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3 annoying crowd chants in WWE that need to stop

Professional wrestling occupies a specific niche of the performance art entertainment spectrum in which audience engagement is actively sought for, and it is a type of performance art. Each and every move a wrestler makes inside the ring is done in order to provoke a live reaction from the audience, but it goes much farther than that. Fans have been allowed to bring their own weapons to matches in everything from ECW to WWE, which has made stars out of The Miz Girl and Shocked Undertaker Guy.

Some could argue that it has gotten to the point where it is a burden to the product.

The ability of the audience to participate is without a doubt one of the things that makes the WWE so entertaining at times.

There are some chants, however, that are detrimental to the product as a whole.

3 The Perfect 10 Chants

The ten chants were detrimental to the match the majority of the time. The “Perfect 10” gimmick of Tye Dillinger provided us with the gift of the “TEN!” chorus. The chant is one of my favorites, but it’s important to know when to employ it properly. When it comes down to it, the chant is just a way for the crowd to express their admiration for Tye throughout his matches – when he performs a cartwheel or throws ten fingers in his opponent’s face, the crowd is quick to respond with a standing ovation.

  • This happened only two days after the Survivor Series event in 2017, which meant that the WWE was still in Canada, which is where Tye Dillinger is from.
  • This is not ideal, not only for the sake of onlookers who may become confused about the true count, but also for the sake of the two talent who are competing in the match if they cannot hear the referee.
  • It was also unaffected by the official decision not to employ Tye Dillinger on RAW at the time.
  • Dillinger will be in the number ten spot at the Royal Rumble.
  • This detracts from the tension that is being built for each contestant.

Giving the Mysterio treatment to whoever it may be from 2014, perhaps? As previously said, I am a fan of this chant, but I hope that it does not get stale. Nishant Jayaram was in charge of editing. Please give this article a star rating! Thank you very much! Login to post a response Cancel Reply

10 Chants That Don’t Need To Return With The WWE Universe

The return of the WWE Universe to the arena is something that everyone is looking forward to. A genuine atmosphere has been severely missed on Raw and SmackDown throughout the epidemic, and there is little question that the entire product will improve as a result of the return of the fans to the arenas. Live fans, on the other hand, are not always beneficial. There have been several instances in which the WWE Universe’s shouting has really interfered with a match’s outcome. Sometimes, supporters may make a significant difference in the outcome of a match.


When it comes to legendary wrestling chants, the “what” cry is without a doubt one that fans should refrain from bringing back with them when they return home. While it worked brilliantly for Steve Austin during his time on the show, the chant has continued to be used ever since, usually when a commercial is being aired. It’s something that frequently knocks a wrestler off their game in the arena, making it difficult for them to thrive and tell their story in the ring, which is an issue for the audience.

9″Fight Forever”

Assuming that this cry was utilized rarely and only during important main event narratives, there would be no issue. The reality is that this isn’t the case, since many supporters continue to use this cry on a consistent basis. When the WWE Universe chants away during a routine contest, it detracts from the impact of the chant when it is utilized in a huge event since it no longer means as much to the majority of the audience.

8″We Want Tables”

When employed sparingly and just for significant main event narratives, this would not be an issue, according to the author. While many fans do repeat this slogan on a daily basis, it isn’t necessarily true in this instance. As long as a WWE Universe member chants away during a routine match, it detracts from the impact of the chant when it is utilized in a huge event since it no longer has the same meaning to the audience.

7″This Is Wrestling”

One of the weirdest chants that supporters participate in is this one, which is just stating the obvious. While it is intended to be done in a way that demonstrates that the supporters are really impressed by the quality, it is not a particularly effective chant. Because everyone is aware that it is wrestling, which is something that people have paid to watch, the entire objective of the chant is defeated right from the outset.

6″You Can’t Wrestle”

Any time someone puts their body on the line inside the ring, they should be appreciated for their decision. Even though people demand the best from WWE, there will always be wrestlers that fall short of expectations. But everyone is making an effort and striving for improvement, and if they work for WWE, they have some worth, whether it’s in a promo or just by virtue of their star power alone.

Chanting this at them is rude, and after being deprived of the opportunity to watch live wrestling for so long, it should not be reinstated.


This is significantly less likely to happen now that Tye Dillinger is no longer a part of the WWE, but it did happen on a regular basis even when he wasn’t utilized much. This is something that supporters frequently do when the referee is counting someone out, and they usually do it at a different time than the player is counting them out. The fact of the matter is that this is plain bothersome. When done well, a 10 count may bring a great deal of drama and excitement to a match. However, when the crowd is engrossed in a chanting frenzy, the moment is rendered ineffective.


It is certain that not every part will be excellent; this is something that can be assured. Even some moments that some fans adore will be despised by others, which has frequently resulted in “boring” shouts being heard throughout the years. While some fans may become bored during particular matches or parts, the wrestlers ought to be spared this shout because they deserve to be respected. Plus, after such a long period of time without being able to watch wrestling live, can’t wrestling fans just relish being back in that environment once more?

3″You’ve Still Got It”

Even though this cry is intended to be a complement to those who hear it, the talent often feels elderly or as if the audience did not expect them to perform well. This can be effective in some situations, as as when Ricky Steamboat battled Chris Jericho. However, when someone who isn’t that old returns and is greeted with this chant, it doesn’t really make any sense to me at all. There won’t be any complaints if it doesn’t come back, and hopefully, that will be the case in this instance.

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2″We Are Awesome”

There is no doubt that wrestling fans can make a significant impact to the quality of the product. Certain segments of the audience, on the other hand, attempt to make everything about them, which is always a source of great sadness to witness. When an audience is exceptionally boisterous when the show isn’t quite up to their standards, the chanting “we are fantastic” are frequently heard. These are by far the worst types of fans because they want the performance to be about them, rather than the talent, which should never be the case in the first place.

1″CM Punk”

One chant in particular should be avoided at all costs by the wrestling fans upon their return, and it is the one mentioned above. While CM Punk was a terrific wrestler and someone who would bring a lot to the table today, the reality of the matter is that he is no longer interested in becoming a professional wrestler. However, the repeated shouting of his name by the audience during various portions is quite irritating. It is not beneficial to the current product and does not demonstrate any respect for the abilities present in the ring at the time, which is why it should not be brought back.

When it comes to the WWE’s Ruthless Aggression period, both John Cena and Batista went to the top of the company’s hierarchy, but why did Cena become such a much greater figure than The Animal?

More information may be obtained on Twitter at @MC Wilkinson1More. Submitted by Matthew Wilkinson

7 Annoying WWE Crowd Chants That Need To Die

WWE The WWE crowd chants used to be basic and innocuous, and they were only heard on rare occasions. That was not always the case, though. We’d yell the names of our favorite performers and boo the heels, with the odd “A**hole” chant reserved exclusively for Vince McMahon thrown in for good measure. However, somewhere along the line, shouting evolved into something more than a means of expressing devotion or contempt for a single superstar. It has progressed to the point that shouts have become its own sideshow, frequently overshadowing whatever is taking down in the ring.

  • Sometimes the person on the receiving end is deserving of what is being done to them.
  • Now, before we go into that, let me clarify that I am not asking for a ban against chanting.
  • In addition, I believe that, on occasion, a well-crafted, imaginative chant may bring life to an otherwise stale event.
  • And many WWE fans have made the decision to chant all of the time, regardless of whether or not they are truly justified in doing so.
  • So, let him speak for himself: “Sometimes it appears as though these cries are coming from self-absorbed, attention-starved supporters who feel obligated to make sure that everyone within hearing distance knows how they feel about the game.
  • Pay close attention to what they’re saying.

7. WHAT!?

WWE.com It’s ice cold. Steve Austin is considered to be one of the most valuable assets in the WWE. Not only did he save the firm from going bankrupt, but he also restored the company’s image as a cool place to be. And a large part of that was due to his never-ending barrage of salty catchphrases. What would the present product look like if “Austin 3:16” and his “bottom line” weren’t there, as well as an endless supply of whoop-ass cans to go around? It hypothetical universe isn’t a place I’d want to live, there’s no doubt about that.

That f*cking obnoxious, no-good “WHAT!?” chant that can still be heard resonating across arenas fifteen years after it was originally heard.

Partially due to the fact that WWE fans still have a huge soft spot for Austin’s Attitude Era, but largely due to the fact that some men just want to sit back and watch the world burn.

However, no amount of apologies will ever be enough to set things right.

No, according to the numbers. But, if we all do our part, and knock the living daylights out of everybody we come across who is yelling “WHAT!?” we might just be able to rid the WWE of the obnoxious phrase once and for all, and make the world a better place for our children.

‘What’ chants are the worst thing about WWE and they need to stop

Stone Cold Steve Austin, then-WWE World Champion, made a statement in August 2001. On SmackDown, Steve Austin made his now-famous “What” chanting début during a promotional segment. It immediately rose to become the most cherished cry in the WWE, and it was actually amusing at the time it was introduced. 15 years later, “What” shouts are still the most annoying portion of WWE programming, and they are particularly detrimental to the company’s up-and-coming talents. Carmella has been the newest victim of the “What” chant, as she performed a fantastic job of roasting Nikki Bella on Tuesday night while the fans in Stone Cold’s home state chanted “What!” at every single pause.

  1. During a 2015 episode of his podcast, Austin discussed the history of the “What” chant, and he stated that he had no regrets for initiating it.
  2. The truth is, when someone is cutting a commercial and the audience begins yelling ‘WHAT, WHAT, WHAT’ every time they take a break, the best way to avoid this is to just don’t give them a pause in the first place.
  3. Do I have any regrets?
  4. People used to have a lot of fun doing that back in the day, and guess what?
  5. We printed the words “what” and a question mark on the front of a t-shirt, and it resulted in a significant increase in sales.
  6. Instead, they may exploit that to their advantage by employing the skill.” Austin is correct about a couple of things here – it was entertaining back in the day, and he did sell a significant number of t-shirts at the time.
  7. When a crowd derails a nascent star’s (otherwise excellent) promotional campaign when they have done nothing to deserve it, it is not amusing.
  8. In spite of the fact that Carmella had the crowd enthralled with a wonderful “shut up, I’m talking” performed with a heavy New York accent, members of the audience attempted to hijack the promo.
  9. Some celebrities may be more adept at dealing with boisterous audiences, but attempting to make a point and advance your own personal plot while navigating a “What” chant shouldn’t be a weekly expectation for the majority of them.
  10. At the very least, the idea of fans harassing Chris Jericho with “sparklecrotch” chants is timely.
  11. It’s not even a chant that’s specifically intended against heels.

It’s insane, and it has to come to an end. In the case that you’re at a WWE live event and someone close to you joins in on the what chant, it is your responsibility as a fan to label them a dumb fool. The artists are deserving of a better deal.

WWE Twitter Account Asks Fans To Stop Doing The “WHAT” Chant

“Stone Cold”Steve Austin, future WWE Hall of Famer and future wrestling icon, found upon the world’s most convenient way to be irritating back in 2001. “What?” is a single, monosyllabic word that may be given in the middle of an adversary’s statement, and it can be used to be douchey, dismissive, and rude by everyone’s favorite heel in the game. It is that final one, some twenty years later, that is attracting the most attention. Fans, on the other hand, seized on the straightforward reaction and have been employing it ever since to express their dissatisfaction or discontent with a character or their current plot line.

  • Of course, when Austin pulled the stunt, he had every intention of making a fool of himself.
  • WWE executives, on the other hand, believe it is disrespectful to their talent since fans continue to use it to reject what they don’t like.
  • (They have since been removed, so feel free to interpret that anyway you wish.) This was the first message, which was posted during a RAW segment in which Jerry Lawler was interviewing Rusev, and it read: “Can we put an end to the shouts of ‘WHAT?'” It is no longer the year 2001.
  • The chant was directed towards @AngeloDawkins as he bid farewell to @WWENXT, then it was directed at a “Hall Of Famer” on RAW.
  • “And now we’re back to RAW.” Despite the fact that the brass made their opinions known, it is unlikely that it will have much of an impact on the audience.
  • When it comes to live crowds, it’s like a sea of marks and smarks, and they take pleasure in their collective trolling.
  • Recently, he told Busted Open Radio, “I did it as a running heel at the time, you know, I was wearing heels at the time, and I left that message on Christian’s voicemail.” It seemed like every time I said something, I’d pause and think, ‘what?
  • You’re right, aren’t you?
  • Isn’t it true that I’m jabbing you?
  • So that was my first attempt at putting it to good use.
  • A huge part of being in WWE or in the wrestling business is that the audience wants to be involved, whether they are rooting for you or against you, applauding for you or booing you, or whatever.
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As a part of the show, it provided an opportunity for them to become involved and contribute.” In the meantime, they’re still taking part and saying things like ‘Austin, why in the heck did you invent that, I wish you hadn’t done that’.” I would have never imagined it in a million years that…

“I wouldn’t have predicted…” Do you believe that the chanting are insulting to the wrestlers and their efforts? Or is it merely a harmless show of support from the crowd? Please share your opinions in the comments section!

WWE Hall of Famer ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Reveals the Origin of His Notorious ‘What?’ Chants

When a WWE Superstar is in the ring, one of the most irritating things for him or her is when the fans start chanting “What?” The infamous cry is well-known for its ability to interrupt promotional events and is frequently used by fans to disparage a heel or a despised Superstar. Contrary to popular belief, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was responsible for coining this phrase. ADVERTISEMENT The rest of the article is located below this advertisement. This catchphrase was used by ‘The Rattlesnake’ to anger a speaking opponent, much like The Rock’s catchphrase ‘It doesn’t matter!’ was used by The Rock.

  1. ADVERTISEMENT The rest of the article is located below this advertisement.
  2. In addition, I recall contacting Cristian on the phone one day while driving, but he didn’t pick up the phone.
  3. And then I’d say something and think, ‘What?’ can I say anything else?
  4. And I was like, ‘Wait, what?’ And I thought to myself, ‘Oh man, I think I’ve found something here.’ Now I have to put things into context.”

Steve Austin used the ‘What?’ chants throughout his career

This’something’ went on to become a recurring theme in Austin’s character’s development during the Attitude Era. It worked well in every situation, as Stone Cold employed it as a heel as well as a babyface in different matches. In the ring, I’d be dressing somebody down or something, ask them a question, and I’d say ‘What?’ like you’re really f***ing with somebody,” Austin recounted. “And then, as a babyface, you know, with the crowd, with generating a cadence and that pause- it just grew into a thing, and then we put it into a T-shirt!” says the singer.

Washington, Jr.

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin explained how to beat the ‘What?’ chants

Many Superstars have suffered as a result of the chanting, while some have managed to maintain their composure in the face of the strain. Even with the shouts, Alexa Bliss, The Undertaker, Vince McMahon, and The Miz have all managed to get through their promos effectively. ADVERTISEMENT The rest of the article is located below this advertisement. Stone Cold says that anyone with a rudimentary understanding of how to provide promotional material may get out of the bind. For those who say, “Hey dude, stop, the ‘What?” stuff is the worst thing that has ever happened because it’s f***ing up promotions,” I say, “here’s what you should do: stop saying what you’re thinking.” If you aren’t clever enough to leave out the pause, you aren’t capable of doing a promotion properly.

The cry now belongs to the people, and it serves as a reminder of the defiant attitude that characterized the Attitude Era.

Although superstars may be irritated by these obnoxious shouts, as Stone Cold said, the numbers may be exploited to their advantage. GO EVEN FURTHER DOWN “Stone Cold” Steve Austin reveals his pick for the ‘Coolest WWE Walkout Ever,’ which he calls “Stone Cold.” 11 months have elapsed since

Steve Austin On The Problem With The ‘What' Chant Being Used Today

Steve Austin was one of the most prominent figures in the WWE during the Attitude Era, and he was involved in one of the most memorable feuds in the company’s history with Vince McMahon. Austin turned on The Rock at WrestleMania 17 in 2001, and he later joined himself with Vince McMahon. The Alliance, which was formed months later by the merger of WCW and ECW, was formed to compete against WWE. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, the WWE Champion, was the driving force for this partnership. While watching SmackDown, Austin summoned the Alliance in the ring to reassure them that they could rely on him even though Vince McMahon had stated that he was about to flip on them and defect back to WWE during a segment.

  1. According to others, this portion was also responsible for popularizing the cries “What?” as they gained widespread acceptance.
  2. Many fans, however, believe that while this chant was enjoyable during its initial run in the early 2000s, it has become a touch irritating in recent years.
  3. “I had no idea the chanting of ‘What?’ would be around for as long as it has,” Austin reflected.
  4. Sometimes that ‘What?’ chant may be really overpowering, and you may believe that people aren’t paying attention to what you’re saying.

“The crowd is losing out on what the wrestler is saying, so you have to time that ‘What?’ chant when there’s some bulls–t going on, and you have to be able to listen to a real deal promo in order to understand what’s going on in the storyline.” I feel for you, and I feel for the people who are attempting to make a nice promotional video.

If you utilize any part of these lines, please be sure to provide proper attribution to The Steve Austin Show, with a special thanks to Wrestling Inc.

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The Steve Austin Show is the source of this information.

Report: Vince McMahon Upset with Massive Reaction to Daniel Bryan on Raw?

As one of the most prominent figures in WWE’s Attitude Era, Steve Austin was involved in one of the most memorable feuds in history with Vince McMahon. Austin turned on The Rock at WrestleMania 17 in 2001 and formed a partnership with Vince McMahon as a result. The Alliance, formed by the merger of World Wrestling Entertainment and WWE, competed against WWE for several months after that. WWE Champion “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was at the forefront of this partnership. While watching SmackDown, Austin summoned the Alliance in the ring to reassure them that they could rely on him even though Vince McMahon had stated that he was about to flip on them and defect back to WWE earlier in the show.

  • According to others, this portion was also responsible for popularizing the cries “What?” as they gained momentum.
  • Many supporters believe that while this cry was effective in the early 2000s, it has become increasingly irritating in recent years.
  • According to Austin, “I had no idea how long the chanting of ‘What?’ would last for the way it has.” “It can really interfere with a guy’s or girl’s rhythm, and it may make it difficult to understand what they are actually trying to communicate,” he stated.
  • The ‘What?’ chant may be quite distracting at times, leading you to believe that others aren’t paying attention to what you’re saying.
  • ” I feel for you, and I feel for the people that are attempting to make a decent promotional video for their product or services.
  • However, despite the fact that the shout is still in existence, Austin claims that he is constantly being cursed at on Twitter by people who are critical of the chant.

In the event that any section of these remarks is used, please remember to provide proper credit to The Steve Austin Show and Wrestling Inc. for the transcribing of the material. The Steve Austin Show was the source for this information.

Why do wrestling fans chant one fall?

During the Attitude Era, Steve Austin was one of the most prominent figures in the WWE, and he was involved in one of the most memorable feuds in history with Vince McMahon. Austin turned on The Rock at WrestleMania 17 in 2001 and formed a partnership with Vince McMahon. After a few months, WCW and ECW formed The Alliance to battle against WWE. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, the former WWE Champion, was the driving force for this partnership. While watching SmackDown, Austin summoned the Alliance in the ring to reassure them that they could rely on him even if Vince McMahon had stated that he would flip on them and defect back to WWE.

  • This portion has also been attributed with the introduction of the “What?” chants, which grew in popularity over time.
  • Many fans, however, believe that while this chant was enjoyable during its initial run in the early 2000s, it has now become grating.
  • “I had no idea the ‘What?’ chant would be around for as long as it has,” Austin remarked.
  • They can get a little agitated at times.
  • Additionally, when a very powerful, heartfelt ad is taking place, people will begin with that ‘What?’ chant.
  • I feel for you, and I feel for the people who are attempting to make a nice promotional video.
  • If you utilize any part of these quotes, please be sure to provide proper credit to The Steve Austin Show and Wrestling Inc.
  • The Steve Austin Show is the source for this information.


Does anyone have any information on the origins of this chant? ICW supporters from the United Kingdom. The identical ring that was announced and has the trademark “One Fall” on it, wise guy. The fact that I made my pro wrestling debut in front of a large audience on Friday is irrelevant to me.” Meltzer claims that Vince is offended by the “one fall!” chant: SquaredCircle” “What, in your view, is the single most irritating chant in”” Why do people in the United Kingdom cry “ONE FALL”?

: SquaredCircle – Reddit What are the NXT chants for “One Fall?” according to Reddit? Louisville, United States has responded to this question.


After Hamilton announces that “this match is set for one fall,” the WWE crowd chants “one fall” back to him, signaling the end of the contest. Getting the crowd fired up is a terrific approach to start the show. Milwaukee, United States has responded to this question.


Vince McMahon is not a fan of the “one fall” chant that fans yell at announcers during matches, to which he responded, “Announcers do the ‘one fall’ for the matches.” Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States responded to this question.


While the presence of a crowd and their reaction to what is happening in the ring can affect the flow of a bout, the reactions of fans to wrestlers can also have an impact on the outcome of a match. “I’ve only gone to two WWE events, one of which was a Smackdown taping back in November of 2011.” “Why do WWE fans still yell What at every WWE superstar?” is the most popular response. “Can you tell me why fans chant CM punk so often in WWE?” “Quora” is a question and answer website. “Can you tell me when and why the crowd started yelling ‘You stink’ at Kurt?” “Why do WWE fans continue to shout ‘CM Punk’ even though he is no longer in the company?” Answered by a resident of Jabalpur, India


Roman Reigns (Joe Anoai) is a professional wrestler who made his debut on the WWE main roster in This would express itself in Reigns main eventing four consecutive editions of the WWE Raw. Initially, Roman was one of the most well-liked talents on the roster, according to the audience. Reigns’ WWE Universal Championship bout was ruined by a cry during the event, which was answered by Chicago, United States


For this reason, wrestlers can chant whatever they like! The reason why guys like Ricochet execute massive spots on a weekly basis is in order to gain attention and recognition. ‘WHAT’ is another well-known cry that wrestlers have to deal with on a regular basis. PUBG, Valorant, Among Us, COD, COD Modern Warfare, Fall Guys, Halo, and NBA 2K20 are some of the games available. Kollam, India responded to the question.


Have you enraged Vince McMahon by chanting this phrase? WWE News: Vince McMahon is not a fan of a popular chant that everyone seems to be participating in. Have you ever thought about it? This is unlikely to deter supporters from shouting “one fall” during live performances. Asansol, India responded to the question.


In most cases, before a major main event or title bout, the ring announcer will say something like “the upcoming contest is set for one fall,” and the audience will chant along with him. Srinagar, India responded to the question.


According to rumors, WWE has begun limiting fans’ chants. It doesn’t matter whether it’s titled ’10’ or “One Fall,” something unusual is happening.” · WWE has uploaded a video. Amritsar, India responded to your question.

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