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” The Passion of the Jew “
South Parkepisode
Episodeno. Season 8 Episode 3
Directed by Trey Parker
Written by Trey Parker
Production code 804
Original air date March 31, 2004
Episode chronology
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This episode of the American animated television seriesSouth Park is the third episode of the eighth season and the 114th episode overall. It premiered on Comedy Central on March 31, 2004 and has since been aired on other networks. According to the production order, this is the 4th episode of Season 8 rather than the 3rd episode. It was written and directed byTrey Parker, who, along with fellow series co-creatorMatt Stone, also provided the voices for the majority of the characters featured in the installment.

This episode has Kyle finally witnessing the blockbuster film The Passion of the Christ and admitting that Cartman was correct about the Jewish people from the beginning of the series.


The lads are having a good time. Cartman’s mother’s new minivan, as well as, as is customary, the anti-Semitic rantings Cartman is abrasive with Kylea when it comes to his Jewish roots. Kyle is challenged by Cartman to see The Passion of the Christ, a film that Cartman claims is proof that everyone despises Jews since it was a box-office hit. Kyle watches the film and is appalled by the graphic depiction of Jesus’ agony and crucifixion that he finds there. Kyle is filled with immense remorse, and he has dreams in which he and other Jews are seen laughing as they murder Jesus.

  1. Meanwhile, Stan and Kenny are watching The Passion and are thoroughly disgusted by it.
  2. To reach Gibson, Stan and Kenny dial the number for Mel Gibson’s fan club, which is answered by Cartman, who shouts at them for hating the film but accidentally reveals that Gibson resides in Malibu, California.
  3. Meanwhile, Cartman dresses in a costume reminiscent to Adolf Hitler’s and organizes a fan club gathering in the backyard of his house.
  4. In order to begin what Cartman refers to as “the cleaning,” he advises that each attendee bring one more person to watch the film, which the fan club members accept without question.
  5. When the lads claim that they only want their money back, Gibson follows them around the home with a rifle, a laLooney Tunes, emerging behind closed doors in different disguises based onDaffy Duck.
  6. With face paint fromBraveheart, Gibson follows their bus in the tanker truck fromMad Max 2, yelling ” Qapla’!” and ” Gimme back my money!” Gibson is dressed as the character fromBraveheart.
  7. Father Maxi reminds out that the Passion was initially intended to incite anti-Semitism, but he believes that the subject matter it addresses may still be beneficial to individuals.

When Cartman attends another fan club rally outside the South Park theater, he makes anti-Semitic chants in German and gives the attendees lines to chant in return; mistaking the German for theAramaicspoken in The Passion, they happily do so and join Cartman in goose-stepping through South Park while chanting anti-Semitic chants.

After trying to defuse the situation by declaring, “we live in a sensible community, and everybody understands this is only a movie,” Cartman and his procession walk by the synagogue just as the rabbi finishes his speech.

They are interrupted in their discussion with Cartman and his supporters by the arrival of the truck pursuit, which causes Gibson to smash into the theater, completely destroying it.

He first attempts one final time to force Stan and Kenny to refund his money (which fails because they refuse), and then smears his own excrement on a building, much to the surprise of Kyle and the fan club members.

Cartman is displeased when the fans agree and disperse, much to the delight of the fans. Kyle adds that after hearing Stan’s speech and seeing Gibson, who defecates on Cartman’s face and then runs away whooping, he has a greater understanding of being Jewish.

Cultural references

Cartman’s wall is adorned with a poster of Mel Gibson from the 1995 film Braveheart, which was directed by Gibson. Stan, on his way out of the theater to get their money back for The Passion, makes the following observation: “This is about being able to hold poor filmmakers accountable.” Just like when we received our money back for BASEketball,” says the author. THE GAME OF BASEKETBALLis a 1998 comedy film in which Parker and Stone feature as basketball players. While chasing Stan and Kenny through his home, Gibson exhibits behavior that is reminiscent of the Looney Tunes cartoons, notably Daffy Duck’s.

“You talk to me,” says his Mad Maxcharacter in the 1981 film Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, and it is a well-known statement.


The episode was acclaimed by Virginia Heffernan of the New York Times, who wrote: “It all depends on who you ask, but that episode, ‘The Passion of the Jew,’ demonstrated that the show is still alive, that it has made a return, or that it is even better than it was before. In any case, it was a positive experience.” This book was also lauded by the Anti-Defamation League and the Jewish publication The Jews Daily Forward, which termed it “perhaps the most incisive criticism of “The Passion” to date.”

DVD releases

Beyond its inclusion as a bonus episode on the South Parkcomplete eighth season DVD set, “Passion of the Jew” is also available as a standalone DVD release (which was released on DVD the same day thatthe DVD of thePassion of the Christwas made available) that includes two bonus episodes: season six’s” Red Hot Catholic Love” and season seven’s” Christian Rock Hard “.


  • The Passion of a Jew is a fictionalized account of the life of a Jewish man who died in the Holocaust. South Park Studios is hosting the whole episode. The Passion of the JewEpisode guide at South Park Studios
  • “The Passion of the Jew” at the Internet Movie Database
  • “The Passion of the Jew” at the Internet Movie

“South Park” The Passion of the Jew (TV Episode 2004)

  • All of the cast and crew may be found on IMDbPro, including the director and writers.

Following his viewing of “The Passion Of The Christ,” Cartman launches an anti-Jewish crusade against them. Between these two events, Stan and Kenny attempt to recover their money from Mel Gibson, only to learn that he is utterly deranged.

  • Trivia This roughly translates into “It is time for vengeance!” as Cartman leads a chant through the street of the town. “We must eliminate the Jews!” says one.
  • Kyle is informed by GoofsCartman that The Passion of the Christ (2004) is the biggest grossing film ever filmed. Kyle is shocked. Titanic (1997) is, in fact, the highest-grossing film ever released, with nearly 1.8 billion dollars in worldwide box office receipts. “The Passion” is the highest-grossing non-English-language film of all time.
  • Quotes So it’s clear that you don’t comprehend what Mel Gibson was attempting to do. He was attempting to convey the horror and filthiness of the typical Jew through the medium of film. It has prompted people all across the world to open their eyes. Let’s be honest here, Kid. We just felt it was a lousy movie. Please tell us how we may get in touch with Mel Gibson in order to obtain a refund of our money. To quote Cartman, if I knew where Mel Gibson was, I’d be squatting on the floor sucking his balls right now. Only that he lives someplace in Malibu is all I know about him. Put an end to your squandering my and Mel Gibson’s time, you little wussy jerk. Stan: Hey, don’t take that tone of voice with me, young man. I’m going to kick your ass. Cartman: Oh, you mean that? I’d want to see you give it a go, you jackass. I’m around six feet tall. Stan: It doesn’t matter to me. For whatever reason, you come across as a tiny b*tch! Cartman: Bitch, please don’t refer to me as a ‘bitch,’ or I’ll fucking pop your fucking skull open. Stan: All right, you want to bring it, you little pussy? Stan: Cartman: Don’t worry, I already brought it. I brought it, placed it on the table, and then opened it, you cretinous ape! Stan pauses for a moment. Cartman? Cartman: I’m sorry, I’m not sure what I’m saying.

Passion was a favorite of mine, and I thoroughly appreciated this episode! When the lads view Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ, they express themselves as follows: Kevin watches it last and is shocked by it, reading the Jewish arch(stereo?)types into the video and concluding that he wants to bring this to the attention of his fellow Jews; while Eric Cartman really watched it before the other three-37 times! -enjoyed it, and is inspired to create a “movement” to deal with the Jews that appears to be frighteningly similar to his own.

Another user stated that this play, since it was so accurate, would not appeal to Gibson fans, religious conservatives, or anyone who like the film Passion.

Although I had lost interest in Mr.

The fact that Matt and Trey are able to break with their usual sense of putting the hard skepticism on only liberal stars/sacred cows for this episode is probably due to the fact that, among other reasons, “Non-voting Republicans” Matt and Trey are able to skewer this movie that was the pet of religious conservatives and,by that measure,people like FOX News.

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The evil that exists in the world of television is abundant. The Supreme Being. Moriarty is a fictional character created by author James Moriarty. Jeremy Kyle is a fictional character created by author Jeremy Kyle. However, when compared to one plump lively youngster, all of these figures of malignity are nothing. I’m referring, of course, to Eric Theodore Cartman from SouthPark. From inciting a gang of cats to rape someone to attempting to turn the tide of the American Civil War, this sneaky little sod has gotten away with some very horrific deeds in his short lifetime.

To that end, I have taken great joy in developing a list of what I feel are his 10 most wicked moments, which includes the following: Series 15 Episode 5 of the Crack Baby Athletic Association In addition, Kyle discovers that Cartman is volunteering at a hospital, helping to care for newborns who are hooked to crack cocaine, but he is skeptical that his motivations are really charitable.

Because of Cartman’s disdain for the crack babies and his misguided belief that they are slaves, he goes to the chancellor of a university while dressed as a southern slave owner (complete with an accent) and asks for advice on how to manage his slaves, all while harboring the false belief that the university’s basketball players are slaves.

  1. It’s not all bad when EA Games scam Cartman’s company out of its whole fortune, and the crack baby orphanage is erected by musician Slash, who is presented as the video game equivalent of Santa Claus.
  2. Cartman is inspired by Kyle and gathers a group of friends, including Butters, Clyde, Kevin, and Ike, to accompany him to Mogadishu in order to achieve his goal.
  3. After being abducted and kidnapped again, Cartman and his crew are transported to a French ship, which they swiftly steal since the crew is afraid of Kevin’s toy lightsaber.
  4. When Cartman returns to Mogadishu, he earns the respect of several of the local pirates, who eventually join him.
  5. The disillusionment with their new lifestyle grows among Butters, Ike, Kevin, and Clyde, and Kyle comes to take Ike back to his family.
  6. Kyle is saved when a US ship arrives to rescue him, and the squad of shooters onboard eliminate all of the Somali pirates, assisting Cartman and putting an end to his piracy career.

The Passion of the Jew – Episode 3 of Season 8 After seeing The Passion Of The Christ, Cartman becomes smitten with Mel Gibson, and, believing the film to be a call to arms, launches an extermination campaign against Jews, enlisting the help of unsuspecting Passion of the Christ fans who believe Cartman is promoting a resurgence of Christian faith in their own communities.

  1. We must destroy all of the Jews on the planet.
  2. A speech by Stan about how people should place more emphasis on Jesus’ teachings than on his death is delivered.
  3. Following this, it is revealed in the episode AWESOM-O that his mother has grounded him as a result of his conduct.
  4. Cartman enjoys making hate speeches and attempting genocide, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he wasn’t only targeting Jews when he sought to exterminate them.
  5. Cartman later comes face to face with the prejudice he had previously encouraged, prompting him to found the Ginger Separatist Movement.
  6. Kyle is determined to be the first to die since he is a “Daywalker” (a person with red hair but no pale complexion or freckles), but before he dies, he whispers the truth into Cartman’s ear, allowing him to escape.
  7. 6.

One of his plans that didn’t work out was selling his kidney to Kyle, which he tried unsuccessfully.

Kyle’s condition is exacerbated by his mother’s reliance on alternative medicine, which ultimately proves to be a huge scam.

Cartman is adamant in his refusal to donate his kidney unless he is offered a ten-million-dollar reward in exchange.

Despite this, he pays the price at the conclusion of the episode when he is misled into signing a waiver consenting to donate his kidney to a stranger.

Kenny Perishes – Episode 13 of Series 5 One of the parallels betweenKenny Dies andCherokee Hair Tampons is that both films depict Cartman taking advantage of a friend’s deteriorating health in order to further his own interests.

To raise awareness of Kenny’s illness and the potential for stem cell research to potentially treat him, Cartman travels to Washington, DC, where he addresses members of Congress with enthusiasm.

Another of his dubious motivations for removing the prohibition was so that he could surround a branch of Shakey’s Pizza with foetuses and grow an exact replica of the restaurant right next next to it.

The episodes 11 and 12 of Coon 2: Hindsight/Mysterion Rising/Coon vs.

Even though Cartman has done some dubious things over the years, he has never before formed an alliance with a demon from an HP Lovecraft novel or started a pogrom against the minority he despises.

A hole is drilled into the moon by British Petroleum (BP) in an attempt to stem an oil spill.

As his heroic alter-ego the Coon, Cartman joins forces with Cthulu to start the aforementioned pogrom, which targets synagogues, the Burning Man festival, and the whole city of San Francisco, among other targets.


Before being struck and killed by an ice cream van whose driver had just completed level four while driving, Kenny purchases a PSP and progresses to level sixty of a game called Heaven vs.

When Kenny’s death is found to have been engineered by God, it is revealed that the PSP was created in order to locate a human who was so talented at Heaven vs.

When Kenny’s will is read aloud, Cartman discovers that Kenny despised him and gave him his PSP as a token of his affection for him.

Cartman embarks on a lengthy battle to get Kenny’s feeding tube removed in order for him to eventually be able to claim ownership of the PSP.

In exchange for allowing Kenny to die, Cartman obtains a PSP.

Tonsil Trouble – Episode 1 of Series 12 of Tonsil Trouble After going to get his tonsils removed, Cartman becomes infected with AIDS, which is unintentional.

To get revenge on Kyle for his ridicule of him, Cartman infects him with AIDS as a result of his actions.

Kyle and Cartman pay a visit to Magic Johnson (who is rumored to be the only person known to have recovered from AIDS) in order to find a cure.

Depending on your point of view, Cartman’s rampage in The Mysterion Risesis more terrible than this because of the scope of it.

In addition, as previously stated, Cartman was successful in convincing Cthulu to kill Justin Bieber, which makes the entire episode not so horrible.

Scott Tenorman Must Die — Episode 4 of Series 5 of The Simpsons This is, without a doubt, the pinnacle of Cartman’s depravity.

Cartman is duped by a teenager named Scott Tenorman into purchasing his pubic hair for 10 dollars.

Cartman devises a highly intricate vengeance scheme that involves a pony chewing off Scott’s penis while Radiohead (Cartman’s favorite band) sits on the sidelines, and Scott is the victim.

The fact that Kyle has informed Scott of Cartman’s intention has prompted Scott to devise a plot to further humiliate Cartman by feeding him chilli that contains pubic hair.

He also predicted that Scott would send his parents rather than himself to the event and informed the pony’s owner (a violent redneck) that there were pony murderers in the neighborhood.

Scott is pleasantly surprised when Catman explains all of this to him.

Cartman then jumps onto the table and begins licking the tears from Scott’s cheeks and chin.

Kyle’s determination that they should never do anything to annoy Cartman again is quite intelligent. It is at this point when Cartman’s wickedness is solidified, and Damien from The Omen appears to be a kindly character in comparison.

The 8 most memorable Jewish moments on South Park

South Park’s Rabbi Schwartz It’s been more than 14 years sinceSouth Parkfirst aired on Comedy Central. Yeah, I’m not kidding. It’s been around for that long. If back in 1997 most people were shocked due to the phenomenal success of a show that featured amateurish animation and toilet humor, it’s now a lonely source of social and political satire in mainstream media. And continuing 15-seasons strong, it is still quite popular. The main reason: the creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker just laugh at everyone.

A lot.

8. Kyle’s Jewish lack of rhythm almost kills his whole class (“ Rainforest Schmainforest “)

It was immediately following Hurricane Katrina, and the country was in a state of panic over global warming. A spoof of the oh-so-cliche film The Day After Tomorrow was created by South Park in order to address the topic at hand. When the town of Beaverton, Colorado is submerged, the lads resolve to act as heroes and help the people who are trapped there. They, on the other hand, exacerbated the situation by setting fire to the town. It is only when a FEMA chopper attempts to rescue them that Cartman informs Kyle that he would not allow him to board the aircraft unless Kyle gives him his “Jew Gold,” which is a necklace worn around the necks of all Jews.

That’s correct, we’re all stocked with Jew Gold.

6. Kyle’s cousin Kyle is a Jewish stereotype (“ The Entity “)

Kyle is looking forward to seeing his cousin from New York, who also goes by the name of Kyle, for the first time. While Kyle believes his cousin to be a cool East Coast man, he is actually the most irritating, nasally, and nerdish boy Kyle has ever encountered. Interestingly, the original Kyle (now known as “Kyle 2”) actually gives Cartman $40 in order for him not to make fun of Kyle 1. In addition, while Cartman is struggling to avoid criticizing Kyle 1, he finally gives in after informing him that, given his lack of attention, he might consider going to a concentration camp instead.


You know what my greatest fear is, don’t you?

I’m afraid that somehow his demeanor will begin to rub off on me, and I’ll end up looking like a cliche.

5. Ike’s circumcision scares the kids (“ Ike’s Wee Wee “)

In this episode of season two, we finally learn the truth about Ike, Kyle’s younger brother, and his origins. During Ike’s joyous Bris celebration, one of the children learns that a Bris is actually a circumcision ceremony. Alternatively stated: “They’re going to chop off (Ike’s) weewee!” Ultimately, Kyle chooses to conceal Ike in Nebraska and fake his death, and it is only at Ike’s burial (which includes a bagpipe rendition of “Hava Nagila”) that Kyle discovers that Ike is actually an adopted Canadian citizen.

Schwartz eventually prevailed, following a lecture from the Moel (“We’re not going to chop it off!

They realize that it’s not so horrible (“We’re simply going to clip it to make it seem bigger!”), and they even have their own Bris (including Cartman).

In addition, because he is Canadian, Ike is given a special circumcising knife. The maple leaf knife that Rabbi Schwartz uses to circumcise Ike is seen above right.

4. The Joozians of the planet Fognl (“ Cancelled “)

In the hilarious season seven premiere, we learn that Earth is essentially a reality television program, and that humans are living a Truman Show-style existence, which is being seen by aliens from all across the universe. According to legend, billions of years ago, diverse species were brought together on Earth to put on a play for the audience. Because of the children, the people of Earth have discovered that they are a part of the production, prompting them to behave in an incredibly idiotic manner and continuously exclaim “I’m on television!” Now that the earthlings have discovered the show, the “Fognl Network” (a spoof of FOX) executives plan to terminate it.

The Joozians are mostly a highly Jewey and perverse group of people who like coming to strip clubs (hekmubahs) and having their “jagons” sucked by other men in drag.

3. Kyle traumatized after watchingPassion of the Christ(“ Passion of the Jew “)

In a public statement, Matt Stone and Trey Parker stated that they could not tolerate Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ, stating that he appeared to gain greater joy from portraying Jesus suffer than from conveying the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was their response that they created an episode in which Kyle is shocked by the manipulation of Jews depicted in Gibson’s film and thinks that all Jews should apologize for the Crucifixion. As a result of his ardent admiration for the film, Eric Cartman believes it’s time to march through the streets, and ends up leading the crowds in a Nazi uniform while yelling in German.

Cartman’s antics cause the Jewish community (which appears to include more than just the Broflovskis) to march to the local cinema and demand that the film be pulled from the schedule.

2. Jew Scouts (“ Jewbilee “)

One of my personal faves has Kyle and Ike heading to “Jew Scouts,” with Kenny accompanying them despite the fact that he is a gentile. On the way to camp, Kenny takes a Judaism 101 class to prepare him for the camp. It all gets a bit out of hand when Garth, the elder of the “Anti-Semitic Jews” group, constantly states during a conference of camp elders that Jews should cease worshiping Moses (do we worship Moses?) and start following Haman, which causes everything to go little wild. While delivering their usual macaroni portraits and popcorn necklaces to Moses (who turns out to be a huge floating dreidel that looks like the red mainframe fromTron), Kenny creates a macaroni image of The Last Supper and is expelled from the camp for not being Jewish.

Elder Garth, the anti-Semitic Jew, catches Haman within a seashell, and he ends up being the one who saves the day as a result.

1. Kyle’s “Lonely Jew on Christmas” song (“ Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo “)

Despite the fact that it has been over 14 years since this episode aired, it remains one of the most memorable in South Park history. When Kyle, the only Jewish child in the town, becomes enraged because everyone else celebrates Christmas by his standards, he sings a mournful song about how difficult it is to be a Jew during the holidays. (“I’m not good at singing Christmas carols or decorating a Christmas tree… Alternatively, you may leave water out for Rudolph since something is wrong with me…

I’m a Jew, and I’m a Lonely Jew…


On March 31, the Comedy Central network broadcast an episode of the animated television series “South Park” that dealt with “The Passion of the Christ,” titled “The Passion of the Jew.” Both Jews and Christians were the targets of the show’s coarse satire, albeit the content may be more offensive to the former than the latter, depending on your point of view. One of the characters, Eric Cartman, a youngster who is frequently shown as anti-Semitic, claims that “The Passion” demonstrates that “Jews are the devil.” “Go watch it and tell me I’m wrong,” he urges his Jewish buddy, Kyle Broflovski, who agrees.

  • “How could the Jews do such a thing to Jesus?” he thinks.
  • As part of the “Mel Gibson Fan Club,” Cartman dresses up as Hitler and organizes a meeting at which some well-intentioned Christians turn up, believing that his cryptic Nazi references are actually referring to something of a benign religious meaning.
  • It is claimed that with the film “The Passion,” “I returned the fire and brimstone back to Christianity.” Following this, Gibson drives after the lads in a Mad Max truck, singing and dancing along the way.
  • The priest rejects Passion plays as a remnant from the Middle Ages that was used “to stir people against the Jews.” Kyle, influenced by the priest’s emphasis on atonement in Christianity, declares to his furious synagogue that the Jewish community must apologize for the killing of Jesus.
  • “Stereotyping Jews is isterrible!” proclaims a more obscene cartoon.
  • They decide to investigate.
  • “Don’t turn into an angry mob!” Kyle exclaims.

As a result of the Christians’ disillusionment, Stan offers a moral: “Focusing on how people were killed is something people did in the Dark Ages, and it ends up with pretty horrible effects.” When Kyle gets to the end of the movie, he exclaims, “Oh, buddy, I feel so much better about being Jewish now that I realize Mel Gibson is just a huge wacko.” Christian moviegoers are shown as readily persuaded (for example, a woman leaving the cinema compliments the film by saying, “It really guilt-trips you into believing.”) The only person who left the theater as an anti-Semite was the person who entered the theater as one (Cartman).

Those who are Jewish, on the other hand, are depicted to be responding significantly and trying to censor the film.

Even the “South Park” writers themselves are targeted in Kyle’s final sentence, which is stinging satire, since they can only pooh-pooh Mel Gibson’s movie by slamming the guy who made it possible for them to do so.

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