What Is The Minnesota Vikings Skol Chant

What’s the ‘Skol’ chant? Origins of the newest Vikings tradition

Despite the fact that the Minnesota Vikings have offered one of the most recent and best current traditions in the NFL with their increasingly iconic “Skol” shout, one of the most pressing mysteries is where it originated. “Skol,” which is spelled “skl” in Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish and “skál” in Icelandic or “skaal” as an option, is a term that literally translates as “cheers” or “good health,” and it is frequently used as a toast in these languages. Alternatively, in this situation, a chant.

Around or around 1961, when the National Football League (NFL) was established The following are the song’s lyrics: Let’s go Vikings, let’s win this game, let’s go Vikings, let’s respect your name, let’s go Vikings, let’s win this game, Go ahead and grab the first down, and then go ahead and score a touchdown.

Sock ’em to them Fight, fight, fight, fight!

Let’s go Vikings, let’s rack up the points.

V-I-K-I-N-G-S Let’s get this party started, Vikings!

Bank Stadium in 2016 that the now-famous chant was officially adopted.

Submit your email address for our FREE newsletter now!) In this case, the chant is taken from the Viking War Chant, which became popular during the Iceland national soccer team’s journey through the Euro 2016 competition, which resulted in one of the best films you will ever see.

International Soccer League Euro2016 (via @siminn) pic.twitter.com/q5r3Z9QOiR 4th of July, 2016 — SPORF (@Sporf) For the new stadium chant, the Vikings collaborated with a pair of Icelandic actors, Aaron Gunnarsson and Hafór Jlus Björnsson, who also happens to be one of the stars of HBO’s Game of Thrones, to create something that does not disappoint.

What is the meaning of the Minnesota Viking’s ‘Skol’ chant?

On Sunday, Mike Zimmer’s club earned their first victory of the season… (26 September). During the game, their shout of ‘Skol’ was broadcasted throughout social media platforms. But what exactly is the significance of the Skol chant used by the Minnesota Vikings?

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After defeating the Seattle Seahawks 30-17 on Sunday (September 26), the Minnesota Vikings claimed their first victory of the season on Monday (September 27).

‘Skol’ was used as a trending hashtag during the game, as well as during many other games as well. Fans and players alike utilized the hashtag throughout the game.

  • Against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday (September 26), the Minnesota Vikings scored their first victory of the season, a 30-17 triumph. ‘Skol’ was used as a trending hashtag by spectators and players alike throughout the game, as well as during many other games.

In addition, a video of supporters chanting the Skol shout throughout the US Bank Stadium has been widely shared on social media.

  • In addition, a video of supporters chanting the Skol shout throughout the US Bank Stadium has been widely shared on social media platforms.

What is the meaning of Skol for the Minnesota Vikings?

According to Sports Illustrated, the cry “Skol” (the Minnesota Vikings’ fight song) is derived from the Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian term “Skl.” As a Skl was a bowl that was frequently filled with beer and divided among friends, the phrase is a means of saying “cheers!” As Erin Swartz, Vikings director of brand and creative, said to WCCO, “Skol has been a part of our language from the very inception of the franchise in 1961.” “It was like a Cheers!

party in there!” Vikings! We’ve scored, we’re celebrating, and we’re on our way to victory.” The chant involves spectators raising their hands, clapping twice, and chanting ‘Skol!’ during the performance.

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Vikings impressed in win over Seattle

Even though they suffered defeats at the hands of Cincinnati and Arizona, the Vikings rebounded to defeat Seattle in Week 3. During the game, quarterback Kirk Cousins completed 30 of 38 passes for 323 yards and three touchdowns. He has now completed 200 pass attempts without throwing an interception, which is one attempt shy of the Vikings’ club record of 201 attempts, which he established last season. Following the game, coach Mike Zimmer was effusive in his appreciation for his players. ‘I told the players afterward that it was the finest offensive performance I’d seen in the eight years I’ve been at this place,’ Zimmer said, according to ESPN.

  1. I felt (Alexander) Mattison ran the ball effectively, and the offensive line did an excellent job of blocking.
  2. “I am quite pleased with how they did today.” Photograph courtesy of David Berding/Getty Images Do you have a comment or suggestion regarding this article?
  3. A BA in Ancient History from the University of Manchester followed by an MA in Sports Journalism from the University of Central Lancashire completed his academic career in ancient history.
  4. He subsequently went on to work at a social marketing business, where he was in charge of the website.

What Does Minnesota Vikings “SKOL” Really mean?

From 2016 to now, you’ve heard it at every Minnesota Vikings football game. There are a variety of ways to say it. Skol Vikes! (Go Vikes!) SKOL! Nevertheless, what does it truly mean? As a Vikings fan, I am asked this question every now and again, and while I understood the basic answer, I wanted to go a little farther. Following some investigation, the following is what I discovered on the SKOL chant for the Minnesota Vikings: What about Danish, Swedish, or Norwegian? The name Skol is derived from the Swedish word Skl, which is native to those three languages and is translated as “school.” SKOL can be informally translated as “cheers,” or it can be thought of as a salute or toast in English.

  1. It is, however, transformed into a war cry for the “Minnesota Vikings” by the Vikings, who applaud it to the rhythm of a drum!
  2. Surprisingly, the chant itself, as well as the clapping above the heads of the fans, comes from Iceland’s national soccer team.
  3. As shown in the video below, instead of chanting “Skol!” they chanted “Huh!” as shown in the video below: The Vikings quickly inquired as to whether the Minnesota team could use a variation of this chant, which the Iceland Soccer team agreed to allow.
  4. The rest, as they say, is history!
  5. As a Vikings fan who has had the opportunity to take part in the chant during a game, it has been a truly incredible experience!
  6. A typical game includes only two formal Skol Chants, which are performed at the beginning and end of the game.

This does not include fan-generated chants, as well as impromptu chants in response to a crazy play, a game-winning touchdown, or something else crazy that occurs! What an incredible experience, and what a fantastic way to show your support for our Minnesota Vikings. SKOL VIKES, DUDE!

Why Do Minnesota Vikings Fans Chant Skol?

After the “Minneapolis Miracle” in the second round of the NFL playoffs, the Minnesota Vikings’ relatively new “skol cry” garnered fresh popularity among the fan base. Despite the fact that elimination was a given conclusion, quarterback Case Keenum connected with wide receiver Stefon Diggs for an incredible 61-yard touchdown with only 10 seconds left in regulation. It was the first time in NFL playoff history when a team scored a walk-off touchdown in the fourth quarter. As the Vikings lined up for the extra point, Keenum led the stadium full of delighted supporters in the skol chant as they lined up for the extra point.

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Many football fans have never seen anything like that before and were perplexed as to what the hell Keenum was doing.

Where Does the Vikings’ Skol Chant Come From?

The shout was brought to the Vikings by the Icelandic men’s soccer team, who were playing against them. Following a shock victory over England at Euro 2016, the national squad returned home to thousands of screaming supporters who chanted the “Viking War Chant.” During the chant, supporters raise their arms in the shape of a “V” while a drummer strikes two rapid beats on the drum kit. The fans respond with a single clap and, in the case of the Vikings, the scream “Skol.” Fans of the Vikings were moved by the scenario and began contacting the team through email.

“It was quite daunting to see so many people standing together in harmony.” Bryan Harper, the Vikings Vice President of Content and Production, remarked, “I noticed it immediately after it happened and people have been contacting me.” The next day, we received hundreds of emails from supporters stating, “We have to do this,” and that we are the only team capable of doing it.

After receiving positive feedback, the Vikings enlisted the help of Icelandic soccer star Aron Gunnarsson and actor Thor Bjornsson, who portrays The Mountain on Game of Thrones, to create a film introducing the chant to fans.

(The pregame version, which may be viewed at the bottom of the page, concludes with the sounding of the Gjallarhorn.) That strategy does not account for spontaneous situations such as Case Keenum’s celebration after scoring the game-winning touchdown or the time Vikings supporters yelled in Green Bay during the game.

It’s even made an appearance at Minnesota Wild games, where it has prompted players on the other club – like as Winnipeg captain Blake Wheeler, who is originally from Minnesota – to join in.

What Does Skol Mean?

From the Icelandic men’s soccer team, this cry was brought to the Vikings. Following the squad’s shock of England at Euro 2016, the national team returned home amid a throng of Viking War Chant-chanting fans. Fan’s lift their arms in the shape of a “V” in time with the beats of a drummer, who plays two rapid beats. “Skol” is yelled by Vikings fans when a single clap is given by the team. Fans of the Minnesota Vikings were moved by the incident and began contacting the organization through email immediately after.

  1. “Showing everybody all together in unison was quite daunting.
  2. This year’s Vikings chant, which made its debut at their first home game at US Bank Stadium, was granted permission by the Icelandic national team.
  3. ‘We don’t want the chant to become stale,’ Harper explains, thus it is only used twice before the game and twice during the game.
  4. Moments like Keenum’s celebration after scoring the game-winning touchdown or the time Vikings supporters yelled in Green Bay aren’t included into the game plan at all.

What is a SKOL chant? History of Vikings’ chant is…

Zane Ziebelo and Paul Ziebelo, two Minnesota Vikings fans, pose for a portrait outside U.S. Bank Stadium before the NFC Divisional Playoff game against the New Orleans Saints. (Image courtesy of Stephen Maturen | GETTY IMAGES) In preparation for their NFC Championshipgame against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field, the Minnesota Vikings are in Philadelphia, and as predicted, Vikings’ supporters have made the journey as well – and with them, their chant of “Skol.” In other words, what is the chant that Eagles supporters could hear across Philadelphia today, and perhaps even at Lincoln Financial Field?

  • Everything you need to know about the chant is provided below: Definition: Skol is a Danish-Norwegian Swedish term that means “celebration” or “good fortune.” It is used to show pleasant thoughts toward one’s drinking mates before to engaging in the act of drinking.
  • The Vikings’ battle anthem goes as follows: “The Skol Vikings must win this game; the Skol Vikings must respect your name; the Skol Vikings must gain that first down; and then the Skol Vikings must score a touchdown.
  • Rock ’em…
  • Fight!
  • Fight!
  • Bank Stadium, that the chant, in which fans raise their hands and clap after two beats of a drum, was first introduced to the team’s supporters.
  • That will be determined by their defense and whether or not they are able to defeat the Vikings and advance to Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis.

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How the Vikings’ signature ‘Skol’ chant came to be

Published As soon as the Minnesota Vikings moved into US Bank Stadium last season, they began a new tradition—but where did the “Skol” cry originate and how did it come to be associated with the team? According to Bryan Harper, Vice President of Content and Production for the Minnesota Vikings, “We didn’t have much question coming into it that it would take off in some way since the reason we do it is because the fans who asked for it,” Fans of the Icelandic National Football Team adopted the “Vikings War Chant” during their Cinderella run to the World Cup in 2016, which is where the Skol chant got its origin.

  • As a result of their conversation, the Vikings approached the Icelandic squad and requested if they might adopt their rallying cry, which they did in time for the opening of US Bank Stadium.
  • You’ll have to accomplish this in our facility.
  • The blasting of the Vikings’ horn signals the conclusion of the entire ritual.
  • Since then, the trend has spread to both home and road games for the Minnesota Wild, as well as a restaurant in Woodbury after a Vikings victory.
  • “It’s just the sense of belonging,” Harper explained.
  • However, Harper believes that on Sunday, they may have to start it a number of times during the game in order to maximize the team’s home field advantage.
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‘Skol’ chants — and fans — return to Minnesota Vikings practice

EAGAN, Minn. – The city of EAGAN, Minnesota, has been designated as a National Historic Landmark. During the opening practice of Minnesota Vikings training camp on Wednesday, a Skol shout erupted from the stands early in the session. There was another one later on. You can guarantee the athletes were aware of what was going on. “It was really fantastic,” linebacker Anthony Barr said of the experience. We’ve been hearing that one for a long now, so we’re now getting back to normalcy a little bit,” says the author.

  1. Following their regular-season finale versus Chicago at U.S.
  2. Defensive end Jalyn Holmes described the experience as “fun.” “I’m delighted they were able to come out and watch us in action.” Our energy level increased as a result of this.
  3. There appeared to be around 1,000 fans in attendance on Wednesday, which was a lesser turnout than had been anticipated.
  4. Those in attendance were frequently raucous.
  5. According to Asplund, “it feels amazing to be back here.” “(Fans) can’t wait to get here.” “This is a big part of what I do for a living.” Last season, the Vikings played four road games in front of crowds, with the largest attendance of 16,031 in Week 14 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  6. Bank Stadium were two early-season games in which 250 employees and their families were permitted to attend, but the stadium remained empty for the rest of the season.
  7. Fans will be welcomed back for two preseason games, beginning on August 14 against Denver, and then for eight regular-season games, which will be announced later.

“We were definitely lacking that link last year, and I’m looking forward to bringing that part back into the game this year.” Kirk Cousins, the quarterback, expressed his delight at seeing his supporters again.

When you understand that people are coming out to watch practice on a 95-degree day, it makes going out to practice feel like a luxury.” The Vikings put in approximately two hours of work in a low-key exercise that did not include pads.

Cornerback Jeff Gladney, who was arrested on April 5 on a charge of third-degree domestic violence assault and is scheduled to go before a grand jury in Dallas on Thursday, was the lone Vikings player who did not attend the game.

Patterson is on the physically unable to perform list because of his condition.

When asked about the practice, Barr remarked, “I felt it was a terrific day.” Despite the fact that it was a touch warm, we didn’t appear to be affected too much by it.

The road is lengthy, but it is the first step in the right direction.” It certainly appeared to be a hit with the audience.

When asked about how different it is likely to be this season, Tartaglia mentioned how fans would finally be able to experience for themselves last year’s breakthrough star — wide receiver Justin Jefferson, who will be a rookie in 2020 — for the first time.

“Wait till Justin Jefferson catches a touchdown pass in front of thousands of people,” Tartaglia said. “It will be spectacular.” “I’m simply looking forward to seeing everyone and hearing all of the hooting and screaming that goes along with it.”

Why Do Minnesota Vikings Fans Say “Skol”?

Minnesota National Guard provided the image. (Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0) It is common for many fans of the National Football League to be unfamiliar with a variety of war cries and sayings used across the league. What is the origin of the phrase “Who Dat” among New Orleans Saints fans? What is the origin of the phrase ” Bear Down ” among Chicago Bears fans? For what reason do Cincinnati Bengals fans yell ” Who Dey “? In addition to “Skol, Vikings,” there is another common phrase heard across the league.

  • For starters, many people of Minnesota are descended from Scandinavian ancestors, which explains why the Vikings are the mascot of the Minnesota Vikings football club.
  • If you’re looking for a more William Wallace-like scenario, Skol can also be translated as “Skull,” which is what Viking troops used to shout to each other after decapitating and drinking from the skulls of their defeated foes.
  • Ragnar, the mascot of the Minnesota Vikings, may be seen in the photo above.
  • The song was originally performed in 1961, shortly after the Minnesota Vikings were established as a franchise.
  • “Let’s go Vikings, let’s get this one won.
  • Get the first one out of the way.
  • Rock ’em, dudes!
  • Fight, fight, fight, fight!
  • Make it a Vikings victory by racking up the points.
  • Let’s get this party started, Vikings!” That’s all there is to it.
  • Vikings are on a roll!
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Where Did the Vikings’ SKOL Chant Come From?

The Minnesota Vikings might want to hold on to their cry of “Skol” for a little while longer. It appears to be functioning well. But what is the significance of this phrase, and where did it come from? According to Bryan Harper, the Vikings’ Vice President of Content and Production, the team requested permission from the Icelandic National Football team – which happens to be the Vikings – because they wanted a thrilling battle cry to ring in the new US Bank stadium’s grand opening. Every game begins with two beats of a massive drum, played by a different player each time.

The procedure is repeated several times, each time a bit faster than the previous one, until 66,000 individuals have sufficiently agitated the visiting teams.

After New Orleans gained the lead with 25 seconds left in the game, New Orleans head coach Sean Peyton appeared to take exception to it, mocking the Vikings’ home fans with his own Skol chant after New Orleans had taken the lead.

The Bountygate scandal of 2009 is one that we all remember all-too-well.

I don’t think anyone on this earth needs to be reminded of how that game ended, but the Vikings were victorious with no time left on the clock in what is now known as the “Minneapolis Miracle.” As far as the real definition of the word is concerned, it has been around for more than 1,000 years – which is how long it seems like it has been since our previous participation in the Super Bowl.

We’re going to view that as a positive indicator for the time being.

The slogan “Skol!” has been chanted since the only beer available at home games was a semi-cold Hamm’s or Grain Belt for.25 cents, but it appears that the term has found a rhythm and a new lease on life among the spectators and players.

However, a victory over the Green Bay Packers on Sunday provided some consolation for the Minnesota Vikings, who have not had the season they had hoped for. Skol! Please enter your phone number to receive our free mobile application.

The ‘World’s Largest Truck Stop

The Minnesota Vikings were back in US Bank Stadium for a preseason game against the Denver Broncos, and fans were anxious to hear the SKOL chant for the first time this time. It’s wonderful to see so many people back in the stands. With the opening of the preseason this weekend, the NFL will receive its first taste of a crowded stadium since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus began in the United States. With their huge SKOL chant before the game, the Minnesota Vikings gave one of the more entertaining sights of the night.

The fact that Minnesota has embraced the SKOL chant is simply amazing.

Vikings fans got their SKOL on at US Bank Stadium for the first time since 2019

The Vikings, like almost everyone else, did not have a large number of supporters occupy their seats throughout the 2017 season. Last time US Bank Stadium housed this many people was on December 29, 2019, when the Bears played the Cardinals in the regular-season finale of the season. The Minnesota Vikings took on the Denver Broncos in their first preseason game of the year, drawing a large crowd. Unfortunately, the SKOL chant was the best we could muster. During the first half of the game, the Vikings defense was only able to force a field goal.

The score was 25-3 in favor of the visitors during the halftime break.

The presence of COVID-19 in the quarterback room caused significant disruption to their training camp.

Jake Browning, who has been vaccinated, was the only quarterback available to the club for an extended period of time.

Following a preseason game against the Indianapolis Colts, fans will get another opportunity to witness their team at US Bank Stadium the following week.

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