Why People Chant Cm Punk

Why Are People Still Chanting CM Punk’s Name?

Wwe.com There is no doubt that CM Punkis is an excellent wrestler. He has demonstrated several times in WWE, as well as in Ring of Honor, that he is capable of putting on some memorable matches. His mic work is also excellent, as he magnetically attracts the support of the legions of followers screaming his name and enthralled by his cause on stage. So, what exactly is the issue here? Surely, this seems like someone with whom we should have no issues, doesn’t it? Wrong. Absolutelywrong. What I failed to convey is that he is a quitter.

Not because of some sensational allegation in which he would be better off quitting the organization, but rather because of other factors.

No, it wasn’t because he was becoming old and had overstayed his welcome.

Not because he was suffering from a serious injury that he couldn’t get over.

  1. According to Power Slam Magazine (via Christopher Olmstead of Wrestling News Depot), it’s largely due to the fact that he was disappointed with his trajectory and believed he would never be WWE’s number one contender.
  2. Is it possible that the Undertaker resigned after receiving unfavorable response for his controversial “sacrifice” of Stephanie?
  3. Is it possible that HHH resigned after being pinned by the Brooklyn Brawler?
  4. Despite this, people continue to applaud for someone who has given up.
  5. It’s the same of someone working for an employer, earning a lot of money, and then one day declaring, “I’m quitting.” “I am dissatisfied with the way things are going around here.
  6. In fact, he was named employee of the month for a period of more than 14 months.
  7. Most likely, he’s doing well in the money sector as well.


I am astounded that so many people continue to cheer for someone who has left the organization, as if it were a rallying cry for him to reconsider his decision.

Furthermore, it isn’t doing anything to persuade WWE execs to contact Phil’s phone number.

After hearing the news from the WWE Universe, even Mrs.

Until I have rational solutions to my inquiry, please be patient with me.

Chris Featherstone writes for Wrestling Inc., WhatCulture.com, and WeAreWrestling.net, among other publications.

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3 Reasons why WWE fans still chant for CM Punk

Wwe.com C.M. Punkis is an excellent wrestler, and there is no doubt about that fact. The fact that he can put on some classics has been demonstrated several times in WWE, as well as in Ring of Honor. His mic work is also excellent, as he magnetically attracts support from the throngs of admirers yelling his name and enthralled by his cause on the streets. In this case, what exactly is the issue? Surely, this sounds like someone with whom we shouldn’t have any issues. Wrong. Absolutelywrong. One thing I failed to explain is that he is a chronic renegade.

  1. To our knowledge, there is none.
  2. Unlike Bret Hart, who was 35 when he won his first WWE Championship, he was only 35 when he departed.
  3. Nothing like it has been reported.
  4. When he was forced to serve as JBL’s lieutenant, did Shawn Michaels quit?
  5. Is it possible that the Rock walked away from the game after losing to Hurricane Helms.
  6. No, no, no, and again, no, no, and again, no Despite this, people continue to applaud for someone who has voluntarily stepped aside.
  7. I’ve decided to give up my job.” Because he had not been adequately recognized, it wasn’t that he was unsatisfied with his situation.

It wasn’t because he didn’t get a raise that he was unhappy.

The reason was that he had a dejected expression on his face regarding his position inside the organization and couldn’t bear it any longer.

I’m in desperate need of assistance, so please, someone assist me.

The fact that CM Punk hasn’t cared about anybody who screams his name for more over six months indicates that he doesn’t.

Remember how he walked away from his job?

Brooks (AJ Lee) seemed to be shaken.

CM Punk’s chants will not be among the things I refrain from doing in the while.

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1 CM Punk was one of the best performers the WWE has seen till date

Wwe.com There is no doubt that CM Punkis is a talented wrestler. He has proven several times in WWE, as well as in Ring of Honor, that he is capable of putting on some memorable matches. His mic work is also excellent, as he magnetically attracts support from the throngs of people yelling his name and enthralled by his message. So what exactly is the issue here? This seems like someone with whom we should have no issues, doesn’t it? Wrong. Absolutelywrong. What I failed to explain is that he is a serial quitter.

  • We are not aware of any.
  • Unlike Bret Hart, who was 35 when he won his first WWE Championship, he departed when he was just 35.
  • That hasn’t been reported, unfortunately.
  • Is it possible that Shawn Michaels resigned after being forced to serve as JBL’s lackey?
  • Is it possible that the Rock walked away from the game after losing to Hurricane Helms?
  • No, no, no, and no more than that.
  • wwe.com That line of reasoning confounds me.

I’m giving up!” The reason he was disappointed was not that he had not been fairly recognized.

It wasn’t because he didn’t get a raise that he was upset.

However, it was due to the fact that he had a dejected expression on his face regarding his position inside the organization and couldn’t take it longer.

So, could someone kindly lend a hand with this for me?

It’s been more than six months, and it’s safe to assume that CM Punk doesn’t give a damn about anyone who screams his name anymore.

Remember when he walked away?

Brooks (AJ Lee) learns the news from the WWE Universe, she appears to be worried.

CM Punk’s chanting is something I will not be doing in the while.

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Why Do Fans Still Chant For CM Punk?

Historically, a certain number of wrestling fans has always had a rebellious edge about them, at least as far back as I can recall. At various moments in history, they’ve used their voices to communicate their dissatisfaction with what they’re witnessing by yelling. Three chants of this sort have stood out to me during the twenty-eight blissful years that I’ve spent watching professional wrestling on television. “We’re looking for Flair!” Although World Championship Wrestling made every attempt, Ric Flair was consistently the most regarded and adored performer in the company’s employ, despite their best efforts.

  1. Flair, whether he intended to or not, established himself as the visual embodiment of the kind of wrestling that fans who trembled at the mention of the phrase “sports entertainment” favored.
  2. ), the fans erupted in rage.
  3. It also served as the scene of a fan protest.
  4. “We Want Flair” chants greeted Barry Windham’s main event, which decided who would become the new World champion.
  5. The stupidity of WCW management would show its ugly head again a few years later, and Flair would disappear from television for six months in 1998 as a result of it.
  6. Over the years, I believe WCW fans have earned a horrible image for themselves.
  7. ”ECW!” Extreme Championships are held every year.

WWFWCW was out of touch with its fanbases and where pop culture was moving in the early to mid 1990s, but Paul Heyman was on the pulse of what was happening at that time.

He understood what they were looking for.

The three letters of the promotion were chanted the loudest at every ECW concert, and they were the most popular cry.

The first time I recall hearing ECW chanting outside of the confines of the organization’s headquarters was in Philadelphia, where the promotion is based.

It was a harrowing ordeal that concluded in the coronation of King Mabel as monarch.

While “ECW” began as a rebellious cry, it has evolved into an admiration of the wellspring of the WWF’s mentality and the WWF’s overall lunacy in recent years.

WWE listened to them and chose to relaunch the brand under their roof in order to maximize the amount of money they could make from it.

When older fans lost their connection to the initials and fresh fans came in who had no idea what ECW was other than WWE’s third brand, the chants began to fade down and eventually disappeared.

What three syllables could be more appropriate than the name of a former ECW (now WWE) wrestler?

The plot of CM Punk incorporates the best elements of our prior two entries into the series.

His position as one of the biggest stars of the twenty-first century to rise from the ranks of independent wrestling allows him to establish a bond with the most ardent sections of the audience.

In today’s wrestling community, CM Punk is a highly contentious character.

Some of Punk’s most ardent supporters during his wrestling career are now among his most vocal adversaries.

When spectators in venues yell that name, they become extremely enraged.

WWE does encourage it from time to time, whether they mean to or not, whether they are aware of it or not.

CM Punk spent the better part of two years convincing people that he was the best in the world.

Why wouldn’t fans notice the link between the two films?

Because of the manner it ended up being booked, it deserved to be treated well.

For starters, it satisfies their want to be rebellious in some way.

Second, it annoys the McMahons to their core.

However, the simple fact that CM Punk exists outside of the WWE is a pain in the rear end for everyone who has McMahon blood in their veins.

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Yet another reason exists, one that we’re all reluctant to mention but which we all understand deep down in our hearts.

You’re telling me you wouldn’t take CM Punk on either Raw or SmackDown right now, is I correct?

Okay, he’s 40 years old, but it still makes him a pup when compared to the majority of the folks that are now on the big eventing shows.

Samoa Joe, perhaps?

He’d be a great addition to the Raw roster alongside someone like Seth Rollins.

On paper, a feud between Punk and Ambrose appears to be rather exciting to this observer.

Is this something that will happen? No. Has this ever prevented us from wishing for anything in the past? In no way, shape, or form. After all, WCW fans were able to reclaim Ric Flair. ECW was brought back by WWE. Bringing Punk back would make it a perfect three-for-three.

Fans Need to Stop Chanting CM Punk

The business of professional wrestling is an odd and peculiar one in that it may be the only form of live entertainment in which the goal is to elicit an emotional response from the audience. Sure, artists don’t want dead audiences, and comedians want to make their audiences laugh, but this isn’t the same as pro wrestling, which requires a live audience. The goal of pro wrestling promoters is for you to root for the good guys, boo the evil people, and laugh at the humorous characters. Not all noise, on the other hand, is beneficial.

  • The audience members yell irrelevant and offensive things instead of attempting to enhance the spectacle or show respect to the performers in the ring.
  • The notorious CM Punkchant, of course.
  • You may boo the good folks and applaud for the evil guys, and you can start whatever crazy chant that strikes your fancy.
  • You should continue to do it if you find it amusing and original.

CM Punk Doesn’t Care

This may appear to be harsh, yet it is totally correct. CM Punk himself admitted that he didn’t watch Raw when he was still employed by the business, and he isn’t watching it now either. As a result, if the shouts are intended to attract his attention, they will be in vain. Sure, he could hear people shouting when The Rock phoned him after Raw a few weeks ago, but it doesn’t happen every time the show is shown. It’s no secret that CM Punk does not want to wrestle for the WWE, and the WWE does not want CM Punk working for them.

But, clearly, this isn’t the reason why most people scream his name in the first place.

The McMahons Don’t Care

In most cases, one of two things causes CM Punk chants to begin. The chants may begin during a segment that the audience thinks dull or foolish, or while there is a McMahon in the ring, depending on the situation. However, when it comes to the latter, what’s the point of it? Yes, the shouts might be obnoxious and disruptive, but it has nothing to do with CM Punk’s performance. In fact, it makes it simpler for them to just disregard it. “New Day Rocks!” they might yell at the McMahons, and if they did it loudly enough, it would be equally disruptive as chanting “New Day Rocks!” In recent years, Shawn Michaels and Stephanie McMahon have both done an outstanding job of putting an end to the chanting.

It’s not like they’re staying up late at night listening to the echoes of CM Punk chants ringing in their heads all night. “Oh hell, let’s jump in our magical time machine and have Punk main event WrestleMania!” will not result from chanting his name in their direction. Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Pipe Bomb Detonated

However, let us be realistic for a moment and acknowledge that there has already been an article written regarding the impact of CM Punk’s pipe bomb promotion. This year’s WrestleMania card features a slew of unconventional “indy darlings” who have landed in prominent positions on the show. On the card will be Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, Dean Ambrose, Neville, Austin Aries, Karl Anderson, Samoa Joe, and Sami Zayn, among many more wrestlers. Anyone on that list over six feet five inches tall and shredded?

Wrestling fans like reminiscing about the past, but the level of wrestling in WWE may be the highest it has ever been.

Respect the Workers

Finally, the majority of people chant CM Punk for the same reason that online trolls make tasteless comments about Chris Benoit: to make fun of him. They do it because they believe it is edgy and will make them appear cool. The same way that being the noisy, disruptive kid in school made the class clown feel like a star for a brief while, starting an unnecessary chant to get your point through at a wrestling performance is superficial and disrespectful of the wrestling community. And who truly suffers when the entire audience is yelling “CM Punk,” as is the case?

Stephanie McMahon, perhaps?


That the creative for their match is horrible or that they weren’t given enough time to have a fantastic match is not their fault; they’re out there trying their best, and you’re screaming the name of a wrestler who couldn’t give a damn about them.

The Last Word

As a result, regardless of what my essay says, people will continue to yell CM Punk’s name in public. Trolls believe they are being humorous and edgy, and they will continue to troll unabated for the rest of their lives. However, for the rest of the world, you should think carefully before screaming CM Punk’s name at concerts. If a match or segment is particularly bad, fans should boo it or yell “this is horrible.” In the meanwhile, CM Punk doesn’t care, the McMahons don’t care, and the wrestlers in the ring deserve to be booed as people, if nothing else.

WWE.com is the source of the main image.

Becky Lynch has savaged WWE fans for CM Punk chants at Survivor Series

After the Survivor Series pay-per-view on Sunday, Becky Lynch slammed the audience for their “stupid chants,” accusing them of being hypocritical. Lynch prevailed in her bout against SmackDown Women’s Champion, Charlotte, to take home the victory and the bragging rights in what has grown into a heated rivalry in recent weeks between the women’s divisions. But even after winning the Women’s 5-on-5 Elimination Match at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, The Man expressed displeasure with the yelling from the audience during the match.

  • On Monday’s broadcast of RAW, Lynch, however, slammed the audience for chanting Punk’s name in the crowd.
  • “You claim you want something new and different, yet you just witnessed ten women break their backs attempting to prove themselves to you last night.
  • Don’t you think you did your dumb little chant and your stupid little wave, and sung your stupid little songs?” Despite her attempts to cast aspersions on the audience, Lynch later conceded that none of the Elimination Match participants were deserving of being in the same limelight as her.
  • Bianca Belair was the lone survivor of the elimination challenge, and she now has the opportunity to restart her fight with Lynch once more.
  • In the Raw vs SmackDown matchup on Sunday night, Lynch said that her possible new competitor “under-delivered.” “Thankfully, Bianca Belair was able to pull it off for Raw, but what did you do, Liv?

“You didn’t do anything,” she stated. In the upcoming weeks, it will be intriguing to observe how things evolve between the two of them as tensions continue to boil over.

Sporting News – Breaking News Now!

CM Punk makes pro-wrestling return with AEW

20th of August, 2021 CM Punkis has returned to the world of professional wrestling. With WWE, though, this is not the case. Punk made his comeback to the ring on Friday night with All Elite Wrestling (AEW), appearing on the company’s televised show “Rampage” in his birthplace of Chicago. He had been absent from the ring for seven years. In a social media post, AEW revealed that CM Punk, one of the most prominent figures in pro wrestling throughout the 2010s, has signed with the company. When asked about his feelings towards pro wrestling after the event, CM Punk replied, “Sometimes you fall out of love with things.” “If you give something out and it returns back to you, it is genuine love,” says the author.

  1. 5 in Chicago.
  2. Because to the speculations and rumours, AEW, a new promotion that began in 2019, was able to sell out the United Center for the most live attendance in its history.
  3. What ensued was one of the most raucous and long-lasting responses in the history of professional wrestling.
  4. Upon entering the ring, Punk addressed the adoring fans for several minutes before announcing the bout against Allin.
  5. Punk, 42, said that he had been in contact with AEW founder Tony Khan, the son of Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan, for a year and a half before signing with the organization.
  6. Punk did not provide specifics on his deal, but he did state that it was for the long term and that he would not be working on a part-time basis.
  7. There were a number of fortunate coincidences that occurred along the road that made this feasible.” Punk is a former three-time WWE world heavyweight champion and former WWE champion who has competed in over 100 matches.

The lawsuit was won by Punk.

Immediately following his retirement from professional wrestling, Punk began training at Roufusport in Milwaukee with former UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis and Paul Felder.

Punk was defeated by unanimous decision by Michael Jackson at UFC 225 in June 2018.

Because Jackson tested positive for marijuana during the fight, it was eventually overturned and declared a no-contest.

Punk is still on the UFC roster, despite the fact that he hasn’t competed in three years.

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Punk also serves as color commentator for Cage Fury FC on UFC Fight Pass, and he has said that he will continue in that capacity.

White stated that if the report were genuine, the UFC would have no objections to it.

The All Elite Wrestling (AEW) organization was founded in 2019 and has swiftly acquired popularity as a rival to WWE.

“It was really more about the overall mood of the event. This place didn’t seem like a house; it felt more like a home “Punk had this to say about AEW. This is the greatest way I can think of to convey what I was feeling.

The History Of Hatred Between Triple H & CM Punk

A lot of people are aware of the tension that has existed, and maybe continues to exist, in the turbulent relationship between Triple H and CM Punk over the years, with issues developing from Punk’s early days in WWE all the way up until he left the company. What caused these problems to begin with, and how did things grow so severe that they had to be addressed?

Triple H Wasn’t A Fan Of CM Punk From The Beginning

Numerous fans think the seeds of their animosity were planted long before Punk joined WWE, as his heel stint as ROH World Champions inspired numerous similarities between his heel run and Triple H’s ‘Reign of Terror’. Although there’s a good probability that Punk wasn’t trying to be a copycat of HHH, he did utilize the ‘Pepsi Plunge’ approach on the indies, which gave the impression of having a higher pedigree. These comparisons reportedly irritated HHH, which may have been one of the reasons why he and his other D-Generation X partner, Shawn Michaels, were dissatisfied with a dark bout CM Punk had in 2005.

  1. If you look at where Punk is today in terms of his status in the industry, you can see that it clearly didn’t work to keep him down.
  2. With a less effective technique, a smaller stature, and a different appearance, CM Punk faced an uphill struggle from the beginning of his WWE career.
  3. Punk — the newer, younger star — earned some of the loudest shouts and chants during the bout, which was a credit to the hard work he’d put in up to that point in his career.
  4. It’s possible that Punk and HHH’s lack of interaction on WWE television was due to feelings of envy or hatred, or it might have been simply due to circumstances.
  5. This may have been nothing more than harmless fun and games intended to entertain the audience, but there were hints of something more profound going on.
  6. As part of a staged photo shoot, Punk vented his resentment at the company that hired him, calling names like as The Rock, Vince McMahon, and Triple H names and insulted them.

However, because Punk’s comments about “doofus son-in-law” were so quick, it appeared to be even more serious than the rest of his remarks. In fact, it appeared as though he couldn’t even find the motivation to disrespect HHH any further.

A Feud With Triple H Began The Fall For The Summer Of Punk

Following his meteoric rise to become one of, if not the best babyface in professional wrestling as a result of the Summer of Punk, he went into a rivalry with Triple H later that year. On paper, pairing the two of them made sense because they were two of the most well-known wrestlers in the world at the time. What followed was a jumble of a plot that included a strange text message, a brief return to the ring by Kevin Nash, and Punk losing big match after big match after big match. The first of these happened when he was stripped of the WWE Championship at Summerslam, which was immediately followed by a PPV loss against HHH.

HHH and Punk traded jabs at each other’s physical appearances throughout their clashes on the mic, with Punk bringing these claims of burying talent to light and HHH striking back with jabs at Punk’s body.

CM Punk Made One Final Dig At Triple H On His Way Out

Following his meteoric rise to become one of, if not the top babyface in professional wrestling as a result of the Summer of Punk, he went into a rivalry with Triple H later that year. On paper, the pairing made sense because the two were two of the most well-known wrestlers in the world at the time. After that, the plot devolved into chaos, with a strange text message, a brief Kevin Nash return to the ring, and a string of crushing defeats for CM Punk. First and foremost was his loss of the WWE Championship at Summerslam, which was swiftly followed by a PPV defeat against HHH.

HHH and Punk traded jabs at each other’s physical appearances throughout their clashes on the mic, with Punk bringing these charges of burying talent to light and HHH striking back with jabs at Punk’s body.

AEW star Bryan Danielson delves into MMA origins of ‘Yes chant,’ reenacting Silva-Sonnen 2 with CM Punk

Bryan Danielson rode his incredible in-ring abilities, a hefty dose of positivism, and a sprinkling of MMA influence to the pinnacle of the professional wrestling industry. As a top performer with All Elite Wrestling, Danielson has been in the professional wrestling industry for more than two decades, including a 12-year stint with the WWE, during which he became well-known across the world. Although Danielson himself is not particularly well-known, the “Yes chant,” which became an integral component of his gimmick and was later adopted by sports fanbases throughout the world, is arguably more well-known.

  • He would come to the cage and say, ‘Yes!
  • Yes!’ and that was the first time I ever saw him.
  • “And you know I took note of that, don’t you?” Danielson expressed himself.
  • They wanted me to be completely out of character.
  • But I had no idea it would take on a life of its own, which it sort of did,” says the author.
  • His career momentum took him all the way to the main event of WrestleMania XXXin April 2014, where he won the WWE Championship in a match that is still remembered fondly by wrestling fans today.
  • After meeting Sanchez (who he describes as “a great lovely man”) on a WWE trip to New Mexico, Danielson expressed gratitude that the boxer didn’t appear to have any issues with the now-famous chant in question.

“That’s what he said to me, like ‘I think it’s really amazing that you utilize it and it it encourages other people,’ because that’s sort of genuinely one of the reasons I believe he does it.” This is more of a “fire yourself up,” “inspiration” kind of activity, as well as seeing how others go about their business.

I believe others who watched me do it — since this is kind of the life of the Yes chant — believe he did it.

“I obtained it from him.” All of a sudden, the basketball team from Michigan State starts making use of this resource.

Although Pence was completely unaware of my existence at the time, it was one of his buddies who said, “Yeah, it’s something that wrestlers do.” He had observed the Michigan State basketball supporters doing it and felt it was motivating and a wonderful way to promote optimism to the club, and things along those lines.

Consequently, it was a great thing, because people could kind of interpret it in their own way, and it took on a life of its own.” Moreover, Danielson has previously trained with fighters like as Wallid Ismail, Justin McCully, Ken Shamrock, and future Xtreme Couture head coach Eric Nicksick, among others, in order to further his MMA career.

  1. What would he do if he were to enter the realm of cagefighting, where every second counts?
  2. “To be truthful, I’m not a particularly gifted athlete,” Danielson said with a chuckle when asked why he never pursued a professional mixed martial arts career.
  3. We all know I’m not competitive in the least, so when they tell me I’m going to lose, I just shrug my shoulders and accept it.
  4. Some males are offended by this.

I had aspirations of competing in a lot of grappling competitions and other events, but even at that point, I’d had several concussions and other injuries, so the prospect of participating in an MMA fight or even a kickboxing match didn’t seem very appetizing to me at the time.” That is not to say that Danielson has ruled out mixed martial arts as a viable option in the future.

Danielson and future UFC fighterCM Punkreenacted a memorable moment from the Silva-Sonnen rematch.

“We certainly did,” Danielson said. “I’m not sure who came up with the concept, whether it was mine or Punk’s, or whether it was the two of us collaborating to be fools.”

They Believe Because He Believes: How CM Punk Changed AEW

“They believe because he believes,” says the author. Perhaps it is weird to begin an essay on CM Punk’s return to wrestling with a sentence from a remark Mick Foley uttered while The Sandman was drinking his first beer during his entrance at ECW One Night Stand 2005, but that is where I’m going to start this post. There’s no way I’d be writing this post if it weren’t for that entrance, The Sandman drank beer while swaggering/staggered through a Hammerstein Ballroom that would have shouted their lungs out, screaming “Enter Sandman,” even if the WWE hadn’t paid to license the song, so where do I even begin?

It is difficult, if not impossible, for us, wrestling fans, to believe that all it takes is a basic cable subscription to come across something that will make us Happy.

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Those two doors are for persons who are diametrically opposed to one another, but they are spiritually equivalent. When The Sandman’s music begins to play—his song—as it’s if the ultimate proof has arrived that, indeed, this event was a success, and that, for one night, ECW was very much alive and thriving. There is a sense of sadness in the fact that it has been four and a half years since the final concert under the ECW name. Arenas packed with WWE fans screaming the promotion’s name, the promotion’s stars making appearances all over the card, a best-selling DVD—there was a genuine appetite for not only the guy, but also for what he represented.

  1. With regard to CM Punk, you may say the same thing.
  2. Cool.
  3. It can be difficult at times.
  4. Despite the fact that it was surrounded by a civilization that wanted to destroy it, it thrived.
  5. That’s a long time for people to scream the name of a single individual, but that’s genuine yearning on their part.
  6. CM Punk wasn’t representing WWE at the time, but rather another organization.
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When Dusty Rhodes spoke, one of my favorite things about him was the way he used the term “feeling” every now and then. Every sentence carried a tremendous amount of weight. EE-MOW- SHUN is pronounced as EE-MOW- SHUN. His feelings, the emotions of the audience, and the passions stoked by the great sport of professional wrestling were always on his mind, but when he dropped the word, you knew it was genuine. Once upon a time, Roger Ebert referred to movies as “a mechanism that develops empathy.” Wrestling is a fast-paced sport with little room for compassion.

  1. If you’re capable of feeling empathy, that’s great, but all wrestling wants you to feel is some sort of emotion, baby.
  2. I said a few weeks back that I cried during CM Punk’s homecoming.
  3. I was bawling my heart out, my chin trembling, and it was something I had to put aside so that I could join everyone else in yelling “KAZE NI NARE.” When I subsequently informed the gentleman next to me of this, he immediately departed and purchased me a CM Punk ice cream bar.
  4. Emotion.
  5. As they put it, “how could anybody be faulted for expecting the worst on August 20th,” given the years of disrespect that had preceded it?
  6. Because the world’s largest wrestling corporation, which is a lovely way of saying “the world’s largest machine that creates disdain,” continuously projects that feeling at us as wrestling fans, it’s frequently the simplest one to experience as a wrestling fan.
  7. Sheamus, Kofi Kingston vs.

Becky Lynch), there are hundreds of matches, thousands of moments, and an untold number of things seen and unseen that would have – and should have – killed the medium, but have instead seen that major company live grow too big to fail, even as it loses viewers and talent.

Those admirers were turned off by the scorn, decided they didn’t want it anymore, and left.

You either engage with the item or you don’t engage with it.

There is too much of one emotion and not enough of the positive emotions that wrestling is capable of eliciting.

CM Punk moved away as a result of that scorn, and he was a wrestler who genuinely enjoyed his craft.


Rumors and conjecture, perhaps?

He didn’t leave for something else, and he didn’t give up; he simply walked away, and people who walk away from something they love are less likely to return. He, on the other hand, did. And that altered the course of events.

More than a one night stand.

When CM Punk returned to All Elite Wrestling on August 20th, it confirmed what fans and wrestlers had been saying about the organization since its inception – that it was different, from the makeup of the organization to its roster to its presentation; that it was worth the risk; and that it was enjoyable. Whatever else may be said about AEW, the fact remains that all of those things were true prior to Punk’s comeback. But were they true enough to send one of the company’s most authentically injured by the business wrestling stars back to a medium he seemed destined to create in?

The atmosphere shifted the minute Punk walked down the runway on August 20.

Minoru Suzuki, Ruby Soho, Adam Cole, and Bryan Danielson all made their AEW debuts in a single night.

They delivered on the most highly anticipated match of the past seven years, giving us a CM Punk who was happy, excited, and motivated to wrestle a style, to wrestle a wrestle There was a lot of happiness, a lot of laughter, a lot of singing.

It was all there, from the pre-show karaoke by Pixie and Baltimora to a crowd full of wrestling fans who unsurprisingly knew every word to Rancid’s “Ruby Soho” to a kind of flubbed version of “Judas” to the “damn, the congregation was really feeling it last night” delivery of Living Colour’s “Cult of Personality,” a song that, at this point in Punk’s career, is comparable to The On Sunday, they weren’t only watching wrestling; they were also having a good time.

Allow me to repeat myself: People.



AEW Referring back to Ed’s review of CM Punk’s ice cream bars, it’s important to note that it wasn’t just that WWE had been sowing the seeds of discontent for more than two decades; it was also that the bars themselves represented a fulfillment of Punk’s stated and unstated promise to change the professional wrestling industry.

  • WWE is receiving the benefits of their labor, while CM Punk is having a good time somewhere else.
  • Fans are clamoring to get on board with the AEW.
  • I try to avoid making broad statements about wrestling’s historical importance based on how long I’ve been watching it, but I’ll say this for myself: I’ve never seen, felt, or experienced anything like All Out 2021 in my life, and I’m not sure I ever will.
  • Does it seem like it’s feasible to experience that level of thrill again in terms of sight, sound, smell, touch, and perhaps even taste?
  • However, there are the senses and then there is the spiritual, and these two events were aimed at and succeeded in achieving the latter.
  • One Night Stand was a commemoration of the end of the ECW era.
  • You can’t help but notice that The Sandman has spent a good portion of the previous four and a half years drinking beer when Mick Foley delivers his “They believe because they believe” statement, can’t you?
  • AEW is not affiliated with any political party.
  • What that party celebrates is not itself, but rather the principles of what it promotes, namely wrestling and what wrestling is capable of doing in the world of sports.
  • They’re entertaining.

The fact that Punk has returned, that Soho, Cole, and Danielson have made their debuts, and that many of the company’s ex-WWE signings have continued to succeed, as well as how they’ve been integrated into AEW’s day one roster, has created a great deal of chaos in the world of professional wrestling, rather than the dire certainty of one wrestling company’s unchecked, unending dominance over the field.

From one week to the next, it feels like everything is possible, and I haven’t felt like this since I was a young child.

Do you remember what wrestling was like when I was a kid? It was a lot of fun. What a wonderful blessing it is, therefore, to be able to transform something I adore into something I can enjoy doing once more.

Becky Lynch Calls Out Fans For Hijacking WWE Survivor Series Match With CM Punk Chants

After fans at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York insulted and jeered the 10 Superstars that participated in theWomen’s 5-on-5 Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match at Sunday’s Survivor Series pay-per-view, RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch reacted angrily. When Lynch appeared on RAW to promote her new book, she talked about how fans are continually begging for someone “fresh and new” to be placed at the top of the card, only to act hypocritically with their “dumb chants.” Fans at Barclays Center laughed when Lynch told them, “It’s funny, I used to place so much faith in your opinion until I learned you’re full of crap.” “You claim you want something new and different, yet you just witnessed ten women break their backs attempting to prove themselves to you last night.

  • And, more importantly, what did you do?
  • When it comes to interfering in their match, Lynch remarked, “It pains me to say this, but I truly agree with you.” “None of those ten so-called Superstars has what it takes to defeat me,” says the champion.
  • 1 contender to her championship) step forward and challenge her for the WWE Championship.
  • Team RAW was represented by Belair, Morgan, Carmella, Queen Zelina Vega, and Ripley, while Team SmackDown was represented by Sasha Banks, Shotzi, Natalya, Shayna Baszler, and Toni Storm.

CM Punk makes pro-wrestling return, signs with All Elite Wrestling

Becky Lynch was not pleased with fans at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, who were disrespectful to the ten Superstars that participated in theWomen’s 5-on-5 Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match at Sunday’sSurvivor Series pay-per-view event. At the start of the show, Lynch made the point that supporters are always begging for someone “fresh and new” to be placed on top of the card, but then act hypocritically by chanting “dumb chants.” Fans at Barclays Center laughed when Lynch told them, “It’s funny, I used to place so much faith in your opinion until I learned you were full of garbage.” In your quest for something new and exciting, you witnessed ten ladies break their backs last night in an attempt to prove themselves to you.

In your case, what happened was this: Don’t you think you performed your stupid little chant and your stupid little wave, and you sung your stupid little songs, too?” Afterwards, Lynch stated that none of the ten ladies is deserving of being in the same limelight as her.

Prior to this, Lynch asked fans if they would want to see women such as Rhea Ripley, Bianca Belair, or Liv Morgan (the No.

When Belair was last pinned by Shotzi, she became the lone survivor of the 5-on-5 elimination match.

Team RAW was represented by Belair, Morgan, Carmella, Queen Zelina Vega, and Ripley, whilst Team SmackDown was represented by Sasha Banks, Shotzi, Natalya, Shayna Baszler, and Toni Storm. Team RAW was represented by Belair, Morgan, Carmella, Queen Zelina Vega, and Ripley.

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