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I don’t know “5 chants,” but I do know four of them. They are denoted by the letters “A,” “B,” “C,” and “D” on the ability bar. A “chant” is constructed from at least one “phrase,” and the Chanter recites it incessantly while performing another task, such as assaulting. You can either refer to the number of “phrases” or “invocations” that your Chanter knows, or you can refer to the number of words that your Chanter knows. Only during the leveling up process can the Chanter learn new phrases and invocations.

A summoning invocation, similar to a spell, may be cast once you’ve sung at least three words during combat.

There are three types of invocations: offensive invocations, support invocations, and invocations to summon assistance.

You can choose the default chant while you are not in battle or stealth mode.

  1. A smart method is to start a chant by concatenating a number of low-level phrases together at the beginning.
  2. For example, level 1 phrases that improve move speed while also increasing Reflex defense, increased Fortitude/Will defense, and decreased Slash/Pierce damage from opponent strikes are all available.
  3. Alternatively, you could let the chant loop back to the beginning automatically if you wanted more low-level phrases to be completed after the first three phrases were completed automatically.
  4. Later on, you will discover words that will do massive harm to your opponents.
  5. In order to prepare for diverse fighting scenarios, it may be beneficial to put up alternative chants A, B, C, and D.
  6. Alternatively, you may choose +10 Deflection, which isn’t much but will be ready very shortly.
  7. Alternatively, one chant might strengthen your party’s defenses against opponents of the class “Beast,” which includes dragons.

Chanting explained?

I’m using one of them as my primary computer right now. I’m using a combination of M: 14, C: 12, D: 12, P: 6, I: 20, R: 14, and a few others. This provides a minor increase to health and fortification, as well as attack speed and resistance, as well as a somewhat stronger boost to damage, healing, concentration, will, and Deflection. It is true that the Perception dump cancels out the Deflection acquired and makes my Interrupts horrible, but it is not something I am concerned in. My primary focus is on really prolonged Chants that have a broader radius of influence.

  1. My passive Endurance restoration is more effective, despite the fact that its scaling is awful.
  2. This is critical.
  3. I have no idea if this is a *good* build, as I have only recently begun playing, but I thought I’d share it anyhow.
  4. COME, COME SOFT WINDS OF DEATH damage, along with THE THUNDER ROLLED LIKE WAVES ON BLACK SEAS for DPS, was all I needed to finish them out.
  5. With each stroke, they are dealt between 0 and two points of damage, effectively siphoning their life away slowly for three rounds before being shoved backwards for a burst of damaging energy.
  6. My weapon had absolutely no impact on them.
  7. So, for the time being, this is a sustain build rather than a damage build.

Improvements in chants and invocations will provide me with additional alternatives in the future.


It is my primary computer at the moment, and I am testing one out as such. Currently, I’m using a combination of M-14, C-12, D-12, P-6, I-20, R-14. Health and Fort gain a minor increase, as does attack speed and resistance, with Damage, Healing and Concentration, Will and Deflection receiving a significantly better boost. It is true that the Perception dump cancels out the Deflection acquired and makes my Interrupts horrible, but that is not what I am interested in. True expanded Chants with a wider radius are my primary emphasis.

  1. My passive Endurance repair is more effective, despite the fact that its scaling is awful (see screenshot).
  2. Here’s the thing: Because of this, I may continue to conduct a 1, 2 combination indefinitely, and once round 2 begins, both chant effects are always active.
  3. An prior encounter with some bandits resulted in my weapon being rendered unusable by the situation.
  4. In my case, I was using Ancient Memory passive with Dull the Edge, Blunt the Point.
  5. As they came at me, I began to heal slowly.
  6. Right now, this is a build that is focused on sustaining rather than dealing with damage.
  7. Improved chants and invocations will provide me with additional possibilities in the future, I believe.

Character creation

With his +2 to power and +1 to constitution, the Boreal Dwarf is an excellent pick for race. Against all primal and wilder opponents, he also possesses a +15 accuracy bonus on top of that. Phrases – At this stage, you have the option of selecting two phrases. The finest spells are “Dull the edge, Blunt the point,” which lessens the damage inflicted by opponents, and “At the sight of their compatriots, their hearts waxed courageous,” which increases the stats of allies. Take your selection from the”If their bones still slept under that hill, none can say”invocations available.

Attributes – Intellect is the most significant attribute in your opinion, and you should strive to get the highest possible degree.

You have the option of significantly lowering your might and the rest of the points spent on resolve.

Culture- choose a culture that provides a benefit to resolve or intelligence. This means that neither the Deadfire archipelago, the Living Lands, nor the White that Wends should be your first or second choices. Background- An aristocrat, an artist, or a mercenary will be the most appropriate.

Development/class abilities

During character creation, I focused the majority of my points on lore, followed by athletics and survival skills. You can also add a few points to your mechanics score.

Level Decision Suggested development path
2 One invocation and talent Invocation:”Thrice was she wronged, and thrice justly avenged” Talent:Ancient memory
3 One first level phrase “Come, come soft winds of death”
4 One invocation and talent Invocation:”White worms writhed in the bellies of the dead” Talent:Beloved spirits
5 One second level phrase “Rime and frost followed the footalls of Karth”

Creating chants

Consider developing a number of distinct chants that may be utilized in a variety of situations. By selecting the chanter portrait and then the last icon, which depicts a scroll with musical notes, you may get the option to create chants. The phrases you have saved will be displayed in the newly created windows. By selecting a phrase and then clicking the right mouse button, you will see a description of what it does, how long it is repeated, and how long it works. Because the duration of chanting them is generally a few seconds longer than the duration of reciting them, their effects tend to mix.

  1. Similarly to the sheet note, a field with lines may be seen on the right hand side of the book.
  2. A chant is made up of no more than ten phrases that can be repeated as many times as necessary.
  3. There are four distinct tunes that may be created, each of which can be altered but not adjusted while in combat.
  4. First, in a single chant, mix advantages for your comrades with drawbacks for your opponents to maximize your effectiveness.
  5. If you have a larger pool of words to choose from, build a few chants, each of which should be beneficial in a variety of situations.

Play style

Consider developing a number of distinct chants that may be applied in a variety of situations. By selecting the chanter portrait and then the last icon, which depicts a scroll with musical notes, you may access the option to create chants. The phrases you have saved will be displayed in the newly created windows. By selecting a phrase and clicking the right mouse button, you will see a description of what it does, how long it is repeated for, and how long it works. They have a synergistic impact since their duration is often a few seconds longer than the duration of reciting them.

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Similarly to the sheet note, a field with lines may be seen on the right hand side of this book.

A chant is made up of no more than ten phrases that may be repeated as many times as necessary without becoming monotonous.

There are four distinct tunes that may be created and altered during fight, but they cannot be changed afterward.

It’s best not to repeat a chant more than twice in a succession! Consider creating a few chants out of your additional words, each of which should be applicable in a different context.


Chanteris aClassinPillars of Eternity 2. Chanteris aClassinPillars of Eternity 2. Folklorists are keepers of folklore and common wisdom, as well as tellers of tall stories and revered legends. During a fight, they employ their knowledge of ancient words to compose chants that they can recite. They have a rotating list of low-power, high-AoE passive boosts and debuffs, and they have the ability to cast strong invocation spells on a regular basis.” A chanter may be found in every culture on Eora, and they can be found anywhere.

While chanters can establish organized organizations of storytellers and scholars in some cultures and communities, they are more often merely a time-honored aspect of local folk traditions in most other areas of the world.”

Chanter TipsBuilds

  • A complete list of builds for all classes can be found on theBuildspage
  • Chanters passively “chant” while in battle, offering buffs and debuffs to their allies and enemies. This allows them to Multiclass well since they can melee, ranged attack, or cast spells and this will still occur
  • Moreover, they can Multiclass effectively because Chants are composed of phrases that the player picks while leveling up, and they have a range of affects on the player. Players may choose which Phrases are “chanted” in what sequence and how frequently they are “chanted.” You have the option of repeating Phrases or not. Troubadours have the ability to “chant” each Phrase in 6 seconds, and this duration cannot be shortened unless they have the Brisk RecitationAbility that they possess. Once a Phrase is completed, the Chanter instantly moves on to the next
  • Players profit from Phrases both while they are being chanted and for a short period of time after they have been completed. This amount of time afterwards is referred to as ” Linger “. By boosting Intellect, it is possible to lengthen the duration of a phrase’s lingering effect. The ability to have Linger durations that overlap makes it possible for more than one buff to be active at the same time. Invocations are the spells that Chanters utilize that require a specified number of Phrases to be “chanted” in order to be effective. A summoning invocation may be divided into three categories: offensive invocation, non-offensive invocation, and summoning. Some invocations can be classified into more than one category
  • Make careful to position your Chanter in a location where you can strike all of the targets you desire with your Chants
  • Intellect enhances the area surrounding the Chanter that their Phrases may effect, which is why it is one of their highly recommended Attributes. Chanters (excluding Skalds, who must melee) should employ firearms or ranged weapons that need reloading since they may lower their recovery time and enhance their reload speed while using them. When it comes to chanting a phrase, dexterity does not make a difference

Chanter Subclasses

Bonus: The amount of time spent lingering for phrases has been greatly enhanced (this means that as one phrase ends and another starts, they overlap for a little while giving both effects). Gain the modal skill ” Brisk Recitation “, which accelerates the pace at which sentences elapse while simultaneously removing the linger. Penalty: All invocations have a +1 Phrase increase in the cost of casting (Chant)


Invocations consume all of the remaining Phrases as a result of this penalty. The radius of the chant has been lowered (-50 percent Chant Area of Effect).


Skill Table for Chanter Multiclasses When a character of theChanterclass or its hybrids performs a Chanter ability in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire, that character is considered to be a Chanter. All skills are classified into two categories: active abilities and passive abilities. TheChanter Ability Treeis characterized by its ability to concentrate on? and is well-complemented by a? construct.

Chanter Abilities

This article contains a list of abilities exclusive to theChanterclass. Chants and invocations will be included in this list.



Name Description Level of Chant
Aefyllath Ues Mith Fyr Causes allies’ weapons to be engulfed in magical flame. 1
Blessed Was Wengridh, Quickest of His Tribe Movement and Reflexes increased for allies in the area. 1
Thick Grew Their Tongues, Stumbling O’er Words Enemy Concentration is reduced. 1
Come, Come Soft Winds of Death Drains enemy Endurance over time. 1
Dull the Edge, Blunt the Point Reduces slashing and piercing damage of enemies in the area. 1
The Fox from the Farmer Did Run and Leap Enemy Disengagement Attacks have reduced accuracy. 2
Lo, Their Endless Host, the Harbringers Doom Frightens all enemies. 2
One Dozen Stood Against the Power of the Saint Decreases the duration of and defends against Frightened and Terrified on allies. 2
Rime and Frost Followed the Footfalls of Karth Bestows an aura of frost on allies that hobbles and deals freeze damage to enemies. 2
Sure-Handed Ila Nocked Her Arrows with Speed Increases reload time and speed of ranged attacks from allies. 2
The Silver Knights’ Shield Broke Both Arrow and Blade Increases the Deflection of allies in the area. 3
At the Sight of their Comrades, their Hearts Grew Bold Increases the Fortitude and Will of allies in the area of effect. 3
Seven Men, Onto the Deck They Went Allies in the area of effect gain a bonus to Freeze and Shock Damage Reduction, and a bonnus to defense against Prone. 3
The Dragon Trashed, The Dragon Waileded Generates an area of effect field that causes Burn and Slash damage to enemies in the area. 3


Name Description Level of Invocation
And Hel-Hyraf Crashed upon the Shield Reduces enemy Damage Reduction in all enemies in the cone. 1
Not Felled by Axe, Nor Broken by Storm Increases allied Slash and Shock Damage Reduction. 1
If their Bones Sleep Still Under that Hill, None Can Say Summons 3 Skeletons until combat ends. 1
The Thunder Rolled like Waves on Black Seas Stuns and pushes enemies in the area of the effect. 1
White Worms Writhed in the Bellies of the Dead Causes nearby downed enemies to explode, expelling 3 white grubs and crushing nearby enemies. 1
Thrice Was She Wronged, and Thrice Justly Avenged Creates three bolts of lightning causing shock damage to anyone in their path. 1
But Reny Daret’s Ghost, He would not Rest Summons 1 Phantom until the combat ends. 1
The Lover Cried out to the Beloved, “I am Yours!” Charms all enemies in the area of effect. 2
At the Sound of His Voice, the Killers Froze Stiff Paralyzes enemies in the area of effect. 2
Gernise Slew the Beast, but Soon Faced its Kin Summons 3 Wurms that last until combat ends. 2
My Son, Do you See your Sisters across the Moor? Summons 2 Will’O’Wisps until combat ends. 2
Reny Daret’s Ghost Spake, “I’ll Catch You, Ben Fiddle” Terrifies enemies in the area of effect. 2
Shatters their Shackles, Cast off their Chains! Decreases the duration of and defends against Hobbled, Petrified, Stuck, and Paralyzed afflictions. 2
Rise Again, Rise Again, Scions of Adon! Revives unconscious allies and heals a small amount of Endurance in a large area. 3
The Brideman Slew Thirty ‘Fore they Crossed Half the Hall Increases the Might, Constitution, and Resolve of all allies in the area of effect. 3
Seven Nights She Waited While the White Winds Wept Attacks enemies in seven directions around the chanter with bolts of freezing ice. 3
The Bride Caught their Ruse and Set to Make them Pay Empowers allies in the area of effect with bonuses to Dexterity, Perception and Intellect. 3
Oh, But Knock Not on the Door of Urdel and Gurdel Summons 2 Ogres until combat ends. 3
Gernisc’s Beast Lit the Night with his Breath Summons 1 Drake until combat ends. 3
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Special: Texts of the Jewels – Holy Chant – The Inner Light

We discovered an ancient text at the beginning of our journey together that directed us to the four Jewels of Edelenn, cities of learning that contained more information to aid us in our fight against a growing evil on the planet Vardalon. Tira, Bash, and Peter traveled to the Jewels of Edelenn and learned more about the world of Vardalon. The third Jewel was the city of Tuo Nue, which is situated on the eastern hills of Dao Huin and is a lovely mountainous settlement. The Inner Light, a holy chant spoken in an isolated monastery high above the city, provided the companions with further information concerning the enigmatic pillars.

  • Here’s what the text says: The inner light is invoked in a sacred chant.
  • Please pay attention to these words, my son.
  • I’m lying on my back, long grass tickling my cheeks, and a nice stone beneath my feet.
  • From here, I can see the region of DaoHuinspread out before me like a magnificent tapestry.
  • It soars to great heights that the light breaks through the darkness and drives back the shadows, causing it to run in shame.
  • The opposite side of the world is unfriendly, gloomy, and covered with ice and snow.
  • When I think of the ominous pillars, my blood starts to boil.

On my way there, I came upon one that was to the north.

That desolate area was given a desolate name by an uncouth people: Wun-hai-de.

Mu-nu-ka was wrapped in vines as the pillar stood deep in rank and gripping vines.

My message to you, my son, is to solely look for the light, for the darkness leads only to despair.

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3 SECRET PILLARS to Developing a Powerful and Brilliant Life

When we recite Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo (Daimoku), we are able to realize our natural Buddhahood, which is the result of the practice. To create a powerfulbrilliant life, one that will help us to win triumph over ourselves, our circumstances, and our day-to-day life obstacles, we must be aware of the three hidden pillars of Nichiren Buddhism, which are as follows: 1.FAITH: Due to our belief in the boundless power of The Gohonzon and the teachings of Nichiren Daishonin, it is considered to be the most important pillar in our quest to achieve Buddhahood in this lifetime.

  • Our own personal potential and belief in the boundless potential of all people are both unlocked via faith, which allows us to live lives of extreme happiness and fulfillment.
  • “Faith is the greatest of all riches,” according to Daisaku Ikeda’s words of wisdom.
  • Toda (the second president of the Soka Gakkai) inspired members to continue their work.
  • Our ability to create a fortress of eternal bliss is dependent on our ability to maintain faith in the face of hardship.

It may be categorized into two categories: i)Practice for oneself–to chant Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo for oneself and complete it with Daily Gongyo (morning and evening prayers)ii)Practice for others–to propagate the law by “planting the seed” of Nichiren Buddhism in others, by introducing them to it via our own personal experience.

  • The Gohonzon is a mythical creature.
  • In order to promote the Law, we must first put out the effort to make it our “practice for others.” As a result, both of these components of Practice are interconnected.
  • That’s when we’re introduced to the third pillar of living a great, brilliant life: study and research.
  • Josei Toda and Mr.

Because we have a thorough understanding of these concepts, we are unable to have any doubts about the claims and promises of victory made by the founder, Nichiren Daishonin, and by the three presidents of the SGI, for all those who diligently apply all three pillars of this Law into their lives.

Understanding The Mystic Law also assists us in developing the proper mindset to meet life’s obstacles, conquer them with bravery, and ultimately achieve happiness.

Consequently, study provides us with a firm, strong basis upon which to propagate this Buddhism and contribute to international Kosenrufu, assisting not only others in bringing pleasure into their lives, but also ourselves in developing greater clarity and conviction for The Mystic Law.

Practice leads to study, and study deepens faith.

It is possible that any identical information found on the internet is just accidental.

Shiti Gautam

What is the mechanism through which the enchantment of Chanting operates for Pillars? It’s possible to have an effect even if a Chanter, for whatever reason, sings a normally recited phrase to the tune of an upbeat drinking song, or conversely, maintains the melody and *most* of the words of a sung phrase while changing some to be silly or bawdy, but does not intend to have an effect on the listener. (Does it have the same impact as before? According to The Lore, chanters are tapping into the collective memories of soul pieces in the In-Between, which is why they are able to see into the In-Between.

  1. They enter the In-Between when they die, are pulled toward the light of an adra pillar that is still alive, and then enter the Beyond for “a time” when they die.
  2. However, such bits of memory are typically not vital to the person’s identity, but they may contain cultural touchstones – songs, stories, epic poetry, and so on – that they have repeatedly heard repeated.
  3. Moreover, keep in mind that souls are recycled, which means that there may be layers of cultural memory compacted across generations in a single piece.
  4. Throw in a little Hey Nonny Nonny for good measure.
  5. In order to maintain the dissonance, Imagine a chanter referencing the legendary Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture, for example.
  6. Here, it’s a massive Polaroid hitting your foes all over the place.
  7. The soul pieces would not recognize the updated version, and as a result, they would have no reaction to it.
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Pillars of Eternity Chanter Class Guide – Stats, Abilities, Talents

Chanters are mostly concerned with offering assistance to their teammates during a combat. They also have respectable Defense characteristics as well as the ability to cast Crowd Control spells. Our crafting recipes guide, character creation guide, and companion locations guide are all excellent resources for further information on Pillars of Eternity. Chanters primarily rely on magical talents and chant phrases to aid their comrades and defeat their adversaries, with the latter being their primary means of combat.

Additionally, Chanters have the ability to unleash strong spells known as Invocations with little to no competence in traditional methods of fighting. The following is a rundown of everything players should be aware of about Chanters:

Beginning Stats

Chants are a good way to get started. Chants are essentially magical phrases that are used to strengthen the power of Chanters to employ Invocations by increasing their knowledge of them. Invocation is the ability that allows you to begin. Invocations are very strong spells that can only be learned by repeating a series of chants and have a wide range of effects.

  • Durability: 36 + 12/level
  • Health: 4x Endurance
  • Accuracy: 25 + 3/level
  • Deflection: 25
  • Skill Bonus: Lore +2 Mechanics+1
  • Endurance: 36 + 12/level


Memory that dates back thousands of years The ability allows Chanters’ allies within a 4.0m radius to earn +0.8 Endurance for every second after they have used the skill. Greetings, Beloved Spirits The effects of the Ancient Memory are amplified even more by this skill.


Their Tongues grew thick, and they stumbled over their words. While this phrase is active, adversaries’ Concentration is reduced for 6 seconds. The Chant itself lasts for 4 seconds and is repeated 4 times. Seeing their fellow soldiers gave them courage to face the challenges ahead. It takes 6 seconds for allies to get +10 Fortitude and +10 Will as a result of this Phrase. The Chant itself lasts for 4 seconds and is repeated 4 times. Soft Winds of Death are blowing in from the horizon. This Phrase causes all adjacent opponents to have -6 Endurance for 6 seconds after they hear it.

Wengridh, the Quickest of His Tribe, had been blessed.

Reduce the sharpness of the edge and the sharpness of the point For 6 seconds, this Phrase decreases the Slashing Damage and Piercing Damage dealt by all opponents inside the area of effect.

Level 2 Phrases

Their Tongues grew thick, and they staggered over the words they were saying. Enemies’ Concentration is reduced for 6 seconds when using this phrase. 4 seconds elapse during the Chant itself. Their Hearts Sprang to Life at the Sight of their Comrades. It takes 6 seconds for friends to benefit from this Phrase, which grants them +10 Fortitude and +10 Will. 4 seconds elapse during the Chant itself. Soft Death Winds are blowing in from the horizon. For 6 seconds, this Phrase causes all adjacent opponents to have -6 Endurance.

Wengridh, the Quickest of His Tribe, had been blessed with good fortune.

Sharpen the Point, dull the Edge While this Phrase is active, all opponents inside the area of effect suffer a 6 second reduction in Slashing and Piercing Damage.

Level 3 Phrases

They were seven men, and they climbed up onto the deck. During the duration of this Chant, all allies inside the area of impact will get greater Freeze Damage and Shock Damage mitigation benefits. The Dragon Throshed, the Dragon Wailed, and the Dragon Throshed again. This Chant allows players to generate a flaming area-of-effect that deals Burn Damage and Slash Damage to any opponents inside it. Both the arrow and the blade were broken by the Silver Knights’ shields.

This allows all friends inside the area of impact to get enhanced Deflection as a result of the effect. Aefyllath Ues Mith Fyr (Aefyllath’s Mith Fyr) Upon being spoken, this Phrase causes the weapons of all friends to spring to life with a Burning Effect.


Reny Daret’s ghost, on the other hand, would not rest. Following: 3 Chanted Phrases are available. Using this Invocation, a Phantom will be summoned to battle for the benefit of the players’ party. Thunder rolled over the sky like waves on the Black Sea. Following: 3 Chanted Phrases are available. When this Invocation is used, a massive explosion occurs, which causes foes to be stunned for 5 seconds and pushed within the region of effect. There is nothing anybody can say if their bones are still sleeping beneath that hill.

  • Dead People Had White Worms Writhed in Their Bellies Following: 3 Chanted Phrases are available.
  • She was wronged three times, and each time she was righted.
  • Invoking this Invocation allows players to conjure three bolts of lightning from the surrounding environment, each of which deals Shock Damage to the opponents that are targeted.
  • This Invocation grants friends enhanced Slash Damage and Shock Damage mitigation for 1 minute while they are within the area of influence of the spell.
  • Following: 3 Chanted Phrases are available.

Level 2 Invocations

Dispatch their shackles and free them from their chains! Following: 4 Chanted Phrases are available. This Invocation provides Defense against the Hobbled, Stuck, Paralyzed, and Petrified diseases to all allies within the area of effect of the Invocation. “I’ll Catch You, Ben Fidel,” said Reny Daret’s ghost in the film. Following: 4 Chanted Phrases are available. This Invocation causes all opponents within the area of impact to become Terrified for a short period of time. Gernisc slew the beast, but he was soon confronted by its offspring.

  1. When this Invocation is called, three Wurms are summoned to battle for the players’ party.
  2. Following: 4 Chanted Phrases are available.
  3. Do you see your sisters on the other side of the moor, my son?
  4. With this Invocation, players can summon a pair of Will-O-Wisps, who will battle for their party until they are killed or defeated.
  5. Following: 4 Chanted Phrases are available.

Level 3 Invocations

Oh, but don’t go knocking on the door of Urdel and Gurdel’s house. After: 5 Chanted Phrases will be made available. This Invocation, when called, allows players to summon two lethal Ogres to fight with them in their party’s battle. Scions of Adon, rise once more, rise once more! After: 5 Chanted Phrases will be made available. After casting this Invocation, players will be granted a modest amount of Endurance, which will allow them to revive all allies within the area-of-effect. The Bride had caught them in their Ruse and was determined to make them pay.

A boost to Dexterity, Perception, and Intellect is granted to any ally who is inside the area of influence.

After: 5 Chanted Phrases will be made available.

Activate the Noble Creature After: 1st Level Chanter Spell (if applicable).

She waited for seven nights as the White Winds wept around her.

A bolt of ice is thrown, and opponents are assaulted from seven different directions surrounding the caster with it when it is cast.

After: 5 Chanted Phrases will be made available. After casting the spell, the caster summons a Drake from the sky to battle for the benefit of the players in their party. In the event that there is anything more you would want to know, please let us know in the section below.

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