What Is A Cheerleading Chant

Motivate the Team and Fans With These New Cheers

A cheering team can never have too much of one thing, and that is cheers, of course! We offer lots of entertaining shouts and chants for your team, including terrific methods to get the audience going as well as yells and chants specifically for basketball and football. You may use these cheers as-is or you can get creative with them. Replace or modify the phrases, add your own hand movements, or allow them to spark a cheer of your choosing. Using a variety of cheers, regardless of the situation, may make your team more exciting and help you encourage the spectators.

The Best Cheerleading Chants for Any Sport

Every squad need a set of standard cheers that serve to enhance the team’s image. These may be used for any sport, are simple and enjoyable, and can help to keep the momentum going in the right direction. Let’s get down to business. Get low, get tough, and get cruel. Let’s get down to business. And get the better of the other team! This brief and simple shout involves some clapping, which adds to the enjoyment of the game in general. Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, are you all set?

(double clap) Are you all set?

  • (clap) Teamwork is key (clap) Everything is a Panther (mascot) affair!
  • Turn up the volume and truly demonstrate your team spirit.
  • Pep, punch, and pizzazz, to be exact!
  • The Shadyside Tigers (both as a school and as a mascot) now have Razzmatazz!
  • With this chant, you can really chew up some time on the clock while also demonstrating your support for each individual player on the field.
  • Robbie (player name) is stronger than steel and hotter than the sun; he will not rest until the mission is completed!
  • This amusing little poem is brief, yet it is not too cloyingly sweet.
  • We have the ability to knock you off your feet because we have the power!
  • Here’s something a little different for you.
  • Yes, Yes, Do We Rock?
  • Yes, yes, are we going to come to a halt?

Get the Crowd Excited

When it’s time to get the fans engaged, we’ve got a few terrific shouts that will help you spread the excitement even more widely. Yell is pronounced as ye-e-l-l (repeat 4x) BJH BJH BJH BJH BJH BJH BJH BJH BJH Bravo, BJH! This chant will ensure that no one forgets about your squad. It serves to repeat your team’s name, and if you are inventive with your motions, it may have a significant influence. To those of you who like the Black Knight (mascot), Raise your hands and clap your hands! Go Knights, go Knights, go Knights!

  1. Let’s see if you can wave your hand now!
  2. Go Knights, go Knights, go Knights!
  3. Trojans are a kind of parasite that lives on the surface of the earth (mascot) GET UP AND SHOW OFF!
  4. The loudest yay we can muster is for the number one team.
  5. The colors green and white are complementary (school colors) First and foremost, it is exactly what we stated.
  6. Let’s get this Trojans team going!
  7. Let’s Fight in Big Green!

When the game is nearing its conclusion, and your team desperately needs your assistance, this song is appropriate.

“Victory!” exclaims the squad.

Come on, people, what’s your battle cries for the team?


Grangers, XX, XX!

Grangers, XX, XX!

You will enjoy it immensely since it is adorable, sassy, and a lot of fun.

U stands for one-of-a-kind.

Enthusiasm is represented by the letter E.

So, Ram (mascot) fans, let’s get this party started!

If you want to capture the attention of a crowd, start your cheer with the words “Ready, OK!” There will never be a better time to wear this timeless classic.

Let’s get this party started.

Come on, shout the audience.

We have to move forward, fight hard, and win the game, Panthers.

When it’s time to make some serious noise, pull this chant out of your pocket.

1-2-3-4 Allow me to hear you stomping on the floor! DHS D-DHS (the initials of the school) (stompingpumping fist) 5-6-7-8 Everyone must rotate! (while rotating, shout “hoo hoo hoo hoo” three times) 9-10-11-12 Please allow me to hear you Eagles (mascot) roar out loud! (There is a collective cry) ​

Fight for the Win!

What is the ultimate objective of a cheerleading squad? In order to ensure that everyone who is watching the game has a good time cheering their side on to victory. This burst of applause is just what you need to get your fighting spirit going. S-U-C-C-E-S-S That’s how we spell success in our house. We wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. With S-U-C-C-E-S-S! Simple and easy to remember, this is a wonderful go-to cheer to have on hand when you need to start things moving quickly in a situation.

  1. Everyone screams in blue and white (school colors) THE COLOR BLUE AND WHITE!
  2. Everyone screams at the same time.
  3. Go, Fight, and Succeed!
  4. The importance of unity and teamwork Let’s get together and fight for what we believe in.
  5. (in the colors of the school) It’s usually a good idea to repeat a cheer since it doesn’t take long for the audience to catch on to what you’re saying.
  6. We’ve pulled it all together, and we’re battling for a victory (clap) South Orlando Braves (team name) (clap), and we’re back on top!
  7. Colors of orange, black, and a smidgeon of white As the Beavers (the school mascot), we’re ready to fight, fight, and more battles.

It’s Time to Get Tough

Utilize this collection of cheers and chants to motivate your squad and remind everyone of your toughness. Let’s get this party started. Get a little harsh, a little tough, a little cruel. Let’s get pumped up and annihilate the opposing team! (Repeat three times) A little rhyme, such as this one, may have just as much of an effect as a longer piece of writing. hey hey, get out of our way, please. Today is the big day, so get ready. We will take you into custody! Remember to keep it clean when you use the “whoopsie” in the last line, and have fun with it.

  • It’s not possible to be number two.
  • Allow no one on the field to have any doubts about your team’s brilliance by starting the game with a fast four-line chant that centers on the mascot of your team.
  • Wildcats have a silky texture.
  • Once again, this is a terrific interactive shout that you can build on by adding extra verses to encourage supporters to blow along with you.
  • Make a beeline for the exit because today is the day we will blast you away (to the right)!

Football Cheerleading Chants

Football provides several opportunity for creative chants. Some of the games might go for an extended period of time, so make sure you have enough of cheers on hand for those evenings. You may be an excellent basketball player. It’s possible that you’re good at track. However, when it comes to football, it’s best to take a step back. It’s probably best to take a step back. What are you talking about? It’s probably best if you take a step back. I’m sorry, but I can’t hear you. It’s probably best to take a step back.

  1. What’s nice about football is that it provides you with lots of opportunities to applaud for both the defense and the offense.
  2. Defense, keep your foot on the gas.
  3. Push them back a little bit.
  4. A brief timeout is being taken by the team.
  5. Our squad has gathered in a huddle, and this is what we have to say: “Go, fight, and win!” Our squad has gathered in a huddle, and this is what we have to say: “Go, Go, Go!”.

Our crew has gathered in a huddle, and this is what we have to say: We say Win, Win, and more Win! This is what our squad says in a huddle: “Go, fight, win,” like they say on the field. Go, Fight, and Succeed! Go, Fight, and Succeed!

Basketball Cheerleading Chants

Basketball is a fast-paced sport, so you’ll want to prepare a variety of rapid shouts that you can cycle into the game. This collection of basketball chants will get you off to a fantastic start on both the offensive and defensive ends of the court. Dribble, dribble, bounce pass, dribble, dribble The Eagles have the ability to run quickly. Dribble, dribble, chest pass are all options. The Eagles are never the last team standing. Attempt to catch the ball in the air. Feel free to substitute your favorite professional basketball player here, but there’s nothing wrong with include a legend like Michael Jordan as well.

  1. Go, Bandits (the team’s mascot)!
  2. This brief four-liner is a great alternative for a speedy response.
  3. That basket should be rejected.
  4. That basket should be rejected.
  5. This is a lighthearted and succinct defensive cheer that everyone will appreciate.
  6. ​​

Cheers and Chants

  • Greetings, Wildcat supporters in the stands. GO BIG RED, YELL IT! LET’S GO BIG RED! Greetings, Wildcat supporters in the stands. GO BIG WHITEGO BIG WHITEGO BIG REDGO BIG REDGO BIG REDGO BIG REDGO BIG REDGO BIG REDGO BIG REDGO GO LARGE, WHITEL Come on Wildcats, let’s go! You’re well aware that you don’t want it from us. No one can shake like us since they can’t rock and roll or move like us (2x) (silence) They are unable to rock, move, or tremble in the same way as we do (2x)
  • Because They Ain’t Seen Enough is the title of this song. Get strong on defense, push ’em back, and let’s break this up. Defense, get tough on offense! Because they haven’t seen enough of you twice
  • We’ve got that spirit, so let’s hear it spelled out in S-P-I-R-I-T. We’re number one, second to one N U M B E R
  • We’re number one, second to one N U M B E R
  • Put a stop to them. Block them, shut them down three times
  • Our school’s name is John Paul the Great Acadademy, and we are the GUARDIANS of that institution. No one will be able to stop us from completing our topic till the very end of time. P-A-N-T-H-E-R-S of V-EN-I-C-B-E-A-C-H P-A-N-T-H-E-R-S of V-EN-I-C-B-E-A-C-H P-A-N-T-H-E-R-S of V-EN-I-C-B-E-A-C-H This is our battle cry, and if you attempt to stop us, we will have to say farewell. Move ‘Em Back is the title of this article (Defense) Interception, quarterback sack, false start, and a shift to the backfield are all possibilities. Hello, there, Longhorn supporters. Make a commotion and rattle those stands. Yell Longhorns, go! Longhorns, Longhorns, Longhorns Date to be determined: September 29th, 2020
  • Title:Brr it’s chilly in herebrr it’s cold in here there must be some sharks in the environment ohe ohe ohe ice ice ice ohe ohe ohe ohe ohe ohe ohe ohe ohe ohe ohe ohe ohe ohe ohe ohe ohe ohe ohe ohe ohe ohe ohe ohe ohe ohe ice ice ice ice ice ice ice ice ice ice ice ice ice ice ice Congratulations to the Sharks and the Lions for rocking the house. Which animals rock the house? I replied the lions, and when the lions rock the house, they rock the house all the way down, and I meant it. SHAKING IN THEIR CLEATS is the title of this article. They were shaky in their cleats. S-C-A-R-E-D “They’re afraid and shivering in their cleats,” we say. We are a force to be reckoned with! Tonight, the (winning team) is going to win! We are a force to be reckoned with! Now is the time to fire your stick and start fighting! We are a force to be reckoned with! Get pumped up and ready to score big time! We are a force to be reckoned with! Tonight’s game will be won by the (winning team)
  • Let’s start moving. Get up, get moving. (Clap) (Circle your arms around each other.) Go! Cheer on the Mavericks. Cheer on the Mavericks! Go
  • All of the other teams had no prior experience sliding down a waterfall and landing on a cactus. When you’re powerful, you’re good, and you’re difficult to beat, cheating is your only option. T-E-A-MR-E-D What exactly does that mean? GO RED x 3
  • Where R-E-D is spelled out You’re red H-O-T hot, and you’re not going to defeat that team we’ve got, red hot (2 claps) the color red hey (two claps) was on fire sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Get out there and fight for what you believe in. Lions fans in the stands yell, “GO X!” during the game. In the stands, fans yell, “GO XLions,” “FIGHT X FIGHT X Lions,” “WIN XWIN X Lions,” and other phrases. In the stands, fans yell, “FIGHT X FIGHT X Lions,” “WIN X WIN X Lions,” and “WIN X WIN X Lions.” GO FIGHT WIN X GO FIGHT WIN Chase after victory in the ring. “Let’s go, alright alright,” says the narrator. 2. Burn baby, burn baby, heat, heat, heat, heat, heat, heat Then “repeat three times”
  • Crank it up, now start it up, and get that mustang spirit flowing. yell, beat those dollars, beat those dollars, beat those dollars
  • Get to your feet Get up and get moving, go Mustangs! go
  • sGo! Go! ADS Go! Get the ball and the broom. demonstration of our rolling style
  • Demonstration of our rolling style Go big green, go big green, go big green, go big green gooo (is the first ripple) go big green go big green big (is the second ripple) go big green go big green green (is the third ripple) go big green go big green green (is the last ripple) go big green (everyone together)
  • Shoot that ball, shoot that ball, aye aye, shoot that ball, shoot that ball, aye aye, shoot that ball, shoot that ball, aye aye, shoot that ball, shoot that ball, aye aye BOOOM, (stomps) aye aye, (stomps) BOOOM, (stomps) BOOOM
  • The tradition lives on The ferocious felines have returned. The claws have come out to play (2,3,4,5) Take a step back or you’ll get scratched! We are the best in the state, and we have the throne in blue, gold, and white (Hit, hit, hit). We are always in the lead. The crown will roar louder than ever before, like it has never been heard before. W-I-L-D cats are pronounced W-I-L-D. (clap) lexington
  • Now let’s get physical, let’s get down, let’s get rough, let’s get mean(Say what now)Now let’s get physical and roll right over that team. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LANCERS! (Team Name) the Best of the Best will compete on September 30th, 2019. From now until the end, I’ll be here to shine. We’ve done it before, and we’re going to do it again The date is September 27th, 2019. The wolves have returned with a vengeance. A-t-t-a-c-k is the letter that will lead the pack. attack attack attack a-t-t-a-c-k attack attack attack (move hips in circular motion) Date:September 24th 2019
  • s5678 the wolf’s are dinamite I said the wolves are dinamite and when you mess with dinamite it goes tic tic tic tic boom dinamite I said baboom dinamite Date:September 24th 2019
  • sTitle:Orange Blue and a little White Orange Blue and a little White, MHS is OUTTA SIGHT Date:September 24th 2019
  • sTitle:Take it to the top We’re fired up We’re sizzling We can’t be stop, Not So come on mighty Wildcats and lets take it to the top Alright! 2X’sDate:September 20th 2019
  • sC-H-go SLets’s C-H-Go SLet’s C-H-S Wildcats are here let’s go lets Go 2 X’sDate:September 20th 2019
  • sJam Jam Fight Fight let’s do it all night. Get Em boys Get boys . Hay! lets do it again jam jam fight fight WOOOOOlet’s do it all night Get Em boys Get Em boyshayyy Lets do it again lets do it again Date:September 20th 2019
  • sF-I-G-HT, (school name and mascot) fight Date:September 18th 2019
  • Turning up the h-eat nighthawks can’t be beat! Date:September 15th 2019
  • sL-E-T-S-G-O lets go nighthawks lets go! Date:September 15th 2019
  • sA, B, C, D, E, F, G, TO H, I, G, K, L, M, N, O, P, Twice as Sasssy, TEAM UP. (with hands in the middle)Date:September 15th 2019
  • sTitle:Victory for the patriots victory for the patriots yell it victory for the patriots vic-tory vic-tory vict-ory Date:September 11th 2019
  • Hold that line *clap* defense hold that line *high kick* Date:September 11th 2019
  • Here we go Black and gold Let’s Go Wildcats
  • sthe was a little froggy siting onloggycheering for the other team who had no sense at all fell into the water bumped his little headand when he came back up again this is what he said he said go go go, go you mighty eaglesfight fight fight, fight you mighty eagles win win win, win you mighty eagles go fight win and do it all again
  • Hey Hey you, Get out of the way, Cause today’s the day that we blow you away (blow kiss to other crowd)
  • Step Back, Take Notes, We’ll take the show and run, forget all the other clap clap we’re number 1
  • Title:Hold That Line (Football) (Football) Hold that line Don’t let them through Hit them hard white and blue
  • Go Go G-o (nod) (nod) Go (Punch down to the left) (Punch down to the left) Indians (pullup right arm like you with a bow and arrow) (pullup right arm like you with a bow and arrow) Go (right arm is in the air and left hand is on hip)
  • syou split that v u run that I I twist that ctory
  • Come on audience, let me hear you yell! As we mighty Cardinals soar
  • sPorkchop! Porkchop! Greasy, Greasy! We’re gonna defeat ya simple, easy
  • sPeaches, Peaches, Peaches and Cream. What’s the problem with the other team? Nothin, nothin, nothin at all. They just can’t play football
  • sEagles are the greatest! Noone can do it better! What’s more, if you don’t trust us, you can just ignore us.
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Popular Cheers for Cheerleading

What makes a specific cheer popular is dependent on the particular sport as well as the number of people in the audience that are participating in the cheering. In spite of this, there are several fundamental sorts of cheers that always appear to urge people to engage and have a good time.

Go Team!

Let’s go, team! Let’s go, team! Who are we referring to? We’re going to speak it out loud because we’re proud. P-A-N-T-H-E-R-S! Panther pride, indeed! Panther pride, indeed! Step aside, because we’re about to take the next step! We’re the greatest, and we’re coming to win!Panther power has returned once more!

Eagle Pride

Good luck to the group. Good luck to the group. Do you know who we’re referring to here? For the simple reason that we are ecstatic. P-A-N-T-H-E-R-S! Patriotism on the part of the Panthers!! Patriotism on the part of the Panthers!! Step aside, because we’re taking the next step! Panther power is back in full force! We’re the best, and we’re ready to win!

Go Devils!

When it comes to devils, no one can compete, and devils make you feel the fire! Devils, Devils, Devils!

Short Spelling Cheers

Short spelling chants are a simple and effective way to get the audience excited. Try out one of these cheers for a change.


Please give me a B! Please give me an E! Give me an S, please! Please give me a T! What exactly is that spell? Best! Best! Put us to the test and see how we do! We’re going to defeat the Hornets! We’re not going to let them get away with anything!


V-I-C-T-O-R-Y! We’re going to win this game, and you’re probably wondering why. ‘ We’ve got a lot of spirit, and we’re riding high right now, soV-I-C-T-O-R-Y!


Spirit, you’re an s-P-I-R-I-T!

Hey, let us know what you’re thinking! We’re going to kick it into high gear! Because we’ve got a lot of spirit!

Crowd Response Cheers and Chants

It’s possible that your squad has put in more hours of practice than you can count, but it’s unlikely that the audience has! Utilizing straightforward cheersthat solicit particular responses from the crowd might assist in getting people interested.


Cheerleaders: So, what are we going to do to support the Bearcats? The crowd chanted, “Fight, fight, fight!” Cheerleaders: So, what are we going to do to support the Bearcats? The crowd chants, “We’re going to win tonight!” (Repeat for a total of three times.)

Lions Go!

The Lions are on their way, and the cheerleaders are ready. Lions are the cheerleaders. The crowd yells, “Go!” Lions! yell the cheerleaders. The crowd yells, “Go!” Everyone cheers for the Lions!

Who’s Got Spirit?

Cheerleaders: Who’s got a little pep in their step? Who is it, exactly? Who is it, exactly? Crowd: We’ve got a lot of energy! Yes, we do! Yes, we do! Cheerleaders: When do you think we’re going to win this game? When is it going to happen? When is it going to happen? We’re going to win this game, said the crowd. Now is the time to act! Now is the time to act!

Defense and Offense Cheers

Defense and attack are two sides of the same coin. Cheers have the ability to energise a crowd that is already enthused. They can also provide additional assistance when the team is experiencing difficulties.

Hit ’em!

Smack ’em down, Smack ’em down, Smack ’em down! We’re the Warriors, and we’re coming to take over your city!


Score! Score! We’d want to see more! Our goal is to finish strong and take control of that board!


Attack, attack, attack! Blue Jays are on the attack! Cardinals beware, you’d best get back on your feet!

Kick That Ball!

Aim for the throat, then the heart. Attack by the Blue Jays Cardinals beware, you’d best get back on your feet.

Block That Basket!

Tisket, tasket, tisket Please, defense, step up to the plate. Put a stop to that basket!

Victory Cheers

So, who is it that everyone is ultimately pulling for? Without a doubt, victory! Try out these cheers with your squad and see how they go.

Victory’s Ours!

Victory! Victory! We have achieved victory! We’re going to win because we’re the superstars!

Hillside Rules!

The hillside has the upper hand! The hillside is fantastic! You’re going to take some beatings now that we’ve won!

Victory Is Sweet!

There’s nothing quite like winning, and success tastes absolutely delicious, from the crowns of our heads to the soles of our feet! Victory is a delicious feeling! Say that one more time, please! Victory is a delicious feeling!

We Won the Game!

From the tops of our brains to the soles of our feet, there is nothing quite like winning, and winning feels so good! Success is a delicious feeling! Once more, please say it loudly! Success is a delicious feeling!

Make These Cheers Your Own

If you enjoy these cheers, you can easily adapt them to your own needs. Replace the team names with the names of your own team or the names of the opposing team as necessary, and you’re ready to bring the house down at the stadium. LoveToKnow Media was founded in the year 2021. All intellectual property rights are retained.

What are Cheerleading Chants? (with pictures)

Cheerleading chants are organized into patterns and rhythms, and they can be built up in the form of rhyming couplets. At all levels of competition, from young recreational sports to professional football and basketball, cheerleaders prepare and perform cheerleading chants and dance routines. They are frequently arranged in rhythmic patterns and are used to motivate players and supporters. They can be accompanied by dances or motions, and can be performed in pyramids or while dancing. They are frequently accompanied with spelling or rhyming, among other things.

  • Some of the most common cheerleading chants can be as basic as the spelling of a word, such as a player’s or a team’s name, and can be heard during games, rallies, and cheering practice sessions, among other places.
  • Please give me an E!
  • Please give me a M!
  • Cheerleading chants are used to motivate a sports team while they are playing a match.
  • As contrast to a basic “Go, Team, Win!” chant, more complicated cheers might sound something like this: “Pride and spirit/ Go team, let’s hear it!
  • Individual athletes may be encouraged through the use of chants.
  • They might be ridiculous or amusing, and they are generally accompanied with raucous dances or humorous shouts to demonstrate their meaning.
  • Piggy!” During games, youth sports teams may employ well-known cheering songs to rally their fans behind their team.
  • They might highlight elements of school or team pride, or they can be used to mock or ridicule a loathed competitor in a fun manner.
  • During a basketball game, cheerleading chants can be used to support the opposing side.
  • Aside from on the sidelines of football games or out of bounds on a basketball court during action, they can also be conducted directly on the field of play to motivate spectators during long time outs.

Even the most well-known cheering squad in the world, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, uses cheerleading chants at games and public engagements, including the Super Bowl.

Top 10 Cheers We Love to Hear!

The season of good cheer never stops. Isn’t it true that there’s always time to try out new cheers? But which cheers should they be putting in the greatest time and effort into? Check out this list of the top 10 cheers that really get the audience rocking! Thank you to all of the cheerleaders who contributed their own ideas, as well as to all of the cheer mothers who ordered our own cheer bags, shorts, and other items. “Be Aggressive,” says number ten. Adopt a combative attitude. B-E abrasive, please!

  • Make a show of being hostile!
  • In other words, when I say go on up, you simply yell the letter: Get on up, F, Get on up, I, Get on up, G, Get on up, H, Get on up, T, Get on up, T, Get on up, T, Get on up, T, Get on up, T, Get on up, T, Get on up, T, Get on up, T, Get on up, T, What exactly is that spell?
  • What are we supposed to do?
  • “You Might Be a Good Football Player” You may be a good football player.
  • However, when it comes to basketball, you’d best watch your back because the Cardinals are on the attack!
  • “Big G Little O” is number seven.
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(2X) “Red Hot” is number six on the list.

Let’s get going, let’s get going!

V-I-C-T-O-R-Y That is the combat cry of the cardinal!

We have won!

The word “super” The letter S stands for super, while the letter U stands for unified.

Tell the opposite side that the E stands for enthusiastic and the R stands for Radical.

“Knock ’em down,” says number three.

Turn ’em around a bit.

“Hot and ready to go” is number two.

Any cheers from SNL’s “Spartan Cheerleaders” are a demonstration of Spartan Spirit!

That’s how we spell rowdy, so let’s be rowdy and have a good time.

Spartan courage and determination!

Spartan courage and determination!

You don’t have an alibi, you’re a scumbag.


Yes, you are unattractive.

Spartan spirit, Spartan spirit, Spartan spirit.

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Cheering – Wikipedia

Involving the utterance or producing of sounds, cheering can be used to motivate, stimulate to action, communicate approval or to express a sense of welcome. It is widely agreed that the word cheer originated as a noun meaning face, visage, or expression, and that it passed through Old French and into Middle English in the 13th century fromLow Latincara, which meant head; this is largely agreed to be theGreek Carais is a term first used by the poet Flavius Cresconius Corippus in the 6th century, who wrote, “Postquam venere verendam Caesilris ante caram” (In Laud em Justini Minoris).

  • At originally, cheer was characterized with epithets of pleasure and happiness as well as of sadness; for example, compare It is with such a dreary a cheere that she expressed her gratitude to Dyomede for the ale.
  • An early transmission of meaning occurred in the context of hospitality or entertainment, and hence in the context of food and drink, and good cheer.
  • Although it appears inJohnson, Defoe (Captain Singleton) describes it as a sailor’s term, and the meaning is not explained.
  • It is most likely of onomatopoeicin origin.
  • The Germanhoch, which may be heard in its whole inHoch lebe der Kaiser,c., the Frenchvive, Italian and Spanishviva,evviva, and the Spanishviva,evviva are yells of acclamation rather than encouragement.
  • The inclusion of cheers at any time in a speech in reports of parliamentary and other debates shows that members of the House have shown their approval by loud expressions of hear hear.
  • The expression “hip hop hooray” first appeared in print in the early 1800s.

Chants in North American sports

College yells, which may be considered a development of the primitive war-cry, have been developed to their greatest extent in America; however, there is no real equivalent in England’s schools and universities, although the New Zealand rugby team, in 1907, became familiar with thehaka, a similar sort of war-cry adopted from theMoris, which became popular in England during their matches. American schools and universities typically have a single cheer for the institution as a whole, as well as numerous cheers for individual classes.

  1. The original shouts of Harvard and Yale are nearly identical in structure, consisting of rah (abbreviation of hurrah) nine times repeated, screamed in unison, and ending with the name of the university at the conclusion of the yell cycle.
  2. Many colleges and universities have a variety of cries, with one of the most popular variations being the name of the college yelled nine times in a slow and extended way.
  3. Yale!
  4. Yale!
  5. Yale!
  6. Yale, Yale, Yale!
  7. By the 1890s, Princeton’s initial “rocket” cry had been transformed into the school’s characteristic “locomotive,” which read as follows: Hip, hip, hooray!

Tiger, tiger, and more tigers!

Boom, boom, and more boom!


It is referred to as the “Locomotive” cheer because it has the sound of a train engine that starts slowly and then accelerates rapidly.

The Princeton football team was supported by a group of all-male “yell leaders” who chanted from the sidelines.

15) The railroad cheer is similar to the preceding, but it is started extremely slowly and generally, and then steadily increased until it reaches its conclusion, which is enunciated as quickly as possible.

(spelled staccato) Var-si-ty, Rah, rah, and more rah!

The students’ chant is in the manner of American actress and singer-songwriterChristina Milian, and is based on one of her more successful tracks, ” Dip It Low “.

Take him by the scruff of the neck.

Come on, y’all.

Can’t you see what I’m talking about?

The cheer of the United States Naval Academy is an approximation of the sound of a syren on the high seas.



NCT, cordite, and shrapnel!

TheAmherstcheer is as follows: Amherst, Amherst, and more Amherst!












Bryn Mawr, Bryn Mawr, Bryn Mawr!

” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” “I call upon you, lovely one, to descend as queen.

(Hail, hail, hail, Victory!

“Who was George Washington?” is one of the earliest recorded instances of these personal shouts.

College screams, sometimes known as cheers and chants colloquially, are used mostly during sporting matches on college campuses.

These leaders stand in the front and call for the various songs and cheers, directing with their arms in the manner of an orchestral director.

Organized chants in North American sports are less common than they are in their European equivalents, although some teams have their own unique routines that they do.

Spectators also utilize variants of these to chant the names of specific athletes on the field of competition.

In certain situations, audience chanting can be used to mock athletes or contestants, while in others, it can be used to encourage them.

Fighting songs are almost always played following a touchdown in college football.

This is due to the fact that the game action is not interrupted when the scoring is made.

(timeouts, halftime, and overtime breaks if any).

Following September 11, 2001, several professional teams elected to play ” God Bless America ” during their half-time show, either as a supplement to or as a replacement for “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.” “Do Yay” is a term used to describe a particularly loud cheer during a sporting event.

If the losing team makes a play and the other team’s fans cheer for it, fans of the winning team will begin chanting “Scoreboard,” implying that the other team is still losing despite the one play.

Sis boom bah

The termis boom bahis a word that is commonly heard in high school and college cheers in the United States. It was made use of by the character of Johnny Carson. Carnac the Magnificent (Carnac the Great): In this image, Carnac is holding the sealed packet up to his turban. CARNAC:a It’s boom bah situation. ED McMAHON: Sis boom bah, sis boom bah. The card is taken out by Carnac, who rips open the envelope. CARNAC(reading): Give a description of the sound that occurs when a sheep bursts. The term was also employed by Bugs Bunny in the classic cartoon, “Super-Rabbit.” Insects: Bricka bracka firecrackasis bah humbug!

  1. Bugs Bunny!
  3. Bugs, Smith, and his horse: “Bricka bracka firecrackasis boom bah!” Bricka bracka firecrackasis boom bah!
  4. Bugs Bunny, here I come!
  6. Bugs Bunny, here I come!

Rugby union

High school and college cheerleaders in the United States use the word “boom bah.” Johnny Carson’s persona made use of it. Magnificent Carnac is a fictional character created by author Carnac. When the envelope is held up to Carnac’s turban, the seal is broken. BANG:Sis boom bah, CARNAC. “Sis boom bah,” ED McMAHON says. (Carnac tears up the mail and pulls out the card.) – CARNAC(reading): How does a sheep erupt and what sound is it making? The term was also employed by Bugs Bunny in the classic cartoon, ” Super-Rabbit ” Insects:Bricka bracka firecrackasis bah humbuga!

  1. “Bugs Bunny!” yells the crowd again.
  2. Bricka bracka firecrackasis boom bah!
  3. Bugs Bunny is a cartoon character created by the American cartoonist Chuck Jones.
  4. “Rah, Rah, Rah!” exclaimed the crowd.
  5. Bugs Bunny is a cartoon character created by the American cartoonist Chuck Jones.
  6. (×2) In addition to Miss Sis Boombah, a frequent character in Pogo was Miss Sis Boombah, an athletic Rhode Island Red.


Songs and chants are also employed in cricket, with the Barmy Army having a set of songs and chants to the tune of “Yellow Submarine” that they sing during their matches. It is done in order to serve as a reminder to Australian cricket fans of their alleged criminal history.

England’s cricket team chose the hymnJerusalem as the team’s anthem during the 2005 ashes series. Michael Vaughan pushed the entire country to sing the song in front of The Oval before the final Test match of the series.

Around the world

International equivalents of the English “hurray” include the French “Hourra!” and the Spanish “Viva!” as well as the Japanese “Yatta!” and other similar expressions.

See also

  • Blowing a raspberry (Bronx cheer)
  • Cheerleading
  • Hooah
  • And other expressions.


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  6. Akira MiuraEssential Japanese Vocabulary2013 1462910106 Akira MiuraEssential Japanese Vocabulary2013 1462910106 Akira MiuraEssential Japanese Vocabulary2013 1462910106 Akira MiuraEssential Japanese Vocabulary2013 1462910106 Akira MiuraEssential Japanese Vocabulary2013 1462910106 Akira MiuraEssential Japanese Vocabul “Hooray!” exclaims Yatta. Yatta! is an often heard shout of delight that is used when something amazing occurs unexpectedly.

A portion of the following material has been adapted from a work that is now in the public domain:Chisholm, Hugh (ed (1911). ” Cheering “, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica.6 (11th ed.). Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, pp. 21–22.

Cheerleading Info Center

So you’re interested in becoming a cheerleader? So, here are some pointers to assist you get on your favorite sports team. There are three fundamental components to the tryout process: Prepare for tryouts by following these steps: 1. Preparation Time 2.What to do on the day of tryouts is another important consideration. 3.The real Tryouts and the experience of performing in front of the judges. Make sure to read our 3-part series on Cheerleading Tryouts to gain an advantage over the competition!

  • Preparation time As a general rule, each team will conduct some sort of clinic where you will learn all of the stuff you will need for your tryout.
  • On occasion, certain teams may provide you with the information on video so that you can learn at your leisure.
  • It is best to sit at the front of the group so that you can have a good view of the material.
  • Bring a pad of paper and something to write with so that you may take notes while you’re here.
  • Ask questions if you need to – do not be timid, they expect you to ask for assistance.
  • Do not be embarrassed to ask for help.
  • Normally, your tryout score determines whether or not you are selected to the squad.
  • To give you an example, they take into account your look; obviously, your practicing outfit is important, but this is not the place for your shortest shorts.
  • Consider the Clinic to be your first tryout since you never know who could be watching you!
  • The greatest suggestion available at this stage is to practice, practice, and practice some more.

Pretend you’re in front of a panel of judges as you’re practicing! When it comes to doing anything, it is well recognized that the way you practice it will determine how you perform it. As a result, put in your best effort!

20 Best Team Cheers and Chants for Sports

Layne is a former California State Cup champion who was also a collegiate soccer prospect at the time of his victory. She has also served as a referee for intramural soccer games at her alma mater. These fantastic shouts can help to boost your team’s morale! Canva

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20 Catchy Team Cheers for Cheerleading and Sports Teams

You’re seeking for a catchy team shout or chant that will draw attention to your team’s abilities while sending your opponents packing. Look no farther than these 20 shouts, which are certain to energize your squad and get your supporters motivated. To demonstrate to the opposing team what you’re made of, simply insert your team’s name, mascot, or color scheme where stated, and you’ll have a completely tailored and snappy team shout. Listed below, I’ve noted which lines are for the person who is leading the cheer (the call), and which lines are for the rest of the audience (the response).

Remember to share your ideas in the comments section below!

What Are These Chants Good For?

  • Chants for football games
  • Chants for any sport (soccer, football, basketball, water polo, softball, rugby, and so on)
  • Cheerleading squads
  • Spirit squads

Demonstrate your team’s support! Briana Tozour is a model and actress.

1. “Beat ‘Em”

They were beaten B-E-A-T! B-U-S-T bash ’em with a vengeance! It’s customary for us to beat and bust people. Gooooo!

2. “Spirit Call”

Beating them is an understatement of the highest caliber. They’re going to be B-U-S-T-ed! To us, it’s always been “beat them, bust ’em.” Gooooo!

What Are Popular Cheers?

Pump it up, pump it up, pump it up! Pump it up, pump it up, pump it up! (Leader’s voice) (as a team)Raise your spirits! (Insert leader’s voice)Pump that spirit up! Keep it up, keep it up, keep it up! Keep it up, keep it up, keep it up! (leader noises) Keep the team’s spirits up! (Leader’s voice) Keep that positive attitude! (team)

4. “Reign Supreme”

Go forth, battle, and triumph. We’re not going to be beaten, no! We’re not going to be beaten, no! Go, battle, and win! We are the undisputed champions! Supreme! We are the undisputed leaders! Demonstrate your team spirit! chuttersnap

5. “Fired Up”

Strive to win the battle; We are unbeatable, no doubt about it. We are unbeatable, no doubt about it. Take the battle to them, and win! Supreme! We are the undisputed leaders of the world. Put on your team’s colors and show your support! chuttersnap

6. “Take ‘Em for a Ride”

I just stated, “Hey!” Hey! (Applause from the audience)I said hello! Hey! Please step aside, please. (crowd)Hey, hey, move aside. We’ll take you on a ridefight today, and the winner takes everything. We are confident that you will not return!

Softball Cheers Instructional Video

F-I-G-H-TF Fight, fight, and more fight!

8. “Louder”

We are a little bit louder than the others. Even if we can’t hear you, we are theThat’s right, that’s right, we win! We are the As soon as things become rough, the tough get loud and proud! Vince Fleming is a well-known actor.

9. “Color Shout”

What do you think? How about a color shout?

10. “We’ve Got It”

We’ve got a lot of spirit, believe it or not! How about you? Do you have any spirit? Yes, we have the necessary strength! How about you? Do you have the necessary strength? We’re the champs, and we’re on top of the world! It’s never too late when it comes to us.

11. “On Top”

We’ve got the right attitude!

We have the upper hand in this battle! I have a feeling we’re going to win tonight! We have the necessary skills! We’re bringing the fire with us! It’s just unbeatable!

12. “The Champs”

We are the ones! We are the ones! The all-powerful, all-powerful! The all-powerful, all-powerful! We’re going to be victorious! We’re going to be victorious! ‘ Because we are the champions, the powerful, tremendous champions, and we are the best!

13. “Shake, Rattle, Roll”

Shake, rattle, and rollAlright, that’s enough! Shake, rattle, and rollAlright, that’s enough! Fight, fight, and more fight!

14. “Number 1”

We’re the number one, number one! No, it’s not number two! We’re coming to take the victory! Win! Because we’re the champions, champions! Get the crowds pumped up! NeONBRAND

15. “East to West”

It is important not to mess with the greatest because the best don’t mess, and they are the finest from East to West.

16. “Go!”

Big “G” with a little “O” Go, Go, and more Go! Let’s get those applause going! Rajiv Perera is a professional cricketer from Sri Lanka.

17. “Victory”

V-I-C-T-O-R-Y That’s the war cry, by the way! Victory, victory, and more victories!

18. “For the Win”

We want to win, so please provide a hand. When we yell, the letters should come out. V-I-C-T-O-R-Y V-I-C-T-O-R-Y is pronounced as (crowd) Victory, victory, and more victories! Get your squad pumped and ready to go! Jeffrey F Lin is an American lawyer.

19. “Red Hot”

What we have is what we have. We have a great deal, and we have a crew that is on fire!

20. “On Top”

Hold on a sec, take a deep breath, and throw some boom in it! Increase the tempo, knock it out, and always stay on top!

10 Sports Teams and Fans With the Dopest Chants

Laynie Hdogs, to the rescue! On September 17, 2020, here are two cheers for a gold-medal winning team: Go gold, go gold, we’ll never be too old to enjoy life! Go for gold, go for gold, and we will win, just as we predicted! HELLOon On September 11, 2020, while eating peanut butter in a cup, we sing a tune to get us pumped up. Come aboard (team name), get on the choo-choo train, and get to work on your project. hion The ninth of September, 2020: We require assistance. jjon The chantscheeringpeepson is one of my favorite things.

  • August 30, 2020: all together is one!
  • We’ll be successful if we work together!
  • GOOOO (insert team name here)!
  • The 21st of August, 2020: Increase the volume of the radio.
  • That’s our rallying cry; we’ll beat them and bust them because that’s our tradition.
  • To the g and to the o, on August 19, 2020: Let’s hear it for the Spirit of Hunlet’s hear it for the Spirit of Hunlet’s hear it for the Spirit of Hun I believe we have captured the spirit of hun Molly Bridgeson is a young woman who lives in New York City.
  • August 12, 2020:I just want to remark that these cheers are extremely innovative.


My school’s primary focus is on supporting our golf team.

LOL Laticiaon “Hold that line ‘Team Name!'” says someone on August 10, 2020.

It’s a great name.

What exactly are you doing here?

Evieon The second of June, 2020: I’ve got two for softball this year.

My name is (Rock the boat) and I’m feeling fine (Rock the boat).

You mess with me (Rock the boat).

If you tip the boat over, this game is over.

Second one: Hello, my name is _, and do you want to know what I’ve got for you?

I’ve assembled a squad that is hotter than hot.

Burning the bases and bringing in the home runners.

The team that I have is hotter than yourshello, this is me again, and I’ve been returning since I believe this is one of the greatest sites I’ve gone to on the internet.

gongkbon Hello, my friends, on the 5th of March, 2020.

Crystal Crystal Girlon is a fictional character created by author Crystal Girlon.

Baylee, this is Laynie H (author) from Bend, Oregon, writing on February 13, 2020: Hello, Stefanie.

(Hello, Pheobe) All the best to you!

The 6th of February, 2020: The one I have is the one that our school uses; we don’t drink any lemonade; instead, we drink Gatorade; we don’t wear tiny skirts; instead, we wear filthy socks and shirts (Team name) place of abode (Team colour) place of abode (spell out your house name) goooooood luck (team name) pheobeon The third of February, 2020: Exceptionally well-written I was seeking for suitable chants to use for my school’s swimming competition.

  1. I went to the carnival and found just what I was searching for.
  2. The 29th of January, 2020: I’ve got one!
  3. We, on the other hand, are (team name) The all-powerful all-powerful (team name) Baylee Christyon is a young woman that lives in the United States.
  4. I’m curious how it feels to be on such a high, and how it feels to be on such a low (other team name 2x) since we’ve never been that low before.
  5. That’s a really good one.
  6. Martyon The 26th of December, 2019: Excellent ones!
  7. My strong Team Name is on the move!

Fight for the honor of my great Team Name!

Win the right to use my powerful Team Name!

Team Name, let’s get this party started!

Thank you for your assistance.

13th of November, 2019: These chants were magnificent and extremely supreme; they are completely original and extremely very creative!

Cheers used to be all the rage before our soccer games…

It was fantastic.

At the highest levels, there are some incredible athletes competing in competitions or competing in events that intersect with gymnastics.

Liz Westwood, a visitor from the United Kingdom, wrote on August 11, 2019: You’ve gathered an interesting collection of items. Cheerleading is not widely practiced in the United Kingdom, but it has gained in popularity in recent years.

Cheerleading Chants-Cheer Coach

Each one should be e-nun-c-iated Sy-lla-ble When it comes to reciting cheerleading chants, the most essential thing to remember is to pronounce the phrases clearly and accurately. Cheerleading chants might come out as slurred and sloppy if they are not delivered with precision and diction, as shown below. Keep in mind that the voice is employed as a metaphor for physical power in the case of cheerleading. While energy and vitality are important aspects of the chant, proper pronunciation is essential so that the audience can actually understand what the cheerleaders are saying.

Interaction between callers and responders Many cheerleading chants are done in a call and answer fashion, in which the leader of the cheer calls out the first line and the rest of the squad responds in harmony with the second and subsequent lines.

It may be simply modified to include audience involvement on the answer lines or by chanting the team name at the conclusion.

EVERYONE: Everywhere we goL: People always want to knowE: People always want to knowL: Who we areE: Who we areL: And where we came fromE: And where we came fromL: So we tell themE: So we tell themL: We are the bestL: We are the best (insert team name) E: The all-powerful all-powerful (team name) Some cheering chants, such as the Victory chant, are intended to be performed by two or more members of the squad, with the rest of the squad serving as backup singers.

The movements that should be performed to accompany this cheer are listed in brackets after each line.

(Put your hand over your ear to mimic listening) 1- Hello, (name)2- What, what, what?

(raises palms and extends arms to signify asking an inquiry) 2- I split my V (raise my hands above my head in a V-shape)I dot my I (curl one hand around fist above head in a dot form)I curl my C-T-O-R-Y (curl my C-T-O-R-Y above head in a C-T-O-R-Y shape) (hands cut in curling motion to hips, one on C, other on O) All- She divides her V-neckline.

  1. She makes the letter C-T-O-R-Y curl!
  2. Another wonderful cheerleading chant that involves motions can be found here.
  3. Please don’t feel obligated to force anything that isn’t working for your team.
  4. Brrr, it’s cold in here,” goes the traditional cry, and it’s a classic.

All: I said brrrr (clap clap)It’s cold in here (cross arms in front of me, clutching hands to upper arms in a shivering motion)There must be some (insert team name) in the air (cross arms in front of me, clutching hands to upper arms in a shivering motion)There must be some (insert team name) in the air (cross arms in front, clutching hands to upper arms in a s (point upwards towards sky) I used the word boom (stomp stomp) The train is chugging along (use right arm to pull at imaginary whistle two times) Let’s get this party started (swirl arm around head)We’re going to rock our bodies (hand on hips, swing hips in circle)and win the game, so you better be ready to back it up (everyone jumps one step back) Provide evidence to support your claim (jump another step back) Provide evidence to support your claim (jump another step back) Additionally, it should be moved to the right (everyone bumps right) GO TEAM!

That’s right, let’s go TEAM!

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