Why Do Wwe Fans Chant Delete

WWE: Why Do People Chant ‘Delete’ During Hardy Boyz Segments?

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What are the “Delete” Chants and Broken Gimmick of The Hardy Boyz all about?

During WrestleMania 33, the Hardy Boyz made an emotional comeback to the WWE, and the whole WWE Universe went completely insane. It’s an incredible sight to watch Matt and Jeff Hardy back in action in the world’s most prestigious wrestling organization. It’s exactly like the good old days. However, not everything has returned to its previous state. With only a cursory glance at your television, you will see that Matt Hardy appears to have a white streak in his hair, and if you listen intently, you will hear audiences chanting “the world is ending.” “”Delete” is repeated over and over.

When things become a little confusing, I’m here to clear the air and help you make sense of what’s going on.

The breaking of Matt Hardy

A group of unknown impostors began assaulting Jeff Hardy early last year, while The Hardy Boyz were still working for TNA and The Hardy Boyz were still on the road. However, there was something quite unusual about the oldest Hardy brother, who identified himself as the mastermind of the assaults in May 2016. Jeff dubbed Matt “Brother Nero,” which is really the younger Hardy’s middle name – Nero is actually the younger Hardy’s middle name – and kept referring to himself as “Broken.” Matt also had a white streak in his black hair and talked with an odd accent.

Eventually, the two brothers would get embroiled in one of the most bizarre family feuds in recent memory, which ended in something known as “The Final Deletion.” As you might assume, here is the location where the entire Delete enterprise got its start.

Delete, Delete, Delete

Matt Hardy had a disagreement with his younger brother Jeff, and he made a promise to Brother Nero that he would “Delete” him off the face of the earth. How would he go about doing this? Of course, this is accomplished through the use of The Final Deletion. The Final Deletion was, to put it mildly, an odd battle in which the two brothers fought each other in a manufactured, over-the-top fight at “The Hardy Family Compound,” which was set up by the WWE. The stakes were high since the loser would lose the right to use the Hardy name in the future.

As if to prove his mettle, Matt emerged victorious in a contest that included fireworks, dirt mounds, and cranes.

While this ridiculous conflict was going on, the Broken gimmick began to acquire enormous popularity.

This was accomplished through his unwavering dedication to the gimmick – Matt completely and utterly refused to break kayfabe – and a face turn for himself.

It grew in popularity to the point that it permeated every part of the wrestling industry. It grew to such an extent that it changed its name from Broken Matt Hardy to the Broken Hardyz.

The Broken brothers

The brothers were able to take over the indy scene as a result of this tremendous spike in popularity. A lot of wrestling promoters across the world saw them compete – either together or with Matt Hardy alone – and they were always met with enormous enthusiasm and success. Things were going so well for the brothers that they decided not to renew their contract with TNA, opting instead to look for bigger chances. A very successful tag team, The Young Bucks, took notice of them, and they went on to have several fantastic battles with the brothers from Bullet Club, finally capturing the Ring of Honor Tag Team Championships.

Impact Wrestling, their former home, launched a lawsuit to claim legal ownership of the Broken gimmick, assuring that for the first time in a year, we would be seeing a non-broken Matt Hardy on the big screen.

The legal battle and the return home

EVER EVER The Hardy Boyz departed TNA, the two organizations have been at odds with one another, and it appears like a lengthy, drawn-out war for the gimmick is on the future for both organizations. The fact that Matt Hardy deserves to own the gimmick that made him famous is undeniable, but we will have to wait and see how the situation unfolds in the end. Although this is the case, The Hardyz have achieved tremendous success over the previous year, culminating in their return to the United States when they won the WWE Rag Team Championship at Wrestlemania 33 in a Fatal Fourway Ladder Match.

What the future holds

They have spurred the WWE Universe to shout “Delete” repeatedly, and while Matt has displayed some of his Broken characteristics, they have remained relatively repressed in his return to the company. While the legal struggle continues, it is unlikely that we will ever see the actual Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero in the WWE. It is still incredible to have The Hardy Boyz back where they belong, and maybe, with the assistance of their new employers, we will be able to witness them reclaiming their Broken ways in the near future.

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What was ‘The Ultimate Deletion’ and why is everyone talking about it?

In the last 12 hours, there’s a high chance you’ve come across a screenshot or video from “The Ultimate Deletion,” one of the most bizarre works of avant garde art WWE has ever broadcasted on cable television. With one part wrestling, two parts made for television sci-fi picture and a hearty sprinkling of student film project thrown in for good measure, this is the creation of WWE superstar Matt Hardy.

Explosive beginnings.

At its height, the “Attitude Era,” which spanned from 1997 to 2002, Matt and Jeff Hardy were two of the most prominent tag-team stars in the world of professional wrestling. The duo broke onto the scene in their early twenties and went on to achieve enormous success, with Jeff widely regarded as the more gifted superstar, while Matt was widely regarded as having far more charm. WWE separated the duo in order for them to have more success as singles, and Jeff rose up the ranks to capture the WWE championship, while Matt remained in the mid-tier, never really being able to break out on his own.

Jeff departed the firm in 2003 as a result of missing work obligations and drug issues, whereas Matt remained with the company until 2005, when he was terminated from his position.

Fast-forward to 2016.

The Hardys have wrestled for a number of independent organizations throughout the years, but they have found re-emergence in TNA, a competitor to WWE. As a result of terrible talent management mistakes and a dearth of decent writing, the brand was on its way down, prompting TNA to empower its superstars to take calculated risks in order to save the brand. Matt and Jeff were both working for TNA at the time, and they were embroiled in a rivalry with one another when they participated in a “I Quit” match, with the loser being fired from the business.

Broken Matt Hardy.

It was here that the events that would lead to WWE’s “Ultimate Deletion” began to unfold. Matt came to the ring in TNA with his hair blown out and a shock of bleach sprayed through it, and he immediately began speaking in an affable British accent. The only name he would use to refer to Jeff was “Brother Nero,” which was his real-life middle name — and he described himself as a “Broken Man” who was obsessed with “deleting” his brother. The creation of the “Broken Matt” figure provided a chance to reimagine the brothers, who had been lost without a sense of identity for years.

As a result, TNA began seeing its greatest ratings in years, as people tuned in to see what type of craziness “Broken Matt” would bring to the table.

Hardy fight that has garnered more than 1.5 million views on YouTube to date.

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WWE return and legal feud.

All of the events leading up to WWE’s “Ultimate Deletion” began here, and this is where it all began. As part of TNA, Matt had his hair blown out and a shock of bleach run through it, and he began speaking with an assumed accent. “Brother Nero,” alluding to Jeff’s real-life middle name, was the only name he would use, and Matt described him as a “Broken Man” who was preoccupied with “deleting” his brother. In creating “Broken Matt,” the brothers had an opportunity to re-invent themselves after years of floundering around without a sense of themselves.

As a result, TNA began seeing its greatest ratings in years, as people tuned in to see what type of craziness “Broken Matt” would bring to the table on his return.

Hardy battle was promoted through “The Final Deletion,” a 17-minute commercial film that has received more than 1.5 million views on YouTube and is a precursor to the event.

It was a critical success, and the character’s outrageous antics earned him the award for “best gimmick” from The Wrestling Observer Newsletter in 2016 for his efforts.

“Woken” Matt Hardy.

Toward the end of November, Hardy began a feud with Bray Wyatt, the WWE’s other major supernatural talent. Wyatt is a rural cult leader who possesses strange ghost powers, but that’s another story entirely. In the aftermath of losing a bout against Wyatt, Hardy sat in one of the corners of the ring and chanted “DELETE,” before reappearing the next week and claiming he had “woken up” and imposing “deletion” on Wyatt. Following a series of back-and-forth promotions, the two were scheduled to meet at The Hardy Compound, where “The Final Deletion” had been filmed two years earlier for WWE’s own over-the-top rendition of the match.

So what actually happened during the “The Ultimate Deletion?”

Fans had been waiting two years for this moment, and it finally arrived: Hardy was given the opportunity to perform what he does best. Fans have laughed at WWE’s attempts in the past to film an outdoor bout with steady cameras because the company took the notion too seriously, and as a result, they have mocked the company’s efforts. Despite the silliness of the situation, “The Ultimate Deletion” made use of dramatic music, lengthy anime-style speeches, and even a pyrotechnics attack fired by Hardy’s trusty drone, “Vanguard 1.” There was even a pursuit sequence that was reminiscent of Benny Hill, since that is what Hardy is all about.

At this point, all I need to do is show you some clips because my words will fall short of conveying the full story.

Why do people love this so much?

“The Ultimate Deletion” represents the pinnacle of professional wrestling. Wrestling is at its best when things burst through the fourth wall to the point of being realistically serious, or when things go totally the other way and embrace the silliness of the sport. Nobody believes this was a major incident. The fact is that nobody thought this was even remotely feasible — yet it’s WWE navigating into the curve in a manner that they seldom do. Hardy and Wyatt were the only ones who could have pulled this off in 2018.

“The Ultimate Deletion” was a self-aware, entertaining, and wonderful piece of work.

They now have a canonical justification for re-inventing him.

Rather of dismissing fans’ suggestions, they went with an idea that people already liked and let Hardy run wild with his “woken” scene. It was just stunning.

WWE Twitter Account Asks Fans To Stop Doing The “WHAT” Chant

“Stone Cold”Steve Austin, future WWE Hall of Famer and future wrestling icon, found upon the world’s most convenient way to be irritating back in 2001. “What?” is a single, monosyllabic word that may be given in the middle of an adversary’s statement, and it can be used to be douchey, dismissive, and rude by everyone’s favorite heel in the game. It is that final one, some twenty years later, that is attracting the most attention. Fans, on the other hand, seized on the straightforward reaction and have been employing it ever since to express their dissatisfaction or discontent with a character or their current plot line.

  1. Of course, when Austin pulled the stunt, he had every intention of making a fool of himself.
  2. WWE executives, on the other hand, believe it is disrespectful to their talent since fans continue to use it to reject what they don’t like.
  3. (They have since been removed, so feel free to interpret that anyway you wish.) This was the first message, which was posted during a RAW segment in which Jerry Lawler was interviewing Rusev, and it read: “Can we put an end to the shouts of ‘WHAT?'” It is no longer the year 2001.
  4. The chant was directed towards @AngeloDawkins as he bid farewell to @WWENXT, then it was directed at a “Hall Of Famer” on RAW.
  5. “And now we’re back to RAW.” Despite the fact that the brass made their opinions known, it is unlikely that it will have much of an impact on the audience.
  6. When it comes to live crowds, it’s like a sea of marks and smarks, and they take pleasure in their collective trolling.
  7. Recently, he told Busted Open Radio, “I did it as a running heel at the time, you know, I was wearing heels at the time, and I left that message on Christian’s voicemail.” It seemed like every time I said something, I’d pause and think, ‘what?
  8. You’re right, aren’t you?
  9. Isn’t it true that I’m jabbing you?
  10. So that was my first attempt at putting it to good use.
  11. A huge part of being in WWE or in the wrestling business is that the audience wants to be involved, whether they are rooting for you or against you, applauding for you or booing you, or whatever.

As a part of the show, it provided an opportunity for them to become involved and contribute.” In the meantime, they’re still taking part and saying things like ‘Austin, why in the heck did you invent that, I wish you hadn’t done that’.” I would have never imagined it in a million years that…

“I wouldn’t have predicted…” Do you believe that the chanting are insulting to the wrestlers and their efforts? Or is it merely a harmless show of support from the crowd? Please share your opinions in the comments section!

Matt Hardy Is ‘Broken’ and the Most Controversial Stories of the Week

  1. Image courtesy of WWE.com Wrestling’s “broken” has been designated as the word of the week. It was revealed this past week on SmackDown Live that the partnership between Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers was no longer in effect. It was also revealed that the partnership between Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder, better known as the Hype Bros., had been shattered during that same program. Matt Hardy had begun to show symptoms of repeating his role as Broken Matt Hardy the night before, and this was the first time he had done so. Some things in life heal far more quickly after they have been broken. This will ideally be the case for all three of the case studies described above, namely Rawley, Mahal, and Hardy
  2. But, this is not guaranteed.
  1. WWE.com provided the image. Wrestling’s “broken” has been chosen as the word of the week. The partnership between Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers was shattered on SmackDown Live this past weekend. A breakup between Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder, better known as the Hype Bros., occurred during the same show. Matt Hardy had begun to exhibit symptoms of repeating his role as Broken Matt Hardy the night before, and it was the first time he had done so. Things in life tend to mend considerably more quickly once they have been damaged. This will, ideally, be the case for all three of the case studies described above, namely Rawley, Mahal, and Hardy.
  1. Photograph courtesy of WWE.com The WWE’s word of the week is “broken.” The partnership between Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers was dissolved on SmackDown Live this past week. The Hype Bros., a team formed by Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder, was disbanded during the same show. Matt Hardy has begun to show hints of resurrecting his role as Broken Matt Hardy the night before. Some things in life mend significantly better after they have been broken. This will ideally be the case for all three of the case studies described above, namely Rawley, Mahal, and Hardy.
  1. Source: WWE.com In the WWE, the word of the week is “broken.” The partnership between Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers was shattered on SmackDown Live this past week. The Hype Bros., a collaboration between Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder, was disbanded during the same show. Matt Hardy had finally begun to show indications of resurrecting his role as Broken Matt Hardy the night before. Some things in life mend much better after they have been broken. This, ideally, will be the case for all three of the case studies described above, namely Rawley, Mahal, and Hardy.
  1. It was a betrayal-filled episode of SmackDown Live, as Mojo Rawley turned on Zack Ryder and Jinder Mahal assaulted his faithful sidekicks, the Singh Brothers, after the duo suffered yet another defeat at the hands of AJ Styles. In the future, the Singh Brothers could be a better fit for 205 Live or NXT, rather than WWE. Mojo Rawley, on the other hand, may have a legitimate career as a heel after putting a stop to The Hype Brothers’ reign of terror. Because of the present state of professional wrestling, it’s nearly hard to turn someone like Kevin Owens, who was a mainstay on the indie circuit, into a heel. WWE Network’s static subscriber count of 1.5 million is proof that the company has a dedicated, specialized following that accounts for a larger proportion of its paying viewership in 2017 than in previous years. These fans are almost uniform in terms of who they appreciate and what they’ll root for, and they are more likely to be familiar with Owens’ previous work outside of WWE than the general public. Fans now, on the other hand, are asking to boo local WWE superstars like as Baron Corbin and Mojo Rawley, who are considerably superior in their roles as villains intended to annoy WWE’s current crowd than their international counterparts. It should be a lot of fun to watch Mojo Rawley as a heel. A featured columnist and on-air personality for Bleacher Report and Forbes, Alfred Konuwa has a background in sports and business. He has a Facebook fan page
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We Want The Smoke & 9 Other Modern Catchphrases Fans Love

With a number of legendary lines being used over the years, catchphrases in wrestling have become something that fans have come to know and anticipate from their favorite wrestlers. Some catchphrases have become so well-known that fans have joined in on the fun, whether it’s Daniel Bryan’s shout of “Yes” or Steve Austin’s utterance of “What,” for example. This is something that has carried over into modern wrestling, with a slew of new catchphrases being introduced along the way. While there are a number of words used frequently in wrestling promotions, there are also a number of statements that crowds have taken to heart and chanted along with as often as they could during the show.

10We Want The Smoke

Street Profits are a prominent tag team that have brought a lot of charm to the ring, both in terms of wrestling and in terms of promotional appearances and videos. They have gained popularity among fans, and their slogan is one that they are fond of. They say it themselves, so it’s simple to chant along with them; but, fans may join in when they see the wrestlers compete in it. Fans have been able to connect with them as a duo as a result of this, and it has become their calling card, something they can applaud.

9New Day Rocks

Ya lads, The New Day, have been one of the most famous groups in wrestling history, and while they’re all fantastic in the ring, it’s their promos that have really helped to establish their popularity with the fans. The group has such a magnetic presence that whatever they say manages to resonate with their audience. The one constant slogan has been, “New Day Rocks,” which has been repeated over and over. With plenty of positivism, this is a slogan that perfectly sums them up, and the fact that they are so amazing allows the audience to believe it.

8Ding Dong, Hello

Due to her development as an elite heel throughout the pandemic period, Bayley rose to become one of the most prominent stars of the period. This resulted in her gaining a great deal of confidence, which became a part of her gimmick and led to the creation of this brilliant catchphrase. The slogan, while not one that spectators could shout along with during her bouts, was well suited to her persona and her personality. Audiences adored hearing her say that, which resulted in her being the perfect heel in terms of aggravating people.

7Yowie Wowie

However, even though Bray Wyatt is no longer a part of the WWE, his catchphrase “Yowie Wowie” remains one of the most memorable in contemporary history. When he was at the Firefly Fun House, his fans particularly adored this term, which frequently resulted in some entertaining moments. When Bray yelled this statement, he would always go over the top, as if it were a tremendous surprise and a source of great delight. It was also taken up by the audience, who sang it whenever he stepped in the ring, which contributed to making it even greater.

6To The Moon

Cameron Grimes has rapidly established himself as one of the most amusing members of the NXT roster, and for good reason. Working with the Million Dollar Championship has given him the opportunity to transform into a babyface and, as a result, become quite famous.

With his “To The Moon” slogan, he has become a huge success with the audience, who really adores chanting it together with Grimes during his performances. It is something that is ideally suited to his character and contributes to his being a great fan favorite.

5Get These Hands

Braun Strowman is another another wrestler who WWE opted to dismiss despite the fact that he was quite popular at the time. In fact, one of the best examples of his popularity came in the form of his catchphrase, in which he would yell on a frequent basis and the audience would reply in kind. It was a hit with the WWE Universe, who enthusiastically shouted it during his promotional appearances. Braun’s bouts were known for their toughness, and this term mirrored that. It was something that he connected with and fitted him really well, and it only served to elevate his social standing.

4Acknowledge Me

Roman Reigns has had a number of catchphrases during his professional wrestling career, but his current “acknowledge me” statement is likely his most memorable. This is a character trait that is well suited to him and one that exudes self-assurance. Over the course of this campaign, Roman has asked that people acknowledge him, and it is something that some of his opponents have done. This has simply served to increase the effectiveness of the slogan, which supporters have decried as “ridiculous.”


However, while Matt Hardy no longer uses this slogan, it was quite famous among fans. He created this persona while he was working for Broken Mattin Impact Wrestling, and it became a highly popular character throughout his wrestling career. Hardy’s ability to yell “Delete” at individuals was something that fully matched his distinct supernatural persona, and fans enjoyed joining in with him. Despite the fact that the gimmick was really over the top, it worked well because he was completely devoted to everything.

2WWE Stands For Walk With Elias

This is a slogan that Matt Hardy no longer uses, although it was quite popular among fans. He created this persona while he was working for Broken Mattin Impact Wrestling, and it became a highly popular character during his stint with the organization. Hardy yelling “Delete” at individuals was something that completely matched his peculiar supernatural character, and fans delighted to join in with the chanting. Despite the fact that the gimmick was so over the top, it worked well because he was completely devoted to it.

1Adam Cole Bay Bay

Adam Cole’s catchphrase is one of the most memorable in the annals of professional wrestling history. Throughout the years, fans have taken Cole’s entrance position and given it a life of its own, leading to some very memorable response shots. Fans are looking forward to Cole striking the stance so they may yell his catchphrase, which has proven to be a popular choice among fans. Cole frequently incorporates the “Bay Bay” into his promotional videos as well, which only serves to enhance the whole experience.

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WWE broke Matt Hardy, but he’s unkillable

Matt Hardy is in a bad way. Not in the sense that “Broken Matt” did, but in the manner that “WWE doesn’t care about him.” When the Hardy Boyz made their surprising return to the promotion in which they had prospered at WrestleMania 33, they were already making headlines on IMPACT Wrestling. In 2016, the Broken Universe was the topic of conversation on wrestling social media. It was strange, unusual, and entertaining. After then, there were disagreements over who truly owned the Broken Universe.

  • The Hardy Boyz were also denied permission to utilize their “Broken” identities in ROH by IMPACT Wrestling, which caused the Bucks’ plans to be thrown off track completely.
  • When they returned to WWE, the Broken Universe was reawakened and began to manifest itself.
  • WWE fans were long aware that the show was bound to failure.
  • Hardy was given a new theme, and supporters were urged to yell “DELETE” during the performance.
  • Woken Matt and Bray Wyatt’s Ultimate Deletion match in the WWE Universe was the closest the WWE Universe came to experiencing a “Broken Universe.” It wasn’t as as entertaining as the bouts that took place during the apex of the Broken Universe, but it was better than nothing.
  • WWE has made a habit of dropping the ball with Wyatt, which contributed to the creation of The Fiend/Firefly FunHouse.
  • Following the match, WWE reduced Hardy’s role in the company to a bare minimum.
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As a result, they were unable to provide Matt with anything to do.

He began employing a number of Matt Hardy personas from the past, including V1.

Edge and Hardy have a long and illustrious relationship together, both professionally and socially.

Hardy was made to pay for it as Orton reverted to his Legend Killer character and attacked Hardy in the same manner that he had attacked Edge earlier.

His “You Don’t Understand” series, a tongue-in-cheek look at his life on the road when he wasn’t on television, was a launching point for him.

Hardy demonstrates that he is always growing and being relevant with his internet output.

Hardy has intimated that he would quit the WWE when his contract expires in a few weeks, much to the relief of his supporters who have been waiting for him to depart.

Since the 1990s, Hardy has devoted a great deal of time and effort to this industry.

The fact that he is reported to be playing The Exalted One in AEW makes a lot of sense.

Fan expectations were high that they would receive a dignified farewell from a man who has risked his body and helped to redefine tag team wrestling.

Orton devastated Hardy, and just when it appeared like he had finished him out, he turned even more nasty.

In any case, it isn’t good enough..

We can only speculate as to what they promised him in exchange for his return, but they appear to have fallen short of their commitment.

Hardy was riding a wave of momentum that had been building for years when IMPACT and WWE snatched it away.

He and his brother are both expected to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

They were under no obligation to return, yet they did.

Matt Hardy will not perish, which is fortunate for us.

His years of experience in the wrestling profession make him a gold mine for other wrestlers to sift through.

Hardy would be an excellent addition to the AEW.

However, with characters like Suzie/Su Yung, the Broken Universe might be recreated at the point where it all began.

Over the last few of years, the Royal Opera House has had a number of difficulties.

Bringing in someone with Hardy’s experience might be really beneficial to them on a variety of ways.

His intellect is a treasure trove of knowledge. He has the ability to plan matches, aid with promotions, and create characters. The actor isn’t finished yet and will continue to be a valuable asset wherever his career takes him. As he has demonstrated time and time again, he is virtually unkillable.

Matt Hardy believes Vince McMahon never understood the Broken gimmick

After attempting to introduce the Broken gimmick to WWE under a different moniker, Woken, during his recent tenure with the business, Matt Hardy feels Vince McMahon was completely baffled by it and never got it. When Matt Hardy returned to WWE alongside his brother Jeff at WrestleMania 33, many wrestling fans assumed that the famed Broken character, which had been a big success on Impact Wrestling and the independent circuit, would be coming with him. However, this was not the case. Instead, WWE fans were presented to the Woken gimmick, which was a variant of the Broken gimmick.

OnBusted Open Radio, Hardy was questioned whether the reason why the Woken gimmick failed was because Vince McMahon didn’t comprehend the Broken persona on whom it was built.

Hardy responded, as reported by Fightful: “Because people wouldn’t stop yelling ‘Delete,’ Vince decided to launch the Woken Matt Hardy project.

I believe there is a chance of that happening.

He provided us with an opportunity, but by providing us with an opportunity, he is able to claim, “I provided him with an opportunity, but it did not work out very well.” It needed to be done in a new way.” When we performed the first vignette and burst out laughing at the conclusion, we continued to do it every week thereafter.

There are times when it might be dramatic or frightening.” You’ll need all of those aspects in order for any sort of odd-meta hack like this to be successful.

However, the gimmick was quickly abandoned after this point due to Hardy’s back ailment, which necessitated his absence from the ring for an extended period of time.

Given the fact that Hardy has left WWE, it’s probable that the Broken gimmick will make a comeback in some form, perhaps in AEW, which has been extensively tied to Hardy over the last several months.

  • After attempting to introduce the Broken gimmick to WWE under a different moniker, Woken, during his recent tenure with the organization, Matt Hardy feels Vince McMahon was unable to grasp it. At the time of Matt Hardy’s return to the WWE with his brother Jeff at WrestleMania 33, many wrestling fans assumed that he would be bringing the famed Broken persona with him, which had been a big success on Impact Wrestling and the independent circuit with him. In its place, WWE fans were introduced to the Woken gimmick, which was a version of the Broken gimmick. However, fans were not enthusiastic about it, believing that it was just comparable in name and not in reality. After being questioned if the failure of the Woken gimmick was due to Vince McMahon’s failure to comprehend the Broken persona on which it was built, Hardy said affirmatively during a recent interview onBusted Open Radio. Through Fightful, Hardy responded: “As a result of people’s incessant shouting of “Delete,” Vince instigated the Woken Matt Hardy project. He’d inquired about it, we’d discussed it, and I’d decided that I wanted to go ahead and take the plunge. In my opinion, there is a chance of that happening. The notion, on the other hand, is rather different.” I’m not sure he grasped the significance of what we were saying. His opportunity to do so also permits him to claim, ‘I gave him an opportunity, but it didn’t work out in the end,’ since he provided us with an opportunity. The task required a new approach. When we performed the first vignette and burst out laughing at the conclusion, we continued to do it every week thereafter. However, there are instances when something has to be serious and cannot be amusing at the moment. Occasionally it might be a tense or frightening situation.” Some sort of odd-meta hack like this requires the presence of all of these factors to be successful. It ended up being relegated to being too much of a ‘laugh at each other’ situation for the WWE universe to really embrace.” He is most remembered for his feud with and eventual teaming up with Bray Wyatt, which resulted in the pair capturing the Raw Tag Team Championship in April of this year. But the gimmick was quickly abandoned at this point, as Hardy was forced to leave the ring due to a back injury that necessitated his absence from competition. The injuries caused him and Wyatt to become estranged from one other. Now that Hardy has left WWE, it’s probable that the Broken gimmick will make a comeback in some form, probably in AEW, which has been extensively associated to Hardy in recent months.

The following story preceded the preceding story: Sports News Now.

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