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Choir Training e-books!

The Church Choir Music resource

If you conduct a Church Choir, sing in one, employ, support or simply enjoy listening to one, you'll find plenty to interest you here at

We want you to get the best out of your Church Choir, whether it's an SATB choir, a men's choir, a professional quartet, women's voices or children's choir - a cappella or with an organ.

Have you ever felt isolated in your work, and longed to have somewhere you can turn for guidance, information, or just plain sympathy? We're going to help you with the problems you have, the ones you're going to have, and even the ones you don't know you have!

Your Choir's Performance

We'll show you how to add the touches that make your performance sparkle, with features on Gregorian Chant, Palestrina and other polyphonic masters, Gospel music, negro spirituals, hymns, and Christmas Carols.

No matter what denomination your church choir is, you have a rich choral tradition ... but your choir still needs to reach the high notes! Church Choir problems are ecumenical in their universality.

Regular choir training from one of the world's foremost choirtrainers, Colin Mawby, will help you get to grips with all sorts of challenges - from voice training to sightreading, choir practice structure to shaping a concert programme - even answers to the age-old question "How do I find tenors?"!

Colin Mawby brings unique insights and ideas to the search for better music-making. Through his vast experience he gives encouragement for all who strive for excellence with their choirs.

Normally you would have to travel to one of Colin's special Church Choir Training workshops to get the benefit of his expertise, but now you can have your questions personally answered in our regular Newsletter Vivace!

Music for Special Occasions

We take you step-by-step through choosing wedding music, funeral music, indeed music for any special occasion where a Church Choir would sing.

And for that major celebration you can commission one of our panel of top-level choral composers to write a piece specifically for your situation. You'll be surprised to find how reasonable the fees are for you to get yourself a piece of choral history.

A Choral Adventure

This is the site Church Choir Directors and their singers have been waiting for! Join us as we explore the rich and diverse traditions that make up


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