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A Children's Choir - how do you get one started?
Choirmaster, Minister, parents and choristers all work together to form a Children's Choir. Follow these guidelines for success in this great way to train our future church musicians.

Rehearsing a Children's Choir
Child choristers are not simply small adults - they're completely different in their approach to music. Here are some tips for effective children's choir practice.

Psalm 23 - The Lord's my Shepherd
How Psalm 23, written in a hurry for a Children's Choir, became famous and went round the world sung by Charlotte Church. And some ideas on how you too can compose music.

Children's Choir - a list of favourite church music
It's not just a question of finding easier pieces for a Children's Choir - there's a particular repertoire suited to choirs for children, some of it quite demanding. See our graded list of Favourite

Forming a choir - the skills you need
Once you have a choir you need to develop it. What skills will you need to form your group of singers into a lean, mean, singing machine?

Taking a Choir Practice
Taking a Choir practice means turning your group of individual singers into a music-making machine. Here are tips and techniques from a master.

The Psychology of Choir Practice - getting the best from your Choir
Choir Practice isn't the time for showing off. If you want the best results from your church choir, use a little psychology along with the music.

Choir Warm-Up - wind up your singers
The Choir warm-up is not just to oil your singers' voices. It has an important part to play in educating your choir musically, incorporating Touch, Breath Control, Scales, Vocal and Aural Exercises.

Sight-reading - how it's done
Sight-reading is one of those abilities you're born with ... or is it? Andrew Wright shows how anyone can learn to sight-read.

Sight-reading - Rhythm and Aural Training
Rhythm and Aural Training are essentials to Sight-reading. Read this how-to article by choirmaster Andrew Wright to boost your choir's performance

Sight-reading - Symbol and Memory
Sight-reading - tried and tested techniques from Choirmaster Andrew Wright

Organist - how to work with your Minister
Arguments over liturgy, music and boundaries can mar relationships between Organist and Minister. Here's some down-to-earth advice on prevention, or - if necessary - cure.

A Minister's Guide to Church Musicians
In battles for supremacy in church music, the Minister plays a vital role in balancing change with protecting the feelings of his more traditional Choirmaster.

Church Choir Music composition - write music yourself!
Read this "how-to" article on composition by leading church music composer Colin Mawby and you can write choral music for your church choir.

Composing for a Congregation - some pointers
Writing good music to fit the range of a congregation's ability can make a hard task harder. Here are some guidelines for you.

A Music Commission for your Church Choir
It's easier than you may think to get a music commission specially for your Church Choir or Organ. What better memorial could you have for all your hard work?

Colin Mawby's biography
As a performer Colin Mawby has had a great influence on the direction of church music, but he is most widely-known as a prolific composer, his compositions played all over the world.

Colin Mawby - testimonials from performers
Some recent reactions from people who have enjoyed performing or listening to Colin Mawby's music - for choir, church choir, or for organ.

Top Twenty - lists of popular choir music
Stuck for inspiration? Check out our Top Twenty lists of popular choir music, graded for ease of performance. There are favourites for children's choir, Gregorian Chant, and lots of hymns.

Gregorian Chant - a list of favourites
If you're new to Gregorian Chant, where do you begin? Here's a list of some of the best plainchant, graded for ease of performance.

Top Twenty Hymns - for all occasions
Stuck for a hymn? Consult our lists to find our Top Twenty hymns - of reflection, of sadness, and hymns of joy.

A Polyphonic Top Twenty
From Josquin to Sweelinck, Victoria to Palestrina, not forgetting Byrd, Philips, and Tallis - here are twenty of the most enduring polyphonic masterpieces.

Funeral Music - a list of popular pieces
Here's a list of funeral music to give you a starting point to make the service a memorable one.

Children's Choir - a list of favourite church music
It's not just a question of finding easier pieces for a Children's Choir - there's a particular repertoire suited to choirs for children, some of it quite demanding. See our graded list of Favourites.

Where can I find music?
We get so many requests to help find music - here's our Detective page, to help you track it down.

Music for Church Choirs - Links and Resources
Here's our page of Links to favourite church music websites ... and one or two surprises.

Contact Us
Got anything you want to tell us? We always value your opinions and comments, and nice ones spur us onto ever greater efforts for you!


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