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r/SquaredCircle – What is up with “What?” chants?

Put myself out there and accepting the possibility of mockery for my naivete, but I would want to analyze any serious conversation about this and attempt to learn something if at all possible in the process. Despite the fact that I do not watch WWE, I read about Cena’s return from MitB on this site yesterday and was actually excited in seeing his appearance on Raw tonight. However, as soon as the “What?” shouts started, all interest in the passion underlying his performance and the efficiency of his promotional material was snuffed out.

It was terrible and felt out of place with the rest of the performance, but fortunately, it didn’t appear to catch on and didn’t last even for that little part.

Using the word “What?” during a promo appears to be a way for the audience to demean a character’s speaking cadence and/or take away their power, but seeing them in the Cena segment has me perplexed because it reads as an excited crowd that is on the Cena’s side suddenly sabotaging him, which is confusing to me.

Alternatively, do “What?” chants have various meanings for the audience when in character?

  • Can chants of “What?” serve as positive reinforcement or affirmation for a promotional campaign?
  • I’m writing this from a place of real interest and an attempt to comprehend, since I can’t seem to “get” what a “What?” chant contributes to a promo other than disrupting a wrestler’s rhythm or the crowd simply wanting to yell.
  • Having previously admired how in tune audience shouts in AEW appear to be when it comes to the crowd playing the part of a character in whatever tale is happening, hearing a large throng yell “What?” at someone they appear to support leaves me feeling a little disoriented and out of place.
  • You can send me a video clip if you have any excellent instances of the “What?” chant so that I can try to acquire a different viewpoint on the subject.

Rather than debating whether these chants are appropriate, I’d like to hear some discussion about the reasoning behind them, what they contribute to the story as a character when performed by fans, and why fans at shows seem to enjoy performing them while nearly everyone on this site appears to despise them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I’m sure it won’t elicit a lot of responses, but any genuine and real responses are greatly welcomed.

r/SquaredCircle – Can we please talk about the “What?!” chant…

I’ve discovered the internet! Is this something that anyone truly enjoys? It has to be the most irritating aspect of professional wrestling for me, and it makes even good promos practically unwatchable for me to sit through. As a watcher, there are no other chants or crowd interactions that upset me quite as much as this one; it truly gets under my skin. Austin hasn’t wrestled in years, and yet it has managed to survive; is it even possible to destroy it at this point? Is there any way that we, as a community, can put an end to this?

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  2. level 1 (nineteen years ago) Going to What-What-Whataburger is a good idea.
  3. level 2He tried, but he couldn’t get a word in edgeways because of his accent.
  4. Don’t give the cretins a chance to articulate what they really think.
  5. Sandow, in addition to being a master of elocution, is also a master of another method.
  6. level 1Someone needs to make a reference to Monty Python!
  7. What’s your name, by the way?
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Is this your mission?

Is Assyria the country’s capital?

level 2 (nine years ago) YOU DON’T SPEAK TO NICOTREL IN THAT MANNER!

Which swallow is it: an African or a European?

Learn to appreciate it.

a second-grade education It is important to remember to say “Twwwoooo” after every two-count.

1st grade When it’s utilized in Khali promotions, it’s really effective.

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r/SquaredCircle – The “What?” chant needs to stop

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r/SquaredCircle – What are wrestling chants you don’t (or rarely) hear anymore?

I’ve discovered the internet! For example, I’ve been watching WWE PPVs from 1996 on the WWE Network, and during Undertaker contests, you can hear shouts of “Death to the Undertaker.” “Rest in Peace, my friend! Rest in Peace, Rest in Peace! Rest in Peace, Rest in Peace! “in order to inspire the Deadman I had entirely forgotten that I had said this in the past. What are some additional chants that you don’t hear or only hear infrequently in the modern era? To make a comment, you must first log in or create an account.

  2. Now, if they’re in a place like Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, or another “smark” city, you’ll only hear about them there.
  3. I believe the last time I heard the chant was during Lita’s final bout in Philadelphia, when the Philadelphia audience yelled it at her.
  4. During the McMahon-Helmsley period, didn’t Steph often hear the words “slut” or anything like screamed at her?
  5. It used to be heard very frequently for some of the other divas as well.
  6. a second-grade education Shane’s a pussy was screamed by the audience during those moments, which startled me even more.
  7. 1st grade Some audiences would yell ‘faggot’ at Goldust when he appeared.

Please do not perish.

This was sung to each and every Von Erich in the WCCW.

If you’re serious, I hope you’re joking.

level 2 was reached 7 years ago.

Almost all level 1E-C-Dubhas have been eliminated following the demise of WWECWlevel 2.

When RVD is active, you’ll hear it a lot.

Join us as we examine the WWE, AEW, NJPW, ROH, Impact Wrestling, and every other promotion, both old and new.

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r/SquaredCircle – What is the best crowd chant of all time?

Level 1: “Let’s get Bailey moving!” “Cena is a sucka.” 2nd levelI adore this and have read it several times, but I’ve never seen it. Is it a common occurrence? I’ve seen enough NXT matches, but I’ve seen a lot less Bayley matches. level 2: Could you please provide a link to that?:D level 2I will always upvote this mantra for the rest of my life, no matter what happens. Braden Walker is knocking on the door during level 1 of the TNA’s “Knock Knock” game. a second-grade education What’s the background of this for someone who doesn’t watch Total Nonstop Action?

  1. “Bailey’s going to give you a hug” level 2 was reached 7 years ago.
  2. “You’re a jerk,” and by a long shot.
  3. And Kurt handled it with such grace that it was simply beautiful.
  4. level 2+1 to you, I had completely forgotten about it until now!
  5. Back then, no one would ever yell “WCW” or “WWF” in unison.
  6. However, currently, no matter what promotion is running, every fan at every event shouts some variant of this, and it has lost whatever significance it previously had.
  7. Potvin was a disappointment to Rangers supporters in 1979, and he continues to be a disappointment for the rest of time.
  8. Let’s go Flair Bot!
  10. That is not the case with WCW.
  11. level 1: “John Cena suuuuuucks” in the key of his songlevel 2: “FUCK YOU CENA” from a one-night stand in 2006level 2: “FUCK YOU CENA” from a one-night stand in 2006level 2: It’s fantastic.

When I last heard it, it was on Raw in Liverpool, if that’s correct. I’d love to hear a nice, powerful one from time to time.

r/WWE – WWE Universe – The “WHAT?” chants needs to stop.

What should have been the last option on Level 1 was “WHAT?!?” level 2But then everyone would choose WHAT, and the OP would be unable to make their argument effectively. The vote is almost exactly evenly divided at level 1Lol 1st grade To be honest, it’s a terrific yardstick for a wrestler’s ability to communicate well on the mic. If a wrestler can get the audience to stop chanting “what chant,” you can be sure they’re good. To give you an example, Cena accomplished it rather handily a few weeks ago.

  • Alexa was in complete ecstasy during her heel title reign, and Dbry was as well.
  • Because they have to adhere to what has been written for them, half of those who would otherwise be capable of doing so are likely to hesitate because everything else serves just to distract them from it.
  • While this was the case, there were a few of occasions where WWE censored the show for who knows what purpose.
  • Not every show is the same.
  • However, it appears in practically every promotion.
  • level 2To be honest, I believe that the audience is just delighted to be back in action, and as a result, they will most likely overdo it “”Either that, or we haven’t heard it in such a long time that we’d forgotten how much they were doing it in the first place,” they speculated.
  • a second-grade education I’m relieved that it didn’t happen while I was in Phoenix for the Smackdown show.
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Maybe it’s just a filler chant for the sake of it.

We will continue to wage the “this is awesome” battle indefinitely “with the exception of the usual applause and jeers.

Honestly, I believe that if they had another type of chant to yell during commercials, we wouldn’t have as many what chants.

People who believe soccer chants are silly and overused will go events like as NXT and chant along with them, which is something I know well.

a second-grade education “WHAT?” is a question that we can do better than.

1st grade It’s been 20 years since Stone Cold began using the “What?” gimmick in his performances. Some people are unable to let go of the past and move forward. level 1It’s not quite the same as referring to the crowd as the “WWE Universe.”

r/SquaredCircle – What are some of the worst crowd chants that have happened at a WWE event?

Level 1: “WE ARE OUTSTANDING.” This demonstrates that the audience prefers to draw attention to themselves rather than to the real entertainment they paid to watch. level 2 was reached 7 years ago. That Nikki is the finest Champion ever reminds me of a Hannibal Buress remark about hecklers: “I’m going to pay to sit here and watch you, but at any given point in time, I’m going to attempt to undermind you.” a second-grade education The fact that Lance Storm being on Jim Cornette’s program brings back memories for me.

Although they always come out and declare that they are listening to their crowd and that they may yell whatever they want, in fact, this is not true.

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Because of this, the fans believe they are a part of the program and believe they have more impact than they actually do.

It is the responsibility of WWE for conveying confusing messages, but it is the fault of the audience for accepting a double standard as a result.

level 2 (modified 7 years ago) 7 years ago today She’s a crack whore, says Frankie, stage 1 of “she’s a crack whore” ecw one-night stand 06level was created 17 years ago.

However, since it is the ECW audience, I will let it slide.

The ecw ONS crew is up there somewhere (the one where rvd won wwe title).

level 2Op was created 7 years ago.

Because it appears that a shout for Punk was also a chant for AJ at one point.

Don’t use her as an excuse to yell her husband’s name in front of the group.

Ziggles!” says the first level.

It’s a complete embarrassment.

As far as I’m aware, “MARKING OUT!” is the most idiotic chant ever heard in my life.

According to what I’ve heard, the chants are generally started by the same group of 15 individuals every time.

What were the chants that were heard?

“You suck X,” says the best there is or ever was.

1st grade The “go home Paki” shouts directed towards The Great Gama in Stampede Wrestling were documented, but it took some digging to unearth the evidence.

Bad News Allen is called a black dumb at 8:00 by Dr Death, who then names him a faggot and an idiot, and Allen threatens to give him a taste of Black Power on the following episode.

level 17% of a decade ago Lotti Dotti Dotti (Lotti Dotti Dotti) The Party is a hit with us.

level 17% of a decade ago Beachball was the cause of my family’s death.

Are people still moaning about it?

a second-grade education If people are going to be offended by this for the foreseeable future, they should simply go on to something else.

They remind me of the old ECW/Attitude Era WWE crowds, which I like seeing. 1st grade The “WHAT?” yells that erupted during Austin’s heel run were deafening. You could tell that all of the wrestlers, including Austin, were irritated by them as well as everyone else.

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