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Manchester United Songs and Chants about Manchester City

Anti-Man city songs sang by United fans
If Manchester city fans are to be believed, Manchester is mainly made up of blues and all United fans (or ‘Munichs’ as they label them), come from Singapore or London. Whatsmore, United are from Salford, and they are Manchester’s only club!
In truth, Manchester is very much a red city. city fans tend to come from the suburbs, especially those areas with an SK postcode (hence United’s nickname for them as ‘Stockports’) and both stadiums are the same distance (2 miles) to Manchester Town Hall.
Notthat ‘bitter blues’ (so called because of their hatredfor United often being greater than their love for theirown club) ever go to the games – their new ground, Eastlands,just like Maine Road, rarely sells out and attendancesdropped as low as 17,200 in the 2008-09 season!
Infairness, city fans are more dedicated than most fansof equally poor teams but like 1860 Munich, Espanyoland Torino in their respective cities, It’s the never-endinglist of misconceptions that city fans spin (and probablybelieve), that makes them such an irritant and laughingstock amongst United fans.
“There’s plenty of talk from them but I disregard it really because it is all talk!”- Sir Alex Ferguson on Manchester city’s billions
The Council House, Is Never Full
(to the tune of ‘Oh Suzannah’)
The council house
(The council house)
Is never full
(is never full)
The council house is never full
Unless they’re playing Man U-ni-ted
The council house is never full
Manchestercity’s average attendances for competitive gamesat Eastlands:
(Capacity= 47,726 of which approx 3,000 – 4,500 given toaway fans)
2009-10= 40,524 (upto 29/10/09)
2008-09= 38,219 2005-06= 41,097
2007-08= 40,311 2004-05= 42,854
2006-07= 38,670 2003-04= 43,756
If I Die On The Kippax Street
(to the tune of ‘Yankee Doodle’)
If I die on the Kippax Street
Woah-oh, woah-oh
If I die on the Kippax Street
Woah-oh, woah-oh.
If I die on the Kippax Street
There will be ten blue b*stards at my feet,
Woah-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh!
Use your head and use your feet,
Woah-oh, woah-oh
Use your head and use your feet,
Woah-oh, woah-oh.
Use your head and use your feet
There will be ten blue b*stards at my feet,
Woah-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh!
If my bones do not mend,
Woah-oh, woah-oh
If my bones do not mend,
Woah-oh, woah-oh.
If my bones do not mend
Then carry me back to the Stretford End,
Woah-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh!
When we go down to Maine Road,
Woah-oh, woah-oh
When we go down to Maine Road,
Woah-oh, woah-oh.
When we go down to Maine Road,
The city fans they s*it their load,
Woah-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh!
City Are A Massive Club!
(to the tune of ‘He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands’)
They’ve got the tallest floodlights in the Football League,
They’ve got the tallest floodlights in the Football League,
They’ve got the tallest floodlights in the Football League.
Oh, city are a massive club!
Over 2,000 verses have since been added, not all were sang at the ground but those that were include (in no particular order):
They’ve got Curly Watts as a celebrity fan.
They’ve got the widest pitch, in the land.
They’ve got the tallest corner flags in the world.
They’ve got the greenest grass in the whole of the world.
They’ve got the biggest bananas in the land.
You can see Old Trafford from the Kippax Stand.
They had Ryan Giggs on schoolboy forms.
They had Colin Bell who was better than Best.
They bought Steve Daley for a million quid.
They tried to sign Geoff Thomas and he turned ’em down.
They won the Shamrock Trophy in ’92.
They’ve got Bernard Manning as their fattest fan.
They used to be Little, but now they’re Large.
They’ve got a dirty old slapper with a rusty bell(† 1).
They’ve got salt and pepper on their hot dog stands.
They’ve got four different stands from a Meccano kit.
They’ve got exec boxes with a balcony.
They had a chairman and a manager that wore a wig.
They’ve got the Gallagher brothers in the Guvenors.
They invade their pitch when they win 3 points.
They do a lap of honour when they win the toss.
They sing racist chants cos they’ve got no class.
~ Added in 1997 ~
They’ve got 3 stars on their new club badge.
They’ve got a continental lazer blue Kappa kit.
They’re going to turn Manchester into Milan.
They had the future England captain, but his cruciate went. († 2)
They’ve got 54 players but they’re no f*cking good.
They’ve got a gypsy curse on their massive pitch.
~ Added in 1998 ~
They have a derby match with Macclesfield.
They go to Wrexham and Cardiff on Euro-aways.
They’ve got a farmyard animal and they play him up front.(† 3)
~ Added in 1999 ~
Their best ever player plays for Ajax reserves.(† 4)
They’ve got the best goalie the world has ever seen(† 5)
~ Added in 2000 ~
They signed George Weah but he thought they played in red.
They signed Spencer Prior on deadline day.
They take 15,000 to every away.
They take 30,000 to every away.
They take 60,000 to every away.
They took quarter of a million to Ewood Park.
They’ve got three million fans in Manchester.
They empty Stockport when they play at home.
They’re the only team to come from Manchester.
They have a civic reception when they’ve won f*ck all
They were the second-best team in Division Two.
They were the third-best team in Division Three.
They’ve had 17 managers in 20 years.
Sadly this song grew too ‘massive’ to be sang at matches and as a result barely gets heard nowadays. It’s a shame as this is without doubt the best example of the wit and improvisation heard at Old Trafford before the Glazer takeover – each verse at one time or another probably being a serious claim to fame by city fans.
(† 1)= Helen “the bell” Turner (who rang her bell at City for 30 years) / († 2)= Paul Lake
(† 3)=Shaun Goater /(† 4)=Georgie Kinkladze /(† 5)=Nicky Weaver
Sang following United’s 5-0 thrashing of City in 1994/95
2-0 Up and F*cked It Up
(to the tune of ‘The Camptown Races’)
Two – nil up and f*cked it up,
City! City!
Two – nil up and f*cked it up,
City is our name.
City is our name.
City is our name.
Two – nil up and f*cked it up,
City is our name.
Sang after United came back from 2-0 down at Maine Road in 1993 to win 3-2

Sancho must start proving he’s worth £73m as Man Utd haul the winger off again

  • 14:31 EST on December 11, 2021
  • Updated at 17:48 EST on December 11, 2021

Ralf Rangnick ended JADON SANCHO’s evening in the 67th minute with a goal against the Reds. As he hobbled off the field, Norwich’s supporters chanted, “What a waste of money,” as Mason Greenwood took his position as his substitute. 3 In this video, Jadon Sancho, who has been handed another opportunity by Manchester United interim manager Ralf Rangnick, clashes with Norwich defender Grant Hanley. Image courtesy of Getty 3 The ball is sent across the field by Manchester United’s Jadon Sancho as Norwich’s Jacob Sorensen watches on.

  • Photograph courtesy of Getty Images Nonetheless, quite a few individuals are in agreement right now.
  • A number of encouraging signals have emerged during the previous several weeks.
  • The fact that this was only his seventh appearance for Manchester United in the Premier League tells you all you need to know about his rocky start to life at Old Trafford thus far.
  • Marcus Rashford was fortunate to be able to stay on the field when Sancho entered the game as the first substitution in what had been a close game before to Ronaldo’s penalty.

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MAKE MORE THAN £2,000 IN NEW CUSTOMER DEALS WITH FREE BETS The stage was set ideally for Sancho to inflict significant damage on the opposition. In contrast to some of his teammates, he was always on the lookout for the ball, eager to give rapid one-twos, and perhaps just on a greater frequency all the time. In addition, he possesses the potential to conjure something out of thin air, something he did not accomplish versus Norwich. Just before half-time, Sancho produced the finest opportunity of the first half when his cross was met by a looping header from Harry Maguire, which Tim Krul did well to keep out.

We should keep in mind that he is basically an overseas signing because he has never played in the Premier League before, and he should be given till Christmas to get used to the environment.

Sancho will also require a suitable launch pad in 2022 if he is to be considered for a return to the England team.

There are only eight matches left till the World Cup, with two of them taking place in March.

3 Man Utd winger Jadon Sancho prepares to face Norwich right-back Matt Taylor in the Premier League. Max Aarons is a musician from the United Kingdom. Image courtesy of Getty Images Keep up to date with the latest news and transfer rumors from Old Trafford by visiting ourManchester Unitedlive blog.

Money Spells 101 – A Comprehensive Guide

Hello to all of our wonderful readers! Knowing that money is often at the top of people’s lists of issues, it’s no surprise that articles about money magic are among the most popular on our site (along with articles about love, of course!). If you’re looking for money magic, you’ve come to the right place. Some people feel that a preoccupation with material items and consumerism conceals deeper concerns related to a lack of a true sense of purpose in one’s existence. You should thoroughly explore your reasons for wishing to increase your financial resources before attempting any spellwork.

  • Do not lose sight of the fact that you were not designed to spend your life’s energy amassing wealth and material belongings.
  • Let’s return to the subject of money spells now that we’ve established that.
  • Money spells, like all other forms of magic, need a clear goal as well as practical follow-through.
  • However, when you have magic on your side, the tough becomes easy and the impossible becomes a reality.

Money Spells – How they Work

Consider a spell to be a form of ‘command’ to the cosmos, sent via the medium of magic. Imagining my spell casting as if it were weaved is something I really love thinking about, especially because the cosmos provides an endless array of options from which I might cast my loom and “weave” my spells. Magical spells are compilations of words that we use to communicate with the cosmos about our aspirations and wishes. You will have greater strength with your magic the more times you pronounce a spell, as well as with the intensity with which you focus and concentrate during the process of spell casting.

Money spells are no different from any other type of spell in this respect.

Money spells might assist you in gaining access to the streams of money that are always flowing around us.

What can go Wrong When You Cast a Money Spell?

Before casting a spell, you should always consider your objectives and the precise phrase you intend to use, since any ambiguity might have negative consequences. As an illustration, I’ll tell you a brief narrative about a character we’ll name James for the sake of simplicity. So James want to manifest a large sum of money as rapidly as possible (as do we all). He’d done everything from purchasing lottery tickets to placing bets on racehorses to seeking for hidden riches, but it had all come to nothing.

  1. James cast a spell in which he declared that he want to “discover 10,000 dollars in cash within the next two weeks,” and the spell was successful.
  2. It was exactly 10,000, which was very astounding.
  3. The money was not actual money, but rather Monopoly ‘currency’ that had been produced.
  4. The moral of the tale is that the global divine will Necessarily respond to your prayers, but if you are not very explicit about your goals, the answer may not always be what you were anticipating.

Be detailed and as clear as possible while casting your money spells. If you are even the tiniest bit unclear in your request, the money you are seeking may make its way to you in an unexpected and not always pleasant way! James is in for a rude awakening; this is not what he was anticipating!

How To Write A Money Spell

Whenever you cast a spell, you should constantly analyze your objectives and precise language since any ambiguity might cause it to backfire. Using James as an example, I’ll tell you a brief narrative about, well, let’s just name him James for the sake of simplicity. In order to materialize a large sum of money rapidly (as we all do), James used the manifesting technique. In an attempt to find treasure, he had purchased lottery tickets, gambled on racehorses, and searched for lost riches, but to no effect.

  1. The spell James cast indicated that he wanted to “find 10,000 dollars in cash within the next two weeks.” James also mentioned that he wanted to “find 10,000 dollars in cash.” The $10,000 cash was discovered by John while out strolling at the end of the two-week period.
  2. Exactly what exactly is the issue?
  3. James is a wretched creature.
  4. Which brings us to the main point of the narrative.
  5. In the event that you are even a teeny little bit unclear in your request, the money you are seeking may arrive in an unexpected and not always pleasant manner.

What Type of Money Spell is Most Effective?

Most of the time, this question comes from people who are new to magic and want to make sure that they go right into the most powerful spells possible in order to avoid “wasting” their time. Whenever someone asks me for help, I usually say that the spell itself isn’t nearly as crucial as most people believe. The state of mind and focus with which you approach your spellwork are of the highest significance. Some spells, particularly those that need a large number of components and several processes, may actually be less effective than a straightforward visualisation spell.

Learn to work with your mind, and practice and improve your ability to concentrate and maintain attention.

Learn to be self-assured in your magic and in the ability of the universe to provide it.

Take note that even the most basic of spells may produce spectacular outcomes for those who trust in their potential to do so, regardless of their complexity.

An Effective Money Spell for Beginners

This spell is fairly simple to do and is highly effective. Try it out and see how it goes! For those of you who have never tried candle magic before, we recommend reading thiscandle magic 101 article before getting started! You will require the following materials: Instructions: “LILUM DIKSUR MUN TIMNAL” is an abbreviation for “LILUM DIKSUR MUN TIMNAL.”

  1. To light the candle, place it on a firm, flame-resistant surface. Continue to let the flame to burn completely while you say the spell’s words
  2. It will bring riches and fortune into your life while the candle burns in conjunction with the ritual. Make a conscious effort to visualize and concentrate on the sensation of prosperity and plenty as if it were already apparent in your life.

Money spells may be really effective; but, be cautious about what you desire for! Note: Never leave a candle burning alone, and always keep a fire extinguisher nearby. Also, avoid wearing any billowing clothing that may become entangled in the flames while doing this spell.

Our Favourite Money Spells

Do you have a specific money issue that needs to be addressed? Choose one of our unique money spells from the list below to put into action.

  • Specifically, do you have a financial issue? Consider attempting one of our special money spells from the list provided below.

And with that, my darlings, I hope this has answered some of your burning questions concerning money spells! Until next time, may you be blessed.xoxo Amythest Do you enjoy our content? Then have a look at this stunning grimoire that we’ve produced! It’s ideal for individuals who are just getting started, and it includes all of our own personal tips and methods. Some of our favorite spells and rituals are included on the 20 A4 pages as well….

A Magical Cinnamon Money Spell For Manifesting Prosperity

As a result, I’d like to share with you this incrediblecinnamon money manifesting spellthat I’ve used to attract money in an instant! Despite the fact that there are explicit instructions, I’ve modified it throughout the years to suit my preferences. You may also be able to locate it elsewhere on the internet or hear alternative instructions on how to utilize it. However, one thing I often stress is that it isn’t so much about the specific actions you take as it is about how well you do them.

It has always provided me with at least a little amount of money each and every time I’ve utilized it.

In rare situations, it can even be done overnight!

* This post includes affiliate links for your convenience.

Make The Cinnamon Spell Work On The First Try

It should be noted that everyone has success with the cinnamon ritual (or any other manifesting procedures) on the first try. And I’d like to share a tiny secret with you that will prevent you from being a member of those unhappy group! When it comes to manifesting spells, so many people go in headlong because they sound like easy methods to obtain quick income. However, they are left dissatisfied when the magic works for everyone else but them. There is one typical explanation for this that I see all the time, and it is as follows: It’s because they’re out of sync with each other.

  1. Using a spell like the one I’m going to teach you will be a complete waste of your beautiful herbs and spices.
  2. However, the good news is that there is an extremely simple repair that is also completely free!
  3. Just imagine obtaining highly tailored, astonishingly precise information about your difficulties and opportunities by just clicking on a few buttons on a computer screen!
  4. It’ll be like releasing the trap door that’s been blocking you from achieving your deservedly prosperous future.

As a result, you’ll be certain that you’re not merely folding spices into paper money for the sake of folding them. Don’t spend any more time, since your future is waiting for you! Only two minutes are required to complete this task.

Cinnamon Money Manifesting Ritual Ingredients

You know how certain spells need the use of complex components that are either prohibitively expensive or impossible to obtain? This isn’t like that at all! Each of the components is something you most likely already have on hand. There are only four ingredients in total. That’s my favorite portion of the story! Ingredients:

  • It doesn’t matter what denomination of real money you use ($1 works just as well as any other denomination, although in my experience, the larger the bill, the better your outcome)
  • Water facilitates the flow of money to you. Ordinary cinnamon from your kitchen cabinet will suffice in this situation. This plant is associated with money and abundance. If you’re in need of any, you can get it here on Amazon. Whatever you use to clear bad energy from your space (sage, incense, palo santo, or something similar). If I don’t want to get everything smokey but yet want clean energy, I will use a cleansing spray like age cleansing spray.

Cinnamon Money Manifesting Ritual Instructions

  • Make sure your location is ready for the ceremony. Don’t be concerned if you don’t have a holy area of your own. It’s important to remember that intention is everything. To begin, ensure that you have a clean surface to work on and that you have at least five to 10 minutes of uninterrupted time
  • Remove any stagnant energy from your body and the area around you using sage, palo santo, incense, or a cleaning salt bath in advance of the ceremony. Make a conscious decision to attract money your way. I strongly advise you to create and use an abundant affirmation. While it is normally beneficial to be explicit when defining aims, in this circumstance, it is preferable to be broad in your approach. You wish to give the Universe complete freedom to provide to you without regard to distance, time, or quantity restrictions

A excellent money affirmation for this manifesting technique would be something along the lines of “I am getting endless prosperity from several sources.”

  • Take the paper money and drench it with water to activate it. However, it should be wet rather than drenched. You want the cinnamon to adhere to the surface
  • Use your finger to moisten the cinnamon and then dip it into the water. Cinnamon should be drawn onto the money.

Draw a line of cinnamon from the top of the dollar to your body, starting at the top of the dollar. This represents the movement of money in your direction. In rituals and spells, it’s crucial to remember that when you want to pull things to yourself, it’s important to start from the inside out. To repel anything, one would simply move it away from one’s body. Maintain your attention on the abundant affirmation that you generated before while drawing this line. Consider what it would be like to have an unlimited stream of more funds pouring to you.

  • Fold the dollar in half and place it in your pocket. You may spend it or retain it as you like. It’s all up to you. In both cases, I’ve gotten money
  • Nevertheless, I prefer spending the money since it seems like I’m “releasing” my goal into the universe. Whatever floats your boat, go for it.

Variations Of This Cinnamon Money Spell

Following your understanding of the ceremony, I’d want to provide some information regarding further specifics you may be able to locate elsewhere on the internet.

1- Day Of The Week (Best Time To Manifest Money)

First and foremost, you may come across suggestions to do this practice on Thursdays. This is due to the fact that Thursday is astrologically related with the planet Jupiter, which is associated with good fortune. This is something I did on Thursday, and it definitely materialized money. But, I’ve also done this on Monday and been successful in attracting money. In conclusion, if you’re in a tight spot and need to materialize money quickly, don’t waste any time! Experiment with it and see how it works for you.

2- Phase Of The Moon

Second, you may have heard that you should begin on the new moon or the waxing moon, depending on your situation (when the moon is growing in size). This makes logical sense since whatever it is that we desire to expand, we want to grow as the moon grows in size. If, on the other hand, you intend to expel something, you should begin during the full or declining moon, when the moon is at its smallest size. Again, in my experience, this hasn’t made much of a difference. The most crucial thing to remember is that your goal and belief are both vital.

Nevertheless, what if you don’t have the luxury of time or capacity to wait until next month’s third Thursday, when the moon is waning?

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3- How To Attract Money With Cinnamon And Coarse Salt

To manifest money, another magical technique I have for you is to blend coarse salt with cinnamon. Salt possesses an incredible number of metaphysical and magical qualities. It has been used for thousands of years primarily for cleansing, purification, and protection, but it may also be a potent mineral for attracting good fortune, success, and wealth. It also improves the money-drawing qualities of cinnamon when paired with it, while also offering a layer of safety to your incoming funds! By include salt in this cinnamon spell, you can’t go wrong.

Immediately prior to utilizing the paper money, pass it through the bowl of coarse salt to rid it of any bad energy.

At the same time, set an intention in your head to release any negative money thoughts you may have and attract more income into your life. Then you may proceed with the rest of the money-making ritual.

4- Blowing CinnamonCoarse Salt For Money

An further method of using cinnamon to bring about success is to participate in the cinnamon blowing ceremony. To make this, just combine cinnamon and coarse sea salt in a small bowl and place a couple tablespoons of the cinnamon and a pinch of the salt in your dominant hand. Proceed to the front door of your workplace, house, or any other location you wish to bless for good fortune and wealth. Afterwards, you declare your desire for whatever it is that you wish to materialize and blow cinnamon into the room.

You can say something like, “When I blow this cinnamon, riches and prosperity will fill this room.” “As I blow this cinnamon, money will readily come through,” or anything like.

Allow at least 24 hours for the salt and cinnamon mixture to settle on the ground before sweeping it up.

If you can’t make it on the first of the month, make it as soon as you can!

Cinnamon Money Spell Manifestation Success

Here are a few of the items I’ve gotten as a result of my money manifesting process, in order to share some of my accomplishments with you.

  • I got free front-row tickets to a show 3 days after doing a ritual (which was fantastic, by the way)
  • 1 week after performing a ritual (which was awesome, by the way), I won $200 on a scratcher Lotto ticket
  • And 3 days after performing a ritual (which was awesome, by the way). It was noteworthy that I won $3,200 on a slot machine two days after performing a ritual since I knew I was coming to Las Vegas. I only play once every blue moon and generally win $1 or a free ticket, so this was a big deal. Would I have won regardless of the circumstances? Perhaps, perhaps not. Nonetheless, if you can achieve that type of effect, it’s worth a shot, right?

Final Thoughts On The Cinnamon Spell

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning everything there is to know about the cinnamon manifestation ritual and how to put it into practice in your life! It’s a simple, enjoyable approach that may assist you in manifesting a large amount of quick and cheap money in a short period of time. Thousands of individuals have had success with it, and I am confident that you will as well. However, I strongly advise you to obtain a copy of your numerology report. Why take the chance of spending your valuable time and energy on something that you already know is unlikely to be successful?

First, download your free report.

Save This Article For Later

  • I hope you’ve enjoyed learning everything there is to know about the cinnamon manifestation process and how to put it into practice in your own life. In a short period of time, you may materialize a large amount of quick and cheap money. It’s a fun and simple process. It has helped many individuals, and I am confident that you will as well. However, I strongly advise you to obtain a copy of your numerology report.. Why take the chance of spending your valuable time and energy on something that you already know is unlikely to be successful? – If you can avoid that danger and complete the task on the first attempt, doesn’t that make much more sense? Prior to anything else, download your free report. This will result in you manifesting a significant amount of money.

Manifest Money With CinnamonCoarse Salt

Chant Chant Chant Chant Chant Chant Chant Chant We won’t be able to turn back the clock, but we may chant for love in the meanwhile. Let’s cut through the nonsense and get to work. Make a love chant. We constantly have the opportunity to argue about issues such as money and war, among other things. Let’s postpone this discussion until tomorrow. Who could possibly need another dosage of misery? It does not need the performance of an act of faith. To chant for love is a beautiful thing. What kind of alibi is strong enough to stand by while you chant for love?

We can’t afford to squander any more time.

If we are able Make a chant for a world that is unified.

Make a chant for a world that is unified.

Make a chant for a world that is unified.

Hare Krishna performs with a drum and a bell.

As a result, he chants for love.

Don’t get me wrong, I never play around with things like this.

This is a decision that only you can make.

You’re at the bottom of the rungs of the ladder, and you’re stuck there.

If you can feel it in your heart, you may sing a chant for a world that is free of war.

Make a chant for a world that is unified.

Make a chant for a world that is unified.

Make a chant for a world that is unified.

Make a chant for a world that is unified.

Make a chant for a world that is unified.

Chant for a planet that is on the verge of dying for love. Make a chant for a world that is unified. Chant for a world that is dying for love; chant for a world that is unified in its desire for love. Chant for a planet that is on the verge of dying for love.

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