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Stone Cold Praises CM Punk, The Rock Honors Pat Patterson; Riddle-Lashley Rumors

Associated Press photographer Stuart Ramson In this edition of Bleacher Report, we bring you the most recent news from the WWE Universe. Stone Cold Discusses His Career with CM Punk The finest talker in the history of the professional wrestling business is “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and CM Punk isn’t all that far behind him. Fans have wished for an Austin vs. Punk bout for years, and it may go down in history as one of the most anticipated matchups that never went place due to scheduling conflicts.

Austin posted a photo of himself and Punk from when Punk was a child, as well as a snapshot of the two of them from more recent years, on his Instagram account.

My friend CM Punk visited by my apartment in the Mean Streets of Los Angle Eze a while back, and I snapped this picture.

This is the same place that George Strait sung about.” The second photo was taken after a performance at the Rosemont Horizon in Chicago.

  • I believe it was the Clarion or something along those lines.
  • And the Rosemont was my favorite place to work because of the excellent acoustics in the building.
  • Fans who are crazy asses and for whom you like working.
  • A fantastic worker in the ring, as well as a dynamic presence on the microphone.” Since 2003, Austin has not competed in a professional wrestling bout, while Punk has not fought in a professional wrestling match since winning the Royal Rumble in January 2014.
  • However, it never happened.
  • Even if the match never takes place, it is entertaining to speculate about what might have been, especially given how well their characteristics would have complemented one another in the first place.
  • On Thursday, he admitted that Pat Patterson, a WWE Hall of Famer, is responsible for a portion of his accomplishment.

A video was broadcast on Rock’s YouTube channel in which he emphasized the significance of Patterson to his life and career, and he included the following caption: I’ve been coming to terms with his passing for a few weeks now “Earlier this year, my father passed away unexpectedly, and only a few weeks ago, my father figure passed away unexpectedly as well.

  • There are defining times and individuals in our lives when we look back and see how everything came together, and we realize that decision or person was the anchoring element that started us on the route that led us to where we are now.
  • “This toast is dedicated to you, Pat.
  • Thank you very much.
  • When Pat sings MY WAY at the conclusion of this video, he is dedicating it to all of our great wrestling heroes, many of whom are now in heaven raising hell.
  • Extremely emotional.
  • My father was one of them.
  • He also voiced his conviction that if Patterson had not insisted that Vince McMahon give him a look and an opportunity when he was young and just starting out in the profession, he would not have achieved the level of success he has today.

It’s impossible to imagine a world in which The Rock isn’t a household name, but if it weren’t for Patterson, it’s possible that wouldn’t have occurred.

Riddle is a matchup between two wrestlers.

Despite the fact that Riddle’s feud with the Hurt Business continues to heat up, a huge bout for the Royal Rumble is supposedly in the works for the following month.

The problems between Riddle and the Hurt Business began many weeks ago, when MVP became enraged with Riddle and ordered Lashley to take him out with the Full Nelson, setting off a chain reaction.

In both a singles bout and a tag team match, Lashley has defeated Hardy with the Full Nelson.

Recently, Riddle has played an important role on Raw, largely as a result of his hilarious backstage bits, which have been aired on the show rather frequently.

Riddle has tremendous potential in the WWE, and a victory over Lashley at the Royal Rumble would go a long way toward enabling him to reach that promise.

Listen to Ring Rust Radio for all of the latest wrestling news and information. You may watch the most recent episode in the player to the right (warning: some languageNSFW).

“Would’ve been short” – CM Punk says he would have squashed Stone Cold Steve Austin in the WWE

CM Punk claims that if he had the opportunity, he would have defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin in the WWE. Back in 2013/14, there were rumblings of a rivalry between the two. Wrestling legend Stone Cold Steve Austin is often regarded as the greatest wrestler of all time. He served as the focal point of WWE’s most successful era, known as the Attitude Era. According to CM Punk, a bout between the two would have been a one-sided affair in his favor if it had taken place in the first place. Also see: Tom Cole, a victim of the WWE Ring Boy sex scandal, takes his own life.

At his prime, he was on a level with the golden goose, John Cena, in terms of importance in the wrestling world.

On social media, a fan brought this up and wondered if it would have been the greatest match of all time if it had happened.

CM Punk says he would have squashed Stone Cold Steve Austin in the WWE

Stone Cold Steve Austin, according to CM Punk, would have been defeated by him in the WWE. In 2013/14, there were rumors of a rivalry between the two. Wrestling legend Stone Cold Steve Austin is widely regarded as the finest wrestler in the history of the company. During WWE’s most successful era, The Attitude Era, he was the focal point of the company. According to CM Punk, a battle between the two would have been a one-sided affair in his favor if it had taken place in the WWE. Additionally, read:Tom Cole, a victim of the WWE Ring Boy sex scandal, takes his own life.

As far as the pecking order goes, he was equivalent to the golden goose that is John Cena.

On social media, a fan brought this up and wondered if it would have been the greatest match of all time if it had occurred.

CM Punk

The answers to four questions will be determined by a decision between two possibilities given by @TimWelcomed, @typicalROHfan, and @TomBlackett. They will be required to provide their explanation for each of their selections. You may then vote on which one you’d like, giving you the false idea that you’re somehow engaged and that we care about your opinion. This gives you the opportunity to participate in the dialogue! @TimWelcomedi is unable to join us this week due to a scheduling conflict.

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We wish him the best of luck in his rehabilitation.

He will be replaced by a Canadian reader of the blog who has expressed an interest in being associated with Wrestling On Earth in some way.

Ladies and gentlemen, please accept my greetings. Vance Florm is a fictional character created by author Vance Florm. Canadian-born and raised in Calgary (pause for dramatic effect) in Alberta. (He insisted on include it.) Before we get started, here are the results from the previous week:

Lamer rumored Wrestlemania match?

Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus received 54 percent of the vote, while Batista vs. Randy Orton received 46 percent.

Bigger star making performance at Royal Rumble?

Roman Reigns has a 64 percent approval rating, whereas Bray Wyatt has a 36 percent approval rating.

Better independent wrestling champion?

Adam Cole has a 57 percent chance of winning, while Johnny Gargano has a 43 percent chance of winning.

Better dessert?

(WE LOVE YOU!) 60% of the pie, 40% of the cake (WE LOVE YOU JUST A LITTLE LESS!).

Who do you blame more for the falling out: WWE or CM Punk?

Despite the fact that we do not know the entire situation, there have been several rumors from reliable sources claiming this is all due to CM Punk being dissatisfied with WWE’s utilization of him. Is he correct in his assessment? Vance Florm (Vance Florm): My chat with Vince McMahon concerning the height and weight of Jack Reacher was once a source of amusement. That was something we both agreed on, therefore I’m siding with WWE. CM Punktypical ROHfan: It’s a good day for CM Punk. A terrible environment should be avoided at all costs, therefore do all in your ability to get out of it as soon as possible.

  • We have a man who is willing to forego a substantial number of money that he would have earned at Wrestlemania as well as the most visible position in the world in order to stand up for his convictions and do what is right for him.
  • In a society where you are controlled and treated essentially like a racing horse with a shelf life, CM Punk deserves to be commended.
  • In terms of the nuts and bolts, CM Punk was never going to be able to compete with someone like John Cena for the title of Wrestlemania main eventer or even be considered genuinely comparable to him.
  • WWE Tom: In spite of continuing to deliver consistently good promos and matches (with the notable exceptions being the ones he had with Ryback and Curt Axel, as you’d expect), CM Punk made no attempt to hide his dissatisfaction with his current position and lack of momentum in the WWE.
  • Despite the fact that his quick departure was unexpected, there was an element of predictability about it as well.

Stone Cold is the one to whom most people are making analogies, although Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Bret Hart, and Shawn Michaels have all been on the outs with WWE at one point or another, and even Vince McMahon’s favorite The Rock has been on the outs with the company at one point or another.

If you’re a sensible human being with ambition and self-respect, it’s probable that you’ll become tired of dealing with it on a regular basis if you’re like most people.

The fact is that I believe he would willingly bear any “guilt” for the situation because he left on his own terms, and should he return, it will be on his own terms as well (and likely not involve a feud with Kane). CM Punk is a punk rock band from the United Kingdom. Continue reading this article

WWE: Voice Your Opinion On CM Punk

Despite the fact that we do not know the entire situation, there are several claims from reliable sources claiming this is all the result of CM Punk being dissatisfied with WWE’s utilization of him. Can we say that he’s correct? I’d like to thank Vance Florm for his time and effort. It was once my pleasure to converse with Vince McMahon on Jack Reacher’s height and weight. WWE has my support since we came to an agreement on this. CM Punktypical ROHfan: For CM Punk, things are looking up. It is imperative that you do all in your ability to get out of a situation that makes you miserable.

  1. We have a man who is willing to forego a substantial number of money that he would have earned at Wrestlemania as well as the most visible position in the world in order to stand up for his beliefs and do what is best for himself.
  2. Thank you, CM Punk, for standing up for yourself in a world where you are controlled and treated like a racehorse with a shelf life.
  3. Only the mechanics and bolts of the situation dictated that CM Punk will never achieve the status of Wrestlemania main eventer or be considered really equivalent to someone like John Cena in terms of performance.
  4. WWE Tom: In spite of continuing to deliver consistently good promos and matches (with the notable exceptions being the ones he had with Ryback and Curt Axel, as you’d expect), CM Punk made no attempt to hide his dissatisfaction with his current position and lack of momentum within the WWE.
  5. Despite the fact that his quick departure was unexpected, there was an element of predictability about it.
  6. Even beloved old Mick Foley and Vince’s favorite The Rock have been on the outs with WWE at various points in their careers.
  7. Simply said, WWE is a thankless, sleazy, controlling organization led by a thankless, sleazy, controlling human being, and we are all well aware of this fact.
  8. CM Punk’s decision to leave was just him reclaiming control over his own life.

CM Punk is an American rapper who was born in the 1970s. He is well known for his music. Follow along with the story…

Stone Cold’s 10 Best Moments As An Authority Figure

Steve Austin’s in-ring WWE career came to an end in 2003, and it might have been one of the most tragic moments in the history of the sport. Due of Austin’s continued presence on the program, fans did not express the same level of passion they did in the case of previous retirements. WWE promoted Austin to the post of co-General Manager alongside Eric Bischoff in order to increase the overall appeal of Monday Night Raw. Austin would be involved in the running of the program for approximately one year throughout his employment.

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The legend had a slew of amusing anecdotes to share with the audience.

10Saving Stacy Keibler

A toxic relationship developed between Stacy Keibler and Test, in which the latter verbally and physically abused her. In one episode, Stacy was able to get the best of Test when Austin called him out on his conduct. A hilarious interpretation of Austin’s rule, which states that no wrestlers can damage Austin until they first touch him, was presented. Keibler shoved Test into Austin, who took advantage of the physical contact to deliver a Stone Cold Stunner to the victim.

9Stunning Vince McMahon As Santa Claus

WWE was constantly on the lookout for the perfect opportunity to sneak in a sneak attack like Steve Austin striking Vince McMahon with a Stone Cold Stunner. As long as both guys are physically capable of pulling it off, nostalgia will ensure that it will always generate a reaction. During Austin’s tenure as an authority figure, one of the Tribute to the Troopsholidays was celebrated in a unique style that included a hit on the Stunner. Austin performed a Santa Claus impersonation before striking both Vince and a young John Cena, earning a standing ovation.

8Rehiring Shawn Michaels

Throughout the event, the relationship between Steve Austin and Eric Bischoff allowed them to play off of one another for various storylines and situations. When Bischoff dismissed Shawn Michaels for hitting him with Sweet Chin Music after he was robbed of the World Championship, he drew a lot of criticism from the heel community. Austin was already a revered legend among the fans, but his choice to bring back Michaels would have helped him become much more popular if he had not done so. Michaels was undoubtedly the best WWE face at the moment, despite the fact that he was just a few months into his comeback from retirement.

7Competition With Eric Bischoff

To conclude the Eric Bischoff versus Steve Austin rivalry that began at Bad Blood 2003, the WWE devised a satirical solution. Because Austin was unable to wrestle, the two adversaries competed in the Redneck Triathlon, a series of contests that took place throughout the night. What the fans wanted was for Bischoff to be humiliated at the end of each round, and they were delighted when they got it.

Austin took first place in both the belching contest and the pigpen event, giving him two out of three victories. It was a bronco buster from Mae Young that brought Bischoff his only victory, which Austin infamously forfeited when it was his chance to fight.

6Mocking Lance Storm

A certain amount of entertainment value may be found in the nature of Lance Storm’s monotone character, even for the most ardent Lance Storm supporters. Storm had some fantastic battles, but he was never going to be the one to deliver the best promo of the night or exude charm in the ring. In one of Storm’s bouts, Steve Austin made his feelings about the fight known by starting to chant “Boring” throughout the contest. It was on this night that Storm transformed himself into a fan favorite, engaging in bizarre activities to overcome his depression, such as courting ladies with Val Venis and doing his cabbage patch dance.

5Getting ATV Back From Brock Lesnar

When Brock Lesnar stole Steve Austin’s ATV before WrestleMania 20, the WWE crafted a unique scenario leading up to the event. A Smackdown wrestler taking the property of a Raw general manager sparked a major interpromotional moment, with Austin eager to respond to a challenge. The whole Smackdown roster got out of Austin’s way so that he could walk to the ring unhindered. WWE recounted the scenario of the locker room losing respect for Brock and preparing to walk away a few days after the incident.

4Coming With CLB Name For Christian

When Christian broke with Edge in the early 2000s, WWE was able to capitalize on his popularity as a heel. Christian had a few run-ins with Steve Austin as the heel wanted to push ahead on the Raw brand by skirting under the rules or cheating to get an advantage. One of the many amusing exchanges between the two had Austin coming up with the CLB moniker, which was one of several. Because of how much they appreciated the moment, Christian’s fans began singing it during his bouts.

3Bringing Back Jim Ross

Because to Eric Bischoff’s abuse of authority, Linda McMahon appointed Steve Austin as co-General Manager and Sheriff of Raw, replacing Bischoff. Jim Ross was sacked for petty reasons in one of the decisions made by Bischoff during his reign of terror, and this was only one example of his ruthlessness. Austin wasted no time in his first week as co-GM in bringing back a good buddy who he had previously lost touch with. Fans adored JR, and it was an excellent use of storytelling to bring the two characters together.

2Forcing Triple H Into WrestleMania XX Main Event

During the time that Eric Bischoff served as Raw General Manager, Triple H took advantage of the situation to further his career as the top villain on the show. When Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels were both considered contenders for the World Championship at WrestleMania XX, Triple H attempted to back out of the match. Triple H was obliged to defend the championship, and Steve Austin arranged the triple threat match that everyone had been looking forward to all year. In the end, this was one of the finest WrestleMania main bouts ever, and Austin’s kayfabe booking was the driving force behind it.

1Stunning Brock LesnarGoldberg

Using his position of power, Steve Austin was invited to serve as a special guest referee for the main attraction bout between Brock Lesnar and Goldberg at WrestleMania XX. When this bout was booked, WWE intended it to be a main event-worthy contest, but everything went apart during the build-up. Both Lesnar and Goldberg stated that they will not be returning to WWE once their contracts expired at the conclusion of the program. Fans found out and booed them all during the match, making it the most embarrassing debacle of all time.

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NEARING UP:A Ranking of Every Steve Austin Character, From Worst to Best Alberto Del Rio is not a part of any wrestling promotions that are currently in the works.

Read on to learn more about the author.

(3,215 articles have been published) Joey is a journalist with more than a decade of experience covering sports, entertainment, and pop culture topics for various publications.

Pro wrestling is his greatest interest, and he has been a fan for a long time, having seen innumerable live concerts. Joey Haverford has more to say.

Undertaker vs. CM Punk at WrestleMania 29?

Trying to figure out what WWE will do at the next year’s WrestleMania, which is WrestleMania 29, is always an entertaining experience. Alternatively, it may be irritating, and the constant barrage of stories on pro wrestling websites speculating wildly about future match bookings is enough to drive anyone insane. Because we are still in the early stages of the process, it is still very enjoyable for the time being. As a matter of fact, it’s just getting started now that Survivor Series is taking place next month and the Royal Rumble is taking place in January.

  1. So far, it appears like the one real certainty – and it’s not really a certainty since nothing is ever certain – is that The Rock will almost certainly face John Cena in the main event in a rematch from last year in order for Cena to reclaim his victory.
  2. It’s conceivable for the two to switch places, but it appears improbable for a variety of reasons, not the least of which being the fact that Cena would have to lose two high-profile battles to Rock without ever regaining his victory in either encounter.
  3. Simply said, you can’t beat your best friend with someone who isn’t going to be there when you need him.
  4. If current plans hold true, it also looks like Triple H will be returning for a rematch against Brock Lesnar, who was defeated by him at SummerSlam.
  5. And given how well the two performed at the box office this past August, don’t be shocked if this is the path in which they eventually go.
  6. This is when things start to get silly.
  7. Why should we worry about the outcome if we already know what will happen?

The Chicago Cubs winning the World Series or the Undertaker losing his WrestleMania streak came up in conversation, and Punk reacted angrily (he’s a big Cubbie fan) before glancing at the camera and declaring, “The Undertaker is going to lose at WrestleMania, possibly next year,” before walking away.

  • No big thing if Punk loses, as long as ‘Take keeps his streak continuing, and everyone stands to make a lot of money as a result of all of this.
  • It is also necessary to have contingency plans in place, once again.
  • Lesnar match, and, in a match that will blow your mind, the same can be said for the Taker vs.
  • According to reports, WWE Chairman of the Board Vince McMahon is a big fan of Ryback right now, as indicated by his push for a main event match with CM Punk in the company’s upcoming program.
  • To put it bluntly, that’s a poor concept that would demonstrate how far McMahon has strayed from what fans want to see on WWE television.
  • The whole notion is so stupid that it does not even deserve to be ridiculed in its entirety.
  • Another possibility is that Undertaker, having had an incredible last year and having stolen the show at four straight events with matches that were nearly perfect, as well as having recently had another child, may decide to call it quits for good.

Given the fact that there have been conversations about all of the aforementioned topics, WWE television over the next several months should be intriguing, if only to see which way they finally decide to go in. Preferences?

Jim Ross On Steve Austin’s Heel Turn At WrestleMania 17, Why It Was The Wrong Move, WWE Losing The Rock

Steve Austin’s heel turn at WrestleMania 17 was the subject of a recent episode ofGrilling JR, in which Jim Ross argued why it was the incorrect choice, among other things. You may learn more about him in the section below. Jim Ross had the following to say about Steve Austin’s heel turn at WrestleMania 17: “Once again, Heyman and I had to negotiate some treacherous waters in that situation. Because he had lost the title, you had to protect The Rock and not accept that he was being booed out of the building because of it.

It was a case of change for the sake of change.

I was never a big fan of it.

Because I had such a deep belief in the character – in the guy, in the persona, in the image – I feel I was always able to improve Austin’s television presence.

McMahon rather than the audience.

We’re in excellent shape now, Steve.

If he had struck Vince with a stunner after Vince assisted him, he would have demonstrated that he was one step ahead of the top heel.

However, that was not the play that was called, and as a result, it did not succeed.

Was it effective for Stone Cold?

That isn’t difficult, and it isn’t some mysterious formula.

I believe they were concerned about who would take over as The Rock’s replacement because, consider this, they took two years to reassemble the group.

You build up some steam against Austin, and all of a sudden, you have a compelling cause to challenge him to another match.

Make sure they’re hot.

It just didn’t seem right.” “I believe that WWE would have made a different decision if they had known what they know now.” Some people may not accept it, but it was a missed chance all the same.

You’re about to lose the most charming person you’ve ever had when The Rock decides to make his movie, and we were going to do everything we could to assist in making that happen and helping Rock become a more well-known celebrity.

We lost two of our top babyfaces — one to film a movie, and the other to turn a heel – throughout the course of the season.

Consider the implications of it. It was a poor approach and lack of foresight.” It is appreciated if you credit Grilling JR and 411mania.com for the transcription of any of the above quotes when you use them.

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