What Is The Money Chant In Wolf Of Wall Street

The Wolf Of Wall Street – Matthew McConaughey Money Chant Scene

Transcribed version: Mark Hanna (Matthew McConaughey) is seen thumping his chest while doing the “Money Chant.” Jordan Belfort is provided cocaine when the chant is completed by snorting some cocaine (Leonardo DiCaprio) Mark Hanna: What do you mean, Tootski? Jordan Belfort: Oh, no, no, no, thank you very much, nevertheless. In the words of Hector the Waiter, “Misters, what can I offer you on this wonderful afternoon?” Mark Hanna: All right, Hector, here’s how the game is going to play out. You’re going to bring us two Absolut martinis, since you know how much I enjoy them served straight up.

And then two more after that, one every five minutes, until one of us passes the fuck out on the other side.

Jordan Belfort: Oh, my God, I’m…

Thank you very much.

  • Thank you very much.
  • Jordan Belfort: Thank you for your time.
  • Hanna, you have the ability to…
  • Mark Hanna: I mean, how the heck else would you go about your business?
  • Jordan Belfort: That’s correct.
  • That is to say…the clientele you have are unequivocally…
  • You’ve got a girlfriend, haven’t you?

I’m happily married.

She is a hairstylist.

Jordan Belfort: Thank you for your time.

The object of the game is to transfer money from your clients’ pockets to your own.

However, if you are able to make money for your clients at the same time, it is beneficial to everyone, correct?

The first and most important rule of Wall Street.

This is particularly true of stock brokers.

Mark Hanna: I’m Mark Hanna, and I’m a writer.

Do you have any idea what a fugazi is?

It’s a phony…

It’s either a wazi or a woozi.

It does not exist, it has never landed, it is not a substance, and it does not appear on the elemental table of elements.


Mark Hanna: Is everything all right?

Mark Hanna: Please stick with me.

Jordan Belfort: No, I don’t think so.

Mark Hanna: You are not going to allow him to do that.

Mark Hanna: Because that would bring it into the real world.

Mark Hanna: What are you going to do?

An entirely different circumstance, but another stock in which to reinvest his profits and then some …and he will, each and every time.

And then you just start doing it again and over again, and over and over again.

But what about you and I, the brokers?

Mark Hanna: We’re bringing home cold, hard cash in the form of commission, you motherfucking jerk.

That is very remarkable, sir.

Mark Hanna: You should be proud of yourself.

First and foremost, you must have a calm demeanor.

Mark Hanna: You’re a jerk, aren’t you?


Mark Hanna: How many times a week do you do this?

Mark Hanna: You’ve got to get those numbers up to speed.

I jerk off at least twice a day, if not more often.

Mark Hanna: I eat twice a day, one in the morning right after I work out and once in the afternoon right after lunch.

Mark Hanna: Mm-hmm, that’s interesting.

I really want to.

I fucking do it because I fucking have no choice.

Decimal points, high frequencies, and bang, bang, bang are all used to describe this sound.

Fucking digits kick, kick, kick, all very acidic above the shoulders mustard crap, all very acidic above the shoulders Jordan Belfort: Mm-hmm, that’s interesting.

Jordan Belfort: Mm-hmm, that’s interesting.

Jordan Belfort: Mm-hmm, that’s interesting.

As a result, you must feed the geese in order to keep the blood flowing.

Jordan Belfort: That’s all there is to it.

Trust me on this.

If you mess up your differential, the tip will fuck over.

Jordan Belfort: No, I don’t want to disintegrate in front of you, sir.

No, you don’t have any.

Mark Hanna: That’s right.

Jordan Belfort: That’s right.

And when you get really good at it, you’ll be fucking stroking it and thinking about how much money you’re going to make.

This tiny baby right here is called cocaine, and it’s a part of this whole scam.

Mark Hanna: It’ll keep you sharp between the ears, I promise you that.

Moreover, guess what?

Yes, sir, that is correct.

Jordan Belfort: Revolutions are taking place.

Every decade, every goddamn century, it’s the same old story.

The name of the game is Halkidiki?

Jordan Belfort: Thank you for your time.

With a common denominator as a starting point. Keep up the good work for me. The CEO is in charge. What method is used to bring in the money. The procession has arrived in town. We’re making our way down Broadway. It’s a one-way street, no matter which direction I go.

Matthew McConaughey Looks Back at the Acting Ritual That Became ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Chant

In this scene, Mark Hanna (Matthew McConaughey) is shown hitting his chest and doing the “Money Chant.” Jordan Belfort is offered cocaine by him once the chant is over (Leonardo DiCaprio) “Tootski?” asks Mark Hanna. Jordon Belfort: Thank you very much for your kind words; I appreciate it very much. ‘Misters, what can I get you on this wonderful afternoon?’ says Hector the Waiter. Mark Hanna: All right, Hector, here’s how things are going to work out for us. Two Absolut martinis, please, because you know how much I enjoy them served straight up.

  • And then two more every five minutes after that, until one of us passes the fuck out.
  • Sir, you’ve devised a brilliant plan.
  • Jordan Belfort For the time being, I’m OK with water.
  • Given that this is his first day on Wall Street, be patient with him.
  • “Mm-hmm,” says Hector, the waiter.
  • Jordan Belfort, please accept my thanks.
  • Hanna, you have the ability…
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If you didn’t do this job, I don’t know what you’d be doing.

Please allow me to express my delight at being a member of your team.

‘Fuck the customers,’ says Mark Hanna.

So, you’ve got a girlfriend, don’t you?

I have a wife.

She is a hairstylist, and she works at the salon.

Mark Hanna Mr.

Take, for example, Teresa.

Michael Jordan Belfort: You’re absolutely correct.

The answer is no, Mark Hanna.

Nobody, and I don’t care if you’re Warren Buffet or Jimmy Buffet, nobody knows if a stock is going to go up, down, sideways, or in fucking circles, least of all stock brokers, do you understand?

Every one of these people is an imposter.

In the words of Jordan Belfort: “Fugazi, it’s a hoax…

Mark Hanna: The word for this is “wazi,” while the word for this is “wozi.” Fairy dust, to be precise.


‘All right,’ says Mark Hanna.

Mark Hanna: Please bear with me for the time being.

Jordan Belfort: No, I don’t believe that.

Mark Hanna: Do not give him the opportunity to do so.

Jordan Belfort: All right.

Mark Hanna: Michael Jordan Belfort: You’re absolutely correct.

Once again, you come up with a wonderful and unique concept.

Because they’re fucking hooked to fucking fucking cocaine.

He’s also thinking about growing rich, which he is, at least according to the books.

Michael Jordan Belfort: You’re absolutely correct.

Michael Jordan Belfort: You’re absolutely correct!

I’m… The level of excitement I am experiencing is beyond words.

When it comes to becoming successful in the broker industry, there are two essential factors to consider.

Yep, that’s right.

Does it make sense to jerk off?


Mark Hanna: Can you tell me how many times a week you go to the bathroom?

Mark Hanna: You’ve got to get those numbers up to a certain point.

During the course of my daily routine, I jerk off twice or more times.

In the morning, just after I work out, and then again straight after lunch, Mark Hanna says.

Mm-hmm, says Mark Hanna.

It’s something I really desire.

I do it because I really, positively must.

Decimal points, high frequencies, and bang, bang, bang are all used to describe the sound.

Above the shoulders is a shitstorm of fucking digits kick, kick, kick and acidic mustard shit.

In response, Jordan Belfort says “Mm-hmm.” In the words of Mark Hanna, “the con may make some people feel a little weird.” In response, Jordan Belfort says “Mm-hmm.” Exactly, Mark Hanna.

Maintain a low-key beat throughout.

Thank you very much.

Believe me when I say that You will lose your equilibrium if you don’t.

Or, even worse, disintegrate, as I’ve witnessed firsthand.

The answer is no, Mark Hanna.

“Jordan Belfort” is a fictional character created by Jordan Belfort.

‘Yeah,’ says Mark Hanna.

Yep, that’s right.

Mark Hanna: In fact, when you get really good at it, you’ll be fucking stroking it while thinking about how much money you’re about to make.

This tiny infant right here, which is known as cocaine, is a part of this scam.

In the words of Mark Hanna, “It will keep you sharp between your ears.” Your fingers will move more quickly as a result of this as well.

You’re right.

Sir, thank you very much.

Jordan Belfort: Revolutions are taking place right now!

Mark Hanna: The Ferris Wheel is operational twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three sixty-five.

The name of the game is X-Box 360.


Jordan Belfort, please accept my thanks.

With a common denominator as a basis for comparison Keep up the good work for my benefit.

He is the company’s president and chief executive. What method is used to bring in the money? After a long journey, the procession has finally arrived in town. Broadway is being traversed at this point. In either direction, it’s a one-way street.

Matthew McConaughey Explains That Bizarre Wolf Of Wall Street Chant

The Wolf of Wall Street, directed by Martin Scorsese, has a lot of outlandish antics to keep the audience entertained for the entire 180 minutes. Little people dressed in velcro are tossed towards their intended targets. Quaaludes and cocaine lead to disasters for Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill in this film. In front of a group of bloodthirsty stock brokers, a lovely blond has her head shaved. But first and foremost, there’s Jordan Belfort’s induction into the madness that is Wall Street, which is conferred upon him by a particularly sleazy suit portrayed by Matthew McConaughey.

  • His introduction to the power of literal chest-thumping and shouting is also included in this chapter.
  • An edition ofThe Graham Norton Show aired recently, and McConaughey, who has been nominated for an Academy Award, stopped by to discuss aboutWolf of Wall Street and, presumably, Dallas Buyers Club.
  • It turns out that this information was not included in Beflort’s infamous book, which served as the film’s basic material.
  • All of McConaughey’s manly rambling and beating was the result of his performance.
  • “Can you tell me what you’re doing?” was a direct question.
  • It’s something I’ve been doing for quite some time.
  • Moreover, I was completing it before to the scene, after which I would begin the scenario.
  • I’m delighted, and Martin is happy as well.
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And I told him about it, and he responded by saying, ‘What if you placed it in the scene?” ‘Yeah, that’s terrific,’ I thought.” Taking it as a cue, they shot at least one more take, during which McConaughey not only began with his trademark soothing humming and thumping, but also urged Leo’s Belfort to join in the beat.

It’s always intriguing to observe how collaborative the production of a film genuinely is when you go behind the scenes of a production.

The director is just the one who is typically credited with having the most influence, for better or bad. CinemaBlend’s staff writer is based in New York City.

Matthew McConaughey Came Up With Wolf Of Wall Street Chant Scene Himself

According to Matthew McConaughey, the line from The Wolf of Wall Street’s “cocaine and hookers” sequence was not originally intended for inclusion in the film but wound up in it by coincidence. Watch him explain it in the video below: Mark McConaughey appears in this sequence. Hanna was seated in a restaurant directly across from Jordan Belfort, who was played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Hanna provides Belfort with some valuable information into the workings of the industry, informing him, “The key is cocaine and hookers.

  • The fact is that, although it would go on to become one of the movie’s most iconic scenes, it was never intended to be included in the film.
  • “The real chant, that is something I’ll do not only in this picture but before sequences in a lot more films,” McConaughey stated when asked about his decision.
  • Because it’s a musical, it helps me get out of my brain, which is important because I don’t want to be thinking as an actor; I want to be acting instead.” It allows me to keep my voice low and my instrument relaxed when performing.
  • Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures “In five takes we finished the scenario, Martinis was ready to go on, and I was satisfied with the results.
  • “What is it?” says Leonardo.

“So the next take I just did it at the beginning of the scene, but I remember thinking, ‘Well, now do it at the end of the conversation to see if the young turk – who you just taught what Wall Street is all about – see if he’s on the same frequency, see if he gets it,'” McConaughey said in a 2017 interview with the podcast Kernels.

Leonardo DiCaprio behind Matthew McConaughey’s chant in The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street star Matthew McConaughey has said that the inspiration for his character’s notorious shout came from actor Leonardo DiCaprio. He appeared in Martin Scorsese’s critically acclaimed 2013 picture as stockbroker Mark Hanna, who recruits Jordan Belfort, played by DiCaprio, to work at merchant and investment banking business L.F. Rothschild. The Oscar-winning actor also appeared in the film as a supporting actor in the film. When the protagonists are out to lunch in one of the most famous scenes, Hanna begins to beat his chest and chant, much to the delight of Belfort, while they are waiting for their drinks to arrive.

  1. According to McConaughey, “the real chant is something I’ll perform not only in this picture but also before sequences in a number of other films.” “I’ll come up with a different music, and it’ll serve as a relaxing tool for me.
  2. After every take, I’d do it again and then proceed to do the sequence when the camera was on ‘action.'” “It allows me to keep my voice down and my instrument free,” he said further.
  3. Leonardo asks, as we’re packing up to go on to the next scene: “Can you tell me what that thing you’re doing before the scene is?” “What if we include that in the scene?” says the writer.
  4. When Mark Hanna says, ‘The secret is cocaine and hookers,’ it’s because he’s imparting the secret of his business to Leonardo’s character, and he means exactly what he says.

As soon as I read that, I said to myself, ‘If this person truly thinks that, then who the heck is this guy?'” he exclaimed with a giggle.

Matthew McConaughey discusses his chest-thumping scene from ‘Wolf of Wall Street’

Although the title role in Martin Scorsese’s 2013 film “The Wolf of Wall Street” belongs to Leonardo DiCaprio, the film would not have been as beautiful if it hadn’t had a chest-thumping sequence starring Matthew McConaughey. The film is based on the actual tale of Jordan Belfort, a New York City stock trader who was portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio, and follows his rise and collapse during the 1990s. McConaughey plays the part of Mark Hanna, who was Belfort’s employer at his previous business, L.F.

  1. Hanna (McConaughey) is teaching the laws of the stockbroking game to Belfort (Matthew McConaughey) when Belfort begins banging his chest with his fist in a musical rhythm followed by coordinated chanting.
  2. While filming a new episode of his Twitter series “McConaughey Takes,” the 50-year-old actor decided to decipher the situation.
  3. My character had one in ‘Dazed and Confused,’ and my character also had one in ‘Magic Mike.’ Sometimes you read a sentence in a screenplay and your mind takes off like a rocket.
  4. If this person truly believes what he’s saying, then who the heck is this guy?’ I thought to myself as I read it.
  5. In fact, he said that the chant was not contained in the screenplay and that it was simply a relaxation method that he used to perform before every scene in every movie.
  6. A separate music will be composed, and it will serve as a relaxing aid for me.
  7. “It allows me to keep my voice down and my instrument free,” the actor said further.
  8. In five takes, we get the scene, Martin is ready to go on, and I’m feeling terrific.
  9. ” We got rolling, and I performed it at the start of the meeting and then during my sales pitch.
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When I got to the conclusion, I said, ‘You know what, it’d be fantastic to book in this moment with that from a musical standpoint.’ For the simple reason that I start out with the music and then I give them a rap on what it’s like to be a broker in this profession,” the actor explained, adding that the sequence was shot in a single take.

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