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Links and Resources

These are links to sites that we've found interesting. They are in no particular order. If you would like to recommend a site for inclusion, please contact us here:

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We've also compiled a list of Web Tips and Resources for you, to enhance your computer experience! We find some of them indispensable, so we're passing them on to you.

Music Sites

Musicanet - for choral music searches

Choralnet - Choral portal

Anglican Church Music - Anglican and Episcopal church and cathedral music resource.

Gerontius - UK choir resource. Find a choir in your area!

Dr.J.Butz Musikverlag - Church Music Publisher with a wide range of Choir and Organ music

Religious Resources - Directory of Internet resources for all major religions

The Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland

American Choral Directors Association

Pueri Cantores - Catholic Choirboy association

British Choirs on the Net

Royal School of Church Music - worldwide organisation supporting church choirs, including distance learning courses

The National Church Music Conference (USA) - Not-for-Profit Teaching Conference that provides access to ministry professionals, an encouraging community, and affordable pricing in a great location.

Kevin Mayhew - A publisher of vast quantities of useful music, for all standards, from the complete beginner through to the professional.

Carolsinging.com - All about Christmas Carols & carol singing

The Gramophone - The classical music magazine

Porfiri & Horváth Publishers, formerly Edition Music-Contact - Choral music publisher in Germany, publishing works by Colin Mawby and many other contemporary church composers

Music for the Love of it - Newsletter for music lovers

Hear and Play - Free keyboard lessons

Encore Music Services is a printed music hire library with over 2,500 titles available for loan in the UK.

TRRMG Music - Tim Risher will compose music for your event

Online Metronome - Free to use online or download - you can tap your beat in to find the speed of a piece you are listening to, or use as a straightforward metronome

Your Accompanist - real piano rehearsal accompaniment mp3s for singers, choirs and ensembles

Oregon Catholic Press - Music and Resources for Worship

Psalms in Song: Music Book and Teaching Resources - All about Psalms

Web Resources and Tips

We've chosen a very select few web resources for you - programs that will transform your internet experience, whether you are building your own website, or simply using e-mail.

SiteSell An astonishing resource. If you've ever considered building a website for your business (real or as yet imagined!) or wonder if you too can get in on this internet roller-coaster, this is your first stop. All the information and tools you need, under one roof. Lots of free stuff.

Free Trial
SiteSell traffic figures

Mailwasher Troubled by s*p*am? Keep your inbox free of annoying or inappropriate e-mails, possible virus threats and fishy attachments with this blissfully simple program. Once you have it, it's yours for life, with regular free updates.

Spybot And when you've finished surfing, speedily clean up your computer and get rid of all that tracking spyware and adware which slips in unnoticed and clutters up your hard drive. I run it every morning. Free, but do make a donation.

Alexa Want to know just how popular the webpage you're visiting is? This toolbar gives every site a ranking according to how many Alexa toolbar users have visited it each day. Lots of interesting info about the sites, too, plus a handy pop-up blocker. Free.

Google And while you're at it, get the Google toolbar too. Very useful for quick Google searches, speedy form-filling, and it also gives you the page rank for every page - that's how important Google considers the page you're visiting. Free.

AVG Anti-virus Absolutely essential. There are loads of different programs available. You can start with this free one.
Also get the free online virus check from Trendmicro Housecall

Web Tips

- To speed things up, just type a domain name (e.g. music-for-church-choirs) into your browser's address bar and press Ctrl-Enter. This will bring up the www. and the .com for you. This works in Internet Explorer and others.

- When clicking on a link, use the right mouse button to right-click it, then click on "Open in new window". This way you won't get lost so easily, and you can carry on reading your original page while the new page loads.

- Clear your internet cache and cookies regularly (weekly for high-users) to speed up your computer. In Internet Explorer, go to >Tools >Internet Options >General >Temporary Internet files >Delete Cookies, and >Delete Files.

- Can't find anything? Put your work into folders on the desktop and make life easy for yourself. Right-click on the Desktop, New Folder, then type in your new folder's name. Thereafter when you save your document, click File, Save as, Desktop, *your* folder, save. Hey presto! Double-click on the folder to open.

- All your windows in a frozen jumble? Total chaos on screen? Hit the Panic Button! Hold down Ctrl-Alt-Del buttons all at once and order will return, though you'll lose anything you hadn't already saved.

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