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Rio chant tops wittiest in new poll – but can you do better?

In terms of humorous terrace chants, one regarding Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand is now ranked first in the league – but can you come up with something even funnier? West Ham fans have won a competition to find the finest football chant of the past decade, with a lyric about Rio Ferdinand’s time on the bench after failing a drugs test winning the prize. United supporters are also included at number five in the vote, which was held by the fantasy football game Oulala, with a song about Liverpool striker Luis Suarez, according to the results.

The victory shout by the Hammers supporters was directed at a former player who had gone on to play for Manchester United but had been suspended, forcing him to sit on the sidelines for the remainder of the season.

Our list demonstrates how humour and sport are inextricably intertwined – a good chuckle can lift your spirits when you’re down and may make your opponents’ agony worse when you’re winning.” A survey of 1,500 football enthusiasts was done for this study.

It’s “Zamora, Zamora” if you’re sitting in row Z and the ball strikes your head, as the Fulham fans sing in praise of striker Bobby Zamora, set to the tune of Dean Martin’s smash single “That’s Amore.” – “You should have stayed in front of the television.” – Supporters of Newcastle United to Alan Shearer, when the Match of the Day commentator was in charge of the team after they were relegated.

  • – Liverpool supporters regarding the club’s striker.
  • “Luis Suarez, your teeth are not in the proper position,” the referee says.
  • « Deep fry yer pizzas, because we’re going to deep fried yer pizzas.» – Scotland fans to Italy’s supporters at a World Cup qualifier in March 2007, according to official statistics.
  • He enjoys a good lap dance or two.
  • “John Carew, John Carew, Carew” – This was sung by Aston Villa fans about their player to the tune of the song Que Sera Sera.
  • – “You’re merely a stone’s throw away from me.” In recent years, numerous other London clubs have adopted the “Fulham to Manchester United” shout while playing at home against the Red Devils.

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England’s chant about Rio and Anton Ferdinand – racist or banter?

Is the following chant, which refers to Rio Ferdinand and his brother Anton, racist or just a bit of harmless fun? Then they’ll build a bonfire, build a bonfire, put Rio on top, put Anton in the middle, and then they’ll burn the f****** place down. According to FARE, an organization dedicated to eliminating racism from sports, the cry was heard by England fans during their World Cup Qualifier against San Marino on Friday. FARE reported the incident to FIFA, who investigated it and informed the organization’s members.

  1. Although the report was filed on the basis of information provided by those who were in attendance at the game (in other words, it appears that the group’s case is solely based on hearsay), FARE maintained its position.
  2. FIFA will now conduct an investigation into the report and determine whether or not sanctions should be taken against England.
  3. Powar went into detail about why his organization feels the song is discriminatory.
  4. ” We are not the ones who make the decision.
  5. And whether or not they impose a fee on you.” Usually, this isn’t the kind of thing that we pay attention to — supporters attacking players from their own nation who may or may not have been selected to play for their country.
  6. Some of the factors at play are more subtle than others at times.
  7. When it comes to supporters on the terraces, you anticipate and appreciate banter because it is a part of what makes the game wonderful.
  8. WOW.”It’s always a small number of people that make things difficult for everyone else.” The Manchester United defender, on the other hand, was cautious to point out that the inquiry has not yet completed its course.
  9. The key reasons advanced by the supporters are that 1) the song has been around for a long time and 2) it was solely addressed at Rio because of his recent actions.
  10. “It’s completely ridiculous.” These feelings were reflected by the song ‘Tone 827.’ Let me be clear: the chant is ridiculous and intended to cause distress….but, more importantly, is it truly racist?
  11. Because I am a white British male (who is categorically NOT racist), it is beginning to grate on my nerves…

When considered in the context of being aimed against Rio and Anton Ferdinand, does the chant come off as racist or just harmless banter? Contribute to the decision by voting in the ProSoccerTalk poll and sharing your thoughts in the Comments section below.

Top 10 wittiest football chants: West Ham United’s Rio Ferdinand song voted wittiest of last decade

Songs concerning Bobby Zamora’s errant shooting, Alan Shearer’s managing ability, and Luis Suarez’s offside teeth were also included in the top ten most popular terrace chants. West Ham fans have been voted the wittiest in a new survey, which was conducted by the BBC (Image: Getty Images) According to a poll of British football supporters, West Ham United fans have been dubbed the wittiest supporters in the country. The award was given to them after their chant regarding Manchester United defenderRio Ferdinand was named the funniest football ditty of the previous decade.

To commemorate the debut of Oulala, the world’s most advanced free fantasy football game, 1,500 British football fans were surveyed to choose the funniest football terrace chants of the previous decade.

In the vote, the most popular chant was about former West Ham star Rio Ferdinand, which was set to the tune of Duran Duran’s song “Rio.” It went as follows: “His name is Rio, and he watches from the stands.” A year after Ferdinand was suspended for eight months for failing a drugs test while playing for Manchester United, West Ham fans coined the song to express their displeasure with Ferdinand.

  1. Back in December 2003, Ferdinand was sentenced to an eight-month suspension from all football activities.
  2. It was set to the rhythm of Duran Duran’s song “Rio.” (24 percent of the population) ‘When you’re sitting in row Z and the ball strikes your head, that’s Zamora, that’s Zamora, that’s Zamora,” says the announcer.
  3. However, he was unable to prevent the club from being relegated.
  4. (eighteen percent) “Your teeth are offside, your teeth are offside, Luis Suarez, your teeth are offside.” “Your teeth are offside, Luis Suarez, your teeth are offside.” Manchester United fans are chanting about Liverpool star Mohamed Salah.

(eighteen percent) Beyond the last man: A close-up of Luis Suarez’s teeth, courtesy of Liverpool ( Image:Reuters) Deep fried yer pizzas, because we’re going to deep fry yer pizzas!” In March 2007, during a FIFA World Cup qualifying match between Scotland and Italy, Scotland fans issued this threat on Italian food.

  • Chelsea supporters congratulate their captain after his romance with the ex-girlfriend of former teammate Wayne Bridge was revealed.
  • He enjoys a good lap dance or two.
  • “John Carew, Carew,” he says.
  • (15 percent ) I said, “Fat Eddie Murphy, you’re nothing more than a fat Eddie Murphy.” When Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink was at Chelsea, the Newcastle United fans booed him and threw objects at him.

(14% of the population) “You’re only a few of blocks away!” Fulham fans chant to Manchester United fans during their 2-0 victory over the Red Devils in the 2008/09 season. (14% of the population)

Rio Ferdinand Claims Wolves Fan Racially Abused Him With ‘Monkey Chant’ During Man United Match

Anthony Elanga and Juan Mata both scored as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side came away with a victory in their last Premier League encounter of the season at Molineux. After the game, Ferdinand shared his experience of being treated to horrific racial abuse from one Wolves supporter on social media, which garnered widespread attention. “It’s been incredible to see supporters return in the last few of weeks,” the United great said on Twitter. However, there is a Tothe Wolves supporter who has just been ejected from the stadium for yelling a monkey chant at me.

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Come meet me, and I’ll help you understand what it’s like to be subjected to racial discrimination!” Wolves replied to Ferdinand’s tweet with an apology and the threat of a “lifetime ban from our club.” They also said that the culprit might face a “lifetime ban from our club.” “We are truly sorry, Rio,” the Premier League team stated in a statement.

According to West Midlands Police, a 31-year-old man has been detained in connection with the alleged racial attack against Ferdinand, according to a statement on Twitter.

During a post-incident interview with BT Sport, a defiant Ferdinand stated that the event was the result of “someone who lacks an education on what is right and wrong.” “It’s disheartening because people have been waiting all these months to go back inside a football stadium, and then you walk in with such blatant stupidity,” the 42-year-old BT Sport analyst said.

“This is someone who has absolutely no awareness of his surroundings, the current climate of things, and someone who is completely uneducated on what is right and wrong.”

Ferdinand hit by beer after leading chant of ‘Sterling’s on fire’ at Boxpark

  • 11:24 a.m. ET on July 11, 2021
  • Updated at 12:53 a.m. ET on July 11, 2021

He was struck by a beer can while making his way past the throngs of people outside Wembley Stadium, where the Euro 2020 final between England and Italy was taking place. The Three Lions will meet Italy in the final of the European Championships on Sunday at Wembley Stadium, marking the country’s first appearance in a major competition since winning the World Cup four decades ago. 8 It was mayhem at Wembley Stadium when Ferdinand made his way through the crowds to the stadium. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images) 8 The security guards ultimately guided him through the throngs.

  • And Ferdinand, who represented England 81 times, was filmed leading the pre-match celebrations at Boxpark before making his way to Wembley, where he was struck by a beer can as he made his way to the stadium for his punditry duties.
  • Ferdinand posted a video of himself beginning a chant of “Sterling’s on fire” at Boxpark, with the caption: “Sterling’s on fire.” “Sterling is on a roll.
  • Ferdinand, 42, named Sterling as England’s most impressive player of the tournament, and he was backed up by his teammates.
  • On your trip to the Holy Grail, it is often more satisfying to have experienced trials and tribulations, as well as some failures on your way there.
  • Photo courtesy of Instagram user @rioferdy5.
  • It’s quite motivating.
  • Rio will be joined by former England attackers Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer, as well as Three Lions veteran Frank Lampard, in the UEFA European Championships in Poland.

‘I’m on top of the world, and I’m the most sure man on the globe that we’re going to win,’ he said in an interview with BBC.” I got a fantastic night’s sleep last night, the finest sleep I’ve had in a long time, which is indicative of where I’m at right now.” The final match of the Euro 2020 tournament between England and Italy is being offered at a special price.

  • Get England to win the World Cup at 30/1
  • TOP DOG: Harry Kane to score against Italy at 50/1
  • EURO KINGS: Get England to win the World Cup at 30/1
  • Raheem Sterling to score at 66/1 is a STER CRAZY bet. Take advantage of a no-loss bet on the England game. CONSTRUCT YOUR OWN: 70/1 bet builder recommendation

Meanwhile, if England captain Harry Kane scores against Italy, he would tie Patrik Schick and Cristiano Ronaldo for the most goals at Euro 2020 with five. More than the individuals in the group, though, what has struck Ferdinand the most is the collective team mentality manager Gareth Southgate has instilled in his players since taking over the reins of the club in 2016. Before their semi-final triumph against Denmark, the former Manchester United centre-back had this to say about his country: “Croatia is the source of everything in 2018.

“These guys (of today) are professionals; they have a thorough awareness of their responsibilities and they all go out and perform to the highest standards.

on Sunday night in the hopes of seeing England win their first major trophy in 55 years.

In anticipation of the historic Euro final, England fans line up around the block starting at 5 a.m.

Rio Ferdinand hits out over chants during England match in San Marino

Crowd sang insulting songs against Rio Ferdinand and his brother Anton during England’s 2-1 win over San Marino on Friday. Rio Ferdinand has responded by slamming the fans. A number of England supporters joined in the singing of a song that suggested the brothers should be burned on a bonfire – it has been suggested that the song had racist overtones because Anton Ferdinand had been the target of racist abuse from former England captain John Terry – but the song was later removed from the air.

  • In the same way that you anticipate and appreciate banter from supporters on the terraces as part of what makes the game wonderful, racism from your own fans is not acceptable.
  • “There will always be a small minority who will spoil everything for everyone else.
  • “We’ll find out once the investigation is over.” Because it did not fit into his “intricate” and “pre-planned” training schedule, supporters were outraged when the Manchester United defender withdrew from the England squad to play in the match.
  • Fare’s executive director, Piara Powar, stated that “despite the fact that we did not have observers at the match, we have compiled material that has been supplied to us, including media commentary, and have forwarded it to Fifa”.
  • As far as we can tell, racism and other types of prejudice are not invariably accompanied by banana flinging and monkey chanting.

As a result of the accounts we have seen, I myself believe there was an undercurrent of racism there, and other individuals have expressed the opinion that it was tinged with racial connotations.” “Whether or if Fifa believes it is sufficient justification for taking action is another thing completely, and we acknowledge that this is an uncommon report.” Such violent reactions as those seen in San Marino, according to Sir Alex Ferguson, the manager of Manchester United, were a sign of the times.

  • “I am afraid that is the way modern society operates,” he remarked.
  • Many different things elicit a response from supporters.
  • Ferdinand was named to represent England in the recent World Cup qualifiers against San Marino and Montenegro, however he withdrew from the squad.
  • In the end, I pushed him to go down and deal with it in person.
  • The fact that he was merely catching up on a number of things over a few days didn’t concern him in the least.
  • Players are free to do anything they want on the weekend because they got a day off.” They trained hard all week, and we gave them the weekend off on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • Ferguson, on the other hand, does not believe it is required.
  • “Roy called me, and I told him that he would have to speak with Rio to find out what his reaction was.
  • On the injury front, there was encouraging news for Manchester United.
  • “There is a little exhaustion, but we will make sure that they have plenty of energy to go through the rest of the day.” A small amount of training has also been completed by Nani, Phil Jones, and Paul Scholes, which is positive.
  • For his club, the Dutchman has gone without a goal in seven games, but he has managed three in two games for his nation.

That is the most crucial thing to remember. However, the objectives will be beneficial. There is no doubt about that.” “There is no doubt about it.”

England fans reported to FIFA over ‘racist’ chants about Ferdinand brothers

Crowd sang insulting songs against Rio Ferdinand and his brother Anton during England’s 2-1 win over San Marino on Friday. Rio Ferdinand has responded by calling out the fans. It has been argued that the song has racial connotations because Anton Ferdinand was the recipient of racist abuse from former England captain John Terry. A number of England supporters joined in the singing of a song saying the brothers should be roasted on a bonfire. On Friday, the anti-racism organization Fare (Football Against Racism in Europe) denounced England to FIFA about the shouts, and the Football Association is waiting to hear back from Fifa about the complaint.

  • “Wow,” tweeted Ferdinand.
  • ” Although it is possible that it was only joking about, we should refrain from jumping to conclusions and assuming everything.
  • The Manchester United defender was lambasted by fans after withdrawing from the England team to participate in the game because it did not fit in with his “intricate” and “pre-planned” training schedule.
  • “Despite the fact that we did not have observers at the match, we have compiled material supplied to us, including media commentary, and forwarded it to Fifa,” said Piara Powar, the executive director of Fare International.
  • As far as we are concerned, racism and other types of prejudice are not usually accompanied with banana flinging and monkey shouts.
  • “I personally believe that there was an undercurrent of racism there, and other individuals have expressed the opinion that it was permeated with racial connotations,” says the author.
  • His words were summed up as follows: “I’m afraid that’s the way modern society works.” “It’s something we see a lot.” The reactions of supporters are varied.
  • In the recent World Cup qualifiers against San Marino and Montenegro, Ferdinand was named to the England squad, but afterwards withdrew his name from consideration.
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According to Ferguson, “He wanted to explain how we treat him today and how he prepares for games.” Ferguson continued: It’s something I believe Roy recognized.” As for Ferdinand’s travel to Qatar, United manager Jose Mourinho indicated he had no objections to it, despite the fact that it created much anxiety among certain England supporters.

  • “To be honest, it doesn’t worry me in the least,” he said.
  • It was a really long training week, so we gave them the weekend off on the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • That is not, however, something Ferguson believes is required.
  • As soon as Rio arrived at his office, the situation was put to rest.
  • On the injury front, there was some positive news for United.
  • That should give us a nice, solid group to work with going into the next two matches.” Similarly, Ferguson stated that the return to form of Robin van Persie was the finest thing that happened during the international break.

As he put it, “it’s the same for all strikers.” It is their goal to get out of any dry period as rapidly as possible while they are in one.” Perhaps those aspirations for Holland will have contributed to his ability to do so.” However, his physical condition has not improved.” What matters is that you do it.

Goals will, nevertheless, be beneficial. In that regard, there is no doubt.”

Who are FARE?

FARE (Football Against Racism in Europe) is an international network of organisations working in over 40 countries that fight racism via football. Their mission is to assist in the support and coordination of initiatives across borders, as well as the strengthening of action at the national level. “We want to see the beautiful game played without discrimination and utilized as a social instrument to unify communities, overcome isolation, and effect social change,” reads their mission statement.

  • The promotion of an unwavering commitment to combat prejudice at all levels of football across Europe – in stadiums and on the field of play
  • In administration
  • In coaching and sport education, as well as via the media
  • Make use of football’s universal appeal to combat social prejudice
  • In order to promote international networking and the exchange of best practices,
  • To engage in activities that would help disadvantaged and discriminatory groups, including but not limited to young people, migrants, ethnic minorities, members of the LGBT community, and women, to strengthen their ability and gain empowerment

FARE, led by Piara Powar, did not send observers to the game because it was not thought to be a ‘high risk,’ but they were provided with information about the chanting by persons who were there, and they have chosen to take action as a result of that information. The organization is a pan-European network with the goal of eliminating racism from the sport of football. They also claimed racist or xenophobic events at matches involving Croatia and Serbia, as well as Poland and Ukraine, both of which were attended by members.

  • During the World Cup qualifier, English supporters also sang about the IRA and ‘German bombers,’ but FARE made it plain that the Ferdinand shouting was the reason FIFA had been warned.
  • We are not the ones who make the decision.
  • Furthermore, whether or not they issue an infringement notice.’ “We have not been informed of this problem, and until we have a thorough report, it would not be proper to say anything,” stated an FA spokesperson.
  • Nonetheless, if it occurs during a game, even if the abuser is not there, the abuse is still taking place.’ One of the points we want to make clear right away is that racism does not always manifest itself in the form of monkey chants or the hurling of bananas at individuals.
  • Abuse: England fans yelled that Rio Ferdinand (above left) and Anton Ferdinand (bottom left) should be ‘burned” throughout the match.
  • ‘ If someone comes to us and says, “We believe this is a major problem,” and there does not appear to be any malevolent intent on their part, we are required to report it.
  • In this instance, FIFA is in charge of the procedure.
  • Last Friday, they prohibited Hungary and Bulgaria from playing in front of supporters.
  • A big tournament qualifier being held behind closed doors is unusual,’ says the coach.

Discussions: Hodgson said that if he decides to contact Rio again, he will first need to speak with him about his physical conditioning.

Man arrested for directing alleged ‘racist gesture’ at Rio Ferdinand

On the final day of the Premier League season, a man was detained for reportedly making a “racist gesture” at Rio Ferdinand during Wolves’ 2-1 home defeat by Manchester United on the final day of the season. At one point during the game, Ferdinand claimed that a supporter had directed a “monkey chant” on him. After the incident was reported, West Midlands Police announced that a 31-year-old male had been apprehended and was being held in custody. Wolves have stated that the individual might face a lifelong ban from the club.

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What has been said?

During the second half of the match, Ferdinand, who was in attendance to serve as a commentator for BT Sport, posted on Twitter: “It’s been incredible to see so many supporters come back.” The Wolves supporter who was just ejected from the stadium for yelling “monkey” at me, on the other hand… Your football career should be terminated and you should be educated. “Come see me, and I will help you understand what it feels like to be racially attacked!” says the coach. BT Sport has been approached by the Athletic for comment.

What was the response?

“A 31-year-old man has been detained at the @Wolves v @ManUtd match today after a racist gesture was aimed at @rioferdy5”, according to a tweet from West Midlands Police. “We will not accept football-related hate crimes,” said the organization. Following the incident, Wolves issued an apology on Twitter, saying: “We are very sorry, Rio.” “This individual does not reflect our club, our supporters, or our beliefs,” said the president. It is with great pleasure that we can announce that this individual has been apprehended by (West Midlands Police), whom we will work with to ensure that the harshest possible punishment is administered, including a lifelong ban from our club.” Unnamed sources at BT Sport expressed their displeasure and disappointment at the events at Wolves this afternoon, adding that they were delighted that the club and police had responded appropriately.

Racism has no place in sports or in society,” said the president of the International Olympic Committee.

How many fans were present?

Wolves supporters flocked to Molineux to cheer on their club and bid farewell to manager Nuno Espirito Santo, who announced his leave earlier this week. The stadium held about 4.5 thousand people. At stadiums all around the country, fans have been greeted with open arms as the Premier League season’s last two matchweeks begin on April 13 and 14.

What happened in the match?

When Wolves were defeated by Manchester United, Nuno was unable to give the Portuguese a victorious send-off. Anthony Elanga opened the scoring in only his second Premier League appearance with his first goal, only for Nelson Semedo to equalize later in the first half. However, a goal by Juan Mata just before the half-time break secured victory for the visitors. The image is courtesy of Robbie Jay Barratt of the American Medical Association/Getty Images). )

Man charged with racial abuse after aiming ‘monkey chant’ at ex-Manchester United star Rio Ferdinand

The police in the United Kingdom have accused a 31-year-old man with racially insulting former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand on the last day of the Premier League season, while the former England star was working as a commentator for the club. During the game between Wolves and Manchester United at Molineux on May 23, Ferdinand was working for a UK broadcaster, and the game drew a home crowd of 10,000 fans, marking the beginning of the relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions that had been in place for much of the English season.

  • Things quickly turned sour for Ferdinand after that.
  • Now, some two months after the event, West Midlands Police have reported that a man has been charged in connection with it.
  • The former England international footballer, Jamie Arnold, has been accused of using racist language and gestures against him during a match between Wolves and Manchester United in May.
  • He will appear at Dudley Magistrates Court on July 29th to answer the charges.
  • PC Stuart Ward is in charge of the inquiry, and he was just appointed as the first specialist hate crime investigator in the United Kingdom, working inside a football unit.
  • Meanwhile, star Saka reveals he ‘instantly’ expected hostility.
  • However, Ferdinand stated at the time that the fan in issue needed to be “educated.” Ferdinand has not publicly reacted on the revelation of the allegations.
  • “You should be expelled from football and educated, as opposed to the Wolves supporter who has just been kicked out of the game for shouting a monkey chant at me throughout the game.

Also available at rt.com ‘Now we’re getting somewhere’: Fans support a UK university’s decision to revoke an offer to a student who has engaged in racist Snapchat abuse of England football heroes.

Rio Ferdinand shocked by ‘racist’ England chants

FootballPremier League is a popular sport in the United Kingdom.

Football Association can find no evidence from San Marino game but may face Fifa action

Rio Ferdinand has withdrawn from the England team for their match against San Marino (Getty) Rio Ferdinand has expressed his disbelief over allegations that he and his brother Anton were the targets of racist chants by England fans during last week’s World Cup qualifier in San Marino, despite the Football Association stating today that it has yet to discover any “recorded evidence” of such chants.

  • Rio Ferdinand and his brother Anton were both absent from the squad for the match in San Marino.
  • Whether or whether the FA will be charged as a result of the shouts, which featured an unpleasant song about the Ferdinand brothers being burned on a bonfire, will be decided by Fifa next week.
  • The first one stated: “Racism is not acceptable on the terraces, and you should anticipate and embrace it as part of what makes the game great.
  • as well as from your own followers?
  • However, we shouldn’t leap to conclusions or make assumptions because it may have simply been harmless banter.

“While we have no reason to dispute the media reports, which are without doubt made for the right reasons of combating racism, we have not found any recorded evidence of the specific discriminatory chanting referring to Rio Ferdinand and Anton Ferdinand, as well as the vile ‘bonfire’ song,” said Adrian Bevington, managing director of Club England, the section of the FA that deals with the national side.

The Football Association (FA) stationed security officials to the game to keep an eye on England fans.

In Bevington’s words, “we recognize the importance of Fare’s obligation to report such events.” “We will communicate with Fifa and provide assistance with any inquiry.

Following the England squad is not something we want supporters chanting ugly or racial comments to do.” In particular, the Football Supporters’ Federation considered it “dangerous” because Fare had built their report on the testimony of other witnesses.

If Fifa determines that there is a case to answer, the Football Association (FA) would be held accountable first, rather than individuals, with the ultimate consequence being that England would be forced to play a match behind closed doors.

Lord Ouseley, chairman of Kick It Out, met with David Bernstein, head of the Football Association, today to discuss the claims.

Ouseley expressed himself as follows: “It doesn’t matter if it’s racist or not; it’s simply inappropriate. It’s horrible, and it shouldn’t be allowed to continue to exist in sports. What kind of messages does it communicate about the sort of individuals we are and the organization we work for?”

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