Gregorian Chant – a Top Twenty

If you’re new to Gregorian Chant, it may all seem a mass of neumes (that little square notation, peculiar to plainchant). You need to have an idea where to begin!

And if you’re an old hand, you may like to check up on whether there’s a Gregorian Chant masterpiece you’ve missed out on.

So in conjunction with Colin Mawby – known all over the world for his working knowledge and performance of Plainchant – has drawn up a list of some of the most splendid and beautiful chants, graded for ease of selection. You can print this page by pressing Ctrl-P, and add it to your Favourites with Ctrl-D.

From the Graduale Romanum and the Liber Usualis

* Missa Orbis Factor


** Dominus dixit ad me (Christmas)

** Alleluia. Dies sanctificatus (Christmas)

** Ecce advenit (Epiphany)

** Victimae Paschali (Easter)

** Veni Sancte Spiritus (Whitsun)


*** Missa Cum Jubilo


**** Missa Kyrie Fons Bonitatis

**** Credo 4

**** Omnes de Saba venient (Epiphany)

**** Alleluia. Caro mea (Corpus Christi)

From the Liber Usualis

* Creator Alme Siderum (Advent)

* Jesu Redemptor Omnium (Christmas)

* Veni Creator Spiritus (Whitsun)

* Vexilla Regis (Passiontide)


** Ave Maris Stella (Our Lady)

** Ut Queant Laxis (St. John the Baptist)


*** Hodie Christus natus est (Christmas)


**** O quam suavis est (Corpus Christi)

**** Salve Regina (solemn)


Easy *
Moderately easy **
Moderately difficult ***
Difficult ****

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