Who Are You Football Chant

What is “Who are ya?” and whence it came?

The rhetorical question “Who are you?” asks the other, lower-ranked team to defend their participation at a contest or level that they do not deserve to be at. It demonstrates a lack of respect for the other team. Yes, it is a reasonable judgement that it is intended to minimize the opposition by portraying them as unknown and unimportant. The following definition from the top of the Urban Dictionary provides guidelines on usage: who are you? It is intended to be abusive to a single individual or team performing in front of a large crowd by implying that they are unknown and unimportant.

Abuse is directed at two distinct groups: 1) A previously unidentified rival, whose relative secrecy is emphasized even more.

2) When the competitor’s performance is substandard.

Typically, the question “Who are you?” is pronounced “Who are ya?!” with emphasis on the word “are.” The first matchup pits Liverpool (a major football club) against Grimsby (a little football club): Announcer (in English): “”Who are ya?!

What are your credentials?!

Chelsea (a large football club) (big football club) A clear chance to score is missed by Didier Drogba of Chelsea, who collapses to the ground holding his knee in anguish after missing the opportunity.

What are your credentials?!

World Football’s 25 Best Chants

  1. Going to a live match is a magnificent experience, what with the smells, the sights, and the satisfaction of watching your side triumph (the author is a QPR fan, so not speaking from experience on the last one). However, one of the features that may truly distinguish football from other sports is the ability to crack jokes on the sidelines. One brilliant person comes up with something very witty to chant, works up the guts to belt out a line, and, before you know it, tens of thousands of people (or, in the case of Wigan Athletic, nearly hundreds of people) are chanting along with him. As a result, below is a definitive list of the finest football chants ever composed:
  1. Manchester City fans adapted Manchester United’s “U-N-I-T-E-D, United are the team for me” chant to spell out “U-N-I-T-E-D, United are the team for me.” Following the Reds’ acquisition by the Glazers and their alleged financial difficulties, by chanting the letters U-N-I-T-E-D, That equates to a f*****g debt on my part. a knick-knack paddywhack can be used to throw a bone to a dog. Ocean Finance is available via phone! If you didn’t already know, Ocean Financial is a finance firm established in the United Kingdom that provides loans.
  1. When Wycombe Wanderers took the lead against Brighton Hove Albion, their fans began shouting the following chant: “No Woodman, no cry.” This was despite the fact that Wycombe’s Craig Woodman had been sent off in the first half: “No Woodman, no weep.” To the tune of Bob Marley’s “No Woman, No Cry,” this song is set to
  1. The following was performed by Millwall fans in honour of Darren Ward, who they called “The Peckham Beckham.” The song was set to the tune of “My Old Man’s A Dustman” by Lonnie Donegan and was written by Lonnie Donegan himself.
  1. Because of Stoke City’s heavy tackling and long ball game, Arsenal labeled them a “rugby team,” and the club’s supporters opted to embrace this by chanting “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot,” the unofficial hymn of England’s Rugby Union team.
  1. To the tune of the classic Christmas song “Winter Wonderland,” this has been sung about several players who were not considered to be the most gifted, but who have just experienced a run of good luck on the field. Although the name is interchangeable, I’m choosing to go with the most appropriate candidate: “There is only one Emile Heskey, and there is only one Emile Heskey. He used to be a piece of sh**, but now he’s fine, strolling through a Heskey paradise “in addition to this, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]
  1. The following is a common cry from visiting supporters while outsinging their hosts: “You’re supposed to, You’re supposed to, You’re supposed to be at home, You’re supposed to be at home.” Due to the fact that there are always more home fans than away ones. Port Vale fans, on the other hand, once rewrote the famous cry to the melody of a classic Welsh hymn, “Bread Of Heaven,” in order to draw attention to the referee’s low stature. “You’re supposed to, You’re supposed to, You’re meant to be a gnome, You’re supposed to be a gnome,” says the narrator.
  1. It was discovered that Dimitar Berbatov resembled Professor Snape from the Harry Potter films, and Wigan Athletic supporters chose to commemorate the likeness by singing, to the tune of “Guantanamera,” “There’s only one Alan Rickman!”
  1. Neil Warnock was introduced as Queens Park Rangers’ FIFTH manager of the 2009/10 season, and he made his debut against West Bromwich Albion on the first day of the season. The West Brom fans reassured Warnock of the security of his job by serenading him with the lyrics “Sack In The Morning, You’ll Get The Sack In The Morning,” which was set to the music of “Guantanamera” once more.
  1. “He’s huge, he’s red,” sang the Liverpool faithful in tribute to their lanky striker Peter Crouch, and it was a simple, but amusing, tribute. His feet protrude from the bed. It is Peter Crouch, Peter Crouch.”
  1. Sometimes players’ names are so catchy that they may be used in a great pop song. Saints supporters should be congratulated with successfully inserting Jose Fonte’s name into Human League’s iconic 1980s hit song, “Don’t You Want Me Baby”: “José Fonte, babyJosé Fonte, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!”
  1. Another input from Liverpool supporters, this time with their well-known sense of humour. They sang the following song to the tune of Black Lace’s “Let’s All Do The Conga” to commemorate Rafa Benitez’s signing of Dirk Kuyt: “Rafa’s got his Dirk Kuyt,got Rafa’s his Dirk Kuyt,Nah nah nah,got Rafa’s his Dirk Kuyt,Nah nah nah,got Rafa’s his Dir Which, when combined with Dirk’s given name “Dirk Out,” comes out as a little unpleasant. You misbehaving Liverpool supporters
  1. Another entry from Manchester City, this time causing trouble for their neighbors. United fans have a habit of singing: “Fergie, Fergie, sign him up!” “Fergie, Fergie, sign him up!” Whenever the opponent has a talented player who the Old Trafford crowd would not mind seeing in a red shirt, the Red Devils will take advantage of the situation. When Carlos Tevez, who had left United for City under questionable circumstances, put two past his former team in a 2010 League Cup semi-final, the City fans chanted, “Fergie, Fergie, sign him up!” The fans were referring to City manager Sir Alex Ferguson. Everyone is in need of excellent neighbors
  1. The Newcastle United fans believe that Fabricio Coloccini is simply too wonderful to be true, and in order to recognize this, they sing the following song to the tune of Frankie Valli’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”: “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.” Oh Coloccini, you are the joy of my life, Oh Coloccini, I would let you s**g my wife, Oh Coloccini, I would let you s**g my wife, Oh Coloccini, I too want curly hairooooooooo!” The Toon Army knows how to properly thank a gentleman
  1. Brazil! Brazil! Brazil! When a team is dominating and playing excellent football, it is customary for its fans to sing the following song, set to the tune of Blue Moon: “Brazil! It’s the same as if you were seeing Brazil! It’s the same as if you were seeing Brazil! “It’s like watching a rerun of Brazil!” Queens Park Rangers fans, on the other hand, recognize their present captain by chanting their own version of the song: “Clint Hill! Clint Hill is one of our favorite actors to watch! Clint Hill is one of our favorite actors to watch! “Clint Hill is one of our favorite actors!”
  1. Like the Jose Fonte/”Don’t You Want Me Baby” entry, there are moments when there is nothing more beautiful than when a player’s name simply happens to fit into the right song. Newcastle United supporters altered the Happy Daystheme song to honor their Senegalese defender, Habib Beye, on the team’s 50th anniversary. Monday Habib Beye
  2. Tuesday Habib Beye
  3. Wednesday Habib Beye
  4. Thursday Friday Habib Beye
  5. Sunday Habib Beye
  6. “Habib Beye, Saturday, Habb Beye, I’ve been rocking with you all week!” A special mention should go to www.beyewatch.co.uk, which is a beautifully titled fansite dedicated to the very guy.
  1. It’s definitely worth mentioning at this point that “vac” is a common acronym for vacuum cleaner in several regions of the world. This was used by Huddersfield Town, who responded with witty shouting to the tune of “Sloop John B” by The Beach Boys: “We’ve got Novak, We’ve got Nova-a-ak, Our carpets are dirty, We’ve got Novak.”
  2. And
  1. Another excellent example of how Crystal Palace supporters have incorporated a player’s name into a famous song. Another rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” for French-Senegalese midfielder Alassane N’Diaye: “N’Diaye-e-i will always love you-oo-oo-ou!”
  1. While a standard chant for supporters who aren’t feeling particularly inventive but who just want to acknowledge a player’s accomplishments is, to the tune of “Guantanamera,” “There’s only onex!Onex!” is a good choice. “There’s only onex! There’s only onex!” A song by Celtic supporters was written in tribute to rival Rangers goalkeeper Andy Goram, who was purportedly suffering from multiple personality disorder: “There are only two Andy Gorams!” Andy Goram on two different occasions! There are only two Andy Gorams in the world! “There are two Andy Gorams!”
  1. Terrace abuse is typically reserved for players, managers, and officials, and is rarely hurled towards anybody else. However, a particularly venomous group of Ipswich Town supporters took it upon themselves to turn on Barnsley mascot, Toby Tyke. It was set to the tune of “La Donna E Mobile” from Verdi’sRigoletto, and they sung to the poor, lovable enormous dog: “Your head is too large for you! You have a head that is too large for you! You have a head that is too large for you! This is a problem with your head size.” That is, without a doubt, dog maltreatment.
  1. In football, it is not always the case that your opponent’s opponent is also your buddy. In a recent international match between Wales and Scotland, the Tartan Army mocked the other team’s fans by proclaiming, to the tune of “Bread of Heaven,” “We hate England, We hate England, We hate England even more than you!” “We despise England even more than you!”
  1. Not sure why this one appeals to me so much, but it’s set to the tune of the American Western folk ballad “Oh My Darling, Clementine” and is about Arsenal’s massive centre defender Thomas Vermaelen, who plays for the Dutch national team. It is possible that this is due to the skilful and imaginative usage of profanities. “Tom Vermaelen, Tom Vermaelen, Tom Vermaelen, Tom Vermaelen, Tom Vermaelen, Tom Vermaelen” He’ll eat them c**** alive!” said Number 5, “F*** your Rooneys, F*** your Drogbas, because he’ll eat those c**** alive!”
  1. When Manchester United defeated Chelsea in a tense Premier League encounter in November 2012, there was a great deal of controversy around the game and the choices made by the match officials on the day. Following the game, Chelsea players took to the streets to express their displeasure with the referee, Mark Clattenburg, and to level charges against him. United and Chelsea were able to rematch a few days later thanks to the good fortune of the League Cup final. United decided to go all topical after going 3-2 up and chanting: “It’s time to point the finger at the referee.” With a banner proclaiming “Clattenburg, Referee, Leader, Legend,” in response to Stamford Bridge’s “Captain, Leader, Legend” homage to captain John Terry
  2. And
  1. In situations where one group of fans believes their opponent’s followers do not have a diverse repertoire of chants, they will frequently sing at them to the tune of Blue Moon: “One song! You only have one song in your repertoire! You only have one song in your repertoire! “You only have one song in you!” In honor of their former player, Alex Song, Arsenal fans have adopted the following cry as a badge of respect:”One song! There’s just one Song in the house! There’s just one Song in the house! “We’ve just got one Song!” says the group.
  1. As a show of opposition to the Glazer family’s ownership of Manchester United, the Ancient Trafford faithful abandoned their typical red garb in favor of the team’s old green and gold colors, which they had worn since the side was known as Newton Heath when it was founded in 1878. When Norwich City played Manchester United, the Canaries observed that the protesters’ colors were remarkably similar to their own traditional colors and began singing, to the tune of “Sloop John B,” “We’ve come for our scarves, We’ve come for our scarves, We’re Norwich City, We’ve come for our scarves.”
  1. When Liverpool’s top striker, Luis Suarez, was accused of unsportsmanlike behaviour and racism against him last season, the geniuses on the terraces at The Britannia Stadium came up with the following: “He cheats, He dives, He hates the Jackson Five, Luis Suarez, Luis Suarez.”
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Football Chants

Football chants are brief and energetic, and they convey a straightforward message. Your squad may repeat them as many times as necessary, which makes them particularly handy for brief game breaks and suitable plays in tight situations. In the absence of a collection of chants in your football cheer arsenal, it is imperative that you acquire some.

General Football Chants

  • The warrior cry is pronounced with the letters V-I-C-T-O-R-Y. It’s okay to give a warrior cry after three times of repeating the phrase
  • We’re the best, and no one can compete with us. Defeat will never be acceptable to us. We will not be underestimated since we are dedicated and driven. It is certain that we will triumph. When our players hit the ground, the other team is forced to retreat. It’s on, it’s on, like a sloppy prom dress on the red carpet. It is our squad that will trample all over yours and take home the big win
  • We are the (team name) football country, and we are dedicated to dominance. Our aim is to get things going (clap-clap), take control (clap-clap), and dominate (clap-clap). (clap-clap)
  • Preparing to bear the fire is essential because we will not accept defeat

Chants for the Offense

  • We’re on our way to a touchdown after gaining our first down. Vic-to-ry will have his way with passing play or rushing play
  • Whatever he wants. Carry that ball all the way to the next yard line. Continue, you’re doing good
  • Don’t give up. Receiver, receiver, go! Receiver, receiver, go! Obtaining a position in the end zone, running the receiver run
  • No one, and I mean no one, can throw the ball as well as our quarterback
  • No one.

Chants for the Defense

  • To win a game, defense must take away the ball from the opposition. Please return home. Prepare to leave. I’m going to force you to give up that football
  • The goal is to intercept the ball, grab it back, and then go on the offensive. Come on defense, shut ’em down, shut ’em down, shut ’em down, shut ’em down
  • Don’t be a slacker when it comes to defense. I’m going to intercept that QB. Keep that line in tact! Keep that line in mind
  • You can flee, but you won’t be able to hide since our defense has browned your behind

Kicking Chants

  • Kick that ball around! That ball has to be kicked
  • Field goal, fi field goal, fi field a goal
  • To get an additional point, kick it in. Toss it in for an additional point
  • Don’t be like Charlie Brown and kick the ball high off the ground
  • Instead, be like Snoopy.

Touchdown Chants

  • Give us a touchdown, give us a touchdown, give us a touchdown! Please, blue and white (or whatever your school colors are), we want to score a touchdown
  • Score, score, score. We require an additional six points. Here we go, end zone, end zone, here we go! We’re heading to the final zone since we’re number one! (Used when a player makes a quick break and gains a significant amount of ground in order to reach the end zone.) (Stomp-stomp, stomp-stomp, stomp-stomp, stomp-stomp-stomp) Faster, faster to the finish line

Pump Up the Enthusiasm

Whatever football chants you pick, remember that passion is everything. When your squad comes together with a positive attitude and the right amount of energy, you have the ability to truly excite the fans and give your team a lift. So fluff up your pom pons and prepare to cheer for your home football team through the highs and lows of the season. LoveToKnow Media was founded in the year 2021. All intellectual property rights are retained.

Homeschool Football Team

The Chargers are a competitive 6-man football program for home-schooled adolescents that competes at the high school and junior high school levels.

Throughout McKinney, we serve families in the greater Dallas metropolitan region, encompassing Collin, Denton, and Dallas counties, among other places. It is our mission to develop champions while simultaneously pursuing championships.


Open to any homeschooled females between the ages of 11 and 18. The registration period for the Charger Cheer season in 2021 has concluded. Come visit us at our games, or better yet, come join us in 2022 for an exciting season of sideline cheering as we support the Chargers in their quest for a championship! When the San Diego Chargers play football, Charger Cheer raise their spirits by displaying their talents through cheering, chanting, level one stunts/pyramids, sideline dances, and even entire halftime shows!

  1. In the meanwhile, our squad will not be participating in any cheer competitions.
  2. As a result, we instill discipline in all we do.
  3. The fruit of righteousness and peace is produced later on, however, for those who have been trained by it.” THE ACCOMPLISHMENT OF HEBREWS 12:11-12 In order to keep our junior high and high school football teams competitive, we play a tough schedule.
  4. Philippians 4:3TEAM VALUES The good battle has been won, and the course has been completed; I have maintained the faith.” 2 Timothy 4:7 (NIV) ​


Collaborations that are fruitful both on and off the field


Collaborations that are fruitful both on and off the field.

What is this “Allez Allez Allez” Song in English Football?

The phrase “Allez Allez Allez” initially appeared in England thanks to Liverpool fans.

What is this “Allez Allez Allez” Song in English Football?

Thanks to reader Paul R., this article was updated on February 17 to include the West Bromwich Albion version. Do you want to include the version from your club? Get in contact with us. It began, at least in England, during the 2017-18 season, when Liverpool was on a roll in the UEFA Champions League and had a chance to advance. While in Porto, Portugal, they took part in a game in which the locals sang a song modified from an old Italian dance tune called “L’Estate Sta Finendo” (“The Summer is Ending”), which they found amusing.

  • Liverpool fans began to sing it with their own words, which were as follows: We’ve successfully captured the whole continent of Europe.
  • From Paris all the way down to Turkey We’ve taken down the entire fucking lot.
  • Anfield Road’s fields are a beautiful sight to see.
  • And we’ve traveled all the way from Liverpool.
  • That year, it became a Liverpool institution, and subsequently it expanded throughout the United Kingdom.
  • You see, Liverpool (looking for their sixth European title at the time) lost the final to Real Madrid in Kiev that year, with the winning goal scored by Welshman Gareth Bale.
  • Manchester United were encouraged to start singing words that were initially sent out by club great Gary Neville as a result of this.

They believed they’d conquered Europe, but Gareth Bale, with his six-foot-six frame, made them seem like a bunch of idiots.

The Scousers were unable to hold themselves together.

Sterling won the double and was a victim of it all.

As if to keep the good times rolling, City made a run in Europe this season, but they were defeated at home by Tottenham Hotspur when the apparent winning goal was overturned by video review.

Wanyama in the center of the fieldLlorente on the assault Sterling was the one who scored the winning goal.

The referee attempted to use the camera, but was denied.

I’ve seen and heard this song performed by different clubs, and the following are the versions I’ve been able to track down.

Everton Liverpool is also mocked in the Blues’ version: You will not be able to obtain a ticket.

Fans from Norway and Scotland are among those who have expressed interest.

You brag about your five times success in a row.

You refer to yourselves as supporters.

Arsenal Every Saturday, we cheer for the finest team in London.

The realization of Herbert Chapman’s ambition.

Aston Villa is a football club based in the English city of Birmingham.

In 1982, we captured the whole continent of Europe.

Observed from the Villa Park bleachers.

From Munich to The Dam, it is a long journey.

And we fucking despise West Ham United.

We’re the only team in London, and we’ve taken home the trophy.

They said that he is a scouser (Scottish).

Conner Coady is his given name.

The young man is a freaking magician.

West Bromwich Albion Football Club We’ve swept through the Midlands, including the Black Country, Villa Park, St.

Astle is the reigning monarch.

Burnley This was in preparation for their 2018 Europa League campaign.

The bastards said that they would remain down indefinitely.

However, we are currently on our way to Europe.

Cardiff City is a football club based in Cardiff, Wales.

We’re the legendary Cardiff City, and we’re from Sloper Road.

We overcame Real Madrid, we won the F.A.

The Blues are on their way to the Premier League!

This song was composed by a player by the name of John Egan, and it was first performed during their promotion celebration party, after which it has been regularly performed.

We are Sheff United, and our opponents refer to us as the Blades.

At the Lane, he’s somewhat of a legend.

Overlapping down the length of the wing Duffy, Fleck, and Norwood are three of the most talented people in the world.

(chorus) Chris Wilder is in charge of lighting.

Playing football in the traditional sense Sheff United’s manner of doing things.

They referred to us as “journeymen.” We’re now embarking on a voyage.

To the fucking President of the United States! Buy The Groundhopper’s Guide to Football in the United Kingdom Attending a Premier League game is something you may be interested in. Check out my Consulting and Ticketing Services, and sign up for my “Groundhopper” newsletter to stay up to date.

Learn more about English soccer:

Daniel of Braintree Town” itemprop=”image”>Daniel of Braintree Town” itemprop=”image”>

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The art of the football chant: the creators, the inspirations, the history and the celery

If you ever needed proof that football is not an entertainment industry, all you had to do was look no farther than the shouts during games. When it comes to the entertainment industry, people respond to the quality of the show they have paid to attend. Whether it’s concerts, plays, comedy shows, films, exhibitions, immersive theatre, or anything else, if it’s excellent, people will appreciate it and respond in the appropriate way. If it’s not good, it’s not good. But football is different because when fans are allowed into football stadiums, they will respond in many ways, including yelling and singing, regardless of how brilliantly a game is being played.

  • Every club has its own set of chants.
  • They may not be original, they may not be intelligent, and they may not be very tuneful, but everyone sings anyway.
  • The fact that it has been one of the things that have defined the inherent bleakness of pandemic football is also significant.
  • Certainly, any football is preferable to no football, but chantless football has shown to be a homeopathic variant.
  • The question therefore becomes, why are chants so important?
  • What is the process via which chants begin?
  • What constitutes a good chant, and how do you make one?
  • What does it feel like to be the subject of a chant?
  • This is an attempt to provide clarification.

What’s your favourite football chant? We asked FFT followers for their picks

(Image courtesy of Future) Music has the ability to bring complete strangers together. On a Saturday afternoon, it doesn’t matter if you’re standing in a field watching the main stage at Glastonbury or yelling obscenities at the referee during a soccer match. And there’s nothing quite like the sound of football to get your blood pumping. When we have a close encounter, we exclaim, “oohs” and “aahs,” when we make an innocent mistake, and when we sing together, we are together. The melodies that depict the stories of by far the finest team the world has ever seen; the tunes of green armies, yooou reds, blue being the color, or gorgeous bubbles flowing in the air are some of the most popular.

  1. Football may be a lyrical sport at times, and the same can be said about its supporters.
  2. We asked you to tell us about your favorite chants, and you didn’t fail to impress us with your answers.
  4. Lenell is in such trouble.
  5. He’s on his way to get you.
  6. To Jonjo Shelvey’s Chelsea supporters See more information about August 16, 2021.
  7. You’re known as Shittu.
  8. You’re known as Shittu.
  9. In 2009, the shout was directed against Danny Shittu during Manchester City’s 1 – 0 victory over Bolton.
  10. There are moments when nothing is more pleasant than a chant that appears to be nasty yet is not.

This was possibly the most successful chant to be taken from a Michael Jackson tune – assuming, of course, that we don’t include the chorus from “Thriller.” The Jackson Five’s (Jackson, Michael, Bobby, and Tito) It’s All Because of the Boogie Djimi Traore’s name is being modified by Liverpool supporters in order to place blame on him.

  1. The 16th of August, 2021 More information may be found here.
  2. However, Luis Suarez and his infamous gnashers are undoubtedly the most iconic example of the “offside” cry.
  3. To demonstrate that they were all Gary Breens, Irish supporters would sing the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, starting with the first player and working their way down the line to the eleventh.
  4. It’s the hymn of a generation.
  5. Pascal Chimbondha,Pascal Chimbondha,Pascal Chimbondha!
  6. This chant for Pascal Chimbonda is only the second-best joke ever made about the French right-back, who was known for always wearing gloves on the field of play.
  7. Which, if you ask FFT, is a stroke of absolute genius.

(He reportedly stated in an interview that he was not a fan of industrial jargon, which is amusing.) See more information about August 16, 2021.

However, that is not my team.

However, while it was one of the most specific chants we heard, it was still a banger.

See more information about August 16, 2021.

We’re thinking that it was one of the relegation fights that prompted Tim, an Arsenal supporter, to sing this inventive song on the Highbury terraces in support of his team.

He has a grass allergy and is f*cking class when it comes to playing football.

See more information about August 16, 2021.

For us, it lacks the succinctness of the Yaya/Kolo Toure chant, but it pays homage to a significant figure in African history.

See more information about August 16, 2021.


When the ball is headed into the goal, it is not Owen or Cole who is responsible; it is Zamora.

See more information about August 16, 2021.

You have to admit that That’s Amorewas an upbeat love music that screamed to be turned into a tribute to the striker, didn’t you?

It’s the town of Zamora.

but this is the one that most of us are familiar with To Italians, Scottish supporters said, “We’re going to deep fry your pizzas.” See more information about August 16, 2021.

The day Leeds defeated Derby following spygate and sang “we’ll spy anywhere we want” was one of my favorites.

What an exciting moment to be a football fan.

Bielsa’s PowerPoint presentation.

This is a chant.

“We’ve got McAllister, you’ve got Chlamydia”Leeds fans were turned away from the game against Peterborough because free sexual health screenings were being provided outside the stadium.

Leeds United supporters have made some outstanding contributions to this list.

Everton supporters singing along to the Carly Simon song…

Now that’s what I call a parody.

‘You’re just a crap store in England, you’re just a shit shop in Englaaaaand,’ England fans yelled at Iceland during the Euro 16 match.

Prawn rings are being served up to a whole nation for taking them for granted.

Will Grigg is on the show.

The indisputable anthem of the summer of 2016 is “It’s a Beautiful Day.” Everyone who has ever stood in the Paris fan park beneath the Eiffel Tower, listening to tens of thousands of French supporters sing this song with a northern accent, knows that it deserves to be included in the top tier of football songs.

or ‘YOU’RE JUST A SHIT TESCO SANDWICH!’ or some variation thereof The insults were aimed at goalkeepers Dean Gerken and Elliot Justham, respectively.

If in doubt, just go with the name of the game.

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The image is from of Future (future.com). Music has the ability to bring complete strangers together in a single place.. On a Saturday afternoon, it doesn’t matter if you’re standing in a field watching the main stage at Glastonbury or yelling obscenities at the ref. Football is also a fantastic sound, with nothing quite like it. When we have a close encounter, we exclaim with “oohs” and “aahs,” when we make an innocent mistake, and when we sing together. The melodies that depict the stories of by far the finest team the world has ever seen; the tunes of green armies, yooou reds, blue being the color, or gorgeous bubbles flowing in the air are some of the most memorable.

  1. In certain ways, football can be a lyrical sport, and the same can be said for its supporters.
  2. We asked you to tell us about your favorite chants, and you didn’t fail to impress us with your responses.
  3. NAME OF A SHOP IS JOHN-LEWISHIS See more information about August 16, 2021 Lenell is in a bad way.
  4. The man who wants to kill you is on his way to you.
  5. He’s on his way to get you!
  6. The name of your character is Shruthi.
  7. The name of your character is Shruthi.

etc “Danny Shittu” was yelled towards the end of the Manchester City vs.

on the 16th of August, 2021.

The words “you’ve been hit by, you’ve been struck by, Lee Cattermole” are repeated over and over again.

Obtain further information In terms of popularity, this was possibly the most successful Michael Jackson-inspired chant – provided that we don’t consider the original version.

It’s All Thanks to the Boogie Djimi Traore’s reputation has been tarnished by Liverpool supporters.

on the 16th of August, 2021.

“Champions of England, you’ll never sing that,” Leicester City fans sang at their Spanish opponents during the 2017 Champions League final.

Nevertheless, Luis Suarez with his well-known “gnashing” is undoubtedly the most iconic example of the “offside” shout.

The chorus serves as an uniting moment during which we may all fantasize about a whole team of the feisty former Coventry goalkeeper.

The sound of something approaching from behind me is Pascal Chimbondha.

See more information about August 16, 2021 This chant for Pascal Chimbonda is only the second-best joke ever made about the French right-back, who was known for always wearing gloves on the field of battle.

According to FFT, this is absolute brilliance.

Frank Lebouf is here, Mr.

We are not permitted to curse in front of him, Frank Lebouf.

See more information about August 16, 2021 When the defender expressed dissatisfaction with the line “He’s every f***ing where” in his chant, Chelsea supporters responded by adapting the song in a creative way to accommodate him.

As a result of the Icelandic purchase by Maggersson, West Ham supporters sang “If you’ve made a lot of money selling cookies, buy our team.” See more information about August 16, 2021 However, while it was one of the most specific chants we heard, it was still a banger.

See more information about August 16, 2021 The next day, Tim said that Tottenham chairman Alan Sugar – now Lord of the BBC’s The Apprentice – fired FA Cup-winning manager Terry Venables after an altercation.

Balotelli, Balotelli, Balotelli, Balotelli In addition to being a striker, he is also a fantastic darts player.

He drives about Moss Side with a wallet full of cash in his possession.

Unlike the Yaya/Kolo Toure chant, it does not have the same succinctness as the latter, but it pays honor to a significant figure.

MK Dons fans travel to AFC Wimbledon on a whim.


I believe it was while he was in Brighton!

And you’re seated in row Z when the ball hits your head.

‘s a better match’ More information is available on August 16, 2021.

“We’ll spy everywhere we want” was one of my favorite songs after Leeds beat Derby following Spygate.

Indignation on the part of Lampard Bielsa’s powerpoint presentation (in English).

And there’s a song about Frank Lampard by Leeds called “Stop Crying Your Heart Out” Everyone involved has struck gold with this transaction.

See more information about August 16, 2021 There have been some outstanding additions to this list from Leeds supporters….

Everton supporters chanting to the rhythm of the Carly Simon hit…

Weird The kind of work that Al Yankovic would be pleased with.

The outcome of that game is well known to us all.

After Arsenal captain Granit Xhaka notoriously yelled at the home crowd, the song was directed against them.

Everyone who has ever stood in the Paris fan park beneath the Eiffel Tower, listening to tens of thousands of French supporters chant this song with a northern accent, knows that it deserves to be included in the top 10 of all-time soccer anthems.

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See more information about August 16, 2021 Always go with the name if you are in question.

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QUIZ Know the names of every Premier League club’s all-time appearance makers and you’ll be a winner. Greetings, and thank you for taking the time to read 5 articles this month*

10 football chants that fans should stop singing immediately

Going to a football game should be a pleasurable event in which you may participate in a fun sing-along and cheer on your favorite team. When an entire stadium joins in on a song, the hairs on the back of your neck may rise up in anticipation. However, in recent years, the quality of the music emanating from the stands has dipped significantly. Many people attribute the loss of strong football chants to television programs such as Soccer AM. Everton and Liverpool supporters will be able to connect to this because they both hear the same generic football anthems from their respective opponents on a weekly basis.

Listed below is a list of terrible songs that have made it onto the stage and should be removed from the stage immediately.

“Who are ya?”

That, to be honest, is a ridiculous question. You are aware of who your team will be facing. Gustavo Poyet is a well-known composer.

“Is this a library?”

Clearly, this is not the case. It’s a football field, after all. The inside of a library

“Is there a fire drill?”

Is there a fire alarm going off? Have you been informed that you must leave the stadium? No. So there you have it. Your solution. A lone supporter who is willing to go to extremes

“We can see you sneaking out”

People leaving the field before the last whistle is blown is not something I agree with, but they are plainly just strolling out and not sneaking out. Manchester United’s fans depart early when the team is defeated.

“Can we play you every week?”

Okay, so you had a decent result against us, but there is a rationale for having a fixture list in the first place. Raheem Sterling of Manchester City is visibly upset as his team concedes another goal to the opposition.

“My garden shed is bigger than this”

It’s an odd chant, to be honest. This song is sung by fans when they are visiting a stadium that is smaller than their home stadium. Craven Cottage is one of the smallest venues in the Premier League.

“You’re getting sacked in the morning”

It’s not that I don’t understand the song, but what if the manager was fired the next afternoon? Who’s the one who’s looking ridiculous right now? Jose Mourinho was fired from his position as manager of Chelsea. for the second time in a row

“Are you (insert rival team here) in disguise?”

Obviously, this is not the case. It is 3 p.m. on a Saturday, and your competitors, whom you have inquired as to who we are masquerading as, are playing at home against Southampton. Southampton’s Virgil van Dijk appears to be disappointed.

“He scores when he wants.”

Despite the fact that your striker may score a lot of goals, he doesn’t always score when you want him to. That’s because if that were the true, he would have averaged more than 100 goals a season. Emmanuel Adebayor is a striker who scores whenever he wants. Oh, wait a minute!

“You only sing when you’re winning”

Just in case you weren’t paying attention, we had been singing for the preceding 20 minutes before we gained the lead, and the volume has increased significantly since then. a jovial admirer

You Can’t See Us Holding Hands

You won’t be able to see us holding hands. On Friday night, West Ham United traveled to Brighton and Hove Albion, where we were defeated by a demoralizing 1-0 scoreline. Despite playing superior football and creating several opportunities to equalize, we were unable to get past their 11-man defence, and the Hammers’ travelling supporters returned home unhappy. None more so than the members of the Pride Of Irons band. From a foreign country or simply unfamiliar with the area, Brighton is a seaside town on the south coast of England with a historically substantial population of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons.

  • Even if chants such as “We can see you holding hands” and “Does your lover know you’re here?” are at the milder end of the spectrum, the British Honours Association has heard worse in its time.
  • It shouldn’t come as a surprise.
  • A handful of us turned back and calmly requested them to leave it alone, and the situation was resolved quickly.
  • Neither of us became aggressive or argued, and we continued to watch the game.
  • This time, though, things were different.
  • We were encircled by a wall of sound, which could be heard both in front of us and behind us.
  • In spite of what some may believe based on some of the comments on social media, our lovely snowflake hearts did not melt as a result of this.

We exchanged glances, rolled our eyes, and shook our heads at each other.

At that particular moment, I was most concerned about the young guy who was accompanying us on our journey.

When I asked him about his favorite defender on Friday, he replied that Issa Diop is his favorite since he plays defense at his school and Diop is an inspiration to him.

The reason I was concerned about him, though, is that he has two biological fathers.

Was he all right?

As it turns out, children from LGBT households aren’t exactly sensitive snowflakes.

A hate crime or anything else severe was not claimed by any of the participants.

Let me be clear: calling someone homosexual or indicating that they are gay as an insult is not “just banter.” I’m well aware that there are plenty of folks out there who are eager to tell me precisely how I should feel about the chanting – which many have done – or who will tell me that it’s “just banter.” When someone has the desire to insult us, we are made to feel that we are less than we really are.

  • In the event that you are reading this and you disagree, you should have the bravery of your convictions and speak to a homosexual friend or member of your family.
  • It seems to reason that if it isn’t a problem, they will not have a problem with it.
  • Isn’t that something to take into consideration?
  • Anyone would have thought we were the ones yelling anything disparaging a marginalized group based on the response we received.
  • I only want to draw attention to the quality of the materials we’ve gotten.
  • Making a mountain out of a molehill since it was directed at a certain fan in particular who was seeking to deliver it to us,” the statement said.
  • And I was under the impression that we were supposed to be the dramatic ones.

“Ah yeah, the genuinely marginalized community,” I’ll say.

What a humbling thought: Jesus died for this stupid generation.” I’m sure the Messiah would be appalled to learn that he gave his life in vain, but poor 27-year-olds aren’t allowed to go about ridiculing homosexual people anymore.

Do you think we should stop all women from wearing make-up because it offends me?” Although I would like to see other terms outlawed while we are at it, there are a few that come to mind: “on point,” “vibes,” and that’s just to name a few.

The two items are completely interchangeable.

” Why is it necessary to define sexuality on a regular basis?

“You are not unique or despised…

“I believe you’re correct there, dude.

I predict that this group will cause difficulty for all of our chants as time goes on.” Yeah.

But, to be honest, I’m not sure.

I’ve met a lot of West Ham supporters over the years, and none of them has ever shown any concern about my sexual orientation.

I don’t believe our supporters are bigots, and I’m convinced that the great majority of people who shout the slogans aren’t homophobes as well.

And it is for this reason that we are disappointed.

We are well aware that this is not what our group is about.

Hopefully, the next time we play Brighton, the rest of our family will remember who we are.

We’re frequently instructed that we shouldn’t include sexuality in our football activities.

However, when LGBT people are pulled into the football limelight as a result of incidents such as this, we are still portrayed as the culprits.

We are practically unable to win. The ultimate irony of this entire affair, I suppose, is that, given the present views toward us in football, it’s hard to imagine us all standing together holding hands. The majority of us would never do such a thing. Jim Dolan, Co-Chairman of the Board

Chants & Cheers

Your presence on the field is critical for the Bears’ success. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. When our defense is on the field, make your voice heard the most. Make a persistent “OHHHHHH!” sound to make the opposing offense as aware of your presence as possible. When our offense is on the field, the louder you are, the more difficult it is for the team to hear the quarterback’s audibles and for the offensive line to hear the snap count, so please keep your volume down. BE SECURE
  2. BE QUIET. You may then let all of that noise out when your Bears get a first down or score (which happens frequently), and remind our visiting opponents just how long the day will be

Embrace every triumph with your Bears and fight with them from the start to the finish. Stay! Congratulations to the squad and be ready to sing “That Good Old Baylor Line” with your coaches and fellow Baylor Bears after the last seconds have elapsed.

Whisper Chant

In hushed tones: (bending at the knees) B – B – B – A – YL – L – L – O – RB – A – Y – L – O – R – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B The Baylor Bears are in a fight! Louder: (clapping while standing up): B – B – B – A – YL – L – L – O – RB – A – Y – L – O – R – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B The Baylor Bears are in a fight! Extremely obnoxious (jumping up and down in place): B – B – B – A – YL – L – L – O – RB – A – Y – L – O – R – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B – B The Baylor Bears are in a fight!

Rip ’em Up

Rip ’em to shreds! (Clap) rip ’em to shreds! (Clap)Sic ‘Em B – U! (Clap)Sic ‘Em B – U! (At Sic’Em, form the bear claw with your right hand, bringing it down on the B and up on the U)Rip ‘Em to shreds! Destroy ’em all! B – U – S – I c’Em!


Every time the ball is kicked off. BAY-LOR! yell the students. BEARS! On the home team’s side. BAY-LOR! yell the students. BEARS! On the home team’s side.

Go Bears – BUGWB

Bears on the go! Bears on the go! Bears on the go! Bears, go! Go! (x6) Go! Bears on the go! Fight, Fight, Fight! Go! Bears on the go! Fight, Fight, Fight!

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