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LarryLesser’s HEALING SONG To hear LarryLesser’s song, click here: Ellen Wilson’s voice may be heard near the end of the keyboard-only version of “Healing Song.” The guitar-piano-drum version of “Healing Song” (including Larry Bach’s vocals) may be found on either atlyricstoday.com or atlyricstoday.com. SONG OF HEALING Lawrence M. Lesser (BMI) owns the rights to the words and music from 2004 to 2008. Text: This prayer is based on the MiSheberach andViddui prayers for the healing of the body and the soul, respectively.

May it be Your will that we shall be healed completely, both physically and spiritually.



We pray that it is Your will that we shall be healed.

The song succinctly and deeply expresses the essence of Jewish prayer for healing in a way that allows the singer and listener plenty of room to forge their own connection, a connection that is both personal and communal, and that ultimately goes beyond words, as evidenced by the use of Chassidicniggun syllables in the chorus that have no literal semantic meaning.

  1. According to Jewish tradition, the first person plural is used in this hymn and other Jewish prayers to underline our shared duty and fate (see www.jewfaq.org/prayer.htm for further opinions on this).
  2. Wilson agreed.
  3. In recent years, the song has been increasingly popular among congregations (for example, for Yom Kippur and other services at Temple Mount Sinai), and it has been discovered to cross denominational and religious boundaries.
  4. Larry Bach, is the most significant song on the CD and deserves to be included in the pantheon of healing music among the Mi Shebeirachsettings by Friedman, Levine, and Sher.
  5. Larry Bach is a composer, musician, and author.
  6. Rabbi Larry Bach of the congregation characterized the song as having “wonderful acoustics combined with sound theology” in a blog post that was published the same day.
  7. On July 20, 2010, a piece on Healing Song was published on the official blog of the literary journal produced by the Center for Bioethics and Humanities at SUNY Upstate Medical University, which is dedicated to bioethics and humanities research.

There is also a version available at. Guitarists: the simplest method is to place an acapoon on the third fret (or whichever fret best matches your vocal range) and pick from the following key of G chords: G, C, D/F, Em add9, and A.


Canyon Records 6094-CT, Healing Chants of the Native American Church, 1972 The Native American Church holds a variety of different sorts of gatherings. First and foremost, there are the regular prayer meetings, and second, there is the special prayer gathering held for the purpose of healing. This second form of assembly is represented by the chants heard on this audio. One of the most important motivations for attending peyote or Native American Church sessions is to receive healing. When peyote was first used in the 1870s, it was already well-known for its medicinal properties.

Meetings are often conducted on Saturday evenings at a local restaurant.

Healing meetings can be arranged at any time of the day or night in an emergency.

When compared to a regular prayer meeting, healing ceremonies are typically smaller affairs, with only the patient or patients, the leader or Road Man, a small number of revered church members, the patient’s family, and occasionally a few close friends, even if they are not members of the Native American Church, participating.

  1. Everyone prays for the overall well-being of the globe, as well as for the patient’s specific wellbeing.
  2. In the name of the sick individual, the other people in the room likewise consume peyote.
  3. Indigenous religions such as the Native American Church, which formed in the last century and encompasses tribal traditions that date back to antiquity, long before Europeans arrived in the Americas, are referred to as inter-tribal Indian religions.
  4. The usage of the peyote button, which is derived from the little spineless peyote cactus that is endemic to Mexico and Southern Texas, originated in that country.

Traditional elements of Plains religion – although not always in the same form or combination – were incorporated into the healing or curing ritual, including the all-important vision, which was made readily available through the use of peyote, which was readily available through the use of other drugs.

  • Christianity was the third source of the modern-day Native American Church, following Islam and Christianity.
  • Some tribal peyote churches were directly impacted by Christian ideas over a long period of time, while other tribal peyote organizations assimilated the merged corpus of traditional Indian religion and Christianity from other tribes over a lengthy period of time.
  • Native American Church was formed in 1918 when various autonomous tribal churches banded together to create the Native American Church, a legal non-profit company with the mission of projecting a strong unified front to the outside world in the face of opposition.
  • A more structured Native American Church was better equipped to advocate for smaller local organizations in court challenges over the legality of using peyote in prayer sessions than a more disorganized Native American Church.
  • In general, peyote chants remain consistent from one tribe to another, which distinguishes them from other forms of American Indian music.
  • The high level of tension, breaks, quavers, and emphases that are characteristic of Plains music are lacking from this piece.
  • Rather than playing at a fast pace, the drums and rattles are played at a steady pace and beat in eighth notes to give the appearance that the music is moving quickly.
  • A phrase is often made up of multiple short downward intervals, with larger upward intervals occurring between phrases and between phrases and between phrases.

In the early formative years of the peyote ritual, during the 1870s and 1880s, there are a few variations that may be attributed to certain tribe distinctions in musical style during the 1870s and 1880s.

Play song

Peyote Healing Chant 1 Cheyenne
Peyote Healing Chant 2 Cheyenne
Peyote Healing Chant 3 Cheyenne
Peyote Healing Chant 4 Cheyenne
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Peyote Healing Chant 15 Cheyenne
Peyote Healing Chant 16 Cheyenne
Peyote Healing Chant 17 Cheyenne
Peyote Healing Chant 18 Cheyenne
Peyote Healing Chant 19 Cheyenne
Peyote Healing Chant 20 Cheyenne
Peyote Healing Chant 21 Cheyenne
Peyote Healing Chant 22 Cheyenne
Peyote Healing Chant 23 Cheyenne

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7 Simple Mantras for Healing and Transformation

It is via the use of sounds or vibrations that a desired result may be brought about in a specific region of your body and/or life, such as healing, change, or self-awareness. There are mantras for just about anything; here are a few examples of practical applications for you to experiment with. Everything in the universe is composed of sound or vibration at its most precise level. Every tree, every flower, and every part of your body possesses a distinct vibration of its own. All of the emotions and traits you display in your life, such as pleasure, joy, abundance, and love, are all manifestations of vibrations.

  • In contrast, if the vibration of any one region gets distorted, the balance of your life is disrupted, resulting in a loss of completeness and some pain in your daily activities.
  • There are a plethora of noises in nature: birds chirping, wind flowing through the trees, waves crashing on the beach, innocent children laughing, and so on.
  • As a result of spending time in outdoors and listening to these noises, your body gets more in tune with the rhythms and flow of the natural world.
  • A step further has been taken by the ancient Vedic Tradition of India, which has spent thousands of years investigating and perfecting the use of sound in order to formalize it into the Vedic Science of Mantras.
  • When chanted aloud or quietly, they have the ability to have a desired impact in any aspect of your physiology or life—for healing, transformation, and inner awakening, to name a few possibilities.
  • It would take a lifetime to master this knowledge; nonetheless, we’ll go through some of the more practical applications in this section of the article.


Japa literally translates as “repetition of a mantra,” and as such, it refers to any and all applications of mantras. Japa, on the other hand, is most usually connected with a defined number of repeats of a mantra, which is called Japa. Traditionally, a string of beads, known as a Mala, with a predetermined number of beads would be used to keep track of the number of repetitions—one repetition per bead. The traditional Mala has 108 “counter” beads and a “guru” bead that is used to designate where the beginning and ending points of the Mala are located.

Using the Mala will almost always include making a commitment of some sort.

Let’s imagine you’re dealing with a particular challenge in your life. Having learned the mantra that will assist you in bringing harmony to that scenario, you may opt to recite it 108 times (one Mala) over the following 30 days.

Deity Mantra

There are literally hundreds of deities in the Eastern faiths, each linked with a distinct characteristic and each with its own mantra, which summons the attribute associated with the deity in question. For a Hindu, reciting one of these mantras would be considered a form of devotion of the god being invoked. In contrast, for individuals who are not religious in their outlook, the deities and their traits should be seen in a more nuanced light, as archetypal energies. There are energies present in you at all times, whether they are latent or in a state of imbalance or equilibrium.

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You may activate and synchronize the benefits of one of these mantras in all aspects of your life by repeating it several times.

  • In order to remove impediments and blocks from your life and to bring knowledge into it, use the letter GAM (gaam).

Healing Mantras

After all, everything is in perfect harmony and any discomfort or sickness is only a distortion of the sound in some part or area of the body. The right sound is reintroduced, which aids in the restoration of harmony in that region. Healing mantras are often chanted with the focus on the region of discomfort—or, to put it another way, with the intention of directing the vibration to the place where it is required. There are several really effective healing mantras that are better learnt from a skilled instructor; nonetheless, here are some of the more straightforward ones:

  • After all, everything is in perfect harmony and any discomfort or sickness is only a distortion of the sound in some part or all of the body…. Restoration of harmony in that region is assisted by the introduction of proper sound. It is customary to recite a healing mantra while focusing on the region of discomfort—or, to put it another way, directing the vibration to the area of discomfort. It is recommended to learn some of the most potent healing mantras from a certified teacher
  • Nonetheless, below are some of the more straightforward ones:

The sounds of the vowels can also be employed for therapeutic purposes. These are non-local, which means that you may chant one of them and direct the vibration of that particular chant wherever you choose.

Chakra Mantras

Although consciousness is converting into matter at every point in the Universe, it is more active in particular locations…. On the planet, these energy centers are referred to as vortexes; on the human body, they are referred to as chakras. Despite the fact that chakras are not physically present, you may picture the primary seven in the body, which are placed along the spine. Each one depicts a distinct aspect of your personality. The majority of people have blocked or stuck chakras, which reduces the flow of energy sustaining that particular attributes or over-emphasizes them, depending on their personality.

Several alternative sets of mantras for the chakras are available; however, the following set is intended for regular everyday use.

Bring your focus to the lowest (first) chakra and repeat the sound 1 to 3 times aloud or quietly, beginning with the lowest (first) chakra and working your way up.

Chakra Location Association Mantra
First Chakra (base of the spine) survival instincts LAAM
Second Chakra (sacral area) sensuality, creative inspiration VAAM
Third Chakra (solar plexus, navel) personal power, ego RAAM
Fourth Chakra (center of chest) unconditional love, compassion YAAM
Fifth Chakra (throat) creativity KAA GAA GHA
Sixth Chakra (between eyebrows) insight, inspiration KSHAAM
Seventh Chakra (crown, top of head) spiritual union OMM

General Mantras

In the following section are several mantras that can be said whenever desired to awaken the characteristics inherent within their vibration.

  • The meaning of Shanti (shan tee) is “to restore peace and harmony.” Anandam (aan a dam) is a Sanskrit word meaning “to restore inner joy and satisfaction.”

Enlightenment Mantras

On all levels, enlightenment is a condition of balance, harmony, and self-awareness, and it is achieved via meditation. As a result, all mantras indirectly contribute to the achievement of this spiritual aim. The Gayatri Mantra, on the other hand, is known as the “Mother” of all wisdom in the universe, and as such, it provides the most direct way to Enlightenment. It is traditionally repeated at periods of change during the day, such as sunrise, noon, and sunset, although it may be sung at any time that is convenient for the listener.


Meditation Mantras

A meaning and/or an aim are linked with each mantra described above since they are designed to generate or promote anything on the active level of life, as opposed to passive levels of existence. It is not necessary to interpret meditation mantras in terms of their meanings or intents. Their function is merely to shift the focus of attention away from activity and onto the inner realm of quiet and endless possibility. Using these mantras, you may re-establish contact with your most fundamental level of Being, allowing you to begin to re-establish the memory of these traits throughout your whole existence.

This chant is really HUM.

  • Begin breathing regularly while sitting comfortably and with your eyes closed. Silently begin saying “SO” as you breathe in and “HUM” as you breathe out
  • This will help you to relax. The mantra should be simple and uncomplicated to recite in its entirety. When the attention begins to stray, gently draw it back to the present
  • This meditation may be done twice daily for 15-20 minutes at a time for 15-20 minutes every sitting.

As I previously stated, this is a big field, but I hope this has provided you with an introduction to this interesting discipline. Note from the editor: The material in this article is meant solely for educational purposes and should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Before beginning any diet, supplement, workout, or other health program, always get the opinion of your physician or other certified health practitioners if you have any questions about your medical condition.

Can Prayer Heal?

Is it possible that this will happen? Could the prayers of a small group of people make a difference to someone who is having heart surgery, even if they are on the other side of the world? Anangioplasty and stent implantation were Roy L.’s third and last cardiac procedures a few years ago. He was in good spirits. Doctors were planning to thread a catheter up a congested artery, open it up, and place a little device, called a stent, to prop the artery open while they performed the procedure. Even in the best of conditions, it is a potentially dangerous surgery.

  1. “You should be really grateful that you were able to get out of it,” Roy tells WebMD.
  2. Later, he discovered that he had been the recipient of prayers before to, during, and after the treatment – prayers that had been sent to him by nuns, monks, priests, and rabbis from all around the world, and which had his name attached.
  3. “If anyone would like to pray for me, I would much appreciate it.” And he’s doing OK right now, despite his cardiac difficulties, at least.
  4. During his time at the university, Roy participated in a pilot research that investigated the impact of “remote prayer” on the outcome of patients having high-risk surgeries.
  5. Did they assist in alleviating some of the tension that may have exacerbated the situation?

Recent brain research have shown that there may be a relationship between simple humans and the almighty, but is this really the case? Krucoff and colleagues are aiming to provide answers to these and other concerns in a rising number of investigations.

God Grabs Headlines

Is it possible that this is the case. Were the prayers of a few individuals able to aid someone having heart surgery – even if it was on the other side of the world? Anangioplasty and stent implantation were Roy L.’s third and last cardiac treatment a few years ago. He was in good spirits. Using a catheter, doctors were going to unclog an obstruction in an artery and insert a little device, called a stent, to prop the artery open until it was unclogged again. Even in the best of conditions, it’s a high-risk surgery.

  • The next day, it was revealed to him that he had been the recipient of prayers sent by nuns, monks, priests, and rabbis from all around the world in the days leading up to, during, and immediately following the treatment.
  • “But I believe in the Lord.” “I would much appreciate it if someone would pray for me.” Even with his cardiac difficulties, he is doing well right now.
  • During his time at the university, Roy participated in a pilot research that investigated the impact of “remote prayer” on the outcome of patients having high-risk surgical operations.
  • Do you think they were able to alleviate some of the tension that may have made things more complicated?
  • Recent brain investigations have shown that there may be a relationship between simple mortals and the almighty.
  • Krucoff and colleagues are seeking to address these issues in a rising number of investigations, which are being conducted by other researchers.
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Wired for Spirituality?

Is it even possible? Could the prayers of a small group of people benefit someone undergoing heart surgery, even if they were on the other side of the world? Roy L. was about to have his third heart treatment – anangioplasty and stent insertion – a few years ago. Using a catheter, doctors were going to unclog an obstruction in an artery and implant a little device, called a stent, to prop it open. Even under the best of circumstances, it is a potentially dangerous process. Death, stroke, and heart attack are among the dangers that he faces, according to his doctor, Mitchell Krucoff, MD, a cardiovascular expert at Duke University School of Medicine in Durham, N.C.

  1. Roy may have had some non-medical assistance throughout the treatment, albeit he was unaware of it.
  2. WebMD quotes him as saying, “I’m not a church-going man, but I believe in the Lord.” “If someone would like to pray for me, I would much appreciate that.” And he’s doing OK right now, despite his cardiac difficulties.
  3. During his time at the university, Roy participated in a pilot research that examined the impact of “remote prayer” on the outcome of patients having high-risk surgeries.
  4. Were they able to alleviate some of the tension that might have exacerbated the situation?

Is there, as some recent brain research have shown, a genuine relationship between us humans and the almighty? Krucoff and colleagues are seeking to answer these concerns in a rising number of investigations.

The Impact of Religion on Health

However, according to Harold Koenig, MD, assistant professor of medicine and psychiatry at Duke University and a former colleague of Krucoff’s, prayer includes more than just repetition and physiological reactions. Religious beliefs, according to Koenig, a senior editor of theHandbook of Religion and Health, a new publication that chronicles almost 1,200 research done on the impact of prayer on health. “Traditional religious beliefs have a range of implications on human health,” he adds. According to these findings, religious persons have a tendency to live longer and better lives.

Among the findings of these investigations are the following statistics:

  • Hospitalized patients who have never visited church have an average length of stay that is three times longer than those who attend church on a regular basis. Patients with heart disease who did not engage in a religious organization were 14 times more likely to die following surgery. Those over the age of 65 who never or just occasionally visited church had a stroke rate that was twice as high as those who did go frequently. Religious persons in Israel had a 40 percent lower death rate from cardiovascular disease and cancer than nonreligious people.

Additionally, according to Koenig, “People who are more religious have a lower risk of being depressed in the long run. And if they do feel sad, they recover from depression more rapidly than other people. This has ramifications for their physical health as well as the overall quality of their lives.” Koenig’s current study, which is being performed in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and is the first to be sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, involves 80 black women who have been diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer.

He claims that the prayer group “will pray for her; she will pray for them,” as Koenig puts it.

During the six-month study period, each patient’s immune function will be examined to see whether any changes occur.

In Koenig’s words, “having that world perspective assists people in integrating major life changes and alleviating the stress that comes with them.” “People who have a positive world view have a more optimistic outlook on life; they have more optimism, a feeling of the future, a sense of purpose, and a sense of meaning in their lives.

A person’s illness and chronic agony, as well as the loss of loved ones, are difficult to justify and make sense of unless they adhere to a religious belief system.” “No one is recommending religion as a cure,” Koenig says in an interview with WebMD.

It is not possible to tell patients that they must attend church twice a week.

We believe that the doctor should find out what the patient’s spiritual requirements are and arrange for a pastor to visit the patient in order to provide spiritually uplifting reading materials to them. It makes a lot of sense.”

When We Pray for Others

The question remains, however, about so-called “remote prayer,” which is also referred to as “intercessory prayer,” as was the case in Krucoff’s research. In Krucoff’s words, “intercessory prayer is prayer that is directed at doing something, such as stopping a heart attack or achieving recovery.” Krucoff has a variety of positions at Duke and at the local Veterans Affairs Medical Center. The Ischemia Monitoring Core Laboratory and the MANTRA prayer study project (Monitoring and Actualization of Noetic Teachings) are both directed by Krucoff, who is also an associate professor of medicine in cardiology at Duke.

Noetic trainings, perhaps?

“There are no medicines, massages, or acupressure in this program.” Despite the fact that the purpose of prayer therapy is to bring about healing, Krucoff tells WebMD that “there are a lot of concerns about what healing entails.” “At this level of this work, there are several philosophical discussions that might arise from the work.

This is the primary premise of the study.” The pilot research, which included Roy L.

All of them were suffering from severe heart failure and required immediate angioplasty.

“The heart beats quicker and harder, blood vessels are constricted, blood is thicker, and the blood clots more easily as a result of the condition.

A control group was used in the pilot trial, and the patients were randomized to touch therapy, stress relaxation, visualization, or remote prayer as treatment options.

People in those two groups were in the same boat as Roy in that they were unsure if prayers were being sent their way or not.

In addition, Krucoff and Crater are now engaged in the MANTRA trial’s second phase, which will recruit a total of 1,500 patients receiving angioplasty at nine clinical locations around the country in the long run.

According to him, “prayer is not being considered as a substitute to angioplasty.” “We’re a highly high-tech group of folks around here.

Were we blind to the fact that there is more to a person than their physical appearance, that there is a need for something more, that might make all of this high-tech stuff operate better?”

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