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Wildcat Cheer Lyrics – High School On Stage musical

(Spoken by the Drum Major): Come on, Wildcats! Sing along with the wildcats, everyone. Yeah, you’ve got it going on with the Wildcats in the house, and everyone is saying it now. Wildcats may be found anywhere. Make a fist and raise your hands in the air. That’s how we do things here, so let’s get started. It’s time to show the world. Chad (in his own words): Yo, doggy! Troy, you’re my hoops guy! Troy (in his own words):Hey, Chad. Dudes. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Chad (Spoken):Oh, sure, my brothers, it will be a Happy Wildcat New Year, because we will be playing in the league championship game on Friday, with you, Mr.

“Hallelujah!” exclaim the jocks.

Yeah, you’ve got it going on with the Wildcats in the house, and everyone is saying it now.

She’s very stunning.

  1. Zeke (in his own words):Hi – uhm, you know, I mean, Hi Sharpay, how are you doing?
  2. Get ready for the big game with these tips.
  3. Troy (in his own words): Oh-uhm-Hi, Sharpay.
  4. Make a fist and raise your hands in the air.
  5. It’s time to show the world.
  6. What a tribal experience.
  7. Taylor (spoken): La Diva has something to say!

Sharpay (Sung): Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do!

Taylor (spoken): Scales are involved.

Wildcats may be found anywhere.

That’s how we do things around here, so let’s get started.

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HSM Kinda Lied To You About The Real East High

The image is courtesy of Disney+. East High School was scheduled to be located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, according to the originalHSM. However, the real school where the franchise was filmed is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. And, despite the fact that the school’s name has remained same, no one at the original East High can chant: “What team? Wildcats!” Because the Utah kids are truly the East High Leopards, not the other way around. Similarly, the Disney+ series stayed loyal to that detail, and it is undoubtedly unsettling to hear the real-life East High kids respond to the question “What team?” with “Leopards!” A new theatre teacher, Miss Jenn (Kate Reinders), wants to create a performance of High School Musical at the same school where the original films were filmed, which is the idea of the Disney+ series High School Musical.

  1. It’s all quite meta, in a way.
  2. For example, according to theSalt Lake Tribune, in 2018, the Governor’s Office of Economic Development authorized filming tax benefits, which prompted the High School Musical production to film once more in the state.
  3. “They’re trying to use some of the original sites since they’re so well-loved,” Virginia Pearce, director of the Utah Film Commission, told theTribune.
  4. The filming location of High School Musical is still a popular tourist destination, and the state of Utah is “very proud of the film’s enduring influence on generations of young people,” Pearce said.
  5. To be honest, the production should be overjoyed to be associated with East High, which is a forward-thinking institution in its own right.
  6. The school also experienced with flooding damage in 2017, which resulted from significant rains and caused $2 to $3 million in damage to the school’s historic cafeteria, gym, and other facilities.
  7. East High is also well-known for being the school that Elizabeth Smart attended following her abduction and subsequent escape from her abductor.
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NCAA Tournament notebook: Wildcats wowed by crowd support at NCAA Tournament; Barnes not apologizing for gesture

Notebook from the NCAA Tournament: The Wildcats were stunned by the audience support at the NCAA Tournament; Barnes is not apologizing for his gesture. Arizona supporters sit amid the cardboard cutouts as they cheer for the Wildcats versus UConn in Friday’s Final Four game in the Alamodome, which will be broadcast live on ESPN. The UA came up on top, 69-59. Written by PJ Brown The Arizona Daily Star has received a special report. SAN ANTONIO, TX (KTRK) – On Friday night, the Alamodome was transformed into Wildcat Central.

As a result of the triumph, the Wildcats celebrated alongside their supporters and previous players, including LaBrittney Jones, Dee-Dee Wheeler, Angela Lackey, and Lindsey Malecha, who watched from a distance.

Having played for the Wildcats from 1998 to 2000, Lackey recalls her immediate reaction to the news that Arizona had advanced to the Final Four as “Where can I get my tickets?” For the simple reason that I’ll be there.” ‘This is an opportunity that comes along only once in a lifetime, and you never know whether you’ll make it back,’ she explained.

  • With their shouts, UA fans and former players boosted up the team’s spirits.
  • Lackey wasn’t shocked to see a large number of his fellow fans on Friday night.
  • Adia Barnes, a former player who became a coach, is a big part of the Wildcats’ appeal.
  • Adefeso, who was a Wildcat from 2001 to 2005, shared his thoughts: “Adia is the thread that weaves the software together.
  • Ex-student managers take part in the trip Each of the Wildcats’ players, Christian Sheppherd and Kevin Edwards, has a unique connection to the team.
  • Currently a graduate assistant at the University of Oklahoma, Sheppherd said it was “wonderful” to witness all of the females achieve the goals they set for themselves when she was a student there for four years.
  • Shepherd sent Edwards a text message at the end of the Wildcats’ Elite Eight victory against Indiana, saying, “Let’s get this done.” They arrived in San Antonio in plenty of time for Friday’s game.
  • The Wildcats best get ready to create history, he joked as he passed by their hotel and informed them that he had reserved a room for them for the next four nights.
  • “It’s obviously more of the players than it is of us,” Edwards stated emphatically.
  • It’s only a coincidence that they’ve arrived.
  • Our surprise that the squad has arrived and that the girls are prepared isn’t that surprising.” Particularly pleased with Thomas and McDonald’s success on the national scene is their son, Thomas.

“Aari is going to be doing this for a long, long time,” Shepperd said of the musician. She’s still doing her job and making those crucial plays — she’s still the same ol’, same ol’ Sam.”

Paul proud of Cats’ COVID-19 discipline

The COVID-19 epidemic has made for a rough year, and it has been particularly difficult on the Wildcats. In San Antonio, the limits have been tightened to an even greater extent. They have been unable to visit their teammates’ hotel rooms or even go for a stroll without being accompanied by a coach for the past three weeks. Doctor Steven Paul, Director of Athletic Medicine at the University of Arizona and the architect of the athletic department’s “incident command team,” stated that the Wildcats had “a determination from the beginning of the process.” “Early on, there was buy-in, as seen by the practice sessions with masks on.

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It’s in the culture that Adia (Barnes) has instilled, and the fact that the kids are playing in a near-image of her as a competitor, that says it all.” Paul sat in on Friday’s game from the Alamodome and will be there for Sunday’s championship game as well.

“They are going to have pleasure in this moment, no matter what happens,” he remarked.

Adia an inspiration

McDonald doesn’t have to seek far for ideas to start his own business. Barnes seemed to be juggling it all as a mother, coach, and pioneer at the same time. “I’m not sure how she does it, but she always seems to find the time and have the correct routine in place,” McDonald observed. “She’s surrounded by the appropriate individuals who are assisting her.” What she’s doing and just on this platform is providing chances for moms and Black women all throughout the country, which is inspiring. It’s a great source of inspiration.

  1. My heartfelt thanks to her for being a part of my journey.” Barnes describes herself as “simply me…
  2. As she talked, Barnes made a double-handed motion with her hands.
  3. In the morning of Saturday, Barnes stated, “I said something to my team — something that I genuinely felt and that I know they felt — and it simply seemed different on television.” “I’m not going to apologize for it.
  4. It’s what I considered to be my team at the time…
  5. We have faith in one another.
  6. And that’s just who I am, so please accept my apologies for doing so.

Rim shots

  • Thomas was named to the NCAA’s Elite90 team, which recognizes the top 90 academic performers throughout all of Division I women’s basketball. Thomas earned her bachelor’s degree in three years with a 3.97 grade point average, and she is currently pursuing her master’s degree in educational leadership. She was selected Pac-12 Scholar Athlete of the Year in March, and she is the second coach in the history of her alma institution to take it to the national championship game. Wendy Larry of Old Dominion was the one who completed it in 1997. Larry, interestingly, was an assistant coach at the University of Arizona from 1985 to 1987.

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We at Abilene Christian University are united by traditions that exalt our religion, support our student-athletes, and commemorate the accomplishments of our common goal as Wildcats.

Our shared heritage binds us together across generations, empowering each of us to firmly take our position in a tradition of exceptional performance and service.

Wildcat Pride

With 17 NCAA Division I athletic teams, there’s never a dull moment on our campus – and that excitement extends beyond the courts and fields as we celebrate all that makes ACU a pillar of hope and opportunity.

Purple Processional

We open each year’s Opening Assembly with a Parade of Flags, in which we recognize the various states and countries that ACU students represent. Our community gathers together in worship, devotion, and prayer before the Big Purple Marching Band sends us off into the unknowns of a new academic year with their marching band. Highlights of the assembly include:

  • As a group, we sang “All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name.” Reading of Paul’s speech on Mars Hill (Acts 17:22-31)
  • Discussion of the lecture. With the proclamation “officially in session!” by President Schubert, the school year officially begins
  • The “March Grandioso” recessional

Keep an eye out for the Purple Processional.

Purple Fridays

Every Friday, students, staff, and teachers dress in Purple gameday apparel to show their support for the University of Florida Panthers. Whether you’re cheering for a sports team or pushing your pals through their schoolwork, a little purple and a whole lot of Wildcat spirit go a long way in demonstrating your support.


We begin the season with a frenetic weekend of excitement, reflecting on all that we’ve done and looking forward to what the future has in store for us. Alumni are welcome to join us on campus for picnics and major events such as our Homecoming football game, early-morning procession, and musical festival. Find out more about the Homecoming event.


Make a show of your Wildcat allegiance by flashing the W-C hand sign with an open “O” (you’ll be able to see the letters!). On campus, we keep the spirit of W-C alive by singing “Oh, Dear Christian College” and cheering on our athletic endeavors.

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Willie the Wildcat

After two campus sports clubs – The A Club and the West Texas Club – competed in a friendly fundraising competition for the construction of ACU’s first athletics complex in 1919, we selected the eagle as our mascot. The West Texas Club received the greatest number of donations, and as a result, they chose the Wildcat moniker to honor the value of local wildlife in the region. Learn more about Willie the Wildcat by visiting his website.

School Song

After two campus sports clubs – The A Club and the West Texas Club – competed in a friendly fundraising competition for the construction of ACU’s first athletics complex in 1919, the university selected the zebra as its mascot in 1920. Due to the large amount of funds received by the West Texas Club, they chose the Wildcat moniker to emphasize the importance of natural wildlife in the region. Find out more about Willie the Wildcat by visiting his official website!

Worshiping Together

The practice of communal fellowship and dedication to Christ is fundamental to our mission as a university – and it is the basis for achieving our vision of a flourishing community. As we discover delight in worshiping our Savior, these traditions serve to encapsulate our convictions and deepen our ties with one another.


On a daily basis, the ACU family gathers for a half-hour of worship, praise, and camaraderie. The guest speakers and group worship serve as a frequent reminder of the kind and supportive neighbors who contribute to the purposeful campus environment that ACU has created for its students.

Learn more about Chapel and have a look at our Chapel playlist to get a flavor of the warm welcome you will get when you arrive at ACU.

Candlelight Devo

In celebration of Wildcat Week, your voice will join the voices of other first-year students and members of the ACU community in singing praises to the warm glow of more than a thousand candles. Then, when Commencement approaches each May, graduating seniors return to this time-honored tradition to share one final lighted display of devotion with teachers, staff, and alumni from the local community and surrounding areas. What an incredible sight to witness.

More Traditions

While on campus for Family Weekend, you will have the opportunity to compete in our freshman-only lip sync competition, which will give you the ability to show off your creativity and inventiveness in a way that few other students will have the opportunity to do. A highlight of the fall semester is the ability to compete, perform, and take a leadership role. It is also a good stepping stone into more creative and collaborative efforts during your time at ACU. Learn more about Freshman Follies by visiting their website.

Sing Song

In one of the University’s most popular events, ACU organizations – including fraternities and sororities, courses, and other coalitions – have participated in Sing Song, an a cappella competition featuring themed lyrical twists, costumes, and choreography, which has been running since 1957. Every year, thousands of students, parents, and alumni turn out to see the play — particularly for the sold-out final Saturday performance. More information on Sing Song may be found here. Keep an eye out for the ACU 2020 Senior Class.

The Singing College

Because of a radio rendition of “When the Roll Is Called Up Yoder,” ACU’s undefeated football team gained the nickname “The Singing College” in 1950, which we still bear today. Following in the great a cappella heritage of the Churches of Christ, our campus and athletic activities are filled with spontaneous bursts of exuberant singing, especially during sporting events. What We Sing is a good read.

“The Lord Bless You and Keep You”

During campus events, we frequently end with this unique song, which serves as a reminder of the wonderful promise of our faith as well as the loyal community that encourages us in the face of adversity. God’s blessings and protection are upon you. Lift up your heads, O Lord, and look upon you with favor; The Lord make His face shine upon you, and look upon you with favor; The Lord look upon you with favor, and look upon you with favor; The Lord be gracious, kind unto you. Take a look at this video: ACU Virtual Choir Performance


  • Posted on March 23rd, 2015, 8:31 PM, by a user who has been on the site for 82 months and has 2MC posts. Wildcat Down – What’s up, fellas? Since 1926, “Arizona” has served as the fight song for the Arizona Wildcats football team. It’s past time to make a change
  • Discussion
  • Posted on March 23rd, 2015, 8:42 PM, by a user who has been on the site for 154 months and has 10833 posts. The moment has come for a change, no doubt about it. However, Arizona will not be beaten.
  • Posted on March 23rd, 2015, 9:45 p.m.,, User since 240 months ago,, User Post Count: 12844m,, Bear Down, as cyowassup put it. Since 1926, “Arizona” has served as the fight song for the Arizona Wildcats football team. “Bear Down, Arizona” was written by Jack Lee in 1952, and it is considered to be the unofficial battle song of the state of Arizona. The official battle song, “Fight! Wildcats! Fight!” was created in 1929 and is sung by the Wildcats. The football squad received the “Bear Down” warning from Button Salmon in 1926. Posted on March 23rd, 2015, 11:10 PM,, User Since 202 months ago, User Post Count: 235,, User Since 202 months ago, Writing on March 24th, 2015 at 7:42 AM, with a user since 244 months ago and a user post count of 8066Fiction520 expressed her displeasure with the Lord’s plight: “Lord, that is cringeworthy.” Users have made 3132 posts since joining the community on March 24th, 2015 at 7:48 AM. Since joining the community 214 months ago, users have made 748 posts total. I should probably just leave this alone
  • Posted on Mar 24th, 2015, 7:58 AM,, User Since 86 months ago, User Post Count: 1741
  • Posted on Mar 24th, 2015, 8:50 AM,, User Since 82 months ago, User Post Count: 13
  • Posted on Mar 24th, 2015, 9:49 AM,, User Since 86 months ago, User Post Count: 1741
  • Posted on Mar 24th, 2015, 9:49 AM,, User User has posted 1741 times since joining the community 86 months ago. What a lovely gesture. Photographic abilities of a prepubescent small 12-year-old girl Users have posted 13 times since March 24th, 2015 at 12:24 PM, and have been active for 82 months. realitycheq wrote:really That’s sweet. Photoshop skills of a prepubescent tiny 12-year-old girl! And you’re saying that’s all you’ve got? Wow! And here we were thinking that Wildcat supporters would be a whole lot more sophisticated than that. It’s possible that they are. Perhaps you are the exception to the rule. Users have posted 1741 times since March 24th, 2015, 12:44 p.m. The following is what DocBombay wrote:realitycheq wrote:How sweet. Photoshop skills of a prepubescent tiny 12-year-old girl! And you’re saying that’s all you’ve got? Wow! And here we were thinking that Wildcat supporters would be a whole lot more sophisticated than that. It’s possible that they are. Perhaps you are the exception to the rule. Prepubescent children are not something I deal with. Wildcats don’t operate in this manner. Perhaps you might take your sock puppet and stumble through your dismal existence
  • Users have posted 3132 times since March 24th, 2015, 12:46 PM. Since 214 months ago, users have posted a total of 1246 times. mcyowassup wrote the following:MC Wildcat Down – What’s up, fellas? Since 1926, “Arizona” has served as the fight song for the Arizona Wildcats football team. It’s past time to make a difference. OK. Because you invested so much effort in it, here is my assessment of your work. The song is good (the words are fine), but the production seems a little dated. The video does not function since you do not have any credibility. I think it would have been more effective if you had put it in front of previous “Cats” to help you sell it (in other words, they rap and you shoot them) so that they could help you sell it. It’s not working right now (I’m one of them, and I’d never try it), which is why I employ folks to do it. Although it was a wonderful idea, it was not properly executed.
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Bearcats 101 — Cincinnati RallyCats

What Exactly Is a Bearcat? Songs for the Fight CheersRivalriesTicketing On October 31, 1914, the University of Cincinnati Bearcats were established. The occasion was a football game against the University of Kentucky, and four important factors came together to form the lasting and enigmatic mascot of the University of Kentucky:

  • There’s an opponent team called the “Wildcats.” There’s a top UC player named Baehr
  • A creative cheerleader
  • A skilled cartoonist
  • And a lot of other things.

There’s an opponent squad called the “Wildcats.” There’s a top UC player named Baehr; a creative cheerleader; a skilled cartoonist; and a bunch of other things.


There are two types of student tickets available for football games.

Either in person on the 4th floor of the Richard E. Lindner Athletic Center or online at CatsTix.com under the Students page, students may collect their tickets. The following are the available options, along with their associated notes:

  • A Student Season Ticket Packet can be purchased (the RallyCats prefer this approach).
  • All Bearcats home games for the season, including the conference championship if it is played in Nippert Stadium, for a one-time price. Students can load tickets onto their mobile phones. Students may purchase up to two Guest Tickets each game or for the full season by contacting 1-877-CATS-TIX. This enables parents, siblings, and other family members to sit in the Student area.
  • This program allows students to acquire complimentary tickets to each game. Tickets are available for purchase at the ticket office, both in person and online, starting 10 days before gameday. So come there early if you want to acquire tickets
  • If you claim your tickets online, you will be charged a fee for each one. On a game-by-game basis, student guest tickets can be acquired for a small fee.

*Incoming freshmen and transfer students are unable to purchase Student Season Ticket Packets online; instead, they must visit the Lindner Athletic Center or call 1-877-CATS-TIX to make their purchase.

Men’s Basketball

Student ticketing for basketball is a straightforward process. “Blocks” of tickets are published at a time, and each block comprises all of the tickets for every home game in a month’s time period, beginning on a given day and continuing until the following day’s release of a block. Every month, on the 15th of the month, new blocks are made available. There will be 9 tickets available in the January block if there are 9 home games between January 15th and February 15th. Student block tickets can be picked up at the ticket office on the 4th floor of the Richard E.

Olympic Sports

When it comes to Basketball, student ticketing is a straightforward procedure. Every month, tickets are distributed in “blocks,” each of which contains all of the tickets for every home game for the month following the day on which the block is published. Tickets are released in “blocks” on a monthly basis. On the 15th day of each month, new blocks are made available. For example, if there are nine home games between January 15th and February 15th, there will be nine tickets available in the January block of tickets.

Lindner Athletic Center, or they can be claimed online at CatsTix.com by selecting the Students option.

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