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WWE Hall of Famer ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Reveals the Origin of His Notorious ‘What?’ Chants

When a WWE Superstar is in the ring, one of the most irritating things for him or her is when the fans start chanting “What?” The infamous cry is well-known for its ability to interrupt promotional events and is frequently used by fans to disparage a heel or a despised Superstar. Contrary to popular belief, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was responsible for coining this phrase. ADVERTISEMENT The rest of the article is located below this advertisement. This catchphrase was used by ‘The Rattlesnake’ to anger a speaking opponent, much like The Rock’s catchphrase ‘It doesn’t matter!’ was used by The Rock.

ADVERTISEMENT The rest of the article is located below this advertisement.

In addition, I recall contacting Cristian on the phone one day while driving, but he didn’t pick up the phone.

And then I’d say something and think, ‘What?’ can I say anything else?

And I was like, ‘Wait, what?’ And I thought to myself, ‘Oh man, I think I’ve found something here.’ Now I have to put things into context.”

Steve Austin used the ‘What?’ chants throughout his career

This’something’ went on to become a recurring theme in Austin’s character’s development during the Attitude Era. It worked well in every situation, as Stone Cold employed it as a heel as well as a babyface in different matches. In the ring, I’d be dressing somebody down or something, ask them a question, and I’d say ‘What?’ like you’re really f***ing with somebody,” Austin recounted. “And then, as a babyface, you know, with the crowd, with generating a cadence and that pause- it just grew into a thing, and then we put it into a T-shirt!” says the singer.

Washington, Jr.

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin explained how to beat the ‘What?’ chants

Many Superstars have suffered as a result of the chanting, while some have managed to maintain their composure in the face of the strain. Even with the shouts, Alexa Bliss, The Undertaker, Vince McMahon, and The Miz have all managed to get through their promos effectively. ADVERTISEMENT The rest of the article is located below this advertisement. Stone Cold says that anyone with a rudimentary understanding of how to provide promotional material may get out of the bind. For those who say, “Hey dude, stop, the ‘What?” stuff is the worst thing that has ever happened because it’s f***ing up promotions,” I say, “here’s what you should do: stop saying what you’re thinking.” If you aren’t clever enough to leave out the pause, you aren’t capable of doing a promotion properly.

The cry now belongs to the people, and it serves as a reminder of the defiant attitude that characterized the Attitude Era.

Although superstars may be irritated by these obnoxious shouts, as Stone Cold said, the numbers may be exploited to their advantage. GO EVEN FURTHER DOWN “Stone Cold” Steve Austin reveals his pick for the ‘Coolest WWE Walkout Ever,’ which he calls “Stone Cold.” 11 months have elapsed since

WWE News: Stone Cold Steve Austin Details Inventing The ‘What?’ Chant

It’s ice cold. ‘What?’ shouts, popularized by Steve Austin in 2001, have been explained in depth for the first time. Since his appearance as the Alliance’s shining light in the summer of 2001, Austin’s persona has morphed into an increasingly paranoid leader. Stone Cold would use the one-word slogan ad naseum throughout interviews in an attempt to encourage his warriors in their struggle against the then-World Wrestling Federation. Austin recounted where the inspiration for ‘What?’ came from during a talk with Randy Orton on the WWE Network’s The Broken Skull Sessions.

Stone Cold recounted:

“Another issue is that folks often seem to wonder how I come up with the ‘What?’ question.” I dialed Christian’s cellphone and spoke with him. Of course, he didn’t answer the phone because it was me who was calling. So I left him this long-winded message, and every now and then I’d say something idiotic and think to myself, ‘what was I thinking?’ Keep moving and thinking ‘what’ as you go, and keep going. In all honesty, by the time I hung up the phone, I’d left him something like a two-minute voicemail, and I was working hard at the time.

Steve Austin began structuring his promotional material in order to anticipate the ‘What?’ response from the audience.

The chat included Randy Orton discussing his new insight about how essential promos are in professional wrestling, which he shared with the audience.

‘What’ chants are the worst thing about WWE and they need to stop

Stone Cold Steve Austin, then-WWE World Champion, made a statement in August 2001. On SmackDown, Steve Austin made his now-famous “What” chanting début during a promotional segment. It immediately rose to become the most cherished cry in the WWE, and it was actually amusing at the time it was introduced. 15 years later, “What” shouts are still the most annoying portion of WWE programming, and they are particularly detrimental to the company’s up-and-coming talents. Carmella has been the newest victim of the “What” chant, as she performed a fantastic job of roasting Nikki Bella on Tuesday night while the fans in Stone Cold’s home state chanted “What!” at every single pause.

  1. During a 2015 episode of his podcast, Austin discussed the history of the “What” chant, and he stated that he had no regrets for initiating it.
  2. The truth is, when someone is cutting a commercial and the audience begins yelling ‘WHAT, WHAT, WHAT’ every time they take a break, the best way to avoid this is to just don’t give them a pause in the first place.
  3. Do I have any regrets?
  4. People used to have a lot of fun doing that back in the day, and guess what?
  5. We printed the words “what” and a question mark on the front of a t-shirt, and it resulted in a significant increase in sales.
  6. Instead, they may exploit that to their advantage by employing the skill.” Austin is correct about a couple of things here – it was entertaining back in the day, and he did sell a significant number of t-shirts at the time.
  7. When a crowd derails a nascent star’s (otherwise excellent) promotional campaign when they have done nothing to deserve it, it is not amusing.
  8. In spite of the fact that Carmella had the crowd enthralled with a wonderful “shut up, I’m talking” performed with a heavy New York accent, members of the audience attempted to hijack the promo.
  9. Some celebrities may be more adept at dealing with boisterous audiences, but attempting to make a point and advance your own personal plot while navigating a “What” chant shouldn’t be a weekly expectation for the majority of them.
  10. At the very least, the idea of fans harassing Chris Jericho with “sparklecrotch” chants is timely.
  11. It’s not even a chant that’s specifically intended against heels.

It’s insane, and it has to come to an end. In the case that you’re at a WWE live event and someone close to you joins in on the what chant, it is your responsibility as a fan to label them a dumb fool. The artists are deserving of a better deal.

Christian recalls a funny voicemail from Steve Austin that helped create the ‘What?’ chant

The ‘What?’ cry is one of the most well-known in wrestling history, and Stone Cold Steve Austin is the wrestler who is most closely connected with it than anybody else. Stone Cold was able to control the reaction of the audience so well during the peak of the Attitude Era in the WWE that he was able to get them to chant a simple four-letter phrase. Christian explained how he played a role in Steve Austin’s notorious cry and the history behind it in a recent interview with Wrestling Travel from the For The Love of Wrestling conference in Liverpool, which was published by Wrestling Inc.

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He left a rambling voicemail on my answering machine, which I received.

I mentioned that I was passing a tree.

  • Mo Salah is a major influence to Ali, who is a professional wrestler. At Double or Nothing, Jericho will unveil a new finishing
  • WWE has added Finn Balor versus Andrade to Super ShowDown
  • And more.

The WWE’s Ali has cited Mo Salah as a major influence. In addition, WWE has added Finn Balor versus Andrade to Super ShowDown; Jericho will make his debut with a new finisher at Double or Nothing; The following story preceded the preceding story: Sports News Now.

Stone Cold Steve Austin Has Issues With ‘What’ Chants

‘Stone Cold’ is a euphemism for “stone cold.” Steve Austin is credited with inventing the notorious ‘What’ chant, but the WWE Hall of Famer is dissatisfied with how frequently it is utilized. courtesy of ‘What’ is by far the most often heard WWE chant from live audiences – a slogan that was originated by’Stone Cold’ Steve Austinon an episode ofSmackDown in 2001 and hasn’t gone away since then. The Texas Rattlesnake was well aware that he was embarking on a work of art at the time, but the word ‘what’ has been misused for far too long now – especially considering that Austin has been out of the game for more than a decade.

It’s been a long time since I realized the chanting of ‘What?’ would last for as long as it has, he added.

They can become agitated from time to time.” Further, Austin expressed his gratitude that fans have continued to use the phrase all these years after it was first introduced, but he also believes that “the audience is losing out on what the wrestler is saying,” and that it “interrupts a superstar’s flow.” Indeed, the ‘What’ chant is used far too frequently during celebrity advertisements, even when it is apparent what they are saying is being referred to.

  1. What was meant to be a thing for Austin and his promotions has somehow made its way into The PG Era, some two decades after it was first introduced.
  2. Few WWE superstars have generated as spectacular promos and audience roars as Austin, who has come up with an impressive number of memorable catchphrases.
  3. Austin has made it plain that it can be too much at times and interferes with the flow of the commercials.
  4. UP NEXT:GOLDBERG RESPONDS TO CLAIMS THAT HE COPIED STONE COLD STEVE AUSTINTay Conti Deletes Her Twitter Account Following Harassment from Fans The AEW superstar has been forced to take a social media hiatus after being accused of being responsible for another celebrity’s broken romance.

He previously worked as an intern at the BCHL office and served as the main site specialist for The Canuck Way from 2017 to 2020, among other positions. Alex also serves as the primary screenplay writer for the TPS YouTube channel, which he founded. Alex Hoegler has more to say.

WWE Twitter Account Asks Fans To Stop Doing The “WHAT” Chant

“Stone Cold”Steve Austin, future WWE Hall of Famer and future wrestling icon, found upon the world’s most convenient way to be irritating back in 2001. “What?” is a single, monosyllabic word that may be given in the middle of an adversary’s statement, and it can be used to be douchey, dismissive, and rude by everyone’s favorite heel in the game. It is that final one, some twenty years later, that is attracting the most attention. Fans, on the other hand, seized on the straightforward reaction and have been employing it ever since to express their dissatisfaction or discontent with a character or their current plot line.

  • Of course, when Austin pulled the stunt, he had every intention of making a fool of himself.
  • WWE executives, on the other hand, believe it is disrespectful to their talent since fans continue to use it to reject what they don’t like.
  • (They have since been removed, so feel free to interpret that anyway you wish.) This was the first message, which was posted during a RAW segment in which Jerry Lawler was interviewing Rusev, and it read: “Can we put an end to the shouts of ‘WHAT?'” It is no longer the year 2001.
  • The chant was directed towards @AngeloDawkins as he bid farewell to @WWENXT, then it was directed at a “Hall Of Famer” on RAW.
  • “And now we’re back to RAW.” Despite the fact that the brass made their opinions known, it is unlikely that it will have much of an impact on the audience.
  • When it comes to live crowds, it’s like a sea of marks and smarks, and they take pleasure in their collective trolling.
  • Recently, he told Busted Open Radio, “I did it as a running heel at the time, you know, I was wearing heels at the time, and I left that message on Christian’s voicemail.” It seemed like every time I said something, I’d pause and think, ‘what?
  • You’re right, aren’t you?
  • Isn’t it true that I’m jabbing you?
  • So that was my first attempt at putting it to good use.
  • A huge part of being in WWE or in the wrestling business is that the audience wants to be involved, whether they are rooting for you or against you, applauding for you or booing you, or whatever.
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As a part of the show, it provided an opportunity for them to become involved and contribute.” In the meantime, they’re still taking part and saying things like ‘Austin, why in the heck did you invent that, I wish you hadn’t done that’.” I would have never imagined it in a million years that…

“I wouldn’t have predicted…” Do you believe that the chanting are insulting to the wrestlers and their efforts? Or is it merely a harmless show of support from the crowd? Please share your opinions in the comments section!

Stone Cold Steve Austin talks “What” chants

It has been a mainstay of wrestling fans since it first appeared in the early 2000s, when the chant “What” was introduced. In the midst of the controversial Invasion angle, when the then-WWE Champion turned his back on the organization and joined the Alliance, Steve Austin coined the catchphrase. In interviews, he would merely react with the words “What?” whenever a question was presented. However, while the cry can be amusing at times, it is now more or less utilized in every single promotional segment on Raw and Smackdown, as well as in other promotions throughout the world.

  1. Stone Cold discussed the chant on the most recent edition of The Steve Austin Show, arguing that it is detrimental to the community rather than beneficial.
  2. It may seriously disrupt a guy’s or girl’s rhythm, as well as their ability to communicate what they are genuinely trying to express.
  3. Sometimes that ‘What?’ chant may be really overpowering, and you may believe that people aren’t paying attention to what you’re saying.
  4. So you have to timing that ‘What?’ chant when there’s some nonsense going on, and you have to be able to listen to a real fide promo so that you know what’s going on in the tale, otherwise the audience will lose out on the message.
  5. It is, very simply, an interruption to your rhythm.
  6. Steve Austin himself has gotten bored of the chant, which isn’t unexpected given how long it has been going on.
  7. What are your thoughts?
  8. Is it overused in this context?
  9. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.
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Jim Ross Reveals The Origin Of Steve Austin’s ‘What?’ Chant

It’s ice cold. Steve Austin’s notorious “What?” chant is one of the most divisive chants in the history of professional wrestling. Many a commercial has been disrupted by a large group of people chanting the program’s catchphrase during the broadcast. Fox has taken a firm stance against the anti-gay slogans. On the most recent episode of the Grilling JRpodcast, Jim Ross revealed the origins of the chant. Ross claims that the whole incident started as a rib on Christian’s rib cage. Austin took it and put it into his character as a result.

  • The question “what?” came into play at this point.” Crowd shouts are one of the most bizarre parts of wrestling, since they have the ability to completely affect the course of a session.
  • Through their WWE on Fox Twitter account, even Fox, which broadcasts WWE SmackDown, expressed displeasure with the chant.
  • The chant was directed towards @AngeloDawkins as he bid farewell to @WWENXT, then it was directed at a “Hall Of Famer” on RAW.
  • “And now we’re back to RAW.” Austin himself made light of the issue, tweeting his own “What?” in response to the scenario.
  • A skillful talker can easily skirt around them, or even flip them around on the audience, if the situation calls for them.
  • In your perspective, what should be done about the “What?” chant?
  • Please share your thoughts in the comments section.
  • for providing the transcript!
  • on November 30, 2021

Steve Austin On The Problem With The ‘What' Chant Being Used Today

Cold as ice. Among the most divisive crowd cries in wrestling history, Steve Austin’s “What?” is maybe the most well-known of all. The broadcast has been hijacked several times during commercial breaks because of a catchphrase. In response to the shouts, Fox has spoken out. On his latestGrilling JRpodcast, Jim Ross discussed the origins of the chant. Ross claims that the whole incident began as a rib on Christian. Austin took this information and applied it into his character. This came about as a result of Christian contacting Steve on his cellphone while driving, and Steve would play a joke on Christian by saying ‘what?’ as though the signals were failing.

There have been reports of wrestlers adjusting their delivery particularly to escape the dreaded chants.

They have since been removed from social media platforms.

Back to the bare essentials.

Because of the nature of the chanting, nobody is truly wounded.

Christian is to credit for those who can’t take it any more.

In your perspective, what should be done about the cry “What?” Does that detract from the program, in your opinion? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. The transcription is courtesy of Wrestling Inc. At 10:56 a.m. on November 30, 2021

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