What Does Chien Po Chant Mean

Did you see what I saw? If you haven’t noticed, I am a little bit of a control freak. and, as a result of my obsession, I’ve seen this movie several times. And while I’ve been watching it, I’ve been aware of all of these minor details. Some of these I’ll have to keep working on for a while. Despite this, I find myself enjoying this film a great deal. Some of these details, particularly the names, would have been better if they had been addressed more thoroughly. So, what did you think of it?

  • What is Chi Fu’s given name? Actually, I mean, did you hear what I was saying? *g* It literally translates as ‘to bully.’
  • Mulan raises a grain of rice with her chopsticks, and it stands upright. And how does it come crashing down? That is not what it is intended to do. When Chinese cook rice, a large amount of water is utilized, resulting in the rice being puffed and sticky. It would, for starters, become entangled in her chopsticks, and even if she managed to keep it from being caught, the grain of rice would either remain upright or slide down very slowly
  • Second, it would become lodged in her mouth
  • And third, it would become stuck in her throat.
  • What was the name of the Chinese chess game that played during the song ‘Honor to Us All’? I used to be able to play it rather well. I didn’t know everything, and I didn’t know it very well. On the pieces, there are meant to be different characters inscribed on them to indicate what each one is for. Yes, I am aware that I am fussy. I do recall that the explosives were the pieces that were the most enjoyable to use in the game. *g*
  • Mulan is writing with her left hand, is she not? That is just not feasible. Children who are left-handed in China are nonetheless taught to write with their right hand, regardless of their gender. In my family, for example, both my father and sister are left-handed. My father writes with his right hand
  • My sister, on the other hand, writes with her left hand, and she is frequently informed that she is the only Chinese person who has ever been observed to write with her left hand. Not that this implies that she is a weirdo or anything.:)
  • What is the chant Chien Po performs with Yao? It’s based on a Buddhist chant, although the words they’re saying are a little wrong. In the words of Chien Po, a “mo ah mi toh fu” is spoken. “Ah mitwoh foh,” is the correct pronunciation. The phrase translates to something along the lines of “God assist me.” (By the way, this is just my phonetic spelling
  • I’m not using pinyin or anything like that.)
  • On the second day of training camp, Ling is doing Tai Chi. All of this is taking place before Mulan arrives and they begin to pick on her once more. Tai Chi, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, is a type of contemplative exercise that involves stretching and breathing exercises. You’re aware of the part when you make all of those movements really slowly
  • On the second day of training camp, Ling was doing Tai Chi. This is just before Mulan arrives and they begin to pick on her once more, like they did previously. Tai Chi is a type of contemplative exercise that is unfamiliar to individuals who are unfamiliar with it. Where you execute all those moves really slowly, you know where I’m talking about.
  • What is the reason for the fluctuating numbers in Li Shang’s army? First and foremost, there appear to be a significant number of males in the camp. However, by the conclusion of the song, ‘I’ll Make a Man Out of You,’ it appears that there is more to the story. It looks to be far less in the beginning of ‘A Girl Worth Fighting For,’ but by the end of the song, it has managed to develop. Then, when the army marches through the village, it appears to be incredibly little. (again.)
  • When Mulan is injured, what is the shape of the white/light colored rectangle with the dark circle in the center that is visible on the ceiling of the tent she is in? Either there’s a hole in the wall, which I seriously doubt, or it’s the Japanese flag. Uh-uh. This is a big no-no. I mean, what exactly is it? Is it just a stupid joke, or are they attempting to make fun of me?
  • The prarade/procession through the streets of the city. Is it anything you’ve seen before? As R stated to me in the cinema, “I’m not sure what you’re talking about.” “Do you like Aladdin? It is time to make room for Prince Ali!” and guess what happened after that? “Make way for the heroes of China!” says the speaker announcing the event. *g*
  • The stone lion that the troops are using to try to ram their way through the palace’s defenses. That is simply impossible. It is just too weighty, and despite the fact that both Chien Po and Li Shang were members of that organization, I am forced to conclude that it is simply not conceivable. Of course, it’s possible that “it’s styrofoam!” as R argues, is correct.
  • Cri-Kee bursts out laughing after burning the bird to death. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. I simply thought that was worth mentioning since he ends up rolling on his back because he’s laughing so hard
  • Furthermore, the featherless hawk transforms into a chocobo at the conclusion of the movie. (I believe it’s an animal from Final Fantasy.6)
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Laughing after he flame-broils the bird, Cri-Kee says The situation is very normal. I simply thought that was worth mentioning since he ends up rolling on his back because he is laughing so hard; furthermore, the featherless hawk transforms into a chocobo at the end of the movie. (I believe this is an animal from Final Fantasy.6)

Mulan Annotated 5 – Mulan Goes To War

See, the Taotieyazi design on the handle of the sword is something I particularly enjoy about it. An @khancrackers follower pointed out that the yazi symbol on the blade is a “hybrid of the wolf and the dragon,” according to Wiki, and that it is “a monster that enjoys fighting and is ferocious, and it is generally found on cross-guards of swords as adornment.” Most likely, it is not the Taotie. I came really close, though! Here’s an image that’s a little closer to the truth: Joss stick burners, on the other hand, are not like that.

  • Is it true that no one is that frugal?
  • The ox, rooster, and rabbit are seen from left to right.
  • The stone dragon seen in the image below assumes the position of a Chinese stone lion, as seen below.
  • Male carrying a ball beneath its right paw, and female with her progeny beneath her right paw, are seen on the left and right, respectively.
  • Sorry.
  • This impression is reinforced by the moustache.
  • Hoodies weren’t developed until the 1930s, and it wasn’t until the 1990s that we began referring to them as such.

Shan Yu, on the other hand, is believed to be a Hun?

Yes, Disney has strayed from the historical record with this one.

It’s possible that Shan Yu is a distorted pronunciation of Chan Yu, which is the title of kings in the Central Asian region.

The fact is that lumping nomadic races together in this manner is simply unconscionable.

However, in this picture, Chien Po is requesting that Yao calm down by chanting the Buddhist meditation mantra “Na mo amitabha.” In my version, there are no subtitles.

I sincerely hope that people will make an effort to pronounce Buddhist chants correctly as well.

Well, that’s life.

I don’t understand what you’re saying.

As described on this page, the ancient Chinese military ranking system was structured in the following way: The highest ranking official is the unit commander, and you can bet that Shang’s father is quite high up on the totem pole considering he’s the general.

The hierarchy was presumably reduced by the filmmakers in order to make shit easier to understand.

It’s the Monkey King and his (Ruyi Jingu Bang) that we’re talking about!

Extra tidbits of information: In fact, the Shaolin monks played a hand in establishing the Tang dynasty, therefore I think the movie’s makers were quite dead on when they decided to put some Shaolin-style kungfu in the film.

‘The Shaolin Monastery: History, Religion, and the Chinese Martial Arts,’ by Meir Shahar, is the source for this passage.

What am I missing here?

Anyway, here is a list of the many varieties of bows that were available throughout the Ming dynasty period.

As far as I know, the Tang dynasty is the basis for the commentary because the Ballad of Mulan initially appeared during the Tang dynasty, but I was only able to uncover this one reference to it.

Yao is in such trouble.

Yuzhang is the capital of what is now the province of Jiangxi.

There are several martial arts methods from other forms of Asian martial arts, such as Taekwondo and Karate, that are also available.

A picture of Dunhuang from around 950 depicted Chen Yi-Chang designing cannons (you can watch a film about it here, just go to 2:57), and the first fire cannons were discovered in a painting of Dunhuang dated around 950, albeit it was more of a fire lance than anything else.

Side note: I like how the smoke that flows out of the vents resembles the clouds seen in those ancient Chinese paintings.

Those haven’t even been thought of yet!

If this is the case, it does not make sense for the bamboo books to have been seen before the paper books because the bamboo books came before the paper books. This post was revised on October 25th to improve the language and provide further fact checking.

Mulan quotes … Movie Quotes Database

Let me show you something: the Taotieyazi design on the grip is something I truly enjoy about the sword. An @khancrackers follower pointed out that the yazi symbol on the blade is a “hybrid of the wolf and the dragon,” according to Wiki, and that it is “a monster that enjoys fighting and is ferocious, and which is generally featured on cross-guards of swords as adornment.” Probably not the Taotie, but something similar. Even so, I came within striking distance! A more realistic representation is shown below: It isn’t true that Joss stick burners behave in this manner.

  1. No one is that frugal, for example.
  2. The ox, rooster, and rabbit are depicted from left to right.
  3. It is the position of a Chinese stone lion that is seen in the image below.
  4. In the first picture, the male bear is holding a ball in the palm of his right hand, while the female bear has her progeny in the palm of her right hand.
  5. Sorry.
  6. The moustache also gives me a similar feeling.
  7. Hoodies weren’t created until the 1930s, and it wasn’t until the 1990s that we began referring to them as such.

What if Shan Yu is intended to be a Hun, then what do you do?

Definitely a case of Disney taking liberties with the historical record in this case.

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You’re wrong.

Certainly throughout the Qin era (221-206 BCE) and Han dynasty (206 BCE – 220 CE), as the Luandi clan of the Xiongnu referred to their king as “Luandi” (Luandi clan).

My hope is that we will aim for more accuracy in the representation of different races and civilizations in the future, rather than a lesser level of accuracy.

They corrupted the Chinese phrase “na mo amituofo,” which means “na mo amituofo,” to include something like the word “tofu.” Oh, no, no, no!

No, this isn’t some kind of joke.

After all, if the general is in command of a cavalry force, why is Shang in command of a fighting unit, as shown in the later training montage.

In this particular photo, the composition has been done quite well.

Shang is the Captain, and I’m perplexed as to why he wasn’t a Lieutenant or a Lieutenant General instead of Captain.

It’s the Bo staff, also known as a (bàng): Shang is wielding this weapon.

Take a guess as to who else makes use of a Yes, you are correct.

This was illustrated by @shelzie and can be viewed here..

Regardless, here’s some further information.

What am I missing?

Anyway, here is a list of the many varieties of bows that were available throughout the Ming era.

The Tang period is where the Ballad of Mulan first emerged, which is why we’re based the commentary on it, but I was only able to uncover this one piece of information.

Yao is in a bad way right now!

In today’s Jiangxi province, Yuzhang serves as the capital city.

In addition, there are several martial arts methods from many forms of Asian martial arts, such as Taekwondo and Karate, that are used in modern day combat.

For his part, Chen Yi-Chang created the cannons (see a movie about them here, just go to 2:57), and the first known fire cannons were discovered in a picture of Dunhuang dating to approximately 950, although it was more of a flaming lance than anything else at the time.

The smoke that comes out reminds me of the clouds in those ancient Chinese paintings, which is an interesting side note.

There are no such things as yet in existence. If so, is it on paper that he’s writing on. The presence of bamboo books prior to the appearance of paper does not make sense if this is the case, as bamboo books predate paper. The grammar and fact-checking in this piece were revised on October 25th.

The Ultimate List of Mulan Quotes

Mulani is one of the most quotable Disney films (and there are many). It is also one of the most popular. Why? This is due to the range of statements and phrases it contains, including philosophical, humorous, inspiring, and touching ones. Continue reading for interesting insights from Mulan, Mushu, Grandmother Fa, and other characters in the film.


“Greetings, my name is Mulan! I did it to save my father’s life,” I explained. “Think before you snack—then do it!” “Can I just say that my forefathers dispatched a little lizard to assist me?” “I was just cleaning my clothes, so now I’m clean and ready to leave.” Bye-bye!” “Perhaps I shouldn’t have gone with my father. Perhaps what I actually desired was to demonstrate my ability to do things correctly, so that when I looked in the mirror, I would see someone deserving of my time. However, I was mistaken.

“What makes Mulan any more special?” Shan Yu: “You have robbed me of my triumph.” “No!” says Mulan emphatically.

“All right, Khan, let’s go home.”


I’m Mulan, and I’d want to introduce myself. To rescue my father, I took the risk of doing it.” “Think before you snack—then do it!” says the speaker. “Can I just say that my forefathers dispatched a little lizard to assist me?” My clothes are clean because I recently washed them, therefore I’m going to go. Bye-bye!” “Perhaps I shouldn’t have gone to my father’s funeral.” Could it be that what I truly wanted was to demonstrate my ability to do the right thing in order to see someone deserving of my time when I looked in the mirror?

  • ‘I can’t find anything.’ It’s imperative that I take action.
  • So, what makes Mulan special?
  • “It was my idea.
  • Get off the roof!
  • “Khan, let’s go.”

Li Shang

“This is a representation of discipline, and this is a representation of strength. To get to the arrow, you’ll need both of them.” “We’ve got a long way to go,” says the author. “Um. You. You put up a decent fight.” “Uh. You’ve forgotten where you put your helmet.”

Yao, Ling, and Chien Po

“Oh, Yao!” says the narrator. “You’ve acquired a new acquaintance.” Chien Po is a fictional character created by author Chien Po. “Take it easy and chant with me.” Chien Po is a fictional character created by author Chien Po. “Do you feel better?” “Ooh, tough man,” says Chien Po. – Yao Xiao “I let them slide through my fingertips!” says the author. – Yao”Let’s give it up for Ping, the bravest of us all!” says the group. — Ling Xiaodong

Shan Yu

I’m very glad you’re here, Yao.” A new buddy has been added to your group. Chen Po is a fictional character created by author Chien Po. “Take it easy and join me in chanting.” Chen Po is a fictional character created by author Chien Po.

“Do you think you’re better?” Ooh, a tough guy,” says Chien Po. I’m talking about Yao. They slipped through my fingertips, I’m ashamed to admit it! Let’s raise a glass to Ping, the most courageous of us all!” — Yao The linguist Ling

The Emperor

“A single grain of rice has the potential to tilt the scales. It is possible that one individual will make the difference between triumph and loss.” It doesn’t matter how loud the wind screams; the mountain will not budge. “I’ve heard a lot of good things about you, Fa Mulan. You took your father’s armor, ran away from home, pretended to be a soldier, fooled your commanding officer, dishonored the Chinese Army, and damaged my palace… and you have rescued us all in the process!” “Everything went swimmingly.

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Fa Zhou

“Wow, wow, wow, what a gorgeous display of blooms we have this year. But have a look! This one is a little late. Nevertheless, I’m confident that when it blossoms, it will be the most stunning of them.” “It is a privilege to serve my nation and my family,” says the soldier. “Being blessed with you as a daughter is the greatest blessing and honor.”

Grandmother Fa

“Can you tell me who spat in her bean curd?” “Please hear our plea, ancestors. Keep an eye on Mulan.” “Would you want to remain for dinner?” Mulan inquires. “Would you prefer to stay for the rest of your life?” Grandmother Fa:


“And, by the way, I was able to get the position on my own.” “Dangerous snake!” says the narrator. “It was an intentional attempt on my life!” says the victim.

Great Ancestor



“Now it’s your turn to pour the tea.” More of your favorite quotations may be found in the animated classicMulan, which is currently streaming on Disney+.

Mulan: Yao, Ling, and Chien-Po x OC’s – The Matchmaker

Jay’s Point of View It’s quite hot outside. My sisters and I were forced to stand in the rain under an umbrella that we couldn’t even raise above our heads. “The Mitchells are a family.” “Alariah, my sister, screamed as she rose to her feet. “Without being asked, I’m going to speak. What the hell is going on with this woman’s ass. Each of us got to our feet and walked inside her office with the other two. “Now, women, what type of guys are you seeking for?” says the narrator. Alariah: I’m looking for someone who appreciates my food and with whom I can easily get along.

And who is pleasant and pleasant?

When he’s stiff or irritated, I like to touch his tense shoulders with a warm towel.

“Ladies, let’s get this party started.


In the words of the boss, “If that’s how you feel, get out of my office!” “Fine, then we’re getting out of here.” My two sisters trailed behind me as I marched out the door.

“I swear to you, I was going to take that tiny smile off her face.” We’ll go teach the females to get rid of all this tension.

I stood up with Alariah and headed out to the broad field with him in tow.

I stood up with a sigh and a sigh of relief.

“Let’s just go get something to eat,” says the group.

We sat at a table in the far back of the restaurant.

The waiter walked away with a nod.

I raise a brow and direct my gaze towards ling and.

They drew their brows together twice.

“Jay, you need to calm down.

We sat down as quickly as possible so that we wouldn’t be noticed and began eating our food.

The question is, “And where do you think you’re going?” As I walked to the next booth, I rolled my eyes and shook my head at him.

“Umm, there is a wedding to attend, and I was wondering if you lovely ladies would be interested in accompanying us.” They raised their brows and took a few steps back to look around.

When I pointed behind them, they immediately turned to face the two waving men.

“”Umm, let me guess,” Jay says.

I laughed at her sarcasm and took up a position next to her.

“Hello, my name is Alariah.” Chein-Po greeted her with a smile and a handshake.

She smiled, and the two of them began to converse.

China’s Lee side hero is known by the name Lee.” I kick his leg, causing him to jump and land on his knee on the table, which hurts.

The girl said she was trying to keep her laughter in check but failed miserably.

I sat back in the booth, allowing my back to sink into the cushion.

“Can you tell me what you mean?” She made a friendly gesture with her hand.

I give her a friendly smile and shake her hand.

Her smile grew even wider, and she reached out and gently touched the cut on my shoulder, causing me to shiver.

“Can you tell me what happened here?” I return my attention to her.

“I believe we still have time.” I gave her a friendly smile and explained what had happened.

“Can you tell me what happened there?” She looked down at her feet, flushed.

“What are you trying to get away from?” A tear streamed down her cheek.

I banged my fist against the table in frustration.

I was about to rise up when I felt someone stroke the back of my neck.

I groan and slump back into the hug of the other person.

I was just about to fall asleep when a group of men approached our table.

I grumble and switch my attention to them.

“Did I say something to you?” I raised my fist in the air.

When I look around, Jay is smirking at me.

“After that, I’m going to take a nap.

C-Can you, uhh, touch my shoulders once more?” She smiled and gently massaged my shoulders, causing me to sink into a deep slumber immediately. Hello, if you are reading this, please accept my gratitude! This is my very first Mulan-related tale! Thank you to everyone who took the time to read it.

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