty lies. When Archer is shown to be not only not divine, but also to be warped to the point where dirt from the Grail has no impact on him, it is considered a triumph of storytelling.

4Gilgamesh: Armor

Aspect of Gilgamesh’s Gate of Babylon that is particularly notable is Enkidu, the Chains of Heaven, which was called after Gilgamesh’s one true buddy. This is one of the most magnificent noble phantasms to be held within the Gate of Babylon. As their target’s divinity increases, the danger of the binding chain increases proportionally. However, this is precisely where the difficulty lies: When Archer is shown to be not only not divine, but also to be warped to the point where dirt from the Grail has no impact on him, it is called “Fate/stay night.” A ordinary, unintimidating chain, according to Archer, is the weapon that serves as Gilgamesh’s reliable ace in the hole.

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3Archer: No Armor

However, while considering Gilgamesh’s decision on whether or not to wear his armor, it is important to remember just how seldom he really did so inFate/stay night. Saber was the only opponent he faced on a regular basis that he thought worthy of battling while wearing his armor. After all, if Berserker, the fabled Heracle, was not considered worthy, is it really logical to believe that Archer would be any better?

Things would have been different if this had happened to Gilgamesh during the events ofFate/Zero, as he was known for always wearing his armor in battle. However, because this is not the version of Gilgamesh that is being dealt with, this argument is invalidated as well.

2Gilgamesh: Ea

For Archer, the last and most major challenge would be Gilgamesh’s finest sword, Ea, which would be his final and most significant challenge. It is the only sword that Unlimited Blade Works has not been able to replicate, which is saying a lot considering that they have been able to replicate Excalibur. Nonetheless, its most significant power rests in its capacity to split space. Ea has the capacity to completely deconstruct reality marbles, as Gilgamesh so magnificently displayed in his last combat againstFate/Rider Zero’s in the series finale.

The fact that Shirou was urgently attempting to ward off Gilgamesh before activating Unlimited Blade Works should not be overlooked during his combat with Gilgamesh.

1Final Verdict: Archer: Unlimited Blade Works

All of Gilgamesh’s advantages, notably Ea, are contingent on his ability to employ them successfully in the manner in which he would ordinarily do so. Fighting a heroic spirit inside their own reality marble, on the other hand, does not fall within the category of regular conditions. When it came to Rider’s Ionian Hetairoi, Gilgamesh was in fortunate since he had all the time in the world to prepare Ea for battle. In Archer’s Unlimited Blade Works, there would be no such opportunity for leisure.

  1. As a result, Gilgamesh would be unlikely to get the opportunity to employ Ea.
  2. UP NEXT:Fate/Stay Night: What You Need To Know Before Heaven’s Feel III: Spring SongNext:Fate/Stay Night: What You Need To Know Before Heaven’s Feel III: Spring Song These are 10 Shonen Anime that only become better after a few episodes.
  3. He is a Fairleigh Dickinson creative writing graduate who received a magna cum laude for his work.
  4. Nonetheless, seinen manga has a special place in his heart.
  5. Daniello intends to produce a comic book series of his own one day in order to make a living.

OBD Wiki – Character Profile

Achieving maximum effectiveness from all of Gilgamesh’s advantages, notably Ea, is contingent on his ability to do so in the manner in which he is accustomed. Fighting a heroic spirit inside their own reality marble, on the other hand, does not fall within the category of “typical conditions.” In terms of Rider’s Ionian Hetairoi, Gilgamesh was in a fortunate position because he had all of time in the world to prepare Ea before the battle. In Archer’s Unlimited Blade Works, there would be no such luxury.

Because of this, Gilgamesh would be unlikely to find the time to employ Ea in his battle.

THE NEXT PAGE:Fate/Stay Night: What You Need To Know Before Heaven’s Feel III: Spring SongThe next page is a list of links to other pages within this website.

The creative writing program at Fairleigh Dickinson University has awarded him the honor of graduating with the highest honors.

Nonetheless, seinen manga has a special place in his soul. Berserk, Vinland Saga, and Monster are some of his favorite games to play. Daniello intends to publish a comic book series of his own one day in order to make a living from it. Daniello Fois’s other works are available here.

Shirou Emiya (Dead Apostle AU)

Okay, it’s been a long since I’ve created an OC, so please be patient with me.) Thank you for your assistance.) ProfileBackground His history is similar to Archer’s, with the majority of the events occurring at the same time, however there are minor distinctions. Instead of attempting to save a country from civil war, Shirou finds himself involved in a rescue mission involving a struggle between groups of strong Dead Apostles. He concentrated on bringing as many people to safety as he could while also eliminating any vampires he came across.

  1. A swift bite converted him into a Ghoul, which she kept as a pet while simultaneously grooming him to be the perfect guardian for her family.
  2. In the end, he had no option but to flee from Altrouge and her party because he had little hope of defeating them all (especially Primate Murder).
  3. The Hero of Justice is still alive and well today, and his name has grown infamous among the magical community for his deeds.
  4. Zelretch plays practical jokes on him from time to time, causing him to do all sorts of stupid things.
  5. His eyes, on the other hand, are golden as a result of his new Mystic Eyes.
  6. His personality is similar to that of Archer of the Moon Cell, in that he has not lost trust in the concept of a “Hero of Justice.” To put it another way, he’s a more optimistic version of his counterpart from the 5th Holy Grail War, who was more cynical in the first place.
  7. Moreover, Shirou gets along well with his colleague Dead Apostle Enhance, with whom he collaborates to take down other rogue Apostles.

Nevertheless, he only does this for those magicians who have earned it.

It is impossible to distinguish him from the Heroic EMIYA in terms of his strategic thought or battle style.

Shirou has achieved mastery of the school of magecraft known as Material Transmutation, just as he has in all of his previous incarnations (Reinforcement, Alteration, and Projection).

Shirou also possesses his Reality Marble, which he uses to create his Unlimited Blade Works.

Work with an Infinite Number of Blades I am the bone of my sword, says the chant My body is made of steel, and my blood is made of fire.

Death represents my past, and salvation represents my future.

My fate will remain as it is.

Despite his element and origins, his time as a Dead Apostle has also granted him the power to build Territorial Fields, which are high-level bounded fields, as a result of his Dead Apostle status.

Because it is only accessible to those who have been invited in, it is incredibly difficult to infiltrate the lair.

He has improved in terms of reflexes, physical strength, and overall quickness.

His senses have also been heightened, and he is now capable of detecting close humans from long distances.

Even though he despises it, Shirou is capable of producing Ghoul and undead familiars by chewing human flesh and twisting them to his will, then commanding the creatures he has created.

This gives him the ability to neutralize the majority of damage, albeit it is dependent on the condition of the moon.

Additionally, as previously indicated, his unique physiology bestowed upon him the Mystic Eyes of Enchantment as well as the capacity to build Territorial Fields.

Combined Strengths and Capabilities To change pieces of his body into weapons, Shirou uses the physiology of a Dead Apostle in conjunction with the Reality Marble he has obtained.

This is comparable to, though not as self-destructive as, the previous method.

He has the ability to transform his body into swords and shields, which he can use to defend himself against most conventional attacks.

His final ability is the ability to transform a portion of his body into a more magical artifact, such as having a portion of Aegis grow on his palms to petrify opponents or causing Curruid Coinchenn to grow along his skin, granting him an increased rank of Endurance and EX rank of Strength, among other benefits.

Apostle Blades are a kind of blade that is used for slicing and dicing.

So far, he has a blade for the following: ChaosLouvre Nrvnqsr Nrvnqsr Nrvnqsr ChaosLouvre Jester Karture is a character in the film Jester Karture.

He was also able to see their respective Servant dream cycles throughout the course of the experience.

This has provided Shirou with the Noble Phantasms that were witnessed by Medusa, Heroic Spirit EMIYA, and Hercules, among other people. Gallery Both the main picture and the background picture are included. Pic of Unlimited Blade WorksHalf-dead Blood Axe Pic of Unlimited Blade Works

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