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Delta Sigma Theta Chants and Songs

Chants and songs can serve to lift your spirits and get you motivated. Chanting is a common technique for sorority members, such as Delta Sigma Theta, to express their sense of connection and sisterhood. It doesn’t matter if they are chanting in honor and pride of their members, paying tribute to their founders, or encouraging members to achieve greatness, these chants and songs are motivating.


The year 1913 is commemorated by the chant, which honors the 22 women who were students at Howard University at the time of the organization’s founding. It talks about their desire to help others as well as the sorority’s objective. This cry is frequently heard at celebrations such as Founder’s Day and yard stomps. It also boasts a rousing stomp routine that keeps the fans on their feet all night.

You Can Not Slide in My Sorority

This sorority’s cry, “You Can’t Slide,” speaks of the high demands placed on women in this organization. Not only do you need a good GPA, but you also need to put in the effort to become a delta. ‘You have to labor, and pray, and maintain a good grade point average,’ for example, demonstrate this. This chant is intended to express pride in the outstanding ladies of the sorority as well as their religious beliefs. In addition, it touts the praises of the ladies who have joined the group.

What Is a Delta?

Alumnae and current college students alike are welcome to join Delta Sigma Theta, which is available to anybody who is a female student presently enrolled in a college or university. Members of Delta Sigma Theta compare themselves to other sorority groups in this chant. It is a clever little play on words that demonstrates how this group is distinct. Among other things, the lyrics compare them to other bands such as Alphas and Zetas. This is a fantastic chant to put on display for recruitment purposes.

In 1908

Founded in 1908 is another chant that speaks about the founding fathers. It serves as a reminder of how the sorority got its start. It extols the virtues of some of the founding members, who were once members of another sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha, but decided to form Delta Sigma Theta in order to achieve their objectives.

Years Ago

Years Ago is a song whose words change with the passage of time, beginning with the line, ‘Blank years ago.’ This is another another Founder’s Day and stomp classic, but it is particularly noteworthy since it demonstrates the importance the sorority has on service. Years Ago, for example, is a chant and cheer that commemorates the activism and service that has taken place throughout the years.

Delta Is the Best (Founder’s Step)Duck Team

Delta Airlines Is the Best supports the sisterhood of the sorority and the formation of new sororities It outlines the reasons why Delta Sigma Theta is the finest sorority and expresses the members’ pride in their organization. Besides being an amusing chant, the Duck Team also serves to promote the organization and assert their dominance over the AKAs. These chants are frequently heard at yard stomps and in competitive chanting competitions.


Beyond shouting, DST has songs that reflect their objective and who they are while also emphasizing their sense of community and camaraderie among themselves.

If You Ever

While in college, If You Ever is a beautiful song that speaks to the long path of sisterhood and the sorority itself. It highlights how difficult college can be, despite the fact that these ladies continue to strive. The pride of the sorority and the relationship amongst Deltas are also addressed in this piece. This song is a wonderful method to encourage your sisters or to just demonstrate your sorority’s sense of belonging and pride.

Sweetheart Song

In a way, the darling song is a homage to their undying love and devotion to one another. It demonstrates the commitment and kinship that these ladies have for one another. A number of situations, such as weddings and graduations, call for the singing of this song.

All My Love

This is another another song in which they demonstrate their dedication to DST and their sisters. This is seen in lines such as ‘All my love is going to be given to Delta.’ This song is performed as a group and includes their hand gesture as well as their signature OOOOO-OOOOOOP!

Pyramid Hymn

This song is performed in a circle, with each participant holding hands with the others. When jeweling rituals and inductions take place, this song is played. It can also be performed by alumnae who have graduated.

Learning the Chants

Delta Sigma Theta is a historically black sorority that is accessible to all women. It was founded in 1913 and has been around since then. Several chants and songs are dedicated to the memory of the sorority’s founding members, while others speak of the sorority’s strong dedication to public service. Several of their chants and songs are about the group’s devotion, work ethic, and sisterhood, among other things. However, while their zeal and excitement should undoubtedly be copied, it should be noted that these are ladies who are participating in a very significant tradition, and that their songs and chants are intended specifically for their particular group of people.

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Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Song “If You Ever” (YouTube sound file and lyrics)

Nique Robin, on the 13th of January, 2013 “We are celebrating the Centennial year of our Illustrious Sorority!” from January 13, 1913 to January 13, 2013. Oo-oop my sorors, with love, Oo-oop Oo-oop! **** Azizi Powell was in charge of editing. This pancocojams article contains a video and the lyrics of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. song, which can be found here “”If You Ever Get the Chance.” This item also contains information on Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., which is mentioned elsewhere.

  • The information in this page is being provided for educational and cultural purposes.
  • Thank you to the Founders of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., as well as to everyone else who has contributed to this film production.
  • Thank you also to everyone who has contributed to this piece, including those who have been quoted, and to the creator of this YouTube video.
  • wish you a happy Founders’ Day!
  • Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated is a private, not-for-profit organization whose mission is to give help and support to women and girls in need via established programs in local communities across the world.
  • More than 300,000 women have been members of the organization since its foundation.
  • Twenty-two undergraduate women from Howard University came together on January 13, 1913, to form Delta Sigma Theta.

The Founders of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

They marched in Washington, D.C., as part of the Women’s Suffrage March on Washington.

was founded in 1930.”.**** LYRICS – “IF YOU EVER GET A CHANCE TO BE WITH ME…” “* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * If you’ve ever been looking for someone in a crowd, You can see her standing tall and strong in the distance.

For the simple reason that you know that the trip was long and difficult, but we made it with the aid of the Lord Oh, oh, oh DeltaD.


A., DeltaD.



Yeaaah, that’s right.

We do, in fact.

And we adore the combination of red and white.

Yeaaaaaaaahhh Delta, Delta, Delta is the name of the game.

was founded.






Yeaaah-snip- Please feel free to fix any errors in my transcription of the sound file that is embedded in this article (with a lot of assistance from the lyrics for the majority of this song that can be found at), and I would appreciate it if you did so.

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WHAT EXACTLY IS A DELTA? When it comes to what an AKI isn’t, and what a Zeta wants to be and what a Sigma can’t, there’s a lot to consider. What an Alpha likes, what an Alpha loves, and what a Que Psi Phi can’t get enough of are all important considerations. THAT IS A DELTAYOU AND YOU CANNOT SLIDE ON IT. You will not be able to slip and glide into our sorority. You are unable to dip the tip into DSTY. You must work hard, pray, and maintain a good grade point average. Deltas are the ultimate sorority, and to be a Delta, you must shed some tears and feel a little terror.

  • “Pretty girls” this and “pretty ladies” that, but look at your GPA and see whether you qualify.
  • An AKI is what’s written in my notebook; I didn’t commit for life; I pledged for appearances.
  • THOSE DISTURBING ICKY AKI’S All of those pricked-up, disgusting AKIs in their garish AKY outfits They wandered into our yard, thinking they were lovely, and stayed.
  • DELTA’s are the best in the business.
  • Sha-la-la Sha-la-la, Sha-la-lee, Sha-la-la, Sha-la-la, Sha-la-la, Sha-la-la What a beautiful melody, my, my, my.
  • Verse: There were initially two of them: one was a Delta and the other was a Que.

DST will be inscribed on the moon in the near future, verse: Into space, we’ll be heading shortly.

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Double o-p(oo-oop, oo-oop, oo-oop) sounds good to me (repeat) 1-9-1-3 (oo-oop, oo-oop, oo-oop, oo-oop, oo-oop sounds wonderful to me.) (repeat) Not Wanta Be(not want to be) (Don’t want to be) I don’t want to be a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha.

(I just want to be) I really want to be a Dyno Delta.

(There will be no pink or green.) Alpha Kappa Alpha does not use the colors pink and green.

(Only the colors red and white are used.) Dyno Delta is only available in red and white.

(With a sigh, the thumbs are down.) Alpha Kappa Alpha receives a negative review.

(It’s simply a matter of raising them up.) Simply raise your hands in support of Dyno Delta.

She’s a one-of-a-kind on campus, and she’s a scholar in the classroom.

Due to the fact that she is a Delta Sigma Theta, pee, wee, she is a Delta Sigma Theta.


But whatever the good Lord provided her, He sho’nuf placed it where she needed it.

All Delta ladies are in good health!

‘Aww’, Sigma, I love it, I love it, I really adore it.

I love it, love it, love it.

‘Who Are We?’ (Repeat) Who are my Sisters and I, and what do we do?

We have worked hard to traverse the dunes and enter Delta Sigma Theta territory!

Delta Airlines is the finest!

“Yes!” says everyone again.

Oh, yes, yes, yes!

We got it through one day, and we offered you our hearts as a result.


Instead of pink and green, they experimented with Crimson and Cream and realized that they were beautiful together.

Today, there are 195,000 members.

Please keep in mind that we have changed the phrase somewhat, and it now reads something like this: (Step of the Founder) Greek Alphabet SongDelta-Alpha, Beta, Gamma are the letters of the Greek alphabet.

The Omicron, Pi, Rho, Sigma, Tau, Upsilon, Phi, Chi, Psi, and Omega-DST singing fraternities don’t want to be left out of the festivities!

My Sorority is on Daylight Savings Time!

Oo-oopin’ is always on my mind, and I think about it all the time.

That is our goal – DST…

Duck Team is a group of individuals that work together to accomplish a common goal.

Allow me to examine your tail, I offer (you better wiggle).

In any case, I was strolling across the yard the other day when I noticed an AKA laying in the gutter!!

This is due to the fact that we do not allow any “paper” rubbish on Delta Street.

I was startled when I heard a tremendous boom and saw a terrifying sight.

Frankenstein’s mother was a member of the Z Phi B sorority.

“How’s everything going, girl?” I inquired.

In the absence of color, red is red, and white is white, and those are the hues that are hidden from view.

We are, without a doubt, the Deltas!

Chorus: Verse: If you get in paradise and find yourself unable to enter, simply show Saint Peter your Delta pin!

D-, and I mean it in a good way!

Do this, my Sorors, and this, my Sorors, and this, please.

The crackers are provided by Nabisco, while the soup is provided by Campbell.

I despise the Deltas.

When I tried to make a pledge, they told me to “think again!” And I was upset, hurt, hurt, and I didn’t know what to say; I had vowed that week stuff-the AKA-and I didn’t know what to say.

So, I pledged that unknown item – that S-G-Rho!

You Must Be Able To Hold A Delta You must maintain firm control of a Delta and not let her to escape.

Know what I’m talking about?

Know what I’m talking about?

(Repeat) You’ve Got to Be Smooth to Get Away With It You have to be smooth- the Deltas are here to demonstrate to you that we are – in spite of our peers – committed to serving the community.

sometimes they are simply too “beautiful” to be of assistance to others in need.

We’re a group of… We are the Sorors of DST, and we are known for our soul-stepping. As hot as a fire, we make you perspire because we are scorching hot. Epsilon Eta is here to state unequivocally that no other Sorority operates in this manner.

What is a Delta Sigma Theta chant? – JanetPanic.com

Chanting is a common technique for sorority members, such as Delta Sigma Theta, to express their sense of connection and sisterhood. It doesn’t matter if they are chanting in honor and pride of their members, paying tribute to their founders, or encouraging members to achieve greatness, these chants and songs are motivating.

Which sorority is the hardest to get into?

Alpha Phi is the most difficult fraternity to join… Depending on the number of legacies who are going through recruitment, Kappa Delta is possibly the most difficult.

Do sorority presidents get paid?

As the President of the National Pahellenic Conference, you earn between $75,000 and $85,000 a year, depending on the standard rates that Panhellenic chose to pay their Greek Leaders at any given time (source). For the rest of your life, you’ll have plenty of Slap Chops and ShamWows to go around.

What is the best sorority at Baylor?

Baylor University – BU Sororities and Fraternities

  • Alpha Chi Omega is abbreviated as A Rate. Number of ratings: 325
  • Alpha Delta Pi – % Rate The Alpha Kappa Alpha honor society received 358 votes. The Alpha Phi – Rate has received 10 out of 10. Delta Delta Delta has received a 78 out of 100 rating while Chi Omega has received a 313 out of 100 rating. Delta Sigma Theta has received 345 out of 100 rating while Kappa Alpha Theta has received 345 out of 100 rating.

Is being in a sorority time consuming?

Being a member of a sorority requires a significant time commitment. “This may add up to hundreds of hours of activity every week!” says the author. There are required weekly chapter meetings on Sunday nights that last two hours and are held once a week. Meetings for new members were held on Sundays for an hour or so.

Why you should not join a fraternity?

3 – If you are unable to afford it It all relies on your approach to prioritizing things. After all is said and done, please do not join any fraternity that requires you to fulfill financial obligations that you are unable of or unwilling to do. If you do, your fraternity career will come to a sour conclusion, leaving you with a mountain of debt and few friends.

Why do fraternities haze?

According to a recent research published by the Association for the Study of Higher Education, the most often reported hazing activities among college students include alcohol consumption, humiliation, isolation, sleep deprivation, and sex acts among other things. Jake, a pledge whose narrative I followed carefully for a year, went through a lot of these things as well.

Do professional fraternities haze?

Last but not least, as someone who has joined both a professional and a social group, I have never been subjected to hazing or other forms of abuse. You will be required to attend a pledge class and learn about your fraternity, but it will be nothing like what you see on television or in movies. Mainly, I’m concerned about the time investment and the fees I’ll have to pay.

How many people have died from frat hazing?

From 1969 through 2017, there has been at least one death caused by hazing at a university per year. Hank Nuwer, a journalism professor at Franklin College, estimates that over 200 university hazing deaths have happened since 1838, with 40 deaths occurring between 2007 and 2017.

Will Greek Life Be Banned?

It was reported in the Washington Post that two national organizations that govern the vast majority of current fraternities and sororities have stated emphatically that abolition is “not going to happen” and that individuals who want to disaffiliate are a small fraction of the general population.

Why is Alpha Phi Omega?

Today, Alpha Phi Omega is a nationwide, co-educational service fraternity — a group of college students who have banded together in an organization based on fraternalism and established on the ideas of the Boy Scouts of America – to provide service to their communities.

Its mission is to build leadership skills, foster friendships, and give humanitarian aid to those in need.

What is Alpha Phi Omega motto?

Alpha Phi Omega
Motto Be a Leader, Be a Friend, Be of Service
Colors Royal blue Old glory gold
Symbol Golden eagle, Sturdy Oak
Flower Forget-me-not

Is Alpha Phi Omega a dry fraternity?

Rush Alpha Phi Omega is a fraternity that was founded in Rush, Utah. The option to serve on their school, in the community, for the nation, and for the organization is provided by our college organization, which allows members to improve their leadership qualities. Despite the fact that we are a fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega is a special-interest fraternity that is dry and absolutely non-hazing.

Delta Sigma Theta step/chant

-Information about the Informant- Nationality:American Age:47 Spanish instructor is my profession. Memphis, Tennessee is where I call home. On March 21, 2015, there will be a performance and a collection. English is the primary language. Additional Language(s): “Contradictory, contrary, contrary to the report,” the chorus goes, “everyone knows that this is Delta territory,” he says. In 1913, a sea change occurred, and the groundwork for a strong sisterhood was built. DST was founded by twenty-two women who were meant to take the reins of the destructive and captivating—DST.

  • places a high value on public service as its top goal.
  • It was during a stepping competition that she acquired this sorority chant from her sorority sisters at college in the South, where she was studying for her degree.
  • The chant was one of several that she learned while pledged to Delta Sigma Theta, but she didn’t learn this one until until later.
  • In addition to telling Delta’s history and expressing pride in their organization, the chant involves some amazing stepping on the part of the performers.
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Licensing and Merchandising – Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc

Providing Delta with a main resource and partner in all facets of company growth and development is the objective of our organization. The profession of Legal Affairs encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including corporate governance and compliance, contract management, public policy creation, labor and employment matters, intellectual property and data privacy management, and public policy development. Members and local communities alike benefit from the work of Legal Affairs, which collaborates with our Headquarters departments, regional committees, and national chapters to organize programming, which includes conventions, conferences, and public service initiatives, all of which fall under our Five-Point Programmatic Thrust and are enjoyed by both members and local communities.

  1. We encourage you to explore the remaining tabs in this area for further information about Legal Affairs’ practice.
  2. Legal Affairs at Delta is responsible for monitoring the registration and usage of Delta’s intellectual property portfolio around the world, among its many other responsibilities.
  3. Furthermore, Legal Affairs provides help to the Events Committee, which is in charge of overseeing and administering the Sorority’s commercial licensing program, commonly known as the Certified Vendor Program (“Program”).
  4. Delta is committed to protecting its intellectual property, which includes its trademarks, service marks, domain names, and copyrights, as well as Delta’s name, DeltaGreek letters, and any other indicia (collectively “Marks”), which are registered worldwide.
  5. To remedy these concerns, Delta has filed lawsuits against infringers in federal court and has routinely received injunctive relief and reached settlements with the defendants.
  6. Members are encouraged to continue to support licensed organizations and to notify Legal Affairs of any unlicensed or otherwise unlawful activities.

Please take the time to thoroughly go through this page from beginning to end. If you have any more queries, please do not hesitate to contact Legal Affairs.

Intellectual Property (“IP”)

Intellectual property (often known as “IP”) refers to the protection of intangible ideas created by the human imagination. Trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets are all examples of intellectual property. Therefore, intellectual property can take on a variety of shapes and forms, including but not limited to: logos and slogans; symbols and sounds; creative works; technical inventions; and so on. Delta has a substantial amount of work that falls under the category of intellectual property.

Delta’s intellectual property may not be used in any way that might harm, or in any way that could be detrimental to, Delta’s name, repute, or public goodwill.

Trademarks AND Copyrights

In the case of Delta Sigma Theta, a trademark is a type of intellectual property protection that may be used to any mark, logo, symbol, nickname, letter(s), word(s), or any combination of these that refers to and/or can be connected with the organization in question. In order to differentiate one entity from other brands and/or organizations, trademarks are employed. In intellectual property law, a copyright is a type of intellectual property protection that applies to original works of authorship such as literary, theatrical, musical, and artistic works.

Delta enjoys the privilege of having a number of registered and common law trademarks, and the company is continually expanding its entire portfolio.

and its variants, the Greek letters of the Sorority, as well as the cry ” OO-OOP ” and “OO-OP,” are some of Delta’s marks, which include the following: A sample of Delta’s copyrighted property includes Delta Rituals, Songs, Design Graphics, Founders’ Group and Individual Portraits, as well as a variety of other literary, musical, theatrical, and creative works that have been supported or sponsored by Delta.

Any publication by a third party of these or any other copyrighted content, whether online or in print, is a violation of Delta’s copyright rights.

Schedule A – Trademarks and service marks registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office Schedule B – Trademarks and service marks recognized under common law

Permitted Use

In order to lawfully utilize the Delta Sigma Theta marks, only members, licensees, and those who have received formal authorization from the organization are permitted to do so. Delta’s Marks may only be used in conjunction with goods and/or services provided by those who have obtained Delta’s prior written consent. In order for Delta’s Marks to be applied to goods and/or services, Delta must first approve of such items. In order to receive Delta’s mark on their products and physical demonstrations of services, entities must supply them within fourteen (14) days of the date of purchase and/or production.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of third-party uses that are not permitted and, as a result, are subject to Delta enforcement actions:

  • In no event will Delta’s intellectual property be utilized in connection with any items and/or services that are illegal, obscene, pornographic, overly violent, dangerous, or otherwise in poor taste. A corporation, business, or trade name including Delta’s IP, as well as a domain name or a URL, are prohibited from using Delta’s IP. Except with the explicit written permission of Delta, no third-party goods or services may bear the image(s), name(s), and/or likeness(es) of Delta Founders. Delta’s intellectual property (IP) may not be utilized in a manner that gives the impression that Delta is endorsing any unauthorized third-party company and/or its goods and services
  • And

For further information, please see theLicenses and Certified Vendor Program sections of this website. It is the mission of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. to safeguard its holy trademarks and to establish mutually beneficial working partnerships with those parties who are interested in using Delta’s federally registered and common law trademarks. If you, your company, or the organization for which you work are interested in licensing Delta’s Marks, please continue reading below to learn more about the licensing possibilities available via the corporation.

If you or your firm is interested in becoming a Certified Delta Vendor, please see the Program section for further information.

Please keep in mind that all licensing request forms are subject to the terms and conditions of licensed usage, and that they will be processed within three (3) weeks unless more information is requested.

In the event that this Licensing Agreement is approved, Applicant will be permitted to use the mentioned Delta trademark(s) for the restricted purpose of displaying and/or marketing inprint media, as well as online accounts.

To obtain a license to use Delta’s federal or common law trademarks:

  1. Requests for interviews with the media and press releases Delta has issued a License Agreement to popular television series, such as “This is Us,” which allows Delta’s Marks to be displayed on specific episodes of the show. All interested parties are asked to complete the Delta Request Form if they wish to use Delta’s Marks in any form of print or electronic media such as publications, television, radio, or internet platforms. Displays in Public Places Political, cultural, and/or artistic works on display or performed at charitable events, museums, galleries, and other public venues are examples of public displays, although they are not confined to these types of works. However, while Delta promotes this sort of speech on political, cultural and artistic matters, applicants are need to first complete a request form
  2. CollegesUniversities Delta has provided licenses to a large number of institutions to allow them to utilize Delta’s trademarks. For example, Delta’s National Crest/Shield and Greek Letters were mounted on plaques for the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) Pillars Display at Texas Tech University and the Georgia State University Historical Preservation Plaza at Georgia College, and the Sorority’s formal name and traditional colors were displayed on campus banners during Orientation Week at North Carolina Upstate University. In general, but not exclusively, requests of this sort include requests for the development of plots, pillars, murals, plaques, print media, or exhibits in public areas, among other things. However, requests of this nature are not restricted to these. In most cases, licensing agreements are only given to colleges and universities where Delta has an active presence on campus. If you are interested in applying for this sort of license, you must complete and submit the application form.

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Delta makes a concerted effort to safeguard its intellectual property assets, which include trademarks, service marks, and copyrighted works such as the names of the company and its subsidiaries, the Delta National Crest, DeltaGreek letters, as well as artistic works and reproductions (collectively, “Marks”). Delta is committed to protecting its intellectual property assets. However, while Delta makes every effort to resolve infringement disputes without resorting to litigation, it has been forced to file lawsuits against a large number of individuals and corporations who have refused to comply with Delta’s demands that they cease using Delta’s Marks in an illegal manner.

  1. Delta has also reached informal settlements with a number of merchants who have complied with Delta’s cease and desist requests in multiple instances.
  2. As a result, Delta will maintain a high level of enforcement of its Marks.
  3. Even while Delta’s Legal Affairs department works tirelessly to preserve the company’s assets, the company recognizes the vital contribution made by members who refuse to patronize – and who report – unregistered sellers.
  4. We ask that you study our Approved Vendor List if you want to learn more about our authorized merchants (Updated 12-15-2021).
  5. Refer to the Certified Vendorstab if you are in any doubt as to whether or not someone is acting in the capacity of a licensed vendor.
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For any queries regarding this list, please contact the Events Department at [email protected] or the Delta Sigma Theta Organization at [email protected] To be able to lawfully use Delta’s Marks on goods and/or services, you must first seek authorization from the company through a license agreement.

For a specific amount of time, the license will provide a third party the restricted right to utilize Delta trademarks and logos.

Delta has given licenses to a large number of suppliers and is continuing to assess requests on a regular basis.

Delta’s marks may not be used or authorized by any individual member of the organization. We ask that you study our Approved Vendor List if you want to learn more about our authorized merchants (Updated 12-15-2021). To become a Certified Vendor, you must complete the following steps:

  • Fill out the Application for a Certified Vendor’s License in its entirety.
  • As part of your application, you should include mockups of your product(s). Formally sign and submit aLicense Agreement together with your application
  • Learn about Delta’s Operating Guidelines and Code of Conduct for Vendors, and agree to abide by its terms and conditions. Provide the $2,000.00 licensing cost, with $250.00 being non-refundable if the application is refused or terminated before it is approved. Following acceptance, there will be NO REFUND.

To renew a Certified Vendor License, follow these steps:

  • Application for Renewal of Certified Vendor’s License must be completed in its entirety.
  • Formally sign and submit aLicense Agreement together with your application

Once your application has been filed, you must familiarize yourself with and agree to follow by Delta’s Guidelines and Code of Conduct for Vendors (collectively, the “Code”) before submitting another application. Detailed instructions on how Delta’s Marks should be presented and utilized will be provided in this Code. Please return to this page to see ourQuick Brand Guidetab for extra information on how to utilize our products. A licensing cost of $2,000.00 is required to complete the application procedure, of which $250.00 is non-refundable in the event that the application is refused or terminated prior to acceptance.

  • If Delta grants you a license, it will be valid for a period of two (2) years after you get it.
  • Renewal and payment of the license fee are required.
  • Unlicensed vendors may not transfer or sublicense their rights under the licensing agreement to any other vendor without first obtaining Delta’s express written permission.
  • If the information provided here and the website provided above do not answer your questions, you may contact the Events Committee for assistance.

Song (airline) – Wikipedia

Founded 2003 Commenced operations April 15, 2003 Ceased operations May 2, 2006 (operations folded intoDelta Air Lines) Hubs Frequent-flyer program SkyMiles Alliance SkyTeam(affiliate; 2003-2006) Fleet size 45 Destinations 17 Parent company Delta Air Lines Inc. Headquarters Atlanta,Georgia Key people Joanne Smith Website Flysong.com

Once your application has been filed, you must familiarize yourself with and agree to follow by Delta’s Guidelines and Code of Conduct for Vendors (collectively, the “Code”) before submitting your application. Detailed instructions on how Delta’s Marks should be displayed and utilized will be provided in this Code.. Please revisit this page for extra information on how to utilize our Quick Brand Guidetab. License fees of $2,000.00 are required to complete the application procedure, with $250.00 being non-refundable in the event that the application is refused or terminated before it has been approved.

The license given by Delta will be valid for two (2) years after it is granted.

Licensing renewal and payment of the license cost must be completed online.

Unlicensed vendors may not transfer or sublicense their rights under the licensing agreement to any other vendor without first obtaining Delta’s express written approval.

If the information provided here and the website provided above do not answer your queries, you may contact the Events Committee. QUESTIONS The Events Committee may be reached [email protected] or [email protected] if you would like to learn more about the Certified Vendor Program.


A long-term branding plan was implemented prior to the launch of Song as a low-cost Delta brand on April 15, 2003. The service targeted an exclusive group of hip, style-conscious professional women as their target market. The campaign was successful. Song Airlines was the first airline that was specifically targeted towards women. This branding process was covered in the 2004 Frontline episode “The Persuaders” as well as in the show’s accompanying materials, which may be seen here. Landor Associates in New York was tasked with creating the airline’s name, brand identity, cabin interiors, and terminal settings.

Using Delta’s aircraft, flight attendants, booking systems and airport facilities, Song was able to launch fast and easily.

A flight tracker and satellite television were given aboard Song’s aircraft, as well as complimentary personal entertainment systems at each seat, which included audio MP3 customizable options, quiz games that could be played against other passengers, a flight tracker, and satellite television (provided by theDISH Network).

  1. Snack packs from well-known brands as well as nutritious organic dinners were available.
  2. Crew outfits made by Kate Spade, special beverages developed by nightlife entrepreneur Rande Gerber, and an in-flight training program designed by New York City fitness guru David Barton were also included in the Song trip.
  3. The bankruptcy resulted in the departure of numerous of Song’s most important backers, and the corporation was no longer able to maintain two distinct identities.
  4. Delta stated on October 28, 2005, that it will be discontinuing the Song brand and incorporating its aircraft into Delta’s core domestic long-haul service, which would begin operations in May 2006.
  5. Aviation observers interpreted the airline’s abolition as an effort to decrease expenses and escape from financial distress.

On February 22, 2006, Song was officially dropped from all future Delta flight itineraries. In 2006, Song’s final flight was 2056, which flew from Las Vegas McCarran International Airport to Orlando International Airport, departing at 11:48 p.m. local time on April 30th.


In 2006, Song’s fleet was entirely comprised of Boeing 757 aircraft.

Song Fleet

Aircraft Number of aircraft Passengers Notes
Boeing 757-200 45 199


Song operated flights to 22 destinations in the United States and the Caribbean during the course of its career. When Song integrated its operations back into Delta, the following destinations were still served by the company. Islands in the Caribbean

  • Charles E. King International Airport (Cyril E. King International Airport)
  • Charlotte Amalie

Mainland of the United States

  • Los Angeles (Los Angeles International Airport)
  • San Francisco (San Francisco International Airport)
  • And New York (JFK International Airport).
  • Fort Lauderdale (Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport)
  • Fort Myers (Southwest Florida International Airport)
  • Orlando (Orlando International Airport)
  • Pensacola (Pensacola Gulf Coast Regional Airport)
  • Tampa (Tampa International Airport)
  • West Palm Beach (Palm Beach International Airport)
  • Jacksonville (Jacksonville International Airport)
  • Fort Lauderdale (Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport)
  • Fort Myers (Southwest Florida International Airport)
  • Orlando (Orlando International Airport)
  • Pensacola (Pensacola Gulf Coast Regional Airport)
  • Tampa (Tampa International Airport)
  • West Palm Beach (Palm Beach International Airport)
  • Jacksonville (Jacksonville International Airport).
  • (John F. Kennedy International Airport)
  • (LaGuardia Airport)
  • (John F. Kennedy International Airport)

Terminated destinations

There were a number of destinations that were terminated prior to the consolidation of operations.

  • Airports in the Bahamas include Nassau
  • In the United States, airports include Atlanta, Newark, and Washington D.C.-Dulles

See also

  • United, Ted, MetroJet, Hooters Air, Delta Express, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue, and other shuttle services


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  • Music video by Song (Archive)
  • PBS Frontline program – The Persuaders (viewable online) focuses on Song’s pricey branding and advertising attempts to distinguish themselves from the “clutter.” Song fleet
  • Song aircraft
  • Song aviators

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