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The Oral History of Memes: Where Did “Show Me the Receipts” Come From?

Can I murder the guards on the train while playing Metro: Last Light in order to save the dark one? In fact, killing these individuals will have no effect on your ability to get the Shadow Ranger achievement/trophy, assuming you’re aiming for it.

She Who Produces the Receipts Controls the Narrative (Published 2018)

Once upon a time, if something didn’t happen on camera, it didn’t happen at all in the world of reality television. However, producers have come up with innovative solutions to deal with off-screen story developments. During talking head interviews, they persuade participants into explaining their issues. They stage re-enactments to make up for the fact that they did not catch the drama. Several times in recent years, on programs where participants are permitted to retain their phones, cast members have taken matters into their own hands and videotaped things themselves when the cameras were not rolling.

“The reality is, the stats speak for themselves,” Ms.

  1. Parks’s “Phine Body: Donkey Booty” in terms of customer satisfaction.
  2. Parks answered in the words of Whitney Houston: “Show me the receipts.” In today’s society, the question of how much of what is said on these shows is “genuine” is a source of ferocious dispute regarding how much of it is.
  3. With the use of a technique known as “frankenbiting,” editors splice together fragments of speech to make it appear as though someone said something that they did not say.
  4. Parks, by bringing in receipts and exhibiting them.
  5. Ms.
  6. The invoices from the drug dealer from whom Ms.
  7. “I would want to see the receipts.” “The receipts” has become a convenient method for celebrities and their watchers to explain that anything that has been reported may really be verified or denied, while some individuals have been slower to grasp the significance of this expression.

One of their points of contention focuses over whether or not Ms.

Frankel after receiving her gift.

Later, after the show had broadcast, Ms.

“I have all of the receipts,” she explained.

“It also implies that I have the proof,” she says.

Moreover, while they are now a driving force behind the gossip cycle (where a celebrity makes a claim about another celebrity, the accused responds, and the accuser then brings “the receipts” in order to prove their original claim), they have also become an integral part of what we see play out on reality television shows and in real life situations.

Breaking Character

In recent years, it’s become a trademark of “excellent television” to see a reality celebrity claim something and then flash back to a previously taped time in which they said or did something completely different – the ultimate “gotcha” moment. In the background, you can see the producers unfurling their receipts. However, it is becoming increasingly common that the tables are turned: Reality TV stars, who were previously fully at the mercy of those in charge of the presentation of their tales, now have more influence as a result of the internet.

and WAGS Atlanta are sister shows that follow the spouses, girlfriends, and want tobe girlfriends of athletes in their respective locations, and the program is a part of a franchise that also includes “WAGS New York.” Much of the drama that occurs between them is generated not by what happens on camera, but by what happens on social media sites, where they get their money through sponsored posts and other advertisements.

  • Claudia Sampedro, one of the cast members, went on a Twitter rage the night before the reunion broadcast, which was later deleted.
  • Ms.
  • Voigt, and she followed through on her promise by sharing a slew of text conversations the two had exchanged during the production of the television show.
  • “I was completely taken by surprise when I saw the episode!” Ms.
  • Despite the fact that Ms.
  • Voigt in the Season 2 opener, “I honestly don’t have any ill will toward you.” “If you want to continue forward, I’m not going to stop you.”

Reality, Interrupted

The manner in which these shows include the assertions of cast members about what “actually” happened varies from program to program. Historically, the “Bachelor” series has been recognized for maintaining a tight grip on its participants and plotlines, a grip that has only somewhat relaxed in recent years. The production’s refusal — save for a few times — to recognize what is happening outside of filming until the show is done or even after the program is over benefits bloggers such as Steve Carbone, who spoils “The Bachelor” and its spinoffs on his website Reality Steve.

“The Bachelorette” did not overtly address racist comments from one of the white cast members who was on Rachel Lindsay’s recent season; nonetheless, there was a notable focus on the racial tensions between him and a fellow black cast member for multiple episodes throughout Rachel Lindsay’s season.

  • On the same day, TMZ released the ultimate receipts, which seemed to be hazy but true images of Ms.
  • Despite the fact that none of this background noise has entered the show’s narrative, it has nonetheless been able to satisfy audiences’ cravings for drama.
  • “Unless you have some receipts,” says fellow cast member Cynthia Bailey about the snafu between Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams.
  • Ms.

As soon as she learned that Ms. Frankel had something awful to tell her, Ms. de Lessee begged her not to make it about Tom. Ms. Frankel famously said, “It’s about Tom.”

Fans Take Receipts Into Their Own Hands

Receipts do not always help to make things more obvious. Instead, they might add to the complexity or length of a story’s existence. Because’s especially true today that fans, rather not simply tabloids and blogs, have gotten involved in the investigation process. Almost immediately after the popular “Housewives” podcastBitch Seshdebuted, its Facebook fan page (which has since been deactivated) became a gathering point for fans of all things “Housewives.” In order to precede whatever rumor they’d heard about the Housewives, the hosts frequently used the phrase “boots on the ground.” The phrase was taken a little too literally by some of their listeners.

  1. Some Splinter Facebook groups, such as the Thunderdome, began to develop in response to the attacks.
  2. Kelly Dodd and Tamra Judge, stars of “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” became the subject of widespread fascination in the fall of 2016.
  3. Dodd during the call-in part of an episode of “Watch What Happens Live!” and misrepresented the question she was about to ask the production assistants, a move that was reportedly supported by Ms.
  4. Ms.
  5. Caller asked about a guy with whom Mrs.
  6. Dodd had written that were uploaded on the internet without Mrs.
  7. The caller asked if Ms.

Cohen appeared perplexed when she answered the phone.

Things became much more tangled when Ms.

Dodd began hurling allegations at each other on social media.

According to a moderator on the Reddit thread BravoRealHousewives, “It’s really upsetting that grown people are capable of such pitiful behaviors, and that they do so with their full names and images posted right beside it on Facebook” (with an obscenity).

After the dramatic fan-encouraged exchange, we learned in Season 12 of Orange County that Ms.

Dodd had continued to feud – on social media and on television — ever since.

During an appearance on the show, Ms.

Judge having lunch together and discussing their problems.

Judge said Ms. Dodd. “I think you’re a lot like me, in that you’re over things.” Once they had apologized to one other, they began making light of their individual vaginal sizes and incontinence issues. They ended up laughing about it.

The Show Always Wins

In the world of receipts, there is one constant: the person in possession of the receipts is attempting to obtain power in a universe in which they have very little of it. Our eyes are drawn to the fact that the producers’ hands are being forced when they refer to what is happening behind the scenes in order for a narrative to make sense, resulting in an even more permeable link between what happens within and what happens outside the reality TV bubble. In this regard, receipts have emerged as a critical component of producing high-quality reality television, becoming a fundamental part of the medium’s vernacular.

  1. Many times there are so many receipts that it is difficult to distinguish which ones are solid proof and which ones are just smoke and mirrors.
  2. Parks stated, “Everyone in this clique is so obsessed with’paperwork,'” referring to the fact that she had brought the ultimate receipts with her: her divorce papers.
  3. Ms.
  4. In the court of reality television, there is seldom a receipt that can be used to your advantage.
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How “Show Me the Receipts” Became a Catchphrase for Holding the Powerful Accountable

In the world of receipts, there is one constant: the person in possession of the receipts is attempting to gain authority in a universe in which they have little or none to begin with. In order for a narrative to make sense, the producers’ hands are forced when they hint to what is going on behind the scenes. This results in an even more permeable link between what is going on within and outside the reality TV bubble, which is already a problem. Rewards have become essential to producing high-quality reality television, and they have become a vital part of the language used by the medium.

With so many receipts, it might be difficult to distinguish between solid proof and a bunch of sham documents.

Parks replied, “Everyone in this clique is so obsessed with’paperwork,'” referring to the fact that she had brought the ultimate receipts with her: her divorce documents.

She soon discovered that her contract to continue as a Real Housewife had expired after seven seasons, and she was no longer eligible to participate.

Angry over routine checks of shopping bags and receipts? You have rights, lawyers say

In the world of receipts, there is one constant: the person in possession of the receipts is attempting to obtain power in a reality in which they rarely have any. In order for a narrative to make sense, the producers’ hands are forced when they refer to what is going on behind the scenes. This results in an even more permeable interaction between what is going on within and outside the reality TV bubble. In this regard, receipts have emerged as a crucial component of producing high-quality reality television, becoming a fundamental part of the medium’s vernacular.

With so many receipts, it might be difficult to distinguish between solid proof and sham documents.

Parks stated, “Everyone in this clique is so obsessed with’receipts,'” referring to the fact that she had brought the ultimate receipts: her divorce papers.

Parks quickly discovered that her contract to continue as a Real Housewife had expired after seven seasons. There is seldom a receipt that will rescue you in the court of reality television.

What about Costco?

Customers’ receipts are also checked at Costco, a retailing behemoth. CCLA’s Bryant points out that Costco consumers are obliged to sign up for a membership, which implies that they may have given consent – depending on how clearly the regulations are put out, that is. “They need to get the word out to the public.” Costco did not respond to demands for comment, but CBC News was able to locate the company’s policy on its website under the “membership terms.” Customers are asked to present receipts in order to guarantee that “you have been appropriately invoiced for your purchases” and that accurate inventory management is maintained, according to the policy.

A CBC News investigation last week discovered signage at multiple Walmart stores in the Toronto region that stated, “Please have your receipt ready for proof of purchase.” However, according to a Toronto criminal lawyer, this isn’t good enough.

“It usually implies that you need to understand that you have the freedom to decline.” There’s no denying that stealing is a significant issue for merchants, particularly when it comes to self-service checkouts.

“Embracing new technologies should never imply relinquishing your rights.”

How Did Receipts Become Internet For Proof?

In ordinary life, a receipt is, of course, a piece of paper that serves as documentation of a transaction. The concept of tangible proof serves as the foundation for the receipts metaphor. It is unclear when and who first used receipts as slang, but it appears to have started in Black English and subsequently moved to the rest of the world. One of the earliest notable instances of receipts was in an interview with singer Whitney Houston conducted by Diane Sawyer for ABC in 2002. After seeing recent tabloid articles accusing Houston of purchasing massive quantities of crack cocaine, Sawyer brought up the subject.

  1. Roger Harrison is getting some air time on Twitter thanks to T.O.
  2. Rodney pulls a Whitney and demands to see the receipts: SHOW ME THE RECEIPTS!
  3. The 28th of September, 2009 This year, as a result of the—say, let’s confusing—relationship between musicians Kanye West and Taylor Swift, receipts were widely available on the internet.
  4. Kim Kardashian West responded by posting video evidence on her Instagram account, demonstrating that West had, in fact, obtained Swift’s clear permission before performing the song.
  5. The term gained popularity on the internet.

According to TMZ (@TMZ), Kourtney Kardashian has spoken out against Taylor Swift’s receipts ([email protected]) on September 5th.

Just Say No to Receipts

Sales receipts are included with practically every purchase, including meal orders, petrol station transactions, ATM transactions, and grocery shop runs. If you’re anything like me, they tend to accumulate in your car, pockets, and wallet. Receipts, on the other hand, are more than simply a source of additional clutter in your life; they also expose you to bisphenol A, a potentially dangerous chemical that is added to these slips of paper in order to generate color during the printing process.

  1. People who used hand sanitizer, handled a receipt, and then ate French fries absorbed enough BPA to potentially impair their endocrine, digestive, and reproductive systems, according to the research.
  2. Studies on the effects of BPA on people have revealed that even modest amounts of exposure (in the parts per trillion range) can result in obesity, cardiovascular illness, and reproductive problems.
  3. In the United States, BPA may be discovered in the urine of around 90 percent of the population, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  4. Fortunately, when someone takes BPA, 99 percent of it is broken down by the body’s digestive system.
  5. They examined the skin and the interior of the mouth in more detail.
  6. However, some chemicals present in personal care products such as sunscreen, soap, and hand sanitizers help to break down the skin’s natural defenses, allowing the lotions to penetrate the skin more effectively.
  7. When we touch cash register receipts, even for a few seconds, the amount of BPA that rubs off onto our hands (and into our mouths if we’re eating) is astonishingly high, according to study author Frederick vom Saal, a biological scientist at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Baby bottles and sippy cups were prohibited off the market by the United States Food and Drug Administration in 2012 due to the fact that newborns’ body sizes and metabolism make them more sensitive to BPA exposure.

Companies, on the other hand, can continue to employ it in other goods.

(Full disclosure: The Natural Resources Defense Council, which publishes onEarth, petitioned the FDA in 2008 to have BPA removed from food packaging.

Connecticut, on the other hand, is the only state that has banned the use of BPA in receipts thus far.

This past year, the EPA produced a study claiming that there are no chemical alternatives to BPA that are as safe as BPA when used in thermal paper used for receipts (basically meaning that BPA substitutes,such as bisphenol S, are just as bad).

Is it necessary to avoid all lotions?


This has a significant impact on the quantity of medication your body absorbs.

These alternatives aren’t as handy as a complete ban on BPA, but they are the only ones available to you at this time.

Each author’s views and opinions are his or her own, and they do not necessarily reflect the policies or viewpoints of the Natural Resources Defense Council. For more information, visit our website or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Am I Legally Required To Show My Receipt To A Walmart Greeter?

This happened because I was in a rush, and I swear that bullshit like this only occurs when I’m in a rush. It was a Friday afternoon, and I was on my way to a friend’s cabin for the rest of the weekend. I opted to get an air mattress since I was unsure of my sleeping arrangements and realized that two nights on the floor followed by a weekend of drinking would almost certainly kill me. I purchased the mattress online and chose to pick it up in-store in order to save time. Apparently, according to the Walmart website, in-store pickup was quick and painless!

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In the store, I went to the pickup area, which was well marked with signage.

However, when I went up to the desk, no one was there to greet me.

No one, as of yet.

Message from me: “Would you mind assisting me with in-store pickup?” Darla: “That can only be done by the cashier at the in-store pickup.” “Well, she appears to have gone vanished.” “Do you have any information concerning her whereabouts?” Darla speculates that she could be nearing the end of her cigarette.

  1. When I returned to the pickup desk, there stood the cashier who had gone AWOL.
  2. She handed the mattress to me, and I tossed it on a cart with my belongings.
  3. I proceeded through the self-checkout, bagged my snacks, and made my way to the front entrance, where I was halted after just three steps by a greeter who welcomed me.
  4. The greeter rummaged through my food bag, scribbling notes on the ticket as she went along.
  5. “All right, sir, good night, and good luck.” And it was at this point that I went from being mildly upset to being quite enraged.
  6. And if she didn’t notice that the mattress was missing, she wasn’t performing her job.
  7. I began to reflect about the scenario for a lengthy period of time: Is this even legal?
  8. Alternatively, doesn’t the transfer of goods take place when the commodities are purchased?
  9. Isn’t she technically merely interfering with my ability to dig through my personal effects?

What exactly are her legal rights? What exactly are Walmart’s legal rights? The most crucial question is: what are my legal rights? Answers to those critical questions, as well as others, are available immediately:

The Rights Of A Retailer: Shopkeeper’s Privilege

The Shopkeeper’s Privilege is a common law that was created to prevent retailers from being ripped off. It provides shops with the ability to hold suspected shoplifters. When a suspect is detained, it must take place on store property, and the merchant is only allowed to keep him for a reasonable length of time, such as until the police come.

Can A Retailer Use Shopkeeper’s Privilege To Stop Anyone?

No. This is important because Shopkeeper’s Privilege only applies to suspectedshoplifters, which means that the merchant must have reasonable suspicion that the consumer has shoplifted in order to use the privilege. What does it look like when there is a plausible cause? Merchants can look for the following signs of probable cause to demonstrate shoplifting, even if state laws differ on the subject:

  1. No. Remember that Shopkeeper’s Privilege only applies to suspectedshoplifters, thus the merchant must have reasonable grounds to believe that the consumer has shoplifted in order for the privilege to be granted. What does it look like when there is a plausible reason? Merchants can search for the following signs of probable cause to establish shoplifting, even if state laws vary.

The Rights Of The Consumer

The Shopkeeper’s Privilege is intended to safeguard retailers from the theft of their merchandise. But what if you’re not a shoplifter in the first place? Due to the fact that you have not stolen anything, Walmart will not discover you concealing and failing to pay for anything if a receipt check is performed on you. Except for the fact that you were picked at random for a receipt check, you are completely innocent. And so, what does this imply for you, the paying client, when a nice face in a yellow vest approaches you and requests that you sign your receipt for it?

However, you have the option of saying “no.” You have the option to respond “no thanks.” You can even say “hell no” if you really want to.

What If You’re Prevented From Leaving?: False Imprisonment

Retailers are protected from shoplifting under the terms of the Shopkeeper’s Privilege. The question is, what happens when you aren’t a shoplifter. Walmart has not seen you concealing or failing to pay for anything in the case of a receipt check since you have not stolen anything. Except for being randomly picked for a receipt check, you are completely innocent of any wrongdoing. And so, what does this imply for you, the paying customer, when a nice face in a yellow vest approaches you and requests that you sign your receipt?

This is the option that the majority of us will take.

The option to say “thank you” is available.

If you’re not in the mood for a receipt check, you have every right to go on your merry way without having one performed.

Is This The Case At All Retail Stores?

Some club businesses, such as Costco, require members to submit receipt checks as a condition of participation under their member agreement. Refusing to provide your receipt at a club store may result in your membership being terminated.

Conclusion: Should You Show Your Receipt?

In certain club shop membership agreements, such as Costco’s, receipt checks are listed as a requirement of participation.

Failure to provide your receipt at a club store may result in your membership being terminated.


Ira P. Robbins’s Vilifying the Vigilante: A Narrowed Scope of Citizen’s Arrest is available online (June 16, 2016). Among the publications are the Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy, Vol. 25, No. 3, 2016, and the American University’s WCL Research Paper No. 2016-24 (both published in 2016). SSRN is a resource for further information. Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University Law Review, 4Fla. A M U L Rev., Victoria S. Salzmann, Big-Box Bullies Bust Benign Buyer Behavior: Wal-Mart, Get Your Hands Off My Receipt!

Legalmatch.com is a website that provides information about legal issues.

When Costco checks your receipt, it’s not because they think you’re stealing

Vilifying the Vigilante: A Narrowed Scope of Citizen’s Arrest, by Ira P. Robbins, is available online (June 16, 2016). Vol. 25, No. 3 (2016) of the Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy; and WCL Research Paper No. 2016-24 from American University. SSRN is a repository for scientific literature. Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University Law Review, 4Fla. A M U L Rev., Victoria S. Salzmann, Big-Box Bullies Bust Benign Buyer Behavior: Wal-Mart, Get Your Hands off My Receipt! (2009). Legalmatch.com is a website where you may find legal help.

There’s more going on here than theft prevention.

You’re familiar with the procedure. An staff at Costco will ask for your receipt after you’ve paid for a three-month supply of granola bars and a decade’s worth of sandwich bags at the warehouse. When she looks in your cart, she’ll confirm that those 90 cans of Sprite were purchased and paid for, which is what I always imagined. However, there is more going on here than simply preventing thefts from occurring. In fact, it’s possible that the dependable receipt checker is imagining things when he believes you’re attempting to pilfer your bulk purchases.

Essentially, by reviewing your ticket, Costco is guaranteeing that their cashiers successfully scanned each item in your basket throughout the checkout process.

Cart history

A former Costco employee, David, told Consumerist that the company’s goal is “truly not only to deter individuals from stealing.” “I noticed very few persons who were in possession of stuff that had not been paid for. Working the door literally only once or twice a month isn’t that uncommon. We would, on the other hand, collect hundreds of dollars in overcharges every week.” In David’s experience working at Costco, there have been several occasions in which consumers have been charged twice for products in their shopping cart by mistake.

Photograph by MICHELE EVE SANDBERG/AFP/Getty Images “With the amount of business that Costco conducts, mistakes are common and sometimes cannot be avoided.

“I’m confident that throughout the time I spent receipt checking, I discovered far over $1000 in overcharges.” Still, even with the awareness that Costco’s receipt-checking motivations have absolutely nothing to do with consumer distrust, some individuals are really agitated by the policy, which is understandable.

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Wells ended up fracturing his leg and sued Costco for $610,000 – a jury found in his favor, but the case was dismissed.

You should try not to take the receipt-checking policy at Costco personally if you are a fervent Costco supporter. No, they don’t believe you’re a thief; in fact, it turns out that they are looking out for your best interests.

See Also

According to Alan Alda, the answer of living is as simple as three words. The following are ten applications that everyone over the age of 50 should have on their phone. An impending “silver tsunami” is on its way, and we are unprepared.

Should you skip the slip and get paper receipts?

Would you want a receipt for your purchase? That’s a question that’s typically straightforward to answer. The majority of individuals want to ensure that their purchases were appropriately billed and that refunds are as simple as possible. The more difficult choice these days is whether to use paper or digital media. Digital receipts, which are electronic reproductions of paper receipts that are provided through email, text message, or mobile application, are becoming increasingly common. They may be useful for tracking purchases, processing refunds, staying on track with a budget, and preparing for tax season.

  • Digital critics, on the other hand, express worries about privacy.
  • Experts, on the other hand, believe we may be approaching a tipping point.
  • Indeed, even CVS, whose receipts are so epically long that they’ve inspired hundreds of online jokes and Halloween costumes, has transitioned to a paperless environment and now provides an electronic payment option.
  • During the Christmas season, when it comes time to return unused or undesired things, this is very useful.
  • Here’s what to think about, as well as when you should still walk away with a piece of printed paper in hand.

First, the basics

According to Green America’sSkip the Slip report, receipt use in the United States consumes more than 3 million trees and 9 billion gallons of water every year. The report also states that the process of producing receipts generates more than 4 billion pounds of carbon dioxide and 302 million pounds of solid waste during the manufacturing process, respectively. Any receipt is preferable to no receipt when it comes to providing evidence of purchase, and receipts are critical when it comes to warranty concerns, especially on high-ticket products such as appliances and electronics.

62 percent of customers are concerned that their personal information stored electronically is at risk of being hacked, stolen, lost, or destroyed, according to a poll conducted by Choose Paper, a global campaign funded by the paper industry.

According to a YouGov study of over 24,000 people conducted in August 2018, nearly seven out of ten Americans prefer to get a paper receipt, compared to 19 percent who prefer to receive an electronic receipt and 8 percent who prefer to receive no receipt at all.

Personal preference

It can come down to personal preference, just as it does when choosing between a physical book and an electronic book. Beth Porter, one of the architects of the Skip the Slip and Green America’s environment campaigns, said the charity suggests that companies ask consumers whether they would prefer to have receipts printed manually rather than automatically rather than producing them automatically. Earlier this year, California lawmakers discussed a bill that would have required businesses to give customers with a digital receipt alternative and a paper receipt upon request, but the legislation was ultimately defeated.

When will we ditch paper receipts?

Similar to the cashless movement, there is still a long way to go until complete conversion occurs in the United States. According to Rod Sides, vice chairman and retail leader at consulting company Deloitte, “I can imagine a day when we make it so simple that consumers get comfortable with it as an alternative to the traditional paper receipt.” “I believe that over the next three to five years, we will see an increase in the acceptance of it.”

Where can I get a digital receipt?

Apple was the first company to pioneer the digital receipt trend in 2005. Best Buy, CVS, GNC, Kmart, Kohl’s, Lowe’s, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Publix, Sam’s Club, and Walmart have all joined the early adopters in implementing Walmart Pay, which allows customers to pay using their smartphones. If you make an in-store purchase at Target using a credit or debit card connected with your Target account or by utilizing the Wallet feature in the Target app, you may obtain a return barcode and print a gift receipt from the retailer’s website afterward.

Avoiding e-receipt overload

If you’re concerned about a security breach and want to keep your inbox as uncluttered as possible, try setting up a second receipt email account for your business. To make it easier to keep track of digital receipts, Schulz recommends putting them in a special folder in your inbox. “It’s a simple process that can save you time in the future if you need to hunt for that receipt,” Schulz explained. “Also, try storing the digital receipt as a PDF and putting it in a folder on your computer to keep track of things.

All marketing and shopping communications are routed to a different folder rather than your inbox, according to the company.

Tips and strategies

Gain financial gain: Saving receipts may also result in financial gain, whether it’s through cashback apps such as Ibotta or Shopkick, which are both accessible for in-store and online transactions, or supermarket rebate apps such as Fetch Rewards or SavingStar. You also have a better chance of receiving a greater settlement if you file a class action case and provide proof of purchase, such as receipts. Take advantage of the opportunity to receive two receipts when provided, especially for large purchases, advises Sara Skirboll, a RetailMeNotshopping and trends specialist.

Receipts should be digitized: If a retailer does not provide digital receipts, in addition to snapping photographs, you may use applications such as Receipt Hog and ReceiptPal, which both compensate users for sharing receipts.

Consider creating an album of receipts with the camera on your phone when you’re using it. Make an album for each retailer if you’re a super-organized person.

Holiday return tips

Gift receipts: Always ask for gift receipts and save them alongside the gift you are receiving. Also save all of your original receipts (physical or digital) to guarantee that your friends and family members receive the entire amount you paid if they need to return or exchange a present you purchased for them. When returning an item to Target with a gift receipt, the individual returning the item is frequently given a merchandise return card, which, unlike a typical gift card, can only be used in-store.

It implies that if the individual doesn’t like what you bought them, they don’t have to just stow it in a closet or toss it out on the curb on bulky-trash pickup day; instead, they may give it to someone else who would appreciate it “Schulz said himself.

Understand the policies and deadlines: Examine the policies available on store websites, on store signage, and on the back of receipts.

Returns without a receipt are often subject to a product credit for the lowest recent sale price, or, depending on the store’s policy, may result in no refund or exchange at all.

Try to find the item or ask for assistance, and if it isn’t available in-store, ask an associate if it is available online or at an other shop in the same chain.

Rebates can be mailed in: It’s important to examine if you’re comfortable clipping the UPC off a packaging if you’re giving a rebate item as a gift while presenting a rebate item.

Fees that are not included: Be prepared to pay a restocking charge of up to 15% if you are returning any electronic items or an item that has been opened after purchasing them.

It can be sold or donated: If you are unable to return or exchange presents, you may want to explore selling them on eBay or other comparable apps and websites instead.

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