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For our second archive of the month of May, we’ll stick with the seasonal theme and spend a few minutes reflecting on a very old rural tradition: the chants and quests of the month of May. ****** Traditions villageoises that had been passed down for generations included chants de quête, which had become a seasonal ritual. At certain times of year (such as Christmas or Pâques), groups of chanters would move from house to house in order to gather food or money for their families. The songs of May are a part of this long-standing practice of questing.

He traveled the length of the Loire Valley in the 1980s, in search of songs, instrumental tunes, and observations on the local coutumes, all of which are now available on the website of the Interregional Database of Oral Heritage.

Until the residents arrived to fill the panier of eggs and bacon, which would be used the following Sunday to prepare a large omelette for the village’s children, the chanters didn’t stop humming their songs.

“Take a look at yourself” –See the full notice for further information So it was first and foremost a festive occasion, about which the author Michel Jeury writes, “On didn’t doze much in our fields that night,” according to the author.

For a better understanding of the implications of these May enquires, it may be helpful to listen to one final May chant, performed by Germaine Panel in the context of a party organized by the association ” Visages de notre Pilat ” in 1982 (for more information on this party, see this other archive of the week).

The first couplet heralds the arrival of the “beautiful days,” during which “it is pleasant to sleep at night without a blanket.” The second refers to a group of galants who are pressing against the doors of young girls in order to hand them “a lovely bouquet of roses, all of them lovely.” In the first excerpt, a resident of Pélussin learns that the boys and girls did not frequent the area since it was not safe for them.

Other accounts, on the other hand, suggest that, beyond the celebration of the spring season (which is rooted in a pagan tradition that is centuries old and widely spread throughout Europe), the quêtes de mai served as a means of meeting the young people from neighboring hamlets and may have played a role in the local marriage market.

  • Michel Jeury’s “Les gens du Mont Pilat: histoire de Claudia et Joseph, mes parents,” published by Pocket in 2002, and Victor Smith’s ” Chants de quête,” published by Pocket in 2002. In Romanian, vol. 2, no. 5, 1873, pages 59-71, “Noel du premier de l’an. – Chants de mai” is a poem about the first of the year, “Noel du premier de l’an. – Chants de mai.”

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Chanson à danser et à répondre (ana.) avec Émilienne Laurent

The search for a song to reveal the identity of the bride. Mme Souzeau, I’d want to bring up the subject of another informatrice.

Chant de colportage (feuille volante): Henriette et Damon (ana.) – La fin estparlée

In the following story, a pair of Maguesite sunglasses is discussed. When she sings, she mentions the necessity of responding (ripouner) in order to be heard. Two songs are spliced together in this fragment.

Chants énoncés à l’occasion des mariages

a song that makes you want to dance (ana.) The aid is provided. In terms of dances, the squaree, the rounde, and the branle are all popular on the island of Yeu. Concerning the quadrille (which is only marginally present on Noirmoutier),

Chant de table par Providence Bouteau

Table setting chant (inf.) When the “good saurs” come to see her, Maguesite tells her to hide her songs in a closet.

Chanson la fileuse qui brûle d’être en ménage

Mme Souzeau’s song “The fileuse who burns to be in the house” is based on the song “Chanson la fileuse qui brûle d’être en ménage.”

Chant à mener la mariée (enq.)

The aid is provided. Attempting to locate song lyrics

Chanson à danser, ronde (inf.) et à répondre (ana.)

In the diction, there is a change in the song. The aid is provided.

Chanson quand Margoton s’en va à l’eau

There is a problem with the speed. The aid is provided.

Recherche de chant à réveiller la mariée

The search for a song to reveal the identity of the bride. Mme Souzeau, I’d want to bring up the subject of another informatrice.

Chanson La pendule

The bride’s cortège is led by accordionist Alexis Raymond, who performs a chant to pacify her (inf.). a fragment of a sentence (ana.)

Chant appris à l’école – A propos de la mise à mort d’un coq par les conscrits

At reference to the execution of a coq by the conscrits, a song learned in school (inf.) Les garçons took care of the coq throughout the following days and weeks (inf.)

Chanson à danser et à répondre (ana.)

In relation to the subject of the show. Regarding the depiction of those who appeared to be enraged and those who hurled insults at one another

A propos de la maison hantée de Frontenay-Rohan-Rohan

On the subject of the Frontenay-Rohan-Rohan hantée and the Melle gendarme who had been dispatched to the scene of the crime Concerning unsatisfactory literature

A propos des animaux qui se détachaient tout seul

‘, WIDTH, 200, PADDING, 0, BGCOLOR, ‘ ffffff’,DURATION,’2500′);”> Réveillez 16’34 Compagnie Chez Bouscad’après D.P. Mortels au son de ma clochette – Réveillez-vous les filles – Réveillons, réveillez – ethniquetraditionnel,christianisme,acoustique,Auvergne,Bretagne C 178
‘, WIDTH, 200, PADDING, 0, BGCOLOR, ‘ ffffff’,DURATION,’2500′);”> Réveillez 2 5’05 Compagnie Chez Bouscad’après D.P. Réveillez-vous mes chères âmes – Les plaintes et les gémissements. ethniquetraditionnel,Auvergne,christianisme,acoustique,chanté en français C 140
‘, WIDTH, 200, PADDING, 0, BGCOLOR, ‘ ffffff’,DURATION,’2500′);”> Réveillez 3 9’15 Compagnie Chez Bouscad’après D.P. Jésus-Christ s’habille en pauvre – La mort qui rôde – Mazurka. ethniquetraditionnel,christianisme,Limousin,Picardie,acoustique Gm 151
‘, WIDTH, 200, PADDING, 0, BGCOLOR, ‘ ffffff’,DURATION,’2500′);”> La Passion 9’37 Compagnie Chez Bouscad’après D.P. La passion – Instrumental. ethniquetraditionnel,Auvergne,Bretagne,christianisme,acoustique Gm 129
‘, WIDTH, 200, PADDING, 0, BGCOLOR, ‘ ffffff’,DURATION,’2500′);”> Comptines 8’17 Compagnie Chez Bousca J’ai un petit coq – Messieurs et Mesdames – Instrumental. comptine,ethniquetraditionnel,Bretagne,christianisme,sanza Am 126
‘, WIDTH, 200, PADDING, 0, BGCOLOR, ‘ ffffff’,DURATION,’2500′);”> Le Jeudi de la Cène 7’31 Compagnie Chez Bouscad’après D.P. Brave monde que durmetz – Chrétiens, réveillez-vous – Pêcheurs et Pècheresses. ethniquetraditionnel,christianisme,acoustique,Auvergne,Bretagne C 104
‘, WIDTH, 200, PADDING, 0, BGCOLOR, ‘ ffffff’,DURATION,’2500′);”> Réveillez 4 6’21 Compagnie Chez Bouscad’après D.P. Réveille-toi peuple endormi – Donatz, donatz deus èus. ethniquetraditionnel,christianisme,acoustique,Auvergne,chanté en français Am 120
‘, WIDTH, 200, PADDING, 0, BGCOLOR, ‘ ffffff’,DURATION,’2500′);”> Remerciements 1’30 Compagnie Chez Bouscad’après D.P. Remerciements. ethniquetraditionnel,Bretagne,christianisme,acoustique,chanté en français Em 64

150 – Quête de mai

The reason for this is that it corresponds to the season, but if there is one genre that has fallen into disarray, it is that of the scavenger hunt song. Previously prominent throughout several seasons of the year, including Christmas, Guillaneu, Passion, and Saint Martin, he has since faded from the local tradition. In our stories, the marguillers, who were questing for the paroisse, were the last ones to sing from house to house as the sun went down. We are in the presence of a chant de quête de mai, which is more commonly heard among the young people of a certain community.

  1. We will not get into the specifics of how these quests are to be completed in this section of the guide.
  2. A common thread runs through each song, as well as some unique characteristics….
  3. To listen to the song and read the rest of the story, go to: During the 1980s, a small group of enthusiastic young collectors attempted to bring this tradition back to life.
  4. Houses have been barricaded in the nooks and crannies.
  5. Jadis(1)les ruraux pouvaient be just as deceitful when it came to dealing with foreigners, but this particular ritual was part of the set of circumstances that had been anticipated.
  6. The quêtes de mai appeared at any point in the month’s beginning, including the first day of the month and the first Sunday of the month.
  7. For the time being, regardless of how old they are, they are not without a certain kind of mystery about them.
  8. Aside from that, the egg is a symbol of the beginning of life and the rebirth of the spirit.
  9. It should be noted that these songs place a high value on the subject matter.
  10. A refusal to provide ufs, on the other hand, might result in dissatisfaction, and the renard is not far away in the future.
  11. No, in fact, several of the versions collected in France make use of the same threat.

This particular one comes from the Coislin region, in and around Campbon, where the many collections made throughout time by the Maillard, Glotin, Juteau, and others have been gathered and valued by Dastum 44.notes The Maillard, Glotin, and Juteau are among those who have contributed to the collection.

  • The second is an extrait of the Maggio di questua de Casteldicasio, in the province of Bologne, made famous by the “Gruppo Emiliano.” Janig Juteau is the interlocutor, and there are responses.
  • P.
  • This is the month of May, when the roses begin to bloom.
  • With the arrival of the lovely month of May (bis) This is the month of May, and it is full with violets.
  • They are brimming with adornments and joking around (joie) With the arrival of the lovely month of May (bis) Maître de maison, you have a large number of dogs.
  • At the start of the lovely month of May, they’ll bring you some butter and then some milk (bis) If you’re a housewife with several large daughters, you’re in luck.
  • We’ll be singing to them all night long until they fall asleep.

Don’t give them a sour taste; instead, give them a fresh taste.

It is for this reason that the renard catches her in his goule.

At the beginning of the lovely month of May (bis), if you send in some spare change, I will make a donation to your 401(k).

With the arrival of the lovely month of May (bis) If you are unable to provide anything, please notify the chamberière.

It will be convenient for him to carry his bag.

All of the dogs in the country will be brought to you in a goule. It will be appropriate to express gratitude to you. With the arrival of the lovely month of May (bis).

RADdO – Chant de quête de Pâques – Document n°111503

The Oral History Archive and Documentation Network (RAMDON) is a network of oral history archives and documentation. Documents 1997 – unpublished musical composition Pâques’s scavenger hunt song Your browser does not support HTML5 at this time. This previously unreleased musical composition is titled “Chant de quête de Pâques.” She is a native of the town of Péault.

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