What To Chant To The Genie In Miitopia

Genie of the Lamp

The Genie of the Lampis a fictional character that first appears inMiitopia and continues to play an important role throughout theNeksdorarc. This huge, naughty genie formerly plagued the whole realm of Neksdor with his obnoxious powers, until the Great Sage trapped him away in a lamp and sealed him away forever. Despite this, he was able to attract the attention of thePrince of a Nearby Land, who was sad after being rejected by thePrincessof Greenhorne, despite his appearance. He was released after telling the prince that he would grant him any wish he wished.

The Protagonist nearly imprisoned him within a lamp after a confrontation with him, but he changed his mind, choosing to aid those in need in Neksdor Town rather than terrorizing the town.


Many years ago, the Genie was shut up in a lamp and sent to sleep for a long period of time. Nevertheless, after years of captivity, The Genie emerged from his slumber and began to harass the region of Neksdor, bringing untold amounts of distress to its inhabitants and forcing them to flee. A long time later, the Great Sage locked him back within his lamp, which was distributed around the Neksdor Desert.

Freedom and Raid of Neksdor

The Genie confesses his deception to the Prince of a Neighboring Land. His light is discovered by the Prince of a Nearby Land, who is despondent as a result of his rejection by the Princess of Greenhorne. This is some time after he has been shut up for the second time. The Prince approaches, and he informs him that he is a guardian spirit who was merely “minding their own business” until a “evil” sage arrived and locked him within a Lamp. When the Genie tells the Prince that he would give him whatever wish he chooses, the Prince, who was on the fence about whether or not to release him, is persuaded differently.

After being set free, the Genie explains that he was joking when he made the wish, because he believes that lying and joking are the same thing.

He then proceeds to grab all of the gold from theDesert Celebrity and transports it to theUnderground Maze.

Close Encounter and Change of Heart

Within the Underground Maze, the Genie brags about how much riches he has amassed, and he goes behind a door guarded by a Minotaur to enjoy his wealth. Upon the arrival of the Protagonist, the Genie dismisses their requests that he return the wealth, claiming that the Desert is his own territory. This eventually proves to be a catastrophic blunder, as he discovers that the Protagonist has obtained possession of the light. When the Protagonist begins to recite his name, he comes dangerously close to being locked inside the light once more.

The Genie expresses his regrets to the Desert Celebrity.

Suddenly, however, the community is assaulted by the Dark Lord, who kidnaps many of the town’s residents, including the Genie, and uses their faces as his own.

Rescue in the Great Pyramid

As the Protagonist and his companions retrieve the many faces that have been taken, they come to the Genie’s face, which is in the possession of the Dark Lord deep inside the Great Pyramid. The Dark Lord connects the face to the Pharaoh in a matter of seconds, and a boss battle ensues. In the end, the Genie’s face is spared after a hard fight against the Pharaoh. With one strike, the Genie clears away the rockslide, allowing the protagonist to continue his journey. Now that he has regained his appearance, the Genie confesses that he has changed his mind and understands what it feels like to lose something that is important to him.

Second Encounter

The Genie’s expression only minutes before he was affixed to Pharaoh II’s throne. In a much later stage of The Sky Scraper, when the protagonist is navigating his way through it, the Darker Lord manages to take the Genie’s face once more, this time attaching it to aPharaoh II, which is essentially a more difficult version of the original Pharaoh. As a result of the defeat of this pharaoh, the Genie’s face is once again saved, as he blames the Darker Lord for snatching his face again again. He then declares that the Darker Lord must be defeated, expressing concern for the protagonist’s well-being in the process.


In the seconds before he was linked to Pharaoh II, the Genie’s face was revealed. In a much later stage of The Sky Scraper, when the protagonist is traversing through it, the Darker Lord manages to take the Genie’s face once more, this time attaching it to aPharaoh II, which is essentially a more difficult version of the first Pharaoh. This time, when the Genie defeats this pharaoh and curses the Darker Lord for snatching his face again more, the Genie’s face is saved once more. He then declares that the Darker Lord must be defeated and expresses his concern for the protagonist’s well-being in the meanwhile.


In his initial appearance, the Genie is an arrogant, mischievous troublemaker who knows no bounds to his mischief, even going so far as to take all of Neksdor’s money for himself. It was for this reason that the Great Sage imprisoned him in a lamp, despite the fact that he did not heed his lesson after being released. As a result of nearly being imprisoned a second time, the Genie transforms into a more compassionate and redemptive character, resolving to make one for his misdeeds by working for the Desert Celebrity in Neksdor Town.

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  • Three characters inMiitopia have aberrant Mii Bodies, including the Genie of the Lamp, who is one of them. Others are the King, the Dark Lord, and the Town Guide
  • They are all male. The following is the name given to the figure seen in the official artwork for the Genie of the Lamp in promotional materials for the game:
  • Three characters inMiitopia have aberrant Mii Bodies, including the Genie of the Lamp. Others are the King, the Dark Lord, and the Town Guide
  • They are all powerful figures. The figure depicted in the Genie of the Lamp’s official artwork is given the following name in promotional materials for the game:
  • Three individuals in Miitopia have an aberrant Mii Body, and the Genie of the Lamp is one of them. Others are the King, the Dark Lord, and the Town Guide, to name a few. The following is the name given to the character shown in the Genie of the Lamp’s official artwork in the game’s promotional materials:


The Genie and the Prince from a Nearby Land are shown in this official artwork. The Genie, among other significant NPCs, is shown in this official artwork. The Genie has been liberated from the lamp.

In possession of the riches taken from a Desert Celebrity, the Genie Confronting the Genie is a daunting task. The name of the Genie is spoken by the Hero. The Genie and the Prince from a Nearby Land appear in the film’s closing credits. The Hero receives a letter from the Genie.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジンジンJinjin Fromgenie, repeated twice. Also originated from his Mii data file, which is named similarly.
French Eugène From the nameEugenewhile also incorporating the pun on the wordgenie.
German Arman
Italian Tony Same as his EU English name.
Spanish Marcizio (US) Mazao (EU)
Korean Gene Same as his US English name.
Dutch Lamprecht Fromlamp(as in the title “Genie of the Lamp”).
Chinese Gene Same as his US English name.


On the Nintendo Switch, this is a walkthrough for the chapter Neksdor (Chapter 2) of Miitopia. Continue reading to find out how to move through Neksdor, which team is the best for Neksdor, and which maps are available in Neksdor. The numbers on the map show the sequence in which the regions should be completed, as indicated by the numbers on the map.

1 Battle through Neksdor Desert until reachingNeksdor Town. Take on the request of theDesert Celebrityat the town.
2 When you accept the request, theUnderground Mazewill become available. You will obtain aMysterious Jewelat number ⑫. This will allow you to unlock thePyramidlater on.
3 Confront theGenie of the Lampat “F”.
4 Return to Neksdor Town, where the faces of its residents will be stolen by theDark Lord.
5 Rescue the faces at ⑮, ⑱, ㉑, and ㉖. For each face you save, you will obtain agemused to unlock the final area of the Pyramid.
6 Head to ㉗, the final area the Pyramid, and fight the bossPharaoh “Genie of the Lamp”.
Recommended Party Members


Teammate 1Mage


Teammate 2Warrior


Teammate 3Cleric


Even if the Cat is one of the most qualified candidates for the Hero’s work, picking the Cat as the primary hero’s job in Neksdor would prevent the Cat from being considered for the job in the following chapter, Realm of the Fae. It is suggested to pick the Cat in Realm of the Fey instead of Neksdor due to the fact that there is more EXP to be won there than in Neksdor. This will ensure that the Cat is at a much higher level when it is required for the Dark Lord fight in the following chapter, Karkaton.

When you reach a higher level, you’ll also gain the Safety Maskskill, which will allow you to shield yourself and your allies from status afflictions.

You’ll want to make sure that your teammates’ duties are balanced between doing damage and defending.

A healer teammate, such as a Cleric, is there to keep your health in good condition.

Map Image Unlock Condition / Enemies / Treasure Locations
① Neksdor Desert Available at Start of Chapter 2

Cacti Stack / Scaredy-Scorpion

A: Game Ticket (3)

② Neksdor Desert Meet the Great Sage at A

Lady Mural / Cacti Stack / Scaredy-Scorpion

A: Cactus Juice ★★ (1)B: 200G

③ Neksdor Desert Meet the Great Sage at A

Griffin / Goblin / Cacti Stack / Cumulus / Scaredy-Scorpion

A: Weapon (Max level: 12)B: 320G

④ Neksdor Desert Clear course ②


A: Weapon (Max level: 12)

⑤ Neksdor Desert Clear ①

Lady Mural / Goblin / Cacti Stack / Scaredy-Scorpions

⑯ Neksdor Desert After defeating the ‘Genie of the Lamp’, go to Neksdor Town and talk to the ‘Merchant Family’ who were robbed by the Genie.


A: Game Ticket (3)

⑰ Neksdor Desert After defeating the ‘Genie of the Lamp’, go to Neksdor Town and talk to the ‘Prickly Couple’ who were robbed by the Genie.

Cacti Stack / Cactus Ball / Evil Mole

A: 450GB: Game Ticket (3)

⑱ Neksdor Desert Clear ⑰

1st encounter:Yellow Cobra / “Prickly Husband” Cobra / Cactus Ball / Jade Butterfly / Blue Cobra / Venus Mii TrapSubsequent encounters:Cactus Ball/ Jade Butterfly / Venus Mii Trap

⑲ Neksdor Desert Clear ⑯ or ⑱

Cacti Stack / Scary Scoprion / Green Snurp

A: 360G

Map Image Unlock Condition / Enemies / Treasure Locations
⑥ Wetland Way Talk to the Desert Celebrity in town and accept a request.

Jade Butterfly / Mole / Evil Mole

A: Trap ChestB: Game Ticket (3)C: 360GD: Strata Sundae ★★ (1)

⑦ Wetland Way Talk to the Desert Celebrity in town and accept a request.

Man Mural / Lady Mural / Cacti Stack

A: Banshee Tears ★ (2)

⑧ Wetland Way Clear ⑦

Jade Butterfly

A: Trap ChestB: Weapon (Max level: 12)

Map Image Unlock Condition / Enemies / Treasure Locations
⑨ Underground Maze Meet with the Great Sage in C

Yellow Cobra / Goblin / Red Goblin

A: 460GB: 220G

⑩ Underground Maze Clear ⑨

Yellow Cobra / Fossil / Lizard Fossil / Mole / Red Goblin

A: Game Ticket (1)B: Game Ticket (3)

⑪ Underground Maze Clear ⑨

Fossil / Hermit Crab Fossil

A: Dragon Fruit (3)

⑫ Underground Maze Clear ⑩ or ⑪

Hermit Crab Fossil

A: MP Candy (1)B: Game Ticket (3)C: Mysterious Jewel

⑬ Underground Maze Clear ⑩ or ⑪

1st encounter:MinotaurSubsequent encounters:Yellow Cobra / Red Goblin

A: 400G

⑭ Underground Maze After defeating the ‘Genie of the Lamp’, go to Neksdor Town and talk to the ‘Desert Celebrity’ who got robbed by the Genie.

Fossil / Lizard Fossil / Venus Mii Trap

⑮ Underground Maze Clear ⑭

1st encounter:Yellow Cobra / Venus Mii Trap / “Desert Celebrity” / Evil MoleSubsequent encounters:Venus Mii Trap / Evil Mole

Instructions on How to Unlock the Neksdor Pyramid

Map Image Unlock Condition / Enemies / Treasure Locations
⑳ Pyramid Clear ⑲ and defeat Kind Golem at G

Blue Cobra / Mummy

A: Game Ticket (1)

㉑ Pyramid Clear ⑳

1st encounter:Hieroglyph / “Dancing Guide”Subsequent encounters:Hieroglyph / Mummy

A: 550GB: Game Ticket (3)

㉒ Pyramid Clear ㉑

Rock Face / Hieroglyph / Mummy

A: Game Ticket (3)

㉓ Pyramid Clear ㉑


㉔ Pyramid Clear by activating only the 2nd and 3rd switches in ㉓

Blue Cobra / Mummy

A: 1500GB: Game Ticket (3)C: Trap ChestD: Weapon (Max level: 12)

㉕ Pyramid Clear ㉑

Rock Face / Hieroglyph / Mummy

A: 2 Puppet Peppers, 1 Puppet Pepper ★

㉖ Pyramid Clear ㉕

1st encounter:”Shady Merchant Daughter” Blade / “Shady Merchant Father'”Shield / Blue Cobra / MummySubsequent encounters:Blue Cobra / Mummy

A: 580G

㉗ Pyramid Obtain all four Neksdor Jewels and pass through I.

Pharaoh “Genie of the Lamp”

Map Image Unlock Condition / Enemies / Treasure Locations
㉘ Wetland Way Clear the course ㉗, then go to Neksdor Town and talk to the ‘Genie of the Lamp’, which will clear the route by D.

Cactus Ball / Scary Scorpion / Venus Mii Trap

㉙ Neksdor Desert Clear ㉘

Jade Butterfly

See Map and Guide List
Map List for Main Story
Chapter 1: Greenhorne Chapter 2: Neksdor
Chapter 3: Realm of the Fey Chapter 4: Karkaton
Chapter 5-1: Traveler’s Hub Chapter 5-2: Powdered Peaks
Chapter 5-3: Peculia Chapter 5-4: Nimbus
Chapter 6: The Sky Scraper / Otherworld
Post Game Maps
Galados Isle New Lumos
Tower of Dread Tower of Despair

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It’s all about Mii… and my friends: Miitopia Review

During my quest to stop the scourge of Miitopia, I met characters such as Captain Jack Harkness, Toon Link and Zelda, and the X-Men, and traveled across continents with them. The scourge of Miitopia was a face-stealing villain so horrifying that few dare speak his name… the evil Dark Lord Monty Burns. It took hours of my life to get through this crazy, quirky, and mind-bogglingly addicting little game, which proved to be the ideal distraction during the downtime on the train to and from San Diego Comic-Con.

After importing my own Mii from the StreetPass games integrated into my 3DS, I was then prompted to pick the most evil-looking person from a lineup of fan-made Mii characters, which was a very straightforward process in the beginning.

With one swipe of his hand, he rendered the often sardonic villager McCree speechless, threw the town mayor Meta Knight into consternation, and tore a massive rift between Nic Cage and his long-term partner Sombra when he snatched Sombra’s face, so removing her ability to ‘boop.’ Recruit your friends and favorite characters from Mii Central and Tomodachi Life to form your band of mercenaries.

  1. Maps and scenes are built together in a manner akin to construction paper cutouts, with light texture and vivid colors placed on top of one another.
  2. The game will allow you to be accompanied by up to three additional characters at any given time.
  3. Your colleagues have various conversation and actions depending on their class and personality, and it is at this point that the game becomes truly hilarious.
  4. When his pals were injured, Toon Link would prepare meals for them, while the enthusiastic pop singer Jubilee would become so thrilled about her attacks that she’d deal more damage than she should…
  5. The game is packed with many types of character interactions, which appear at both anticipated and surprising points during the game.
  6. I laughed out loud at the absurdity of the situation.
  7. at least until a wicked face-snatcher came along and took his face away.

I was unable to permanently imprison the wicked, gold-stealing genie Trump to his magical lamp, despite saying the precise spell for a full three minutes straight and without pausing to think about it.

This game is quite amusing, and it frequently occurs at the most unexpected situations.

There are dots indicating the locations of the destinations, and there are predetermined pathways between each point.

Aside from cities, where you may direct your character’s travels, your characters will automatically walk around any given zone, searching for adversaries, treasures, random occurrences, and even secret passageways.

In this game, monsters appear at random and are easily defeated, either by manually ordering your team or by using the extremely easy and surprisingly adequate auto fighting system.

Characters talk amongst themselves as they make their way along the path in the goal of reaching an inn.

Characters can share a room with up to two other people, and characters that room together naturally get closer.

On the other hand, straining relationships can result in feuds between your characters, which can hinder your teamwork and cause very real setbacks in combat.

In addition, inns provide you with the ability to distribute food to your companions.

A fantastic approach to personalize the stats of your characters is to use food items to enhance a strong characteristic or raise a weak one.

The consumption of foods that characters enjoy increases their stats, whilst the consumption of foods that characters dislike increases their stats just little.

When you find Game Tickets, you can use them to play one of two mini games at the inn: Rock, Paper, Scissors, which awards you 500 gold if you win, or a roulette-style game, in which you can win anything from new weapons and armor to fancy getaways for two of your Miis to bond over, to a whole stash of food to…

  • That is the danger associated with gambling, guys.
  • Additional entertainment is provided by roving characters.
  • Every now and again, The Rock, a roving gourmet chef, would appear, handing out free samples of the latest fad foods after gushing over its flavor, texture, and fragrance.
  • Unfortunately, I am a sad individual who does not possess even a single Amiibo, so I was unable to take advantage of the benefits made available by this feature.

Even though Jack Harkness laying on his side and announcing “Hello, Doctor,” whenever he won, and Toon Link shouting, “No, YOU listen!” whenever he performed a critical hit were both perfect, I felt that Kurt Wanger, better known as Nightcrawler, belonged in the Cat job class and spent an inordinate amount of time transforming the Mii into Kyle Gibney, WildChild, a far more obscure Marvel character who seemed more suited to the role.

  • Captain Jack Harkness was perfectly portrayed by Miitopia in his role as Captain Jack Harkness.
  • While some players may find the nerf irritating, each reset also unlocks a new set of jobs, enabling you to experiment with other classes without having to worry about falling behind on the level grind for your job class.
  • The time I spent slogging through all of the different classes was absolutely worthwhile for me since, after I unlocked the last set of occupations, Miitopia gave me the opportunity to become a genuine vampire for the first time in my life.
  • I can’t say it’s the finest game I’ve ever played, but I couldn’t put it down once I started and couldn’t stop.

With its magical combination of being ridiculous and hilarious while still offering enough complexity in job classes, characters, and plot, as well as an inviting, mostly hands-free gameplay experience that makes it nearly impossible to put down, this adorable game manages to hit all the right buttons.

Miitopia is an irreverent and humorous casual role-playing game that is virtually difficult to put down once you begin.

This full-length game boasts a nice look, a developing plot, and a large area to explore in its vast world.

Miitopia is a hilariously ludicrous game that is endlessly amusing, weirdly addicting, and really simple to play owing to the auto-battle option. It is ideal for the casual gamer looking for something to make them grin on a regular basis.


  • Cute fashion sense
  • The narrative and dialogue are full of hilarity and irreverence. There is a lot of stuff, a vast map, and a whole tale. Mini-games and an auto-battle option are included. A complicated relational structure that has an influence on the war


  • Miis are unattractive
  • It is necessary to select the appropriate characters and personalities in order for things to work
  • When it comes to relationships and feuds, things don’t always make sense. Captain Jack believes I make a lot of noise

It is unattractive to be around Miis. In order for things to work, you must select the appropriate characters and personalities. In many cases, the dynamics of relationships and feuds are illogical; Apparently, Captain Jack believes I make a lot of noise.

Deez Nuts the RPG – Genie of the Lamp Again

Miis are unattractive. It is necessary to select the appropriate characters and personalities in order for things to work. Relationships and feuds are frequently illogical; Captain Jack believes I make a lot of noise.


Miis are unsightly; It is necessary to choose the appropriate characteristics and personalities in order for things to work; Relationships and feuds frequently fail to make sense; Captain Jack believes I toot a lot;

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