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The Nevada Wolf Pack, one of only two teams nationally to use the designation (North Carolina State is the other, though they use Wolfpack as one word while Nevada uses two words with a capital ‘P’), has been using the Wolf Pack designation since at least the early 1920s.Nevada’s first athletic teams in the late 1890s and early 1900s were referred to as the Sagebrushers or even the Sage Hens after Nevada’s state flowering plant, the sagebrush. There are references in print to the ‘Sage Warriors’, although none of these names were the official mascot of Nevada’s athletic teams.In the 1921-22 athletic season, a local writer described the spirited play of a Nevada team as a ‘pack of wolves’. The name stuck and soon almost every reference to the athletic teams was the Nevada Wolves. In 1923, the students officially designated ‘Wolves’ as the school’s mascot.Since all teams are a group of players, the word pack followed quickly. In 1928-29, the Nevada student handbook referred to the athletic teams as Wolf Pack and two school songs were adopted, entitled ‘The Wolf Pack’ and ‘Here Comes the Wolf Pack’.While the academic institution is known as the University of Nevada, Reno, the intercollegiate athletics teams at the University are referenced as “Nevada”.

The Nevada Fight Song

CONGRATULATIONS to our tenacious crew, which has been faithful and true throughout the years. MOVE, MOVE on down the field, Silver and Blue! We’ll offer a long standing ovation to NEVADA’s squad, hoping to see them break through once more, while fighting for our own University of Nevada to triumph. ANEVADA is pronounced as N – E – V – A – D – ANEVADA!

The Law of the Jungle

In Rudyard Kipling’s novel The Jungle Book, there is a poem titled “The Law of the Jungle.” Prior to each home football and basketball game, a chant led by members of the student section is used to recite it. Now, this is the Law of the Jungle – it is as ancient and as true as the sky; and the Wolf who follows it will succeed, but the Wolf who breaks it will perish in the process. The Law runs forward and backward like the creeper that girdles the tree stem -for the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.

Alma Mater

A place where the Truckee’s snowfed waters,Dropping from the mountain crest,And the meadows meet the sagebrush,are kissed by the sun. Our wonderful Alma Mater, Our Nevada University, is nestled among the silver mountains, beneath the western blue, and surrounded by the silver mountains. Nevada looks to the future with an uplifted face, much as a miner in the desert looks for gold in every location. Everywhere she goes, she absorbs information, and all that is good and true, she passes on to her sons and daughters, who are students at Nevada University.

Let her acclamations reverberate through the air, while we renew our commitment to Nevada U.

The Blue Crew

The Blue Crew, one of Nevada’s newest traditions, was founded during the 2003-04 academic year as a student booster club. It was one of the state’s first student booster organizations. The crew was formed as a means of instilling a sense of pride in present pupils for the Silver and Blue colors. Due to the fact that so many of the teams were beginning to claim (or reclaim for some) success and glory, it became imperative that the students band together under a single flag to demonstrate their unwavering support for the Pack.

Each member is required to show identification and earn points for attending activities.

Painting the “N”

Hillside letters are a typical sight in the Western United States, and the “N” of Nevada may be found proudly affixed to the side of Peavine Peak.

The “N” is painted every autumn during the football season by a group of dedicated fans and students who make the walk up the hill to paint the “N.”

The Fremont Cannon

The Fremont Cannon – one of college football’s largest and most expensive “trophies” – is now over 30 years old and is the prize sought after when two in-state rivals, The University of Nevada and UNLV, meet each fall in football.Nevada’s two university football teams annually play for the right to house the mountain howitzer each season. Today’s cannon is a replica of a gun that accompanied Captain John C. Fremont on his expedition through Oregon, Nevada and California in 1843-44.The replica cannon was reconstructed in 1970 as the gift of the Nevada Mines Division of Kennecott Copper Corporation to the students of the two campuses of the University of Nevada. It was built from engineering and technical drawings from the military archives of the United States Army.Bill Ireland, a 1952 Nevada alumnus who was UNLV’s first football coach, deserves credit for connecting athletics boosters on each end of the state with Howard Winn, Kennecott general manager in White Pine County. Ireland, a McGill native, was able to sell Winn on the idea along with Wolf Pack boosters such as Bill Parish, a 1945 alumnus who played for the Wolf Pack in the early 1940s.”One of the things I sold Kennecott on was that if they supported it, this would truly become a statewide trophy, including the cow counties,” said Ireland, who coached baseball and football at Nevada before a distinguished career as head football coach and later athletic director at UNLV.The Wolf Pack won the first game between the universities in 1969, but the Rebels were the first team to capture the cannon in 1970 by a score of 42-20. The winner is allowed to paint the cannon its school colors while it has possession of it.”It’s the most symbolic “trophy” for winning a state championship in the country and as much a part of the football tradition as the game itself,” Nevada head coach Chris Ault said. “The Fremont Cannon is such a monumental trophy that we built a spot for it when we built Cashell Fieldhouse in the 1980’s.”Today, the cannon resides in its “home” in the renovated Cashell Football Center. A special alcove was reserved for the cannon when renovations were completed a couple of years ago.More on the Fremont Cannon.
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Wolf Pack chant replaces Pledge of Allegiance at school

  • Posted on August 9th, 2018, 2:50 PM, by a user who has been online for 241 months, with a total of 2310 posts. “Go to hell Caroline” is a phrase that I will support as long as it is included. Discussion
  • Posted on August 9th, 2018, 3:07 PM, by a user who has been online for 225 months and has made 22257 posts. Students’ civic obligation to their school family, community, nation, and our global civilization will be the emphasis of a new commitment that “will be emphasized.” By the way, it was a terrible idea. The post was made at 3:10 p.m. on August 9th, 2018, by a user who has been active for 102 months. The user’s post count is 60961. I believe that the pledge should be removed from all schools. Posted on August 9th, 2018, 3:24 PM, by a user who has been online for 227 months and has 33288 posts. By the end of the year, Trump will have their pathetic little bums deported! MAGA On August 9th, 2018, 4:07 PM,, User Since 185 months ago, User Post Count: 16934djokinmesaid
  • (Original post)I believe that the pledge should be removed from all schools entirely. I’d substitute the word government for vow. Posted on August 9th, 2018, 5:48 PM, by a user who has been online for 225 months, with 3530WUF84said posts. new vow to “focus on students’ civic responsibilities to their school family, community, nation, and our global society” (original post) By the way, it was a terrible idea. I’m confident that the “chant” will include statements such as acknowledging that America is responsible for the ills of the world, that Obama was the Messiah (but not in a biblical context because religion is evil), that Trump is Satan (but in a biblical context because it is advantageous to use it for that point), and that it is the “civic responsibility” of students to kill Republicans if they come across any. What exactly did I miss? This entry was posted on August 9th, 2018 at 8:06 PM, by user since 208 months ago, with a total of 3385 posts by users. The superintendent of the Jacksonville Public Schools, Allen Sell, told WJAC-TV in April that “I hope every kid would stand for our flag.” Those who elect to do so are exercising their First Amendment rights, and we, as school administrators, have a responsibility to ensure that those rights are respected.” The question is, since when have school administrators been worried about the constitutional rights of students? This entry was posted on August 9th, 2018, 8:09 PM, by User since 102 months ago, with 60961 total posts. Isn’t it true that swearing devotion to anything means a whole lot more when you’re not obligated to do so
  • The post was made on August 9th, 2018, 8:15 PM, by a user who has been on the site for 209 months and has 27092 posts. (Original post)I believe that the pledge should be removed from all schools entirely. I would substitute the phrase “pledge” with the word “illegals.” This entry was posted on August 9th, 2018 at 8:33 PM, by user since 208 months ago, with a total of 3385 posts. Don’t you think that declaring devotion to anything means a lot more when you’re not coerced to do so? (Original post) Oh, I completely agree. My attempted joke was that school officials have routinely denied children several fundamental rights (1st and 4th Amendments), sometimes even outside of school premises, on any given day without a second thought

I pledge allegience, to the …. wolfpack?!

Please take a seat. “I swear my devotion to the Wolf Pack,” you say. Wait a minute, what? The “Pledge of Allegiance” will no longer be said every morning at an elementary school in Atlanta, according to the school’s announcement. Instead, they’ll be chanting a phrase known as “The Wolf Pack Chant.” As stated in a press release, Lara Zelski, the primary school’s administrator, stated that “As time has passed, it has become increasingly apparent that an increasing number of members from our community are choosing not to stand and/or say the pledge.

  1. The major narrative twist in this scenario would be if Colin Kaepernick were to accept the position of principal.
  2. That may even be a source of relief: It would undoubtedly help to provide some clarity to the situation.
  3. It’s about as upbeat as it gets in this situation.
  4. What in the universe is going on is also perplexing “”What is the Wolf Pack Chant?” Students will continue to take the lead in the meeting by calling on members of the community to rise and join in our Wolf Pack Chant as a group.

“The commitment “will emphasize students’ civic responsibilities to their school family, community, nation, and our global society,” according to the statement.” Well, if you’re teaching civics, shouldn’t it include things like the Pledge of Allegiance and your civic responsibilities as a citizen?

  • Yes, I could see individuals not wanting to pledge allegiance to a flag, and I could understand their position.
  • In addition, it is dedicated to the country for which it stands.
  • You are not swearing your allegiance to a particular flag.
  • So, what exactly is the republic?
  • We’re not going to teach it, are we?

The republic is built around the Bill of Rights.

Here’s an update on the situation. The school, for the most part, made the decision to do this on its own. As a result of the negative response, they have now backed down and stated, “Okay, we’re not going to do that.” We’ll still begin with the Pledge of Allegiance, as we have in the past. The Bill of Rights serves as the foundation of the United States of America. However, in typical progressive fashion, as I discovered when conducting my study, I’m seeking for the wolf pack cry. Where has the wolf pack chant gone missing?

What is the wolf pack’s rallying cry? Progressives in every sense of the word. They hadn’t finished writing it yet. Destroy what you have, and we’ll go to work on figuring out what we’re going to use to replace it. This article first appeared in Glenn Beck’s magazine.

The 10 Commandments of Wolfpack Football

It’s no secret that Carter-Finley is the place to be on a Saturday in the fall, especially during football season. Gameday activities for home football games include anything from tailgating to the lighting up of the Belltower (which, presumably, occurs). Regardless of the time of day or the weather, Wolfpack supporters begin their celebrations early in the morning to honor the guys in red. Football is really a religion, therefore here are the 10 Commandments of being a proper fan at a Wolfpack football game.

  1. Dress appropriately for the occasion.
  2. When the student section is cheering collectively, it is critical that they arrive on time.
  3. Pro tip: keep an eye on the drum major and keep up with their pace.
  4. Example: When State scores a touchdown, the students chant “Move the Chains, Move The Chains” rather than “booby chains,” which may seem more ominous than it actually is.
  5. To continue the subject of chanting: once the opposition team takes the field, we always yell “you stink.” The Wolfpack, it should be noted, enjoys howling.
  6. When the National Anthem is sung or performed, we always cry out and emphasis the word “red,” and we change the words to “home of the Wolfpack” to express our pride in our university.
  7. You are required to dress in red and white.
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The whole student section, as well as the home side, is a sea of crimson.

On game day, there is no such thing as a fashion police, so some supporters may appear a little shabby, but that is simply how they are showing their support.

There is a large selection of State apparel to chose from.

With the start of the new football season comes the implementation of a new luggage restriction.

The authorities are undoubtedly tightening down on wine smugglers this year, so tuck your flask even lower into your boot this time around.

Even if the game is at noon, the parking lot opens four hours before the start of the game.

In Wolfpack Nation, we take the tradition of tailgating extremely seriously.

However, this does not deter the females from donning small black dresses and cowboy boots instead.

At the conclusion of each game, there are giveaways in which the crowd-cam assists in selecting the winner.

Even if this entails dressing up as a gorilla, a taco, a banana, or dancing about like a crazy person.

It’s an unwritten norm among supporters that they are prepared to provide student IDs in order to get guests into games.

Find someone who resembles the friend you wish to impersonate and steal their identification.

You must appreciate the Southern Power Sound’s sonic authority.

These committed artists put forth a lot of effort on stage to amuse the audience, thus it is our responsibility to pay complete attention to them as they enter the stadium.

Thou shalt make every conceivable investment in a college football network.

Instead, we acquire the additional channels that are required in order to view all of the games.

Image courtesy of Kenneth Darr Photography It is necessary for you to have a good mindset.

We have many common interests (including a hate for the Tarholes in Chapel Hell), but sometimes the strongest bonds are formed as a result of a loss.

It doesn’t matter what the outcome is; there’s something about a wolf that refuses to give up and surrender. This Wolfpack is a tight-knit group. Forever and ever, the Pack clan

“Wolf Pack Chant” to Replace Pledge of Allegiance at Atlanta School

The Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School has declared that it would be discontinuing the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag and replacing it with the Wolf Pack Chart beginning of this year. The Wolf Pack Chant, in contrast to the Promise of Allegiance, has not yet been written: “Wolf Pack Chant” will be a new pledge made by the students and instructors themselves. Zelski said the promise, which will most likely be called after the school’s wolf mascot, would “focus on students’ civic obligation to their school family, community, nation, and our global society,” according to the school.

You may or may not find the Pledge to be eloquent, depending on your perspective.

The following, on the other hand, is something that should genuinely alarm us: According to Zelski, school authorities took the decision to discontinue the morning practice in light of events that have occurred in recent years, in which “an increasing number” of students and employees have decided not to recite or stand during the pledge.

Those who elect to do so are exercising their First Amendment rights, and we, as school administrators, have a responsibility to ensure that those rights are respected.” A great deal of public attention has been drawn to the issue of standing or not standing in recent years, most recently in the wake of NFL game protests.” As a result, children in kindergarten through eighth grade are making the decision at a young age that they do not choose to stand and salute the flag, which represents the most inclusive nation on the planet.

No, I do not believe that children should be compelled to stand and say the Pledge.

Isn’t it possible for them to at least wait until the ninth grade before disparaging the flag and the generations of people who have sacrificed to preserve freedom and opportunity?

How To Sound Like a Wolfpack Football Fan

The North Carolina State Wolfpack defeated the University of South Florida in the season opener at Carter-Finley Stadium on Thursday, officially kicking off the football season. All who are able to attend or watch the broadcasted games at NC State University will have the opportunity to participate in unique American and North Carolinian cultural events. In addition to taking in the sights and scents of the season, newly minted Wolfpack fans should take time to listen to the sounds of the season, which represent years of cultural tradition at our institution.

  1. Additionally, these 345 student members perform the songs that unite the Wolfpack, such as Red and White and The Alma Mater, during their spectacular halftime show.
  2. The alma mater is a traditional vocal piece that is played after each game.
  3. Download the lyrics below to have them handy for when you’re playing the game and you’re ready to sing along.
  4. Paul Garcia, will perform “Red and White,” a song that is associated with the university.
  5. Perry Watson is an American author and poet.
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music.arts.ncsu.edu When students enrolled in online classes at NC State University’s School of Music during the Fall 2020 semester recorded a remote recording of the university’s alma mater as part of a class project, they were considered members of the State Chorale, Vox Accalia, and the Singing Statesmen.

Dr. Nathan Leaf oversees the direction of the choirs. Bonnie Norris composed the music. Alvin Fountain wrote the lyrics for this song. James Dellinger composed the arrangement. music.arts.ncsu.edu

Atlanta school backtracks after dropping Pledge of Allegiance, adding ‘Wolf Pack Chant’

Despite initial plans to have kids repeat anything other than the Pledge of Allegiance in the morning, an Atlanta charter school changed its mind on Thursday, according to a school administrator. At the beginning of the school year, Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School (ANCS) stated that they would be eliminating the Pledge of Allegiance from their morning schedule in favor of partaking in a “Wolf Pack Chant.” This was reported to be done in order to make the school more inclusive, and the chant, which is believed to be called after the school’s wolf mascot, was stated to be devised by students and instructors.

In order to continue to lead the meeting, students will invite our community to rise and join in on our Wolf Pack Chant as a group.

SCHOOL IN ATLANTA DROPS SCHOOLWIDE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE, INSTEAD ASKING STUDENTS TO RECITE THE ‘WOLF PACK CHANT’ INSTEAD However, officials eventually chose to revert to the “original format,” blaming “miscommunication and inconsistencies in the rollout” of the new plan as the reason for their change of heart.

A CONNECTICUT official has been slammed for bending his knee to protest President Donald Trump during the state’s inauguration.

The Grant Park Charter School, which opened its doors in 2002 and educates children in kindergarten through fifth grade, is a public charter school.

In Atlanta: Pledge of Allegiance Is Out; “Wolfpack Chant” Is In

Despite the fact that the pledge of allegiance will no longer be performed at an Atlanta elementary school, students will stand each morning for the “wolf pack chant.” Minyvonne Burke wrote an article for the Daily Mail on August 9, 2018. Students at an Atlanta elementary school have been told that they will no longer be required to say the Pledge of Allegiance during morning meetings, but will instead recite a chant known as the ‘Wolf Pack Chant.’ Lara Zelski, the principal of Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School, said in a press release on Tuesday that it has become ‘increasingly obvious’ over the past years that more and more of the school community were not standing or reciting the pledge.

It was announced by the school that students would continue to lead the meeting by calling on members of the community to stand and join in on the “wolf pack chant.” In addition, Zelski stated that students who wish to recite the pledge can do so in their classroom at a later time during the school day.

  • There are a lot of different emotions surrounding (the pledge), and we want everyone in our school family to start their day in a positive way.
  • According to Zelski, the pledge will focus on students’ civic responsibility to their school family as well as their community, country, and our global society.
  • The Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School has the wolf as its mascot.
  • In April, a Pennsylvania school changed its policy announcing that a student does not have to stand for the pledge because of their First Amendment rights.
  • If they choose not to, however, they are exercising their First Amendment rights, and we as school administrators have the responsibility to respect those rights.

India Landry told Fox32 that she doesn’t think the flag ‘represents what it stands for, liberty and justice for all’ and said administrators violated her rights for free speech when they kicked her out of the school.

Atlanta school ditches Pledge of Allegiance for … ‘wolf pack chant’

In Atlanta, a charter primary school has done away with the Pledge of Allegiance in favor of a “wolf pack chant,” which will be performed by pupils instead. Given that the wolf serves as the mascot of the Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School, this does make some sense. In a way, yes. With the exception of the fact that Principal Lara Zelski’s justification for abandoning the Pledge is, regrettably, an all-too-familiar and dumb one: “to beginday as a truly inclusive and connected community.” Because, for some reason, people don’t feel “included” and “attached” when they see our national emblem.

A school pledge that everyone can say, she said, will be developed by her school’s leadership team over the next several months in collaboration with students.

Zelski said in a letter to the school community that the Pledge issue had elicited “a wide range of emotional responses.” She went on to say, “As I indicated in my last courier letter, the first six weeks of school are when we spend a significant amount of time establishing a strong and cohesive school family.” Routines and procedures for the classroom and around the school are taught by teachers in order to provide a consistent and safe environment for students.

They guide pupils through team-building exercises and games in order to foster a sense of belonging among them.

We do this in an effort to establish clear standards for how we will treat one another and behave here at school, as well as to foster a sense of safety and belonging within the whole school community.

The fact is that no kid enrolling in a public school is forced to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, and this has been established for quite some time.

MORE:A high school teacher has been accused of forcing students to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

MORE:Professor forces pupils to say a vile rendition of the Pledge of Allegiance Photograph courtesy of Giulio Fornasar/Shutterstock.com Like The College Fix on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for the latest college news.

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