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Music-for-Church-Choirs.com - The Church Choir Music resource
Sing Gregorian chant, choose your wedding music, church music commissions, Christmas music, and plenty of choirtraining tips from the experts to give your Church Choir the edge in performance

Vivace! Your Choirtraining Tips Newsletter
Get regular Choirtraining tips from masters of the art. Bring your Choir's performance up to speed with these invaluable hints from many years of experience at the top level of Church Choir Music.

Choir Training Essentials
No need to feel isolated in your work any more - Choir Training Essentials are the e-books to guide you with your choir. Tap into the vast knowledge and experience of one of the world's most celebrated choirtrainers, Colin Mawby.


Christmas Carols - the essence of Christmas
What would Christmas be without Christmas Carols? Here's how to capture the excitement and avoid the pitfalls as you go Carol singing with your choir.

Gregorian Chant
Gregorian Chant is alive and well and still enchanting singers and listeners alike, as it has done for the last 1500 years. Singing plainchant is the best way to rescue it from the oblivion of history

Gregorian Chant - how best to interpret it?
Here's a practical guide for the Choirmaster to bring out the true qualities of Gregorian Chant - spiritual, evocative, robust, and beautiful.

Plainchant, Liturgy, and Evangelisation
A talk on Plainchant, Liturgy, and Evangelisation given at London's Brompton Oratory in January 2010 by eminent musician Colin Mawby, KSG

Gregorian Chant - a list of favourites
If you're new to Gregorian Chant, where do you begin? Here's a list of some of the best plainchant, graded for ease of performance.

A Polyphonic Top Twenty
From Josquin to Sweelinck, Victoria to Palestrina, not forgetting Byrd, Philips, and Tallis - here are twenty of the most enduring polyphonic masterpieces.

Hymns - their history and development
We all love singing hymns, but where do they come from, and how did they become what we know today? The history of hymns is more quirky than you might imagine!

Gospel Music - a fascinating history
The development of Gospel Music over the last few centuries has incorporated several traditions - the Salvation Army, Methodism, and Negro Spirituals.

Negro Spirituals and Gospel Music
Many influences have come together to make the Gospel Music we know today, and Negro Spirituals are one of the most important.

Moody and Sankey - early Gospel Music hymn-writers
Moody and Sankey were Victorian preachers and hymn writers, and had a huge influence on Gospel Music.

The Salvation Army - marching to a Gospel beat
The development of Gospel Music over the last few centuries has incorporated several traditions - the Salvation Army, Methodism, and Negro Spirituals.

Catholic Hymns have come of age
Catholic Hymns began in the Dark Ages, but have now come into their own by incorporating the best from several different traditions.

Top Twenty Hymns - for all occasions
Stuck for a hymn? Consult our lists to find our Top Twenty hymns - of reflection, of sadness, and hymns of joy.


Choosing Wedding Music – the Choir Director’s view
Planning the wedding music from the Choir Director’s viewpoint. Tone down some of the wackier requests and ensure the Great Day is enjoyable for the organist as well as the happy couple.

Your Wedding - how to choose the wedding music you want
Your wedding is so important and the wedding music you choose will make or break it. Learn how to deal with the organist, choose wedding music and decide on a singer or church choir.

Wedding Music - a list of popular pieces
Here's a list of perennially favourite wedding music to help both Organist and wedding couple choose the best music for the day.

Funeral Music - a Guide for the Organist
It’s never easy to deal with a family arranging the funeral music for a loved one. Here is a guide for the Organist to help the family get the music they really want.

Funeral Music - a Guide for the Family
Choosing funeral music for your lost relative or friend is one of the hardest things to do. Here is a guide to help you through the process, and get the best music possible for your service.

Funeral Music - a list of popular pieces
Here's a list of funeral music to give you a starting point to make the service a memorable one.


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