What Does Khan Chant In Metro 2033

Khan (Character)

I removed the phrase “probably latin,” since it was stupid. DRY How did you come into contact with Kahn in the first place, considering that he snipes people? What is the source of this information? The time is 19:34 Smish3417:34 on April 19, 2010. (UTC) In fact, you don’t even come across him till after Bourbon is dead. In fact, I don’t believe he even kills any of the bandits; I once killed them all myself with throwing knives and didn’t capture any dead ones because there were no knives to pluck out of them throughout the assignment.

It appears like there are only two or three guards on the level, however the lone guard you see after you pass the man who goes and vomit up is the one who always gets killed in my experience: (and his firend).

A lamp next to a couch identifies the location of the little room in question.

“Fuck all of you people,” was the only thing inscribed on the wall.

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Latin or Greek?

I’ve removed the phrase “probably latin,” which is completely absurd. DRY Assuming that Kahn snipes people, how do you come into contact with him before? What is the source of this information. The date and time is April 19, 2010, and the time zone is UTC (UTC) You don’t meet him until after bourbon is slain, and only then. In fact, I don’t believe he even kills any of the bandits; I killed them all myself with throwing knives once, and I didn’t capture any dead ones with no knives to pluck out of them during the entire operation.

  1. It appears like there are only two or three guards on the level, however the lone guard you see after passing the man who goes and vomit up is the one who always gets murdered (and his firend).
  2. One of the only distinguishing features of the little space in question is a light next to a sofa.
  3. “Fuck all of you people,” was all that was written.
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Khan in the Novel

So I was reading the novel on the bus today, and I came to the section when Khan is introduced. However, he comes across as rather flat and unimpressive in the book, lacking nearly all of the ‘talented and wise mentor who knows what is best for everyone’ characteristics and instead portraying himself as a ‘talented but insane old man who can’t finish a coherent sentence which makes you expect him to explode at any moment’. I really, really liked Khan in the game and anticipate that he will be absolutely awesome in the novel (because, generally speaking, a novel character will always be better than a videogame character), but I believe that 4A did a fantastic job in enhancing the character after Glukhovsky made a mistake.


That moniker is quite well-known, so I’m guessing they utilized it and were inspired by this video:P How are you doing, by the way? I’ve been away for a bit, recovering from surgery. It appears to be getting better. Scare Cr0w 9th of December, 2011 at 10:12 a.m. (UTC) It’s a scary Cr0wKHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! What kind of procedure are you talking about? So glad to hear you’re okay! Teddy Picker is a neologism for a person who collects Teddy Bears. 9th of December, 2011 at 14:33 (UTC)

A theory about Khan (in the game)

That moniker is quite well-known, and I’m sure they utilized it as inspiration for this video:P. In case anyone is wondering how I’ve been doing, I’ve been absent for a bit recovering from my surgery. I think it’s getting better now. Scare Cr0w the 9th of December 2011, ten minutes and twelve seconds (UTC) It’s a scary Cr0wKHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! What kind of procedure are you referring about, exactly? Fortunately, you are in good health. Teddy Picker is a neologism for a person who picks things up with their hands.


That moniker is quite well-known, and I’m sure they utilized it and were inspired by this video:P By the way, how are you doing? I’ve been away for a while, recovering from surgery. Feels a lot better now. Scare Cr0w 9th of December, 11:12 a.m. (UTC) It’s a scary Cr0wKHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! What type of procedure are you talking about? Pleased to hear you’re okay! Teddy Picker is a character in the film Teddy Picker. 9th of December, 11:33 p.m. (UTC)

Last Light Appearance

That moniker is quite well-known, and I’m sure they used it as inspiration for this video:P How are you all doing, by the way? I’ve been away for a bit, recovering from surgery. It appears to be better now. Scare Cr0w 9:12 a.m. on December 9, 2011 (UTC) It’s a scary Cr0wKHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! What kind of procedure are you referring to? So happy to hear you’re okay! Teddy Picker is a fictional character created by author Charles Dickens. 9th of December, 11:33 a.m.

Theory: Khan doesn’t actually exist :: Metro 2033 Redux General Discussions

THE FOLLOWING SPOILERS ARE INCLUDED: After thinking about Khan, who you will agree is a mysterious figure, I came up with the following theory: Khan never existed in the first place, but he is an allucination given by the evil ones to guide you through the storyline and to the happy conclusion. The points are as follows. -During the chapter “Sparta,” you will meet Khan in the ranger base, despite the fact that he is not a ranger and will not be joining you on the further levels in the game. None of the rangers ever interacts with him, or even acknowledges him, and he is completely ignored.

  • The voice of Khan can be heard repeating statements that he has stated to you personally during dark ones-related hallucinations.
  • In what way does it serve a purpose to force you to hear quotes from another human being during visions?
  • He’s able to just stroll through ghosts, hallucinations, and even survive an anomaly without any assistance.
  • It doesn’t make much sense for a human to be able to control otherworldly forces like this.
  • A particular number of moral points is required in order to activate the happy ending).
  • Why would following the instructions of a random individual offer you points toward a happy ending?
  • The black station one is the most significant omission from my collection.
  • Alternatively, it is possible that the opponent has been eliminated silently and that the guns fired during the conflict are only the beginning of the illusion.
  • During this time, Khan comes up to the troops and speaks to them, who are plainly aware of his presence and recognize him.
  • Doesn’t this appear to be a bit unrealistic and out of character with the rest of the game?
  • This is further corroborated by the fact that no one else in the game, with the exception of Khan, mentions Cursed station, despite the fact that it is theoretically near to both Armory and Black station.

That is the hypothesis; it has a little flaw, but in the grand scheme of things, I believe it to be correct. Many thanks to you for sticking with me and reading everything; please let me know what you think!

Walkthrough – Ghosts*

Chapter 3Anomaly is followed by Chapter 3Dry. Walking Instructions: Follow Khan through the first metal gate 1 and pay attention to his words as you go. Despite the fact that you will not be confronted with any “real” opponents throughout this assignment, it is critical that you adhere to his instructions. Once you’ve entered a bigger tunnel 2, you may follow his instructions and pay attention to the sounds emanating from the pipes. It’s worth noting that if you remain in that position for more than a few seconds, you will suffer a health point loss.

  1. As you progress through the game, you’ll come upon a fresh dead body, which you may check to obtain regular ammo.
  2. Ignore the ghosts that have been sighted in the region; as long as you follow Khan’s instructions, you will be safe.
  3. Upon obtaining the ammunition, head to a blue metro vehicle number 2 and enter it to encounter the ghost of a little child.
  4. Keep an eye out for Khan to start running and then pursue him as swiftly as possible to a shattered balcony to your right 1.
  5. You are free to proceed with your plans.
  6. 1.
  7. Start following him gently 2and soon you’ll both be able to escape without a scratch from this place.
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Following the tunnel’s conclusion, proceed to the left and select passageway number 1 (in the map).

Obtain regular ammo by finding a disfigured body and destroying it.

Extra ammunition can be found in one of the corners 1 if you check it carefully.

Prepare for Khan by stopping nearby and then approaching a new door situated on your right 2.

You’ll have to be prepared to face a second set of animals that will materialize behind you, in addition to the ones you’ll encounter on the other side 1.

Combat until all of the creatures have been defeated, and then investigate the left chamber, where some of the creatures were hiding.

1. Move fast here to prevent radiation – inspecting a skeleton will result in the collection of 15 rounds of gold ammo, which must be used immediately. 2. You are welcome to return to Khan.

Along the journey, you’ll get the opportunity to inspect one more body 1. (ammunition). Begin by joining Khan and following him along a short corridor. To complete this rather brief quest, descend to a lower level of 2. Chapter 3Anomaly is followed by Chapter 3Dry.

White Flashes: Locations.

Hello everyone, I thought I’d attempt to make all of these spots that generate flashes a little easier to understand. There are far more than some people believe. Although I’m just working on a few levels at the moment, I want to complete them all in the near future. No, I’m not sure whether I’ve missed any, but I’ve done everything I possibly could to locate them all. Simply include it if you believe I have overlooked something! Any and all expressions of interest, as well as recommendations and other feedback, are much appreciated.

‘ Initial experience as a hunter (After Prologue).

Talk to him for a moment: A man should be waiting at the entrance behind him, and as you pass through the door, he will sit in the chair.

You should now be able to switch your focus to a bed and ailing individual in the adjacent room, and you should receive another flash: Once Hunter has arrived, he will sit in a chair and offer you a photograph he has taken of the Statue of Liberty; once you have taken the photograph, you will receive a flash: Exhibition: You need turn around and interact with the guitar when you initially start in your room area in order to get a white flash.

  • Continue on and you will come across a Father who is chatting to his son (who is drawing on theground).
  • Another flash should occur as you approach your step-father in the room and are about to enter through the threshold.
  • The first time you walk into the room where your father is sitting, repeat your greetings to him several times until he finishes his “looking up to hunter” speech.
  • In addition to boxes of ammunition for you, there is a box at the far end of the room.
  • When you get to this point, you’ll have to catch up with Bourbon, who will urge you to run away from the searchlight and hide.
  • By walking over to him, you can get a glimpse of him: Another impoverished individual may be seen in the market, to the left of the butcher’s stall.
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A tape recorder is located at the other end of the room, and you may use it to capture another flash if you want: Khan: There is a path on the left hand side of the screen near the conclusion of this level (just before you go through the door to complete the level) that leads you into a maze made out of several crates near the end of the level.

As soon as you have slain him, you can use the Hookah for a quick burst of energy: Ghosts: When you first enter the level, Khan will instruct you to go in opposition to the pipes and pay attention.

As soon as Khan has completed his incantation to pass through the ghosts, you should see a flash of light on the opposite side: After that, you go into a few rooms and look for this individual in the corner of one of them for a split second: Immediately after killing the nosalises, you will be required to open a door, through which a dead person will fall.

After your conversation with them, you will receive a flash: You will visit this little chamber near the conclusion of the game; you should receive a flash when you move through it at some point: Frontline: On this level, you must be extremely cautious in order to obtain all of the flashes stated above: To begin, spin around and use throwing knives to knock down the two guards at the end of the room for quiet takedowns (hold fire button for more powerful throw).

Afterwards, pay notice to a wall-mounted unit that, when opened, will reveal a flash along with some night vision goggles: NOTE: THIS PROJECT IS NOT COMPLETE YET! TheDarkCorsair’s work has been edited.

What happened to Khan in Metro?

Later When Artyom and Anna are about to leave Oktobraskaya, Khan and the Hanza police arrive and save them. In the aftermath of his discharge from quarantine, Khan transports Artyom to a mystical location in theMetro, which he refers to as the River of Fate. A great deal of Artyom’s deeper memories are brought to the surface by the River of Fate.

What is Khan chant Metro 2033?

Khan’s song is either in Sanskrit or rudimentary Latin. ‘Casto noi lapide asterium manto, alaum raum om’ is an ancient mantra for expelling bad energy from one’s body, which he sings. Despite the fact that the Ghosts are referenced rather frequently, this is one of just a few levels (Chase, Ghosts, and Cursed) in which they are prominently displayed.

How did bourbon die?

It had nothing to do with bandits or hostile people, and instead occurred as a result of a supernatural phenomena that was never fully explained. Bourbon begins a speech with the words “I am dead” just moments before his death. He soon got weaker and eventually fell and died, leaving Artyom alone to be saved by Khan, who arrived at the scene.

Who are the dark ones in Metro?

It is the Dark Ones (Russian: рнe or “blackones”) who are a sapient race evolved from humans who have survived the nuclear catastrophe and have adapted to their new environment.

Is Artyom a dark one?

Metro Last Light is escorted by Artyomis, who is the last survivor of the gang following Metro 2033’s canonical conclusion. Artyomis is accompanied by a little Dark One throughout the whole game.

How many endings does Metro 2033 have?

There are two possible outcomes.

Is Artyom a mute?

The majority of the game is narrated by Artyom, with voice-overs provided during loading intervals. Artyomis almost always silent and (in many ways) strange when not being narrated to by someone else. Artyomis has reached the age of 24. Artyom’s face is disguised in some manner or another for the majority of the third-person cut-scenes at the beginning of the game.

Is Artyom dead?

With voice-overs throughout the loading intervals, Artyom narrates the majority of the game. Artyomis almost always silent and (in many ways) strange when not being narrated to by another character. Artyomis has reached the age of 24 years. For the most part, Artyom’s face is disguised in some manner or another throughout the first few third-person cut-scenes.

Does Artyom have a son?

Artist’s Son is a character in Metro: Last Light who can only be seen in the C’est la Vie epilogue… Despite the fact that Artyoman and Anna are married, they do not have a son in the year 2035.

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What does the name Artyom mean?

Slavic given name originated from the Greek letter o. Origin. “dedicated to Artemis,” as the phrase goes.

Can Artyom swim?

CanIswim? No. However, if you fall into the water, you will not die immediately. As Artyomstruggling makes his way back to the surface, an animation of him struggling will play.

How tall is Artyom?

ArtyomZemchyonok was born on June 24, 1991, in Moscow, Russia, and is a professional ice hockey player for the Russian national team. ArtyomZemchyonok is 29 years old and is 5 ft 11 in (181 cm) tall.

Is the Metro series over?

While we have nothing to say at this moment, we do not intend to actively disengage from the Metrofranchise in the foreseeable future.

While the main story of the series has focused on Artyom’s adventure, the MetroExodus DLC allows players to take on the roles of many other characters.

What kind of cat is Artyom?

Russian Blue is a color that is associated with Russia.

Can Artyom talk?

One of the most obvious manifestations of this is in the manner the voice of the main character, Artyom, is dealt with. And this is due to the fact that Artyom is deaf. With the exception of when he does… It wasn’t until the introduction of voice acting in video games that we began to see our primary characters becoming more animated and conversational.

Why does Artyom not speak?

Do any of you think it’s strange that Artyom doesn’t say anything in-game? It’s a choice made throughout the design process. They aim to offer the player of the game authority over the conversation in order to make him feel like he is the actual character in the game.

Is Metro exodus the last game of the series?

Metro: Last Light is the third part of theMetrovideogametrilogy, based on the books of Dmitry Glukhovsky, and it takes place after the events of the previous two games, Metro2033 andMetro: Last Light.

Metro Exodus
Writer(s) Dmitry Glukhovsky, Andrei Paskhalov
Composer(s) Alexei Omelchuk
Series Metro
Engine 4A Engine

How many weapons can you hold in Metro exodus?

TheAKis a dependable weapon in this game, capable of both medium and long-range shooting as well as close-range spraying with reasonable accuracy. Upgrades include a suppressor, which eliminates the need for sights, but also includes a longer magazine. Once you have the means to purchase the Kalash 2012, it is a superior weapon.

What is the best weapon in Metro exodus?

The Kalash is a Russian weapon.

Is the Tikhar silent?

Silentkiller and engineering marvel at the same time. TheTikharwas developed out of a requirement for a weapon in a situation when ammunition shortages were a concern. It quickly proved crucial for Spartan Rangers. Not only does the pistol make use of the common ball bearing for ammo, but it is also very silent when in use.

How do you throw a knife in Metro 2033?

Silentkiller and technical marvel at the same time? Yes, please! In a time when Spartan Rangers were unable to find weapons to use because of a lack of ammunition, theTikhar proved to be invaluable. Apart from the fact that it uses the common ball bearing as ammo, the pistol produces almost little noise.

How do you change Tikhar ammo?

Hold down the tab key and then reload the page.

Where is the Bulldog Metro exodus?


  • TheBulldogcan be found in the Caspian level of the game. The Munai-Bailer mafia use this weapon, despite the fact that it is far less prevalent than the Kalash. The Caspian level contains a 60-round magazine with a capacity of 60 rounds.

Where is the crossbow in Metro exodus?

It may be discovered on the floor next to a dead body in the toilet of the Library, near the Balaika, in the Kshatriya faction’s DLC, which is available now. Most likely, the crossbow that Bar and Su describe earlier in the level, which belonged to the previous stalker, Grisha, is what they are referring about.

What gun is the Bulldog based on?

Tavor 7 of the IWI

Does Metro exodus have moral points?

In Metro: Exodus, moral emphases are reintroduced. Artyom receives points for doing good actions or for performing specific deeds, much like he did in the previous games. In the Sam’s Story DLC, moral points are also included, but instead of signifying good deeds, they indicate activities made by Sam in order to acquire the Captain’s faith in his abilities.

Can you beat Metro exodus without killing anyone?

This is not resolved by reloading a previous save or checkpoint. Keep in mind that it is possible to complete all levels without killing anyone, and some players consider it a source of personal pride to complete the game in this manner.

How do you get the bad ending in Metro exodus?

What is the best way to acquire the horrible ending in Metro Exodus? The awful ending is only conceivable if there aren’t enough individuals there to receive the blood donation.

Artyom will run across a couple of old friends in the afterlife who he remembers from his life on earth (Bourbon, Khan). Following that, you will be shown a cut-scene from Artyom’s burial service.

Who can you kill in Metro Last Light?

Question: Can I murder the guards on the train while playing Metro: Last Light in order to save the dark one? Answer: Yes, you may kill these people even if you’re aiming for the Shadow Ranger accomplishment or trophy. It will have no effect on your progress.

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