What To Chant While Saging Your Home

These 5 Mantras Can Take Your Energy Clearing To The Next Level

It is common practice to smudge your home with sage in order to eliminate negative energy and encourage positivity into your home. This ceremony, which has been passed down to us by shamans and indigenous peoples from all over the world, should always be conducted with regard and respect. It might be beneficial to offer a prayer, chant, or affirmation while clearing your energy to make the clearing more spiritual and effective. Koa Mikaelah, a third-generation medicine woman, offers five different alternatives for home smudging prayers that you may use depending on the purpose you’re setting.

What to say if you want to invite love into your home.

I dedicate this area to divine love, and I pray that all of the energy that passes through here will be beneficial to the heart space. May it be filled with compassion, nurturing, forgiveness, and the truth of the universe. When it comes to the law of attraction, there is a lot to be said about “speaking things into existence,” which is another way of saying that you should tell the universe what you want out loud. This is a method of bringing your intention from the inside of your brain out into the actual world..

What to say if you’re moving into a new home.

Hello, my name is _, and I will be relocating to this location. I’d want to express my gratitude to all of the land stewards and spirits of the land. I’d want to express my gratitude to the indigenous people of this country. I’d want to express my desire to make this place my home, and to live in harmony with the spirits that are already present. Introducing yourself to the land and the original inhabitants of the land—and then the home itself—is always a good thing, according to Mikaelah. After all, the place isn’t merely defined by the walls that have been constructed there!

You might also give a gift to the earth, such as flowers or water, to express your gratitude.

What to say if you want to sell your home.

I express my thanks to this house for constructing a container that has contained me and seen my development over the last years. With gratitude, I acknowledge that our karmic cycle has come to an end, and I usher in the next cycle, which is connected with my greatest spirit and the highest spirit of this place. We would want to bring in the individual who is in perfect harmony to take care of this place. May the upcoming cycle be fruitful for all parties concerned. When you sell your house, you are not only closing out a chapter in your life, but you are also assisting someone else in the beginning of a new chapter in their life.

What to say if you want to remove negativity from a home.

The negative energy, any low vibrational energy, and any nonbenevolent creatures present in this realm are commanded to depart and return to the light. You are not welcome at this establishment. It is my order that you depart and go to the light. In order to deal with cleansing energy effectively, Mikaelah believes that we must first get grounded inside our own bodies.

“Once this is accomplished, it is critical that we be firm in our demands. Additionally, you should open your windows for this one in order to enable the negativity and ill energy to escape.”

What to say if you want to invite productivity into your home.

I invoke the heavenly wealth of creative inspiration. May the feelings I have deep down in my heart come to fruition in a way that is beneficial to my ultimate welfare. May it be realized in the manner that most accurately communicates the reality of its message. Mikaelah notes that it’s a good idea to clean or organize the place in which you’ll be doing your task before completing this smudging ritual. She feels that “productivity begins with the sacred container,” so you might want to consider lighting a candle or incense that makes you feel motivated before reciting your mantra.

A vocal component, on the other hand, will simply serve to reinforce your goal even further.

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11 Mantras to Say While Smudging Yourself Or Your Home

Making smudging rituals for your home or your body with herbs such as Sage or Palo Santo as well as incense or resin (frankincense, copal, myrrh, benzoin, etc.) or a sacred herb is said to banish negative energy from your being as well as your space and create space for positive, light-filled energy to enter in its place. Smudge sticks can be lit and carried about the house or waved over the body to purify the energy surrounding you. In order to maximize the good impacts of your smudging process, consider including a mantra into your routine.

Essentially, by repeating a mantra while smudging, you are utilizing your words to fill your body or area with positive vibrations while removing the negative feelings with the sacred smoke.

Additionally, towards the end of the post, you will learn seven crucial factors to keep in mind to ensure that your smudging is as successful as possible.

  • 1. I purify my house of all heaviness and negativity
  • 2. I live in harmony with my mind, body, and spirit
  • 3. I am thankful for my health, abundance, and happiness
  • 4. I am grateful for my life. 4) I release any and all energies that are not beneficial to me
  • 5) I release conditioned patterns and place my confidence in the Universe and my intuition to lead me
  • 6) I release any and all stress from my body and my house
  • 7) I am surrounded by loving energy
  • 8) I remove attachment and invoke freedom
  • 9) I choose joy
  • And 10) 10. I bring all of my strength back to me at this time
  • 11. I invoke protection from bad energy.
  • 1. Smudge yourself first before smudging your surroundings
  • 2. Make a conscious decision regarding the direction of your smudging
  • 3. Smudge your holy area, meditation space, or altar room last
  • Pick one item you’d want to get rid of and/or one thing you’d like to bring back into the mix. In areas where smoking is not permitted, such as hotel rooms and workplaces, have sage spray on hand
  • 6. Open all of the doors and windows in the house. 7. When you’re finished with the smudging ritual, be sure to close it properly.

11 Mantras for Smudging

This one may be best used after you’ve had guests over for a while. A side note: smudging your home after having guests visit is often a good idea to clear off any unwelcome vibes!) This is especially true if you’ve been the victim of any energy vampires in the recent past. It is possible that even the most optimistic visitors had a difficult day and left a negative residue in the air, despite their best efforts. As you travel from room to room with your burning smudge stick, repeat this chant aloud to yourself.

2. I live in harmony of mind, body, and spirit.

You can smear yourself at any time by repeating this phrase. For those of you who have been experiencing negative, depressed, apathetic, or otherwise “off” feelings without any apparent reason, this mantra can assist you in regaining your energy balance and feeling more in control of your life. Furthermore, this mantra is ideal for use if you are facing any bodily, emotional, or spiritual issues, such as aches and pains, a bad mood, or a loss of confidence in the universe.

Speaking these phrases while you wave your smudge stick about your body can help to clear your energy blockages and restore your positive outlook.

3. I am grateful for health, abundance, and happiness.

When you want to smear yourself, repeat this phrase. For those of you who have been experiencing negative, depressed, apathetic, or otherwise “off” feelings without any apparent reason, this mantra can assist you in regaining your energy balance and feeling more in control. Aside from that, this mantra is ideal for use if you are facing any bodily, emotional, or spiritual issues, such as muscle and joint discomfort, depression, or a loss of belief in the divine. Speaking these phrases while you move your smudge stick about your body can help to clear your energy blockages and restore your positive outlook.

4. I release all energies that do not serve me.

It is normal for us to have intrusive negative thinking patterns from time to time; it is part of being human. If you find yourself thinking things like “I’m not good enough,” “Good things don’t happen to me,” “I’m not capable of succeeding,” and similar thoughts over and over again, you may be holding some negative energy that you need to release. Positive thinking patterns can be influenced by others, or they might be instilled in us by our culture or our environment. It doesn’t matter whatever method you choose, repeating this mantra while smudging can be beneficial.

5. I release conditioned patterns, and trust the Universe and my intuition to guide me.

This mantra is a continuation of the previous one. It is frequently the case that your training and negative thinking patterns will cause you to listen to your mind rather than your heart, causing you to lose your intuition and connection with source. Continue to recite this chant as many times as you need to while you smudge your home or your body. The smoke will assist you in untangling yourself from any bad energy you may be hanging onto, and will instead provide room for new, good patterns to emerge in your life.

6. I release any worry from my body and my home.

For those of you who have been troubled by concern recently, repeat this mantra as you smudge to bring yourself back into alignment with your heart’s knowledge. Keep in mind that your mind invents issues that may or may not exist, or that may or may not be as awful as you believe they are. Your heart, on the other hand, understands what’s best for you and what you need to do in order to live and prosper in this world. As a result, smudging with this phrase can assist you in banishing any worry-filled energy and welcoming in love-filled emotions instead.

7. I am filled with love, light, and peace.

We kept this mantra for last because it’s important to fill yourself up with something good after you’ve gotten rid of the bad thoughts and feelings. Please feel free to utilize this last mantra in conjunction with any of the previous mantras that we have provided in this article. During your repetitions of this mantra, you may like to see your body and/or your home being bathed in a bright white light.

A combination of visualizing this image, repeating the above mantra, and smudging can assist to guarantee that your house and body are filled with nothing but love and light and that you have no negative energy.

8. I release attachment and call in freedom.

If you’re experiencing any anxiety about your material goods or personal connections failing you, repeat this phrase to yourself. While smudging, this chant will assist you in cleansing egoic attachment from your body if you’re concerned about losing your relationship, your money, or other valuables, etc. In the place of your egoic attachments, liberation will emerge, leaving you feeling peaceful, grounded, and secure.

9. I choose joy.

Although happiness is a choice, we can frequently feel trapped by our own or other people’s negativity, which makes us feel stuck. Have you been feeling as though happiness is just out of grasp for you recently? Possibly, you were left feeling indifferent and upset after a confrontation with a friend, family member, or coworker. Bring joy back into your life by calling it back into your being. Use this phrase to smudge your body and your area to remind yourself that you have the ability to choose to be cheerful.

10. I call all of my power back to me now.

When we are in close proximity to certain individuals in our life, we might feel helpless, especially if we are prone to please others. You may employ this mantra to cleanse your solar plexus chakra if you’re feeling like you’re being stepped on, taken advantage of, or taken for granted. It is probable that you may experience energetic cords being severed when you repeat this mantra and rid your body and environment of bad energy. This implies that people who were able to strip you of your authority in the past will no longer be able to do so.

11. I call in protection from negative energy.

This chant goes a step farther than simply eliminating negative energy by bringing in loving protection from things like hatred, anxiety, apathy, and other unpleasant emotions and thoughts. During your smudging ritual, repeating this phrase will summon in your loving spirit guides, angels, and ancestors to surround you with a light-filled shield. With each repetition of this smudging mantra, you’ll notice that you’re becoming increasingly less susceptible to negative influences from the outside world.

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7 Important Tips for Effective Smudging

Here are five crucial points to keep in mind during smudging in order to make it more effective and powerful.

1. Smudge yourself before you smudge your space

In order to make your smudging more efficient and strong, keep these five crucial points in mind:

2. Be intentional about your smudging direction

It is possible to travel through the house room by room, either clockwise or counterclockwise, when smudging it with sage. When deciding on a course of action, be deliberate rather than haphazard. You may eliminate bad energy from your home by walking around each room counter-clockwise, starting at the front entrance. This is useful after a party when you use the phrase “I cleanse my home of any heaviness and negativity.” If, on the other hand, you’re using a mantra to bring in positive, such as “I am thankful for health, abundance, and happiness,” make your way through your house in a circular direction, starting at the front entrance.

3. Smudge your sacred space, meditation space, or altar room last

It is possible to walk through the house room by room, either clockwise or counterclockwise, while smudging it with sage. When deciding on a course of action, be deliberate rather than haphazard. Using the phrase “I cleanse my home of any heaviness and negativity,” for example, after a party, you can walk around each room counter-clockwise, starting at the front entrance, to clear the space of any bad energy.

Use a mantra, such as “I am grateful for health, abundance, and happiness,” to bring in positive instead of walking around your house counter-clockwise. Begin at the front entrance and work your way around the house in a clockwise direction.

4. Choose one thing you’d like to remove, and/or one thing you’d like to call in

To put it another way, it may be very beneficial to establish objectives before you smudge. You may like to meditate for a few minutes on this goal before lighting your smudge stick; this will assist you in invoking the sensations and energy associated with your wishes. As an example, you may create an intention to discharge the negative energy of a guest who had previously entered your home, or you could invite an essence of abundance into your home if that feels good to you.

5. Keep sage spray for no-smoke zones such as hotel rooms and offices

After everything is said and done, if you haven’t already, you will find yourself in an area with sluggish energy in which you will be unable to burn sage– for example, a hotel room or an office building. This is when sage sprays may be quite useful! Sage sprays are available in small, portable bottles that contain the sacred plant’s essence, which you may use to distribute throughout the air without creating a cloud of ash. Bring along a spare with you wherever you go since you never know when you might need one.

6. Open doors and windows

The next advice is particularly important if you plan to use your smudging to clear bad energy from your environment. If you use smoke or spray, you can encourage that harmful vibe to go, but it won’t be able to depart very effectively if it has nowhere to go! Open your doors and windows to assist in the removal of stagnant vibrations from your environment. Consider this: the sacred herbs will “push” the negative energy out of the open door or window, rather than allowing the negativity to remain trapped within your home.

7. Be sure to close the smudging ceremony when you’re done

It is customary in yoga to conclude our practice by putting our palms together and chanting “namaste”; while smudging, it is also customary to close your smudging ritual by reciting your mantra one more time, which is beneficial. After you’ve finished smudging every room in your house, or after you’ve finished smudging your body (or both), repeat your mantra to reacquaint yourself with its energy. After that, just extinguish your smudge stick and consider the job done! Continue reading 18 Short Mantras to Help You Get Through Stressful Times.

This is the prayer you should say when saging your home, according to shamans

Without being a paranormal enthusiast who relishes the prospect of inhabiting a space where something unsavoury may or may not have occurred (like me! ), you may want to cleanse your new home upon moving in—not only physically (with soap and water, as in, with soap and water), but also energetically, as in, with soap and water. The energy healer Natalie Valle explains that cleansing is a powerful practice that can be used to allow fresh energy into a room and establish intentions for whatever it is that you’re hoping to attract.

  1. “It’s effective because it allows us to be more particular about the sort of energy we’re calling in, which is extremely important when manifesting,” she continues.
  2. However, while calling a cleaning prayer to energetically renew your living place has the potential to provide you with spiritual advantages, it is critical to only engage in rituals that do not cause harm.
  3. As a result, non-Native people should refrain from engaging in this behavior.
  4. To make matters even worse, lighting plants on fire isn’t the only technique to purify an area at all.

Experts in feng shui, energy healing, and other fields provide a plethora of alternatives for cleansing your environment of poisonous or stale vibes, as well as advice on how to correctly establish an activating intention as part of the process.

7 ways to energetically cleanse your home through a cleansing prayer or ritual

As previously stated, the most common method of cleansing with smoke—using white sage—is a strict no-no. For environmental and cultural appropriation grounds, another popular alternative, palo santo wood, has been placed on the naughty list, as well. However, if you’re a fan of the tradition of smoking out your house’s demons, you’re not completely out of luck. “I absolutely use smoke to cleanse,” says Jordi, an intuitive and spiritual coach who often performs home cleaning rituals for clients.

  1. To “change space” in their home, they burn incense on a daily basis, as well as herbal concoctions.
  2. “Rosemary is a wonderful herb that may be used to cleanse the body.
  3. “Reconnect with the cultural traditions that you may have become estranged from,” the authors advise.
  4. So, if you’re from the Isles of Scotland, where there’s wild lavender, you might want to experiment with burning lavender.

2. Sound

According to Valle, sound may also be used to empty a space. The capacity to transmute negative energy and alter the energy in any environment into uplifting vibrations is explained by the author in her book, Intentional Sound Vibrations. Tibetan singing bowls are among her favorite equipment to work with. According to her, “even the little ones are formidable.” In addition to tuning forks, “the resonance of these ancient sacred instruments is extremely powerful, especially when combined with an intention or a mantra.” “Intentional sound vibrations have the ability to transmute negative energy and transform the energy in any space into uplifting vibrations.” —Natalie Valle, energy healer “You have the ability to be very deliberate about the intervals you produce with the different frequencies and notes,” Valle continues.

And if no instruments are available, Valle points out that most of us have access to what she refers to as “the most powerful instrument that has ever existed”: our own voices.

3. Water

Jordi also enjoys using water to cleanse himself on a physical and energetic level at the same time. When they say “bless the water,” they mean by blending a couple of essential oils, or rose water if they have it or orange blossom water if they don’t have any of those things on hand. “I’ll add whatever my intuition tells me to put in there, but I’m looking for anything that really amplifies the fragrance and makes me feel wonderful,” she says. Additionally, Jordi suggests that you draw inspiration from your familial roots in this area as well.

“So I’m going to combine it with my floor soaps and mop my house with it,” they explain, adding that they’ll also use it to clean their home’s windows and exterior paths, particularly those leading up to their front door.

According to Jordi, “this is not something I do every week or every month.” I do a thorough clean if I’ve just moved into a place, if the seasons have changed, or if something significant has happened in my family, such as the birth of a child, a funeral, or the departure of a loved one.

4. Reiki

Because the entire purpose of Reiki practice is to heal via energy, it makes reasonable that Valle would propose using it to alter the vibrations in your house as well. In addition, she points out that, while it is good, you are not required to hire a Reiki-attuned practitioner to provide Reiki to your location. The energy, according to Valle, is available to everyone. ‘After all, the term ‘global life force’ literally translates as ‘universal life force’.” It is suggested that you close your eyes for a time and concentrate on many full cycles of breath in order to tap into it.

Once the session has come to a close, you can place your hands in a prayer posture and express appreciation from your heart to the healing energy that has been channeled through you.”

5. Salt

It makes reasonable that Valle would propose using Reiki to adjust the vibrations in your house, given that the entire objective of Reiki practice is energy healing. You are also not required to pay a Reiki-attuned practitioner for the service of bringing Reiki into your area, she adds, despite the fact that it is advantageous to do so. The energy, adds Valle, “is available to everyone.” Because Reiki literally translates as “universal life energy,” it is no surprise that it is popular among those who practice it.

According to her, “Once you feel yourself to be in a receptive and alert condition, envision healing white light streaming into you from the top of your crown through your body and out through your hands.” “Allow yourself to be sensitive to healing, and as you fill your entire being with this loving healing energy, radiate that energy outwards into the room you’re in and the people you’re around you.

Once the session is over, you can place your hands in a prayer position and express appreciation to your heart, acknowledging the healing energy that has been channeled through you.”

6. Crystals

Crystals, adds Valle, “are an excellent tool for shifting the energy of a room.” Black tourmaline, onyx, and smokey quartz are excellent choices if the goal is to eliminate any bad energy. “These stones are known for their abilities to ground, protect, and cleanse,” she explains. Jordi, on the other hand, prefers selenite for its energy purifying properties. According to Valle, “It should also be emphasized that, due to the fact that crystals retain the energy they receive, it is a good practice to cleanse them as well, which may be accomplished by bathing them in moonlight.”

7. Essential oils

Crystals, says Valle, are an excellent tool for shifting the energy of an area. Black tourmaline, onyx, and smokey quartz are excellent choices if the goal is to sweep away any bad energy. “These stones are known for their capacity to ground, protect, and cleanse,” explains Dr.

Smith. When it comes to energy cleaning, Jordi prefers selenite to others. Moreover, because crystals maintain the energy that they receive, it is a good practice to cleanse them as well, which may be accomplished by immersing them in moonlight, according to Valle.

How to set an intention for your cleansing prayer for your home

Cerrano follows Bon Tantric Buddhism Feng Shui (BTB), also known as Black Sect Buddhism Feng Shui, which supports the usage of a mantra such as “Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum” for house purification. Cerrano is a licensed feng shui consultant at Feng Shui Manhattan. In her words, “it is thought that by chanting this mantra 27 times within your house, you are helping to re-program the energy imprint of the area by sending unconditional love and compassion to flow through your surroundings.” Cerrano goes on to say that the chant is typically used in conjunction with a “holy hand gesture,” such as the prayer stance.

Depending on how your intuition directs you, Cerrano explains, “what works best for you” might vary.

2. Communicate with the spirit of your house

Cerrano explains that under the tradition of BTB, it is believed that every dwelling is guarded by a ghost or guardian. The spirit of a home, she explains, has the capacity to impact the energy of the surrounding area, depending on how the people choose to engage with the property. Cerrano recommends that you ask yourself how well you are caring for your house and what feelings you are sending into it in order to figure out how you are engaging with the spirit of your home. All of the small interactions accumulate to a degree of communication with the spirit of the house, which will either reflect back to you as feeling helpful or not, according to her.

Her recommendation is to first speak with the soul of the house rather than barging in and tearing down walls, among other things.

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According to Cerrano, in addition to the pink roses, you may also arrange three to nine oranges in a bowl to signify good fortune and success.

3. Conduct a petition

If communicating with your house is a little too far-fetched for you, but you like the spiritual communion method, you can communicate with any “being” of your choosing instead of your house. As abundance coach Sameer Reddy suggests, “for those who are comfortable with the act of praying, you may express your purpose as more of a plea aimed towards any deities or spirits that you feel connected to.” There are, of course, some who do not adhere to a specific religious or cultural tradition. For individuals who fall into this category, Reddy suggests conducting a broad cleaning prayer.

After you’ve completed working, you might express your gratitude to them for their assistance.” His assessment is that the stand-in is adequate and will perform the job well enough.

4. Place written intentions under a lit candle

Valle, on the other hand, prefers to keep this component of the software as straightforward as possible. “Writing down intentions and setting them beneath a lighted candle near an east-facing window is a very nice ritual if you are trying to bring fresh energy into a new house, or if you are welcome a new career, baby, spouse, or anything else,” she explains. It is crucial to have an east-facing building because it represents fresh life; it is where the sun rises, bringing us new days and opportunity.” Alternately, as previously noted, she enjoys repeating the simple mantra: “Into the light for the greatest benefit.” Rachel Lapidos contributed reporting to the original publication on April 3, 2019.

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How to Smudge Your House to Invite Positive Energy

Smudging may be done with a variety of plant materials. Here are a few examples. Sage, cedar, sweet grass, and lavender are some of the most popular herbs.

What Is Smudging?

Smudging is a method of energetically cleansing a place in order to attract positive energy. Smudging is the act of burning plant material in an area. The smoke fills the space and cleanses the air around it. Palo santo, a South American wood that I personally prefer, is my go-to material. It has a sweet, vibrant, and minty vitality to it, which I think to be ideal for regular use and use. White sage is perhaps the most common and widely used plant for smudging since it is so versatile. In addition to being connected with purity, it also has a powerful and hefty presence.

As the smoke rises into the sky, our hopes and intentions soar into the sky and mingle with the rest of the cosmos, linking heaven, earth, and all of mankind.

The smoke ceremony brings about metamorphosis and blesses both the venue and the people who are present.

Gather Your Materials

Take some time to gather all of your resources before you begin. The awareness of a smoke ceremony begins with the gathering of your ingredients, so go about your business with ease and caution. Make an effort not to rush through this initial stage and to take your time. Maintain the sacredness of the ritual elements by limiting their use to space clearing alone. Your shrine or altar can serve as a storage area for your other supplies. In feng shui, we also make use of dried orange peels, which are referred to as “chen pei.” It’s also a little bit intense.

It seems like every day there are hundreds of new, tiny internet businesses cropping up that sell unusual (and beautiful) smudge sticks made from a variety of different herbs and spices, including rose, mugwort, rosemary and more.

Margot Cavin’s The Spruce is a novel about a woman who grows up on a spruce grove.

Candle and Matches

During the smudging procedure, it is essential that you keep a candle nearby to relight the smudge stick if necessary. To light the candle, either matches or a lighter are required. In addition, you will use the candle flame to fire the smudge stick.

​Fireproof Container

It’s a good idea to have a fireproof receptacle, such as a small clay bowl, to place below the smudge stick to catch any ashes or embers that may fall. Indigenous peoples frequently employ an abalone shell for this purpose, which brings in the element of water. I propose that you use a vessel (bowl or plate) that you adore and that you exclusively use for smudging rituals and nothing else.

Bowl of Sand

A dish of sand is an absolute must. It is used to properly extinguish the smudge stick in a safe manner when the ceremony is complete…………………………………… Margot Cavin’s The Spruce is a novel about a woman who grows up on a spruce grove.

Before You Begin the Smudging Ceremony

Allow adequate space and time for the ceremony so that you do not feel rushed at any point during it. If at all feasible, spend at least five minutes meditating to relax your mind and emotions. It is OK to include anybody else in the smudging process if they are present during the rite. Other space cleaning instruments should be prepared so that they may be used while you are smudging. They can, for example, use sound to their advantage and clang bells. It’s important to remember that while doing a space clearing, intention is everything.

When you clean your house, you leave a void that must be filled with something.

Smudging the Space

As soon as you have all of your instruments and preparations in place, you may begin the smudging ceremony in earnest. Begin by lighting your smudge stick at the front door of your home………. After that, start moving around the house. Walking around the complete perimeter of the house in a clockwise direction can help you to be more aware and careful. Make careful to allow the smoke to travel into even the most inaccessible places, such as within closets, basements, and dark corners. If there are stairs, simply ascend or descend them when you come across them.

Afterwards, continue going down or up the stairs until you reach the main floor once more.

It’s a method that has been practiced for generations in ancient societies to elevate a space’s sacredness and significance.

I chant the Tibetan Buddhist mantra “Om mani padme hum,” which means “Compassion is my mantra.” This is a method of increasing the amount of cleaning vibrations in the room. Margot Cavin’s The Spruce is a novel about a woman who grows up on a spruce grove.

Closing the Ceremony

You should repeat one final mantra or prayer when you go back to the front door again. Visualize your entire house being bathed in dazzling white sunlight from every direction. After that, say your objective one last time to bring the smudging ritual to an end. Clearing a place via the use of smudging rituals is a lovely method. This can be done once a year or more frequently. When you initially move into a home, or on the first day of the lunar new year, performing a space clearing is very effective.

Bad Vibes, Be Gone: How to Energetically Clear Your Space With Sage

‘Spiritual hygiene,’ as Colleen McCann refers to it, is something she really believes in. Because she has spent many years in the fashion industry as a stylist, she is an energy practitioner and shaman who specializes in clearing energy in the house, particularly in closets, which she is intimately familiar with. Each business card that McCann hands out contains a piece of sage or Palo Santo, according to the entrepreneur. Why wouldn’t we take care of our energy bodies the same way we care for our physical bodies with exercise, a healthy diet, and skin-care products?

  1. Sage is a wonderful remedy for clearing and purifying negative energy, and it may be burned or sprayed in some circumstances.
  2. However, many people who use it are unsure of what they’re doing with it or what it is actually accomplishing for them and their environment.
  3. It is important to distribute the area since here is where people’s energy is congregating.
  4. To follow in her footsteps, here’s McCann’s guide to incorporating sage into your home and workplace, as well as maintaining good spiritual hygiene.

Know the history

‘Burning sage is one of the most ancient and purest means of purifying a person, a group of people, or a place of undesirable spirits. It is also one of the most effective. The tradition stretches back to prehistoric times, and it has been documented as having been practiced by our forefathers in every corner of the planet.”

Understand what sage to buy

California White Sage, also known as White Sage Smudge Stick, is the sort of sage you’re looking for to purchase. Use only fresh sage in your cooking rather than dried sage. You’re looking to purchase sage that’s of good quality and has been responsibly harvested. Both Shamans Marketor and Taos Herbare are excellent locations to shop. When purchasing sage online, I would advise staying away from mass-market stores like as Amazon.

When it comes to purchasing a high-quality holy and ceremonial commodity that has been ethically obtained, large commercial suppliers aren’t very interested. Keep in mind that the goal and cultivation of this product are equally as important as purchasing organic food.”

Learn the science behind the smoke

“To put it another way, sage purifies the air of germs. Sage smoke has a short transit time to the brain and a long transit time to the rest of the body. Scientists have shown that sage can effectively remove up to 94 percent of airborne germs from a place while also disinfecting the environment. It has been shown that when sage is burned, it releases negative ions, which are associated with improving people’s mood. The wordheal is derived from the Latin term for sagesalviastems. Burning sage is also considered to have other properties, such as imparting wisdom, improving clarity, and expanding spiritual awareness.”

Before burning, open the doors or windows

It’s important to remember to open a door or window before you light up because the negative energy you are attempting to eliminate must have a means to get out. What is the reason for you having to do this? Take, for example, this lesson from eighth-grade science class: Consider the following scenario: you collected a collection of chemical compounds and placed them in a jar, shut the lid, and shook the jar vigorously. If you start a chemical reaction in a jar with no place for the mixture to go, it might explode, crack, or fail to complete its chemical reaction due to a lack of oxygen, being compressed in a limited area, and not being able to alter, among other things.

In order to remove someone’s poisonous energy out of your house after a cocktail party, after a long meeting in a conference room at work, or if you get the impression that there is an entity hovering over your space, that energy must be channeled someplace.

It was a rookie error!

In my mind, they should say something like, “Any energy that is not of my highest and greatest benefit please go the f**k out, with love, but you are not allowed to remain here.” We ask that you exit by the open window or door.”

Prep for the burning

It’s important to remember to open a door or window before you light up since the undesirable energy you are attempting to expel must have a route out. You must explain why this is necessary. Take, for example, this lesson from eighth-grade science: For example, consider the following scenario: you have a collection of chemical compounds that you have placed in a jar and secured the lid with a twist tie. If you start a chemical reaction in a jar with no place for the mixture to go, it might explode, crack, or fail to complete its chemical reaction due to a lack of oxygen, being compressed in a limited area, and not being able to alter, among other factors.

In order to remove someone’s poisonous energy out of your house after a cocktail party, after a long meeting in a conference room at work, or if you get the impression that there is an entity hovering around your space, that energy must be channeled someplace else.


‘Any energy that is not of my highest and greatest good, please get the f**k out, with love, but you are not allowed to remain here,’ I have them say. Thank you for departing through the open window or door.”

Light it up with care

In order to fire your sage, make sure you hold it as far away from the end of the stick you are burning as feasible. Holding the sage at a 45-degree angle, ignite the sage and allow it to burn for approximately 20 seconds before gently blowing out the flame so that you see orange embers on one end of the bundle. After that, you may begin the process of decluttering your home. Clients have occasionally expressed dissatisfaction with their ability to keep their sage burning. If the sage bundle was packed too tightly when it was constructed, the oxygen will not be able to get into the bundle correctly, and the sage will not remain lighted.

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This will assist you in keeping your sage smoked.

Be careful not to blow too hard, or you could send sage ash flying all over your clothing or carpet.”

Consider the alternatives

The use of sage spray is my go-to option when I am in a smoke-free environment. It’s lightweight and portable, and it smells fantastic. When I’m at hotels, I really enjoy using this spray because it makes me think about how many people’s energies have been concentrated in a single hotel room. Eeek! My favorite to use is from Paper Crane Apothecary, and it is available on Amazon. It’s called’Clean Slate,’ and it’s a non-smoking spray that works well. It contains sage oil, crystal essences, and Palo Santo oil, which is derived from another plant that aids in the clearing of a place, as well.

Clean Slate Smoke Free Smudge Mist

It is possible that this content contains affiliate links. Because I am an Amazon Associate, I receive money when people make eligible purchases. Friends, a very happy New Year to you! Thank you for a fantastic Christmas and New Year’s celebration, I hope you were surrounded by loved ones and tasty cuisine. The holy art of smudging should be practiced now that Christmas has passed. It is time to put away all of the holiday decorations, declutter, cleanse the energy, and elevate spirits with this ancient practice.

  1. Smudging is a method of removing sluggish and bad energy from a space.
  2. You know, those days when you have no patience and can’t seem to shake off the feeling of being down in the dumps.
  3. Whatever the source of your gloom, don’t be discouraged – it happens to the best of us from time to time.
  4. Smoking holy herbs, such as assage or palo santo, in order to cleanse and bless a room is an ancient tradition that has been practiced for thousands of years.

I have to confess that I was a little perplexed at first, but she later explained that the purpose of smudging is to rid a space of remaining energy that is in opposition to what you may have intended for that space.

When to smudge your home?

I now smudge my house 2 to 3 times a year, depending of the season. I smudge my home on New Year’s Eve and again in the spring after I do a thorough spring cleaning of the house.

How to smudge your home

I wanted to share some of the methods I use to smudge my house with you.

What you need

  • To hold and burn the plants, use a ceramic bowl or an abalone shell. An abalone shell signifies the element of water, while sage smudge sticks represent the element of air. Sprouting sage signifies the element of the soil, and when it is burned, the smoke it produces depicts the element of the air. If you don’t care for the fragrance of sage, you may substitute palo santo, sweetgrass, orcopal
  • Matches or a lighter can be used instead. These are representations of the fire element.

Tips for smudging

  1. Remove all of the clutter and filth from your place
  2. Close all of your windows and curtains to enable trapped negative energy to escape and fresh air to come in. Make sure the smudge stick is contained in a fireproof container, such as an abalone shell. Turn off your phone and instill a sense of calm and prayer in your heart
  3. Light the smudge stick and recite a prayer, or just focus your energy on the object of your desire. Using a gentle sweep of the stick, make the fire begin to smolder
  4. Make a sweeping motion with your hands to disperse the smoke. Throughout your smudging session, remind yourself to stay connected to your breathing and to think only happy thoughts
  5. Smudge the corners of every area, since they have a tendency to collect stagnant energy and attract it. Don’t forget to open the closet doors and delicately smear the inside as well. They say it’s crucial not to overlook rooms such as the laundry room, the garage, or the basement, which I don’t always do.

Given that I am a practicing Catholic, I often pray the Hail Mary and the Our Father, but I recently came across the smudging prayer shown below. Similar to how a priest blesses the air in a cathedral with aromatics such as frankincense and myrrh, I remind myself that the burning incense is a metaphor of prayer, and the smoke is ascending to the highest point in the sky.

A Smudging Prayer

May your hands be washed, and may they be used to make something lovely. May your feet be cleansed, so that they may transport you to where you need to go the most. May your heart be purified so that you may easily hear the lessons it has for you. May your throat be cleansed, so that you can speak correctly when the occasion calls for them. May you have your eyes cleared so that you can see the signs and marvels of the world around you. May the smoke from these aromatic plants purify and cleanse this individual and this environment.

Chopra.com provides the smudging prayer you see above.

Homemade smudge sticks:

  • What is the best way to make smudge sticks? How to make Marigold Smudge Sticks for the Day of the Dead. Plants that are commonly used in smudge sticks are listed below. Homegrown plants and wild-harvested materials are used to make smudge sticks. You have a variety of herbs to pick from when creating your own smudge

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What does sage smudging actually do to my home?

However, although large companies have lately helped to bring smoke-cleansing rituals into the public, Native people have been doing them for generations without any outside assistance. Particularly revered as the go-to plant anytime someone want to cleanse their own energy or the energy in their house, white sage is known to help people feel more at ease and at ease with themselves. According to the Cliffords, smudging is less about releasing bad vibrations than it is about bringing positive ones into your life, despite the common misconception.

“It’s not so much about erasing the negativity as it is about recognizing that it will always exist. We forget all too often that we can bring kindness into our life instead of hunting for it on social media or in a book to make us feel better.”

What are the other benefits of burning sage?

However, while large companies have lately helped to bring smoke-cleansing rituals into the public, Native cultures have been engaging in the practice for hundreds of years. Particularly revered as the go-to plant anytime someone want to cleanse their own energy or the energy in their house, white sage is known to help people feel more at ease and at peace with themselves. In contrast to popular belief, according to the Cliffords, smudging is less about eliminating bad vibrations and more about bringing positive ones into your life.

“Getting rid of the bad isn’t so much about erasing it as it is about embracing the positive.

  1. It has antibacterial properties. According to a 2007 research published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacol, burning sage can help you get a new start in more ways than one by lowering airborne bacteria. This means it can help you get a fresh start in more ways than one by making you feel less anxious. White sage, according to a University of Mississippi study effort, is rich in chemicals that stimulate the brain’s receptors that are responsible for stress reduction
  2. It can also help you sleep better. Some studies have found that using the herb sage may be beneficial in alleviating sleeplessness, which is another technique to assist boost that good energy
  3. It may also enhance your mood. Researchers discovered in 2014 that white sage has been used to treat anxiety, sadness, and other mood problems
  4. It can also be used to improve one’s ability to think. While more study is needed, a 2016 review revealed that sage may improve cognition functions and may even be effective as a therapy for Alzheimer’s disease
  5. Nevertheless, additional research is required.

All right, I’m in. How do I sage my house?

First and foremost, you must consider the equipment you will be using for your practice. You are not required to use white sage to cleanse your house (after all, it is your home); nevertheless, given the over-harvesting of white sage in recent years, if you do want to use sage, it is critical that you get it from a sustainable and Native company. If you live in an apartment building where candles are prohibited, or if you’re simply a little fire-averse, there are various smudge sprays available on the market that provide all of the advantages of smudging without the use of a candle or any other kind of flame.

  1. When you’re ready, the first step is to make a decision about what you want to accomplish.
  2. The alternatives are unlimited, whether you’re looking for peace on the level of a yoga session or Normani-style inspiration (sorry, had to).
  3. Visiting their website may allow you to access the same stuff in a different format, or it may provide you with even more information than you could get elsewhere.
  4. Just make careful to extinguish the flame as soon as the bundle begins to catch fire.

Beginning with yourself, smudge yourself by running a stream of smoke down your body before going on to each room Smoke should be wafted from room to room before making your way back to the front of the house, if possible.

How often should I sage smudge my place?

In addition to practicing daily smudging when they can, the Cliffords believe that it is something that can be done whenever you want to feel a bit more tranquil and safe in your life. White Smudging Stick (Smudging Stick) SageStrong Nationsstrongnations.com is a website dedicated to SageStrong Nationsstrongnations.com. $13.95 Have you recently moved into a new home? Sage. Have you ever been into a heated dispute with a friend? Sage. Looking to change your point of view after experiencing a setback at work?

However, regardless of when you smudge, it’s critical that you do it with the proper intentions.

There will be no fruit from this.”

How exactly does sage welcome positive energy?

The spirit of sage is responsible for its potency. The fact that sage is a plant means that it has a spirit, just as all living things do. Sage, in particular, completely embodies its name by lending the world a wise and protecting energy. They explain that “for us, the spiritual and physiological advantages are inextricably bound together.” “Sage is a living organism that we harvest from the land, which indicates that we are inextricably linked to the natural world. Whenever we build a sage bundle and light it on fire, we are taking in its essence and cleansing ourselves with it.”

Is burning sage cultural appropriation?

You may recall that a few years back, Sephora announced the debut of a product dubbed the ” Starter Witch Kit “, which featured a bundle of white sage as part of the package. The kit was eventually taken off the market after the brand got a substantial and quick quantity of negative feedback. A number of examples can be found in which components of Indigenous spirituality have been commercialized while the legacy and history of those practices have been ignored—practices that were previously outlawed in the United States prior to the 1978 passage of the Freedom of Religion Act.

“Many Native people have struggled their whole lives to preserve their culture, language, and way of life, despite the fact that they have endured great suffering in the process,” the Cliffords write.

Respect the purpose of the ritual while also learning about its history.

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