Why Chant Super Dragon At Dana Brooke

r/SquaredCircle – What is the funniest/best chant you have heard from a crowd?

Level 1I always enjoy the raw energy ofFUCK YOU CENA FUCK YOU CENA FUCK YOU CENA FUCK YOU CENA FUCK YOU CENA FUCK YOU CENA FUCK YOU CENA FUCK YOU CENA FUCK YOU CENA FUCK YOU CENA FUCK YOU CENA FUCK YOU CENA FUCK YOU CENA FUCK YOU CENA FUCK YOU CENA FUCK YOU CENA FUCK YOU CENA FUCK level 2You could really sense the hatred that was underlying that one. level 2 years and 6 months ago In the end, Dunne crushed the phalanges! Because of the fast-paced nature of this one, it is one of my faves. There was no letup in the pace of things.

What are you planning to do about it, smarks?

1st grade Sheamus had a briefcase wanker who was quite awesome.

When the fans at Best in the World 2014 tossed streamers into the ring for a fake finish, the referee said, “We screwed up.” I believe Dawson and Wilder were at NXT Newcastle and London Takeover when the question “Which one is Dawson?” was asked.

  • Although it didn’t come through very well on television, it was nonetheless effective “Which one of them is Dawson?
  • Cena f*cks!
  • level from 16 years ago “C-M-PUNK is the best champion ever because he’s got cool hair and he really has a Pepsi symbol on his arm,” said a fan at a ROH show in Woodbridge, Connecticut in 2005.
  • He was not an animal in any way.
  • 1st grade LET’S GET IT ON, BAYLEY!
  • 1st grade “You’ve earned it.” Daniel Bryan is in the ring after WM30.
  • It took me completely by surprise.
  • clap clap clap clapclapclap In the past, I believe it was meant towards Francine; but, anyone of the ECW ladies may have been the target.

WWE NXT Recap (9/23): NXT Tag Title Match Headlines, Eva Marie Gets A Win, Tyler Breeze

Fuck You Cena Fuck You Cena Fuck You Cena Fuck You Cena Fuck You Cena Fuck You Cena Fuck You Cena Fuck You Cena Fuck You Cena Fuck You Cena Fuck You Cena Fuck You Cena Fuck You Cena Fuck You Cena Fuck You Cena Fuck You Cena Fuck You Cena Fuck You Cena Fuck You Cen 2nd levelYou could really sense the venom behind that one! level two and a half decades back In the end, Dunne was victorious. Aspect of this story that I particularly enjoy is the speed. Neither of them were going to back down! six yrs ago, at level 2, Roman is one of my favorite actors.

  • When Rusev was sleeping at the RR, someone shouted, “we want Rusev.” level 2I’m pleased to have been present for that one.
  • level 2 We messed up” when members of the audience during the 2014 Best in the World tournament tossed streamers into the ring in anticipation of a fake ending.
  • level 2Do you think you’re Dawson, but you’re really not.
  • level 2 “Dawson, which one are you referring to?
  • Cena f*cks!” “,,,,,,,,, 1 year and 6 months ago “C-M-PUNK is the best champion ever because he’s got cool hair and he really has a Pepsi symbol on his arm,” said a fan at a ROH show in Woodbridge, Connecticut in 2005.
  • He wasn’t an animal in any way, shape, or fashion.
  • If so, does it have the same beat as “let’s go Chuck Taylor, you’re the best wrestler in the world and you’re in far better form than Tyler Black”?
  • The CENA is a DUMBA!
  • Daniel Bryan’s post-WM30 rant is here.

It took me completely by surprise. I was expecting something else. a first-class qualification YOU’VE GOT HERPES SEROPINIUM! applause applause applause applause clapclapclap Towards the time, I believe it was meant at Francine; but, any of the ECW girls may have been the target.

Five Reasons Asuka Has Communion With NXT Fans

The Divas Revolution has had moments that may be salvaged as well as ones that could be criticized. We can recall such remarkable meetings as Charlotteround as examples of the first. Becky Lynchround from NXT Takeover on May 29, 2014; Natalya from NXT Takeover on May 29, 2014. Bayleyround. The first match was Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte on February 11, 2015; the second match was Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks at NXT Takeover: Unstoppable on May 20, 2015; and the third match was Bayley vs. Sasha Banks at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn and NXT Takeover: Respect.

Almost all of the characters named above are members of the main cast, where the intensity of their combat has been greatly reduced.

5- Charisma

Throughout the Divas Revolution, there have been moments that might be salvaged and others that should be criticized. We may think of remarkable interactions like Charlotteround when it comes to the initial group of individuals. Becky Lynchround from NXT Takeover on May 29, 2014; Natalya from NXT Takeover on May 29, 2014 Bayleyround. The first match was Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte on February 11, 2015; the second match was Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks at NXT Takeover: Unstoppable on May 20, 2015; and the third match was Bayley vs.

In the following rankings of the top NXT bouts: Best NXT fights, compiled by WWE.com; Best fights of 2015, compiled by WWE.com; and Best fights of 2015 for Wrestling Observer readers, compiled by Wrestling Observer readers In the primary cast, almost all of those who have been named so far have seen a major reduction in the intensity of their combat.

4- Arsenal

Part of what distinguishes a fighter is his repertory of moves, which distinguishes him from the competition. It is for this reason that when a fighter«Steals»his movement from another, it is regarded a humiliating situation. Asuka has learned adaptation to numerous fighting methods throughout the course of her twelve-year professional career, which has taken her to nations like as Japan, Mexico, and the United States. Submissions, kicks, and supplements are all part of his NXT arsenal, which consists primarily of direct penalties.

From theAsuka lock (hammer to the arm with scissors to the body), to theNinja Armbar (hold with twist that finishes in a lever to the arm), to the German Suplex, and lastly hisReverse Roundhouse (reverse spinning kick), among other techniques.

3- Female Revolution under construction

Asuka came at the appropriate moment. Who could possibly be of assistance to Bayley now that the top exponents of the women’s movement have risen to Raw and SmackDown? A wild Asuka sprang out of nowhere. It has a great deal of impact. Asuka comes to keep the level of demand in the women’s division at a high level, given the presence of competitors like as Dana Brooke, Emma, Peyton Royce, Billie Kay, Cameron, Alexa Bliss, and Bayley. So, what are the calls to keep the feminine revolution going and to continue to innovate, extend, and preserve the significance that is experienced in the yellow mark in order to bring about a genuine shift in the red and blue marks?

2- Your style

To combat him, we use a firm fighting technique that results in the application of more direct and full contact strikes. You can clearly observe the aggression and competitiveness of the individuals. In addition to the above-mentioned armament and charism, it is his fighting style that ultimately encompasses all of them, because he can have an endless list of colorful moves, but without some painful chords that precede and support them, it would be a bore to watch her battle. It is also pointless to have charisma if your fighting style is non-existent; there are many of non-wrestlers who can do the same thing.

What exactly is it?

1- Anti Diva

No announcement on Twitter or other social media platforms is necessary, and Asuka will refrain from vocally criticizing the Total Divas in order to be the Anti Diva. When it comes to Asuka, she already has Anti Diva status, thanks to her charm (expressiveness, outfits, and entrance), arsenal of powerful maneuvers, role and relevance in the gladiator revolution, and no-frills style, making her one of the many NXT Anti Divas who are more than just vanity. Already, his one and only performance in the ring is in direct opposition to what has been observed in prior years in the WWE women’s division, where “beauty” has taken precedence above skill.

Fans are aware, and they are not stupid; the division was revitalized, and it shown how far it is capable of going.

12/14 WWE NXT in Nottingham, U.K. – Jordan & Gable continue hot streak, Balor vs. Zayn vs. Corbin, more

No announcement on Twitter or other social media platforms is necessary, and Asuka will refrain from verbally criticizing the Total Divas in order to play the Anti Diva role. When it comes to Asuka, she already qualifies as an Anti Diva, one of several NXT Anti Divas who are more than just vanity, thanks to her charm (expressiveness, outfits, and entrance), arsenal of powerful maneuvers, role and relevance in the gladiator revolution, and no-frills style. Already, his one and only performance in the ring is in direct opposition to what has been seen in prior years in the WWE women’s division, where “beauty” has taken precedence above ability.

There is no doubt in the minds of the fans that they are not stupid; the division was re-energized and demonstrated how far it is capable of going. As far as we are concerned, NXT has already conditioned us to view the combatants as individuals with unique abilities rather than as objects of desire.

WWE Raw Results: Why is Charlotte Flair so Mean to Her Dad?

Welcome to Bleeding Cool’s coverage of the WWE Raw. It’s the first Raw following the Elimination Chamber, and it’s also the final stop on the road to WrestleMania. Will the WWE be able to put its act together this week? On WWE Raw, Charlotte Flair lashes out at her father, the much-loved Nature Boy Ric Flair, for the second time.

WWE Raw Results – February 22nd, 2021

WWE Champion is introduced by John Morrison. The Miz will be the first to take the stage on Raw. This is going to be a very long night. Miz TV is a television channel owned by Miz TV. The Miz airs all of his complaints against those who have failed to take him seriously during his whole career. He talks about all of the individuals he’s beaten up throughout the years. He directs his arrow towards Bautista in this particular instance. He refers to himself as the Babe Ruth of the WWE. You get the picture.

  • Bobby Lashley and MVP interrupt the match, with MVP on crutches to make a point.
  • According to MVP, Miz owes Lashley a championship bout as a result of their agreement last night.
  • Lashley gives him an hour to come to his senses before punishing him.
  • Having won the United States Championship, Riddle says that he will work to raise awareness for Lince Dorado’s furry lifestyle now that he has achieved it.
  • Riddle makes his way away on a scooter.
  • John Morrison is a legal battle between two people.
  • In case you were under the impression that there could be some minor reason to worry about the outcome of the match, you were mistaken.
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Riddle is the winner.

Rhea Ripley will be appearing on WWE Raw in the near future.

After that, Sarah Schreiber does a backstage interview with Bad Bunny and Damian Priest.

Damian Priest becomes aware of the presence of R-Truth as well as a referee in the background.

R-Truth flees after being corrected by the priest.

Pearce believes that Miz should show to himself that he is a great champion by defeating Lashley.

The New Day against Retribution Once More In the ring, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are the first to enter, followed by Retribution.

Nobody seems to care any more about this fight than they did the last 500 times these two fighters squared off.

The New Day Has Arrived for the Winners As Xavier Woods continues to press for a bout with Reckoning, Mustafa Ali loses his cool in the ring and is forced to leave the ring.

As Raw goes to commercial, Bobby Lashley and MVP can be seen going backstage with less than four minutes left on The Miz’s clock as the show goes to commercial.

Miz is adamant about not making a decision.

MVP reminds him of the terms of their agreement.

He claims he is considerably more “clarified” than Bobby Lashley in terms of his chances of winning the championship.

During a Shane-O-Mac chant, the false audience erupts in applause.

(Has he ever seen the program, I’m curious?) Strowman believes Shane is a jerk, and he believes everyone in this building is a jerk.

Shane thinks that’s a terrible idea.

Shane thinks that’s a good concept.

Shane makes it official, stating that if Strowman defeats Lashley, he will be eligible to be included in Miz and Lashley’s WWE Championship battle the following week.

So we now have the big event for both this week and the following week.

A Tornado Tag Match between Hurt Business and Lucha House Party will take place.

Dorado, on the other hand, seemed to be lacking something.

Oh, no!

oh no!

Lince Dorado has been forced to conceal his furry lifestyle as a result of public pressure!

Evidently, it is having an effect on his wrestling, as Lucha House Party completely botches this and loses the bout.

Business is harmed by the winners.

Angel Garza is a fight between two fighters.

Incredibly competitive, Garza spends a significant amount of time jaw-jamming with Bad Bunny, even asking him into the ring for a match at one point.

Damian Priest was crowned the victor.

As soon as the match is over, the WWE task squad rushes out to attempt to reclaim the belt from Bad Bunny.

I’m guessing some individuals aren’t fond of this perspective?

In any case, this is a fantastic angle, and Bad Bunny has proven to be a lifesaver for WWE.

Randy Orton makes a promotional appearance, stating that The Fiend will not be returning.

In no way, shape, or form.

by Alexa Bliss.

A video of Alexa Bliss doing a spell from last week is shown.

As soon as the terrifying portion is over, the commentators switch to the “Owen just fell from the ceiling” tones.

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler face up against Charlotte Flair and Asuka.

The entire point of the bout is the conclusion, in which Charlotte unintentionally kicks Asuka in the face, therefore ending their chances of winning.

Sheamus vs.

Good news for WWE fans who are looking forward to the mid-2020 season of Smackdown!

Sheamus and Hardy square off in a contest that Sheamus takes the victory in.

Ric Flair speaks with Charlotte Flair in the backstage area.

Ric is told to return home by her.

“You see promise in a lot of blondes,” Charlotte explains.

He was attempting to broaden the appeal of the Flair brand.

She claims he is attempting to overshadow her while she is attempting to establish her own reputation.

She expresses her gratitude to him for everything he has done for her and tells him that she loves him.

That was certainly not enjoyable.

Who is it that this is written for?

Lana and Naomi face off against Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose.

Lana and Naomi are victorious.

AJ Styles vs.

One of those matchups that would be an absolute ideal match if neither of these men hadn’t had the majority of their appeal destroyed by years of poor WWE booking, and this is one of those matches.

AJ Styles is the victor.

The major event is discussed by Miz and Morrison.

Braun Strowman vs.

At one point, practically every bout on WWE Raw resembled an altercation between Bobby Lashey and Braun Strowman.

Miz joins in on the commentary as Lashley and Strowman are beaten up by each other.

Bobby Lashley was the victor.

Miz rushes in and attempts to knock down Lashley with his belt, but Lashley stops him and Miz is forced to take a spear from the ground.

I have to say that I was certain that Strowman would win and earn a spot in the championship battle, but instead, WWE simply fed Strowman to Lashley in his entirety.

Lashley was already a significant danger to The Miz at the time.

McIntyre will take place at WrestleMania.

I also noticed that all of the TVs were showing people booing Lashley, but if this were happening in front of a live audience, I’m sure they’d be cheering him on, don’t you think?

It seems to me that Lashley would be given the nuclear option in front of a crowd, and the fact that WWE was playing booing sound effects there gives me reason to believe that they will have even less understanding of what their audience wants when the masses return.

Taking everything into consideration, WWE Raw was a mildly enjoyable show tonight. Was it… satisfactory? I’m not sure I’m even capable of distinguishing between a good Raw and a bad one anymore. However, it was less severe than normal. Did you like it? Please spread the word on social media!

AboutJude Terror

WWE Champion John Morrison makes his debut. This week’s episode of Raw will be hosted by The Miz. You should prepare for a long night ahead of you. Miz TV is a television channel owned by Miz TV. Miz TV is a television channel owned by Miz Television. The Miz airs out all of his complaints against those who have failed to take him seriously during his whole professional life. He talks about all of the individuals he’s beaten up throughout the course of his career. Specifically, he targets Bautista with a shotgun blast.

  • You get the picture.
  • As a result, MVP believes Miz did not properly recognize Bobby Lashley for assisting him in winning the championship by beating up Drew McIntyre prior to the cash-in last night.
  • With his newfound prominence as WWE Champion, Miz claims to be overwhelmed.
  • Behind-the-scenes, Riddle speaks with members of the Lucha House Party Having won the United States Championship, Riddle says that he will work to increase awareness about Lince Dorado’s furry lifestyle.
  • Riding a scooter, Riddle departs the scene.
  • In case you were wondering, the championship is not on the line in this match, just in case you were thinking there may be a tiny reason to be interested.
  • Riddle is the victor in this round.

Wrestling Raw will be hosting Rhea Ripley in the near future.

Bad Bunny and Damian Priest are interviewed backstage by Sarah Schreiber.

He also believes that Miz will become World Champion.

R-Truth is also there.

R-Truth leaves after being corrected by the priest.

Taking on Lashley, Pearce believes Miz should demonstrate his ability as a champion.

New Day vs.

During a match, Mace and T-Bar will compete against Woods and Kingston.

During the bout, Retribution becomes a touch aggressive, allowing New Day to eke out a victory.

In his rant, he scolds Retribution for her repeated incompetence.

With the help of Adam Pearce, Lashley, MVP, Miz and Morrison are brought in to face the champions.

Since so many individuals have expressed interest in being his opponent, the fighter claims he needs more time to decide.

” He pleads for more time, even a week before the bout, which may not have been the best decision given that Braun Strowman has just entered the ring with him.

When Shane McMahon comes out, everyone starts bickering with each other again.

Title shots cannot just be demanded in this area, according to McMahon.

According to Strowman, Shane stinks, and everyone else stinks as well.

“Everyone here stinks,” Strowman adds.

The WWE champion, according to Strowman, will not allow him to compete against the challenger because of scheduling conflicts.

It’s also a hit with Miz and Morrison.

As everyone is exiting the ring, Lashley kneecaps Strowman.

Until this event, WWE has not scheduled anything that far out.

There seemed to be something lacking in Dorado, however.

Is he…

A new mask has been donned, and his trademark fur has been shorn!

Golden Lynx, tell me it ain’t so!

It is clear that his wrestling is being affected.

Hurt the business of the winners.

Incredibly competitive, Garza spends a significant amount of time jaw-jamming with Bad Bunny, even asking him into the ring for a match on one occasion.

Damian Priest is the victor.

Soon after the match ends, a member of the WWE work squad emerges in an attempt to wrest the title away from the Bad Bunny.

Maybe some folks don’t like this perspective?

However, this is an excellent angle, and Bad Bunny is a blessing for WWE at this point in time.

A promotional video for Randy Orton explains that The Fiend is not returning.

In no way, shape, or form!

He’ll also lose contests as a result.

Orton then vomits motor oil on the floor of the building.

During a bout, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler will square off against Charlotte Flair and Asuka.

After the bout, Sha-NiaAsuka smacks Flair’s hand away, indicating that she was victorious.

Jeff Hardy (WWE Superstars Battle Royale).

A new chapter in the iconic Sheamus/Jeff Hardy piss-chugging rivalry has begun!

Sheamus was crowned the victor in this competition.

Despite the fact that she is the one who is losing matches, Charlotte is self-centered in her complaint that her father’s connection with Lacey Evans is interfering with her performance.

In his defense, Ric claims he never claimed Lacey’s child as his own and that he saw Lacey’s potential as a person.

The Flair brand was something he was striving to expand.

His attempt to overshadow her, she claims, is a result of her own efforts to establish her own reputation.

In her letter, she expresses gratitude to him for everything he has done for her and expresses her affection for him.

What a waste of time and energy!

What is it about this that makes him feel so low?

If Flair is serious about hooking up with Carmella, I hope he does so immediately.

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With Lana and Naomi, Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose will compete.

Lana and Naomi Lana and Naomi have been chosen as the recipients.

One of those matches that would be an absolute fantasy match if neither of these men hadn’t had the majority of their appeal destroyed by years of poor WWE booking.

Styles takes the victory in the Styles Clash.

Immediately following the match, Omos lifts Ricochet over his head and powerbombs him.

In the meanwhile, Braun Strowman interrupts them, and they slink away.

At one point, practically every bout on WWE Raw resembled the Bobby Lashey vs.

This is going to be a classic, as Lashley and Strowman have a match scheduled for the final four minutes of RAW.

After kicking out of Strowman’s powerslam, Lashley slams Strowman with a chokeslam to put him away.

Strowman is punished with the Hurt Lock by Lashley, who watches in terror.

It’s a fascinating concept.

For Miz on the other hand…

So it appears like Lashley vs.

As for the future, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Furthermore, not only did he defeat Strowman fairly and squarely while demonstrating tremendous strength and fortitude, but after dodging a cowardly attempt from behind, he speared the despised and chickenshit heel Miz.

I believe Lashley would receive a nuclear pop if he were to appear in front of a crowd.

And how did you feel about it… My ability to recognize a good Raw has waned to the point that I’m not sure I even know what one is. However, it was not as terrible as it had been in the previous years. Was this enjoyable? Thanks for spreading the word on social media!

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According to a new solicitation posted today, Marvel is preparing for an Avengers vs. Eternals narrative to begin in March that will be “the largest tale of 2022.” A holding company owned by THQ Nordiq and other video gaming firms, the Embracer Group, will buy Dark Horse Comics in 2022 for an undisclosed sum. Wastelanders: Black Widow, a new Marvel and Sirius XM series, will premiere in January and stars Susan Sarandon as Helen Black, a character from the Marvel universe. The first issue of Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Shapeshifters will be released in March 2022, with each issue featuring a different creative team investigating legendary shapeshifters.

The comic will be released next year and will be available digitally.

Latest in TV

Join us as we take a look at the promo for the seventh episode of Showtime’s Yellowjackets and see how far we can go down the rabbit hole of supposition. With the Hawkeye finale just hours away, Marvel provides a breakdown of things to see in order to prepare for the event. All you’ll need is 1,082 free minutes and a TARDIS to complete this task. When Neil Gaiman posted a photo of the doughnuts from Tantrum Doughnuts with the Good Omens 2 crew, we were immediately intrigued, and now we’re a little addicted.

Maya Erskine (Pen15), who plays Obi-Wan Kenobi in the upcoming LucasfilmDisney+ series, revealed how fans of the “Star Wars” franchise have a genuine role to play in the project.

SMARK COUNTRY: Battleground 2016 Results

I went into this tournament with really low hopes since I didn’t think many of the matches on the schedule were particularly “wow” moments for me. However, there was still the possibility that one of the sleeper matchups might end up stealing the show and that the main event would not be necessary after all. Was this just a glimmer of optimism, or did the remainder of the undercard bring it to fruition? SASHA BANKSBAYLEY vs. DANA BROOKECHARLOTTE: DANA BROOKECHARLOTTE is the winner of this match.

  1. Brooke attempted to keep Bayley under control outside the ring, while Charlotte attempted to keep Banks restrained within the ring.
  2. Each time, Charlotte responded by putting the boots to Banks’s back.
  3. Dana Brook appeared to be completely out of place in this situation, as she was plainly unable to keep up with the other three members of the “Four Horsewomen.” Banks attempted to steal the “Bank Statement,” but Brooke intervened and protected her colleague.
  4. SASHA BANKSBAYLEY was the winner.
  5. THE NEW DAY: THE FIGHT BEGINS Once we’ve returned to a compelling rivalry following WWE’s botched effort to capitalize on TNA’s popularity with “The Final Deletion,” these bouts have been an enjoyable battle of styles that have kept the audience’s attention.
  6. He tried all he could to mount an offensive attack, but Strowman and Rowan kept up the pressure on him with hard attacks and punches.
  7. Big E was given the hot-tag and annihilated the Wyatts with a series of “Belly to Booty” suplexes to finish them off.

Woods finally joined the fray and squared up against Bray Wyatt.

When Bray Wyatt attempted to deliver “Sister Abigail,” Wyatt’s henchmen offered a momentary distraction, allowing Bray Wyatt to complete his mission.


Ryder mounted a resurgence, forcing Rusev to pursue him around the ring and out of the building.

Ryder gained momentum once more, this time attempting to suplex him, but Ryder countered with an incredible reverse neck-breaker.

In an attempt to spear a near-conscious Ryder through the security barrier, he was evaded and struck by a missile dropkick from Ryder.

Ryder was hit in the back of the head with a super kick from Rusev, who then locked in “the Accolade.” When Ryder attempted to battle his way out of the hold, he shown greater tenacity than he had ever demonstrated before, but Rusev leaned back with the submission, causing Ryder to submit out.

  • RUSEV is the winner.
  • Owens slunk out of the ring as soon as Zayn attempted the “Helluva Kick” right out of the gate.
  • Later on, the bout was re-entered into the ring.
  • Owens repeatedly elbowed Zayn in the skull, causing him to lose consciousness.
  • Owens engaged in a chin-lock on his opponent and worked hard to wear him down until the match was over.
  • A springboard moonsault failed as Zayn landed on his surgically repaired shoulder, prompting Owens to charge at him like a shark spotting blood in the ocean.
  • Zayn delivered a powerful blow with his “Blue Thunder Bomb,” but it lacked the velocity and impact necessary to knock Owens out cold.

Owens made the correct decision to go after the arm once more with a cross-face submission.

Owens escaped the second attempt at the “Helluva Kick” with his life.

While trying to do his middle rope “Tornado DDT,” Zayn was scouted by Owens, who super kicked him in the head before hitting him with a Cannonball and then a top rope Frog Splash.

The chants of “Fight Forever” from the spectators informed the WWE that they were dealing with genuine magic with this conflict.

The following round, Zayn attempted to follow up, but Owens stopped him with a Pop Up Power Bomb.

Zayn landed a “Dragon Suplex” and then two “Helluva Kicks” in fast succession to ultimately defeat his erstwhile friend in this one-sided encounter.


From the very first second of this bout, Lynch was intent on laying down some fisticuffs on Natalya.

In order to defeat Lynch, Natalya had to switch tactics, utilizing the ring apron to imprison her leg as she attacked it.

To halt Natalya’s offensive, Lynch was able to deliver a “Enziguri” to the target.

Lynch attempted to lock in “The Disarmer” numerous times, but Natalya was able to wrestle her way out of each attempt.

Although Natalya kicked Natalya through the referee’s legs and into her right knee, the referee was unable to compel Lynch to break the closed-fisted strikes in the corner.

Natalya’s ability to drag Lynch to the center of the ring was the last nail in the coffin as she forced her opponent to tap out.


THE MIZ (Intercontinental Championship): Darren Young put the pressure on Miz right from the start of this match, displaying some amateur wrestling maneuvers in the process.

A diversion provided by Miz’s wife, Maryse, caused Young to try a top rope move, which was foiled by Miz.

For a little moment, Miz moved the action to the outside and then drew Young in for the pinfall, which Young successfully avoided.

They then engaged in a lengthy back and forth exchange of counter-arguments.

Miz appeared to be gaining the upper hand, but Young erupted out of the corner with a devastating clothesline to derail her plans.

Young’s attempt to lock in the “Crossface Chicken Wing” was met with resistance by Miz.

Backlund was attacked by Miz, which enraged Young, who delivered a “Crossface Chicken Wing” to the Miz.

It took many referees to finally break the hold on the wrestler.


As soon as any attack could get underway, Anderson introduced AJ Styles, who hit Amore with a deep arm drag followed by a dropkick that knocked him out cold.

As Anderson and Luke Gallows tried to escape, Cass threw his partner over the top rope, hitting them outside the ring.

It was difficult to deal with the commentary for this match, which was continuously telling us of how incredible Big Cass is and how he had all of the necessary elements to have a successful singles campaign (way to look past any tag team greatness).

In the midst of the action, Luke Gallows attempted a splash but failed.

A “Pele Kick” was used to counter the Attitude Adjustment, which was attempted by the referee.

“Phenomenal Forearm” was unintentionally nailed to Gallows’ forearm by Styles.

Cena managed to make it back into the ring before being nearly called out again.

Anderson and Gallows then nailed him with the “Magic Killer,” which Gallows and Anderson invented.

Styles was slammed with a “Attitude Adjustment” from the top rope, securing the victory for Cena and his crew.


They repeatedly knocked Rollins out of the ring in order to turn the match into a one-on-one match.

Ambrose attempted to grab a fast pin on his friend Reigns, but was unable.

Rollins chose his battlegrounds carefully, waiting for his two opponents to engage in a heated debate before launching his attack.

Ambrose tried to catch up with him, but Rollins struck him with his second rope, which he called the “Flatliner.” He then hurled Reigns straight into the security barrier outside the ring, preventing Rollins from retaliating.

While they were battling, Ambrose dashed over all of the announcement tables and delivered a flying knee to both of his adversaries.

As the bout progressed, Rollins attempted a “Pedigree,” but Reigns was able to deflect the attack.

“Superman Punches” were delivered by Reigns to both of his opponents.

When Reigns attempted to attack Rollins with a Superman Punch, he was smacked with a clothesline by Ambrose.

In response, Ambrose hit Reigns with a suicide dive, which Rollins followed up with a “Plancha.” Both guys were on the same page and attacked Reigns with a double power bomb that went through an announcer’s table, thereby ending the match.

Rollins attempted a “Pedigree,” which was successfully countered.

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Reigns was able to regain his composure and dispatched of both opponents with massive power bombs.

Reigns was not going to be defeated by the three-count.

WINNER: DEAN AMBROSEIt’s possible that my enjoyment of this event was influenced by my low expectations going into it.

No matter how you look at it, Battleground 2016 was one of the most memorable events of the year, despite not being among my top three events of the year. Was Battleground 2016 a worthwhile watching experience for you?

London – Scotts Blog of Doom!

The SmarK Rant in preparation for NXT Takeover: London Live your life from… I’d want to say… London? Each of your hostesses has a distinct voice, yet they all sound the same. In order to get things started, HHHjoins us, and he’d be dead before he wouldn’t be here tonight. The case of Emma versus Asuka Dana Brooke’s new clothing and cosmetics are actually a significant improvement over her previous appearance. The audience erupts in support of Asuka right away, condemning Emma’s hammerlock and then yelling for Asuka to reverse the position.

  • Emma attempts to roll out, and Asuka rolls with her.
  • Asuka is distracted by Dana, and Emma takes control, resulting in a dropkick for both of them.
  • That’s quite an accomplishment.
  • “NICE STRENGTH!” she exclaims, for example, when standing for the camera.
  • There are a LOT of kicks.
  • In the midst of the chaos, Dana maintains her composure and cries encouragement (“Good girl, Emma!
  • Despite her best efforts, Asuka forcefully reverses into an anklelock and then kills her with a german suplex and two shining wizards for two to finish her out.

After noticing Asuka with the belt, the ref warns her with repercussions, but Emma rolls her up and Asuka reverses to the submission position.

I really like how they toyed with all of the possible screwjobs at the end and then simply had Asuka win because she was the best candidate.

***1/2NXT tag team championships: In the case of DashDawson v.

Enzo’s mathematics: The number of times they were knocked down and did not get back up would equal zero pounds if they had a pound for every time they did not get back up.

And, as is customary, he is promptly cornered in the heel corner and beaten severely.

Enzo manipulates the arm while the audience chants “Hey ho, Enzo” in an imaginative manner.

I’ll never understand how Cass didn’t burst out laughing when they started shouting for him to the tune of “Hey Jude.” Cass is double-teamed, but she forces Wilder into Dawson, causing the champions to flee the arena.

All is good with the world once more after Enzo gets beaten to a pulp again.

Dawson maintains control of the arm, and Wilder does an outstanding job of cutting off the tag and landing a gourdbuster for two points on the board.

Eventually, Enzo resurfaces with a DDT on Wilder, and it’s time to hot tag Cass, who is running amok.

In the process of dumping Wilder, however, the champions target Wilder’s ailing knee, and Wilder receives an inverted figure-four.

As Dawson makes the save, Rocket Launcher scores two more points, and the crowd is enraged.

They’re always the bridesmaids, just as Roman Reigns is with his bridesmaids.

Baron In the case of Corbin v.

After getting back in, Crews works him over in the corner before charging and being backdropped onto the stairwell.

Corbin believes this is evidence that Crews should have remained in the Ring of Honor.

Back inside, Corbin returns with the End of Days, but Crews manages to escape and land an enzuigiri and a moonsault splash for a total of two points.


**1/4NXT Women’s championship match: Bayley vs.

Bayley attempts to break away from her in the beginning, but she is thrown around in a spectacular fashion.

Finally, Bayley dropkicks Nia’s knee and launches flying elbows, but Nia just swats her down once again to the ground.

Bayley wins the first match and follows it up with a senton for two, but she is thrown out of the ring on the kickout attempt.

Jax adds two more, as well as the legdrop, but it only receives two.

Avalanche and Jax only manage to catapult her across the ring, and another pair of botched legdrops earns her two more pin attempts.

Vader, and it is fantastic.

Jax moves in for the kill, but Bayley gets another choke hold on him, and Jax tosses her once again on the ground.

Bayley chokes her down again more, and this time she cranks on it like crazy, and Jax taps.

Despite the fact that it’s a straightforward narrative to tell, WWE never performs it anymore.

Samoa Joe is the next NXT championship match.

Balor kicks and dropkicks Joe out of the ring, then dropkicks him down the stairwell and out of the building.

On the verge of taking control.

Joe twists it into the crossface, but Balor rolls him over for two after coming back in with a powerbomb into the crab.

Finn hits him with a DDT and he slugs away in an attempt to make a comeback, which is followed with running chops in the corner.

When you come back in, a double stomp to the back earns you two.

Finn gets a Pele Kick and both of his opponents are knocked out, but it’s a slugfest and Finn loses.

Joe brings him back into the room and tries it again, but Finn rolls out of it and double stomps him to make a comeback and save the day.

Joe keeps coming with an enzuigiri on top, and they battle it out on top, but Joe is knocked out and Balor hits the Coup de Grace to bring the match to a close at 18:30 local time.

**** 1/2 The Feeling in the Air Another excellent Takeover program, with the exception of the Corbin-Crews bout, which was a little dull. Keep your eye out for the unexpectedly good Nia Jax-Bayley bout, but everything is worth seeing. This book comes highly recommended.

The Ted Petty Invitational Returns

The finest things that happen in professional wrestling are frequently the things that happen by chance. They are not the result of meticulous preparation and execution on the part of the promoter, but rather the total of a dozen or more lucky occurrences that all happen at the same time. This is the story of Blue Pants, a lady who was brought in as enhancement talent at the last minute but who quickly rose through the ranks to become a legitimate NXT Superstar. Leva Bates, like many other professional wrestlers, grew up watching wrestling.

“We grew up watching it on television all the time, and we occasionally went to the games in person.” Despite the fact that she doesn’t recall anyone in particular (though her sisters are eager to point out that one of the highlights was witnessing Bill Dundee vs.

After graduating from college with a degree in radio/tv production and acting, she went on to study at FXC in Florida, where she studied under D-Von Dudley, A.J.

The following day, as D-Von went to begin training at the Team 3D Academy with his tag partner Bubba Ray, Leva followed.

“They were both extremely hands on and taught everything,” says the author.

Following her graduation from high school and the start of her wrestling career, Bates did what many wrestlers do: she applied for a position with the WWE through the company’s recruitment portal.

Then one day she received a phone call informing her that she will be appearing on NXT.

Leva arrived with a McChris T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans, both from the company.

In the event that Enzo’s bout with Sylvester Lefort didn’t go as planned, Enzo would turn to Carmella and ask her if she wanted to compete.

It is common for augmentation employees to be denied access to the building or to have their names announced.

In addition to Enzo and Cass, Triple H was there at ringside.

Enzo and Cass continued coming up with new and inventive ways to introduce me.

Come on down in your blue jeans!’ I smiled at Sara, and we both burst out laughing.

“My name was being chanted by the audience.

I just went through with it and seemed like nothing was wrong.

I’m wearing blue trousers!

As a result, the fans gobbled it up, and the show went off.” Blue Pants has established herself as a popular NXT fixture, competing against Sasha Banks, Emma, and Dana Brooke.

“Even with that, I was surprised at how involved Triple H was.

‘No, make the pants a little bit larger.’ ‘No, just a little bit smaller.’ He’s really hands-on when it comes to everything.” Bates has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise from his time backstage at NXT.

The late Dusty Rhodes and Sara Amato were among those she learned from during her visits with them.

The third or fourth time I went there, I was interrogating Dusty mercilessly.” As I was rambling on, Dusty turns around and screams, “Shut up, Blue Pants!” ‘Dusty?’ I thought to myself.

‘It’ll all work out.'” Bates discovered that he and Rhodes had a lot in common.

I’ve gotten over my dislike for Blue Pants.

“It was a very memorable experience.” Bates possesses more than simply augmentation abilities.

The most recent appearance by Leva Bates at Resistance Pro Wrestling was the one she mentioned when I asked her which matches people should check up to discover who Leva Bates is.

“It was an absolutely fantastic contest.” During the Shine Women’s Championship, Bates also spoke about her match versus Mia Yim, which she won in overtime.

Bates enjoys having a good time and has a fantastic sense of humour.

Known for cosplay, or dressing up as characters from comic books and movies, Bates wore a Pee Wee Herman costume on this occasion, which was a first for her.

As soon as the ref started counting down from one to three, the supporters began to yell in delight.

The best part was that the secret word remained hidden for the remainder of the night.

Inside and outside of the ring, Bates is every bit as outgoing and friendly as her on-screen persona portrays.

Madman Pondo yelled at her three times before she finally packed up her belongings and left the premises.

As we neared the end of our conversation, which took place after a gig at a downtown Louisville pizza joint, Crazy Horse came on stage.

He was a fan of the NXT, and when he discovered who was seated at the table, he began yelling his excitement over the entire restaurant.

The arrival of Blue Pants has been announced!

Blue Pants!” The chanting of “NXT!” was prompted by the cheers of Blue Pants.

It’s true that she’s an improbable superstar, but it’s just this that makes her so very likable. She’s eccentric, she’s entertaining, and you’re guaranteed to have a good time when she steps into the ring at NXT, Shimmer, or anyplace else.

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